2016 National Championships - Mixed Day One Recap

Posted: September 29, 2016 11:22 PM
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Pool A

A1 A2 A3 A4
AMP MetroNorth 2013TCT AmbiguouslyGrey 2016TCT Blackbird
Metro North
Washington, D.C.
Ambiguous Grey
San Francisco


Metro North finished out their day strong, going 3-0 to take the pool’s top position and a

bye into quarters tomorrow. They started out their day with a challenging game against Blackbird, consistently trailing by two until they tied it up at 9s, 10s, and 11s. They played a top-notch short-field game to really make the difference near the end zone, and won 12-11 on a break. The wind picked up in round two, but so did Metro North. They played a grueling game with Ambiguous Grey, complete with a Callahan, and won out at 11-6. In game three, Metro started generating wind of their own, going up early on overall one seed Philadelphia AMP and holding a solid two-to-three point lead, sealing the deal at 12-9.  That’s a ChooChoo right to a bye into quarters!

AMP came out unambiguously ready to play, taking half at 8-5 and winning round one at 11-9 over Ambiguous Grey. Not a team to be outdone by the weather, AMP turned up the volume in round two, finishing 15-9 over Blackbird. They got off to a rocky start in round three against Metro North and, despite kicking up some awesome defensive pressure in the second half, weren’t able to pull out a win. On a solid day, AMP fell to the pool’s second spot, and will be meeting Colorado’s shame. tomorrow morning. This is shaping up to be a tight game, based on shame.’s performance today.

Ambiguous Grey had two tough fights against AMP and Metro North to start their day, but picked up their spirits for a drastic momentum shift in their round three match up against Blackbird. Coming out of half leading 8-5, Jarnail Bajwa’s smooth deep shot to Peter MacArthur near the end zone helped AG to a 9-5 lead that Blackbird couldn’t answer. It ended 14-10 AG to hold their third spot. AG will face off against Seattle Mixtape in tomorrow’s pre-quarter. 

Blackbird put up a great game against Metro North in round one, but couldn’t seal the deal on the back end, giving up their two-point lead to lose 12-11. They weren’t able to mount the same intensity in their games against AMP or Ambiguous Grey and, with a 0-3 record for the day, are eliminated from championship play.


Pool B

B1 B2 B3 B4
2015TCT SlowWhite 2016TCT Alloy 2014TCT Noise 2016TCT PublicEnemy
Slow White
Public Enemy


Slow White asserted some Nationals-style dominance today, going 3-0 to win out their pool comfortably. After trailing 2-1 against NOISE in round one, Slow pulled into the lead with bookends from rookie Tannor Johnson and never looked back. All day. They beat NOISE 14-11, and played smooth games against Public Enemy and Alloy, winning 15-6 and 15-7, respectively. VIP of the day: Andy Schachter because of his O and D plays all day long, and because he may be also the most mentioned name on Slow White’s twitter. Slow secured a bye into quarters tomorrow and will be fun to watch against either shame. or AMP.

NOISE stayed true to their name today. With a 2-1 record, losing only to Slow White in a tight 14-11 game, they upset Pool B’s second seed, Alloy, and won over Public Enemy with a solid score of 15-9. NOISE trailed Alloy for most of their round two game, but brought it to 9-9 just before soft cap. With three breaks in a row, NOISE took the game at 12-9. Ending the day with a 14-9 win over Public Enemy, NOISE clinched the pool’s second spot and will face off against No Touching! in tomorrow’s pre-quarterfinal round in what is bound to be a fun game for the fans.

Public Enemy came out hard this morning in their match up against Alloy. They showed their swagger with a junky cup look that caught Alloy off guard and took half 8-6. They finished with an up-wind O-line score to win on double-game point: 13-12. Rounds two (v. Slow White) and three (v. NOISE) ended in 6-15 and 9-14 losses, bringing Public Enemy up in the ranks to the pool’s third spot. They will see Steamboat in the morning for pre-quarters, where spectators can look forward to a match-up between two creative teams.

Alloy had a tough time with the wind and weren’t able to come out on top on some of the longer points that were inevitable throughout the day. They relied a lot on Aaron Kane and Kenny Furdella to work the disc up the field and had Kelsey Cowles as a great target underneath. They showed some awesome grit and determination when trailing by just a few points against Public Enemy and NOISE, but ended up with 12-13 and 9-12 losses, respectively. A 7-15 loss to Slow White finalized their elimination from championship play.

Pool C

C1 C2 C3 C4
2015TCT DragNThrust 2016TCT Steamboat 2013TCT LoveTractor 2016TCT NoTouching
Drag'n Thrust
Love Tractor
No Touching!


Drag’n Thrust started on top of their pool and rode the winds to a 3-0 record. They played tight first halves with each team before running away with games in the second half: 5-5 with Love Tractor in round one before winning 13-7, 7-5 with No Touching! before winning 15-9, AND 4-3 with Steamboat before winning 14-10. Jeff Trosvig was seen crushing mother nature with some smooth upwind throws that definitely contributed to their dominance. Drag’n earned their bye into quarters tomorrow.

Steamboat played some solid games, holding their second position with a 2-1 record on the day. After a 15-9 game over No Touching!, they faced off against Love Tractor in a tight game to settle their 1-1 regular-season record. Sporting some consistent up-wind flow and a massive zone, Steamboat pulled away from Love Tractor, after being tied at 10s, to win 14-11. Their last game of the day, against Drag’n Thrust, started strong, but Steamboat couldn’t dig out of the four-point hole Drag’n dug for them by halftime. Nichole Kwee showed off some sharp behind-the-disc skills for Steamboat all day. They will meet Public Enemy in tomorrow’s pre-quarter. Expect a lot of swag, and hopefully some more stylish, over-the-top throws.

No Touching! came out of the day with a 1-2 record, and they had fun doing it. With a #makenationalsfun motto, they approached every game with a great attitude and brought their sly and spry style into action against even the toughest opponent (ahem, Drag’n Thrust). They had losses in rounds one and three against Drag’n and Steamboat, both of which ended at 9-15. But they finished out strong with the reverse score (15-9) over Love Tractor to stay in championship play and will face NOISE in the pre-quarter tomorrow. 

Love Tractor’s day began with a tough game against Drag’n Thrust. They played tight up to 5-5, but couldn’t get back on track once Drag’n started on their break streak – final score 13-7. Love Tractor came back full force in their game with Steamboat but weren’t able to shift their momentum in time for their final game against No Touching!,


Pool D

D1 D2 D3 D4
2015TCT SeattleMixtape 2013TCT Mischief 2016TCT shame 2016TCT GUnit
San Francisco
Fort Collins


Mischief meant business today, increasing their momentum to peak in their round three game against Seattle Mixtape. Mischief was able to win 12-11 to steal the pool’s top spot and a bye into quarters. Their day started out with Nationals newcomer G-Unit who would not go down without a fight. Despite a few miscues, Mischief played patient zone offense and took half 8-7 before breaking away for a 12-9 win. After a 0-3 start to their game against shame., Mischief worked out most of their kinks to bring it back for an 8-7 half and a 15-11 final score. By the time they met Seattle Mixtape, Mischief was running like a well-oiled machine, putting up four points early and never dropping their guard. Even when Mixtape knocked on the door at 11-11, Mischief drove it home for a 12-11 upset. Gina Schumacher and Evan Boucher ran the show today for Mischief, with Boucher on both the throwing and receiving ends of some beautiful and wind-defying hucks.

Seattle Mixtape brought the fire today and played through three tight games without being defeated. Up by between one and three points for most of their game against shame., they ended with a final score of 16-15, but only after shame. went up 15-14. Thanks to win-by-two and cap rules, Mixtape was able to tie it back up at 15s and Khalif El-Salaam pulled down the D they needed for the win. Mixtape moved fields for round two, going from a crosswind to an up-wind/down-wind field that they took some time to adjust to. G-Unit came out to surprise Mixtape by taking half 8-7. Mixtape pressed fast forward and cleaned up their game and got the win 15-11. After their third-round bye, Mixtape came up short in the first points of their match up with Mischief, dropping 0-4. With some readjustments, they were able to chip away at Mischief’s lead, catching up at 10s and 11s with some well-placed throws from El-Salaam. But Mischief shut the door to finish out 12-11 over Mixtape. Seattle will go up against Ambiguous Grey in the morning. Today’s VIPs: Drew Johnson for her countless full-extension bids to keep the disc alive for Mixtape in every game and Khalif El-Salaam for his ice-cold outside-in flick hucks.

shame. showed some serious grit against top-notch teams today, playing close with Mixtape and Mischief and eliminating G-Unit with a score of 13-5. They showcased their hammers, deep shots and ability to come back, tying and surpassing Mixtape at 14s and 15-14 after trailing throughout the game. Though they weren’t able to clinch the first-round upset, they established themselves as a serious competitor in their first visit to Nationals. shame. faces AMP tomorrow in the pre-quarters. Keep an eye out for some flashy shots, and expect a good game.

G-Unit played some fun-to-watch and scrappy ultimate today, even with such windy conditions. Despite starting out slow against Mischief, they earned back some of their miscues and finished at a close 9-12. They got into a great rhythm in the first half of their game with Mixtape, going up early and taking half at 8-7 before eventually losing 11-15 in face of Mixtape’s readjustments and boost in intensity. They continued to grind in their final game against shame., but weren’t able to convert enough to avoid elimination from the championship bracket.


Games to Watch
AMP 2016TCT shame  

AMP v. shame. - Friday, 9:00 a.m.

Exciting pre-quarterfinal match up. 

2015TCT DragNThrust 2015TCT SeattleMixtape  

Drag'n Thrust v. Mixtape

If pre-quarters go to seed, look for an exciting match-up between Drag’n Thrust and Mixtape in the quarterfinals - a rematch of the 2014 and 2015 National Championship finals. 


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