2016 National Championships - Mixed Day Three Recap

Posted: October 2, 2016 12:52 AM
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Drag’n Thrust v. Slow White
Slow and Drag’n faced off this morning in the best weather Rockford has seen yet in the tournament, with little wind to speak of and just a light drizzle. Things started out a bit rough for both teams, with several turns on both sides before Slow White was able to punch in a break to go up 1-0. Drag’n Thrust got a break of its own for 2-1 after some Slow White decision errors. Slow White stayed cool and brought it back to 2-2 before running away with the half at 8-3. Drag’n gave Slow too many opportunities in the first half with a number of unforced errors, and Slow’s defensive line took full advantage. Slow worked through some stack disorganization early on but quickly started delivering clean play without too much hassle from Drag’n’s defense. 
Drag’n tightened up their downfield defense for the second half and made Slow’s deep looks slightly more contested, but they weren’t able to eliminate some basic unexpected execution errors. Slow’s tight handler defense took away Drag’n’s usual first and second looks and pushed them to play a harder game than any they’ve seen this year in Rockford. Jeff Smith and Miles Montgomery-Butler exceled behind the disc for Slow White, with some giant looks to favorite targets Tannor Johnson and Shaun Doherty, but their full roster depth shined throughout the game. Drag’n fought to stay in the game, and a first-point break out of half for 8-4 was a great start. Despite some anxious energy on the sidelines, Slow White kept their focus and intensity high on the field. Drag’n found their deep groove with Sarah Anciaux late in the game to put up points seven, eight and nine, but Slow White ground to a 15-9 victory, advancing to the finals. Viewers can look forward to assertive play on both sides of the disc, deep strikes for days, and 15 Tannor Johnson.
Mischief v. Metro North
Metro North started off their day with a dropped pull, and Mischief pushed hard to take a three-point lead, going up 7-4. Chris Mazur did work with Eugene Yum, and they helped lead Metro North on a four-point run to get their breaks back and take half at 8-7. Overall, first-half play was crisp and clean, but both teams came out of halftime with some unforced turns. 
Mischief fought hard to gain back their lead and went up 9-8. Metro held for 9-9, but Mischief looked good enough to keep their upper hand trading points, but Metro’s John Geraghty pulled down a giant first-throw Callahan to take the lead 10-9. That was the momentum change Metro needed, breaking twice more to 12-9. Mischief felt Metro’s defensive pressure, but tacked up two more points, the first with an outside-in flick and the second on a beauty of a layout from Jenny Wang off a tipped disc. Metro North earned their spot in the finals to face off against their regional rival Slow White with a score of 14-11. Spectators can look forward to some gritty defense and big plays. 

Fifth Place

Steamboat v. AMP
Steamboat floated their fierce zone against AMP, even with the decreased wind. AMP spent a lot of time with the disc in their own end zone, staying patient but looking a bit uncomfortable. AMP’s force-middle efforts couldn’t contain Steamboat, but both sides saw some unforced errors due to a slippery disc. Play stayed even throughout the first half, but Nancy Haskell’s saucy defense helped Steamboat eke out an 8-7 lead. AMP trailed until they got some inspiring defense from Bobby Roos and improved their post-timeout conversion rate to bring the score to 11s in a game to 12. Steamboat pulled through, docking in fifth place with a final score of 12-11.

Pro-Flight Play-In/Seventh-Place Bracket 

Blackbird v. NOISE
Blackbird and NOISE played tight through 4-4 before Blackbird capitalized on some unforced NOISE errors, going up 7-4. With Mac Taylor and Jeremy Norden behind the disc, Blackbird moved rapid fire up the field, giving them a stylish 8-5 lead at halftime. In the second half, Blackbird owned the skies, getting all over NOISE’s air ball game and going up 11-5. NOISE, not one to go quietly, went on a seven-to-two run to make the score 13-12, Blackbird. Blackbird racked up two to win 15-13, taking one of the seventh-place positions, and a spot in the Pro Flight. 
Mixtape v. Ambiguous Grey
Mixtape fast-fowarded to a quick lead, taking half 8-3 over Ambiguous Grey with some solid handler work. Mixtape got a bit too comfortable in the second half, and Ambiguous Grey struck back, moving into range at 10-11. Mixtape found their energy, pulling out a 14-12 win to tie Blackbird for seventh place and a spot in the Pro Flight.

11th Place  

Public Enemy v. No Touching!

No Touching! started strong, holding the lead until 4-4, but Public Enemy’s Lindsey Kappen pulled down some big Ds, and Public Enemy scored nine in a row. Public Enemy eventually took 11th place with a final score of 15-7.

13th Place

Alloy v. Love Tractor

Alloy played some solid defense and laid it out in the first half to go up 8-4. Love Tractor wasn’t quite able to capitalize on Alloy’s turns, and Alloy drove it home, taking 13th place with a final score of 15-8.

15th Place

G-Unit v. shame.

G-Unit and shame. faced off in an epic battle, but G-Unit came out on top 16-15, and that’s a wrap.

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