2014 Youth Club Championships: Fast Facts

Posted: August 9, 2014 12:57 AM
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Boulder, Colo. (August 8, 2014) – The biggest Youth Club Championships ever will take place this weekend, Aug. 9-10, at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minn. The annual event, hosted by USA Ultimate, draws the best youth ultimate players from around the country, in search of national titles.

This year’s event will play host to 62 teams and more than 1,200 athletes from 25 different communities around the United States. Teams will travel to Minnesota from Maine, Washington, Georgia, California and everywhere in between for a chance to take home a title in one of five divisions.

The 2014 Youth Club Championships (YCC) will include, for the first time ever, a U-16 girls’ division, along with U-19 boys, U-19 girls, U-19 mixed and U-16 boys.

Though a small field in its first year, YCC’s newest division echoes the growth of youth ultimate around the country and provides an unprecedented opportunity for girls 16 and under to compete against athletes of similar ages and abilities. Team and individual registrations were accepted for the division, ensuring any qualified girl was able to participate, regardless of whether her geographic region was able to field an entire team.

In each of the four veteran divisions, last year’s champions are returning to try and defend their titles.

U-19 Boys: Atlanta ATLiens
U-19 Girls: DiscNW Cyclone (2013: Rampage)
U-19 Mixed: Boston BUDA
U-16 Boys: DiscNW Doomsday (2013: Dynasty)

But there are some brand new contenders as well, each looking to make their mark on the national stage. Here are some fun facts about his year's competition field, to help you get to know the teams a little better.

Fast Facts

U-19 Boys' Division

Total Athletes: 453
Teams: 23
Most YCC Titles: 5 - Seattle
Biggest Roster: 27 - Minnesota Superior A
Oldest Team: 17.9 years - Connecticut Insomnia
Youngest Team: 16.5 years - Carolina Sky
Average Miles Travelled (based on typical driving distances to Blaine): 919

U-19 Girls' Division

Total Athletes: 188
Teams: 12
Most YCC Titles: 9 - Seattle
Biggest Roster: 22 - DeVYL
Oldest Team: 17.5 years - South Dakota Angels
Youngest Team: 15.5 years - Maine Rip Tide
Average Miles Travelled (based on typical driving distances to Blaine): 1012

U-19 Mixed Division

Total Athletes: 207
Teams: 10
Most YCC Titles: 2 - Bay Area & Boston
Biggest Roster: 23 - Colorado, Madison, Vermont, Washington, D.C.
Oldest Team: 17.6 years - Minnesota Superior
Youngest Team: 16.2 years - New York Sky Scrapers
Average Miles Travelled (based on typical driving distances to Blaine): 1168

U-16 Boys' Division

Total Athletes: 266
Teams: 14
Most YCC Titles: 2 - Seattle
Biggest Roster: 23 - Minnesota Superior
Oldest Team: 15 years - Colorado Fry
Youngest Team: 13.7 years - DeVYL-B
Average Miles Travelled (based on typical driving distances to Blaine): 990

U-16 Girls' Division

Total Athletes: 47
Teams: 3
Biggest Roster: 20 - Seattle Uprising
Oldest Team: 14.6 years - Triangle Space Cats
Youngest Team: 13.5 years - Cincinnati Belle
Average Miles Travelled (based on typical driving distances to Blaine): 1198

Follow along with all the action at YCC:

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