2015 Nationals Pools and Seeding

Posted: September 23, 2015 02:10 PM
Brute Squad, Revolver and Drag’n Thrust Claim Top Seeds in Frisco
Colorado Springs, Colo. (September 23, 2015)—USA Ultimate released today the seedings and pool compositions for the 2015 USA Ultimate National Championships.
From Oct. 1-4, the nation’s best 16 teams in each of three divisions – men’s, women’s and mixed – will converge in Frisco, Texas for the annual national championships and culmination of ultimate’s Triple Crown Tour.
After a regular season that began in June, several marquee Triple Crown Tour tournaments throughout the summer and a postseason schedule of sectional and regional qualifiers, the 48-team field is set and seedings determined.
In the women’s division, Brute Squad (Boston, Mass.) claimed the top seed after a 29-2 record that featured victories at the Boston Invite and the Pro Flight Finale. Their consistent season also included a second-place finish at the U.S. Open and a win at Northeast Regionals.
Perennial powerhouse Revolver (San Francisco, Calif.) earned the number-one seed in the men’s division thanks to victories in the first two legs of the Triple Crown Tour – the U.S. Open and the Pro Flight Finale – a second-place effort at the Pro-Elite Challenge, and a win at Southwest Regionals. Revolver, who amassed a 24-2 record this season enters the national championships as the only team with an opportunity to win this year’s Triple Crown.
Defending National Champions in the mixed division, Drag’n Thrust (Minneapolis, Minn.), enter the tournament as a top seed with a 23-4 record and a win at North Central Regionals. Their successful season also included a match-play victory against local rival Bird and strong showings at the U.S. Open and Pro Flight Finale where they placed second.  
Brute Squad, Revolver and Drag’n Thrust are also currently the top ranked teams in their respective divisions following USA Ultimate’s regional qualifiers, Sept. 12-13.
The pool play stage of the National Championships takes place on Oct. 1 and is followed by early rounds of elimination brackets on Oct. 2. Semifinals take center stage on Oct. 3 and the three championship games are scheduled for Oct. 4.
Select semifinals and all three championship games are available live on ESPN3 and the WatchESPN mobile app. 
Complete seedings and pools for the 2015 USA Ultimate National Championships are as follows:
Men’s Division
Pool A
(1) Revolver (San Francisco, Calif.), 24-2
(8) Machine (Chicago, Ill.), 18-6
(12) Patrol (Philadelphia, Pa.), 27-5
(13) Madison Club (Madison, Wis.), 25-6
Pool B
(2) Doublewide (Austin, Texas), 17-8
(7) Rhino (Portland, Ore.), 13-6
(11) Ring of Fire (Raleigh, N.C.), 9-8
(14) Sub Zero (Minneapolis, Minn.), 16-11
Pool C
(3) Sockeye (Seattle, Wash.), 17-3
(6) Truck Stop (Washington, D.C.), 13-10
(10) Florida United (Orlando, Fla.), 19-4
(15) GOAT (Ottawa, CAN), 9-9
Pool D
(4) High Five (Ann Arbor, Mich.), 25-6
(5) Johnny Bravo (Denver, Colo.), 17-7
(9) Ironside (Boston, Mass.), 14-9
(16) Prairie Fire (Kansas City, Kan.), 15-12
Mixed Division
Pool A
(1) Drag’n Thrust (Minneapolis, Minn.), 23-4
(8) Mixtape (Seattle, Wash.), 20-3
(12) Noise (Madison, Wis.), 19-9
(13) 7 Express (New York, N.Y.), 25-7
Pool B
(2) Chad Larson Experience (Ames, Iowa), 23-3
(7) Bucket (Atlanta, Ga.), 28-4
(11) Metro North (New York, N.Y.), 31-9
(14) Ambiguous Grey (Washington, D.C.), 21-5
Pool C
(3) Wild Card (Boston, Mass.), 25-6
(6) Polar Bears (San Francisco, Calif.), 21-10
(10) Love Tractor (Boulder, Colo.), 26-1
(15) Birdfruit (Seattle, Wash.), 17-8
Pool D
(4) Slow White (Boston, Mass.), 25-8
(5) Blackbird (San Francisco, Calif.), 23-8
(9) AMP (Philadelphia, Pa.), 17-8
(16) UPA (Chicago, Ill.), 18-2
Women’s Division
Pool A
(1) Brute Squad (Boston, Mass.), 29-2
(8) Nightlock (San Francisco, Calif.), 20-13
(12) Heist (Madison, Wis.), 19-6
(13) Capitals (Toronto, CAN), 14-5
Pool B
(2) Fury (San Francisco, Calif.), 23-2
(7) Ozone (Atlanta, Ga.), 21-11
(11) Bent (New York, N.Y.), 18-11
(14) Showdown (Austin, Texas), 19-13
Pool C
(3) Riot (Seattle, Wash.), 21-4
(6) Scandal (Washington, D.C.), 16-9
(10) Schwa (Portland, Ore.), 15-12
(15) Phoenix (Raleigh, N.C.), 23-13
Pool D
(4) Molly Brown (Denver, Colo.), 23-3
(5) Traffic (Vancouver, CAN), 12-5
(9) Iris (Quebec City, CAN), 23-3
(16) Nemesis (Chicago, Ill.), 15-16

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