2014 Youth Club Championships: Day Two Recap - Mixed Division

Posted: August 10, 2014 11:21 PM

Blaine, Minn. (Aug. 10, 2014) - The sun was out, and there was a slight breeze in the air as Sunday games started with the second and third seeds from each pool in the mixed division battling it out to decide who would play the one seeds. D.C. Swing Vote and Seattle Skyfall had byes into the semifinals and were just awaiting their opponents.

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Vermont Green Mountain Mixed v. Oregon Flood

From the first point, it was evident that this game was going to be very competitive. Second-seeded Vermont started on offense, but errant throws, the wind and intense deep defense from both teams resulted in nine total turnovers before Oregon called a timeout 60 yards from their end zone. Oregon was patient and worked the disc up to score the breakpoint without turning it over. But Vermont quickly answered with a huck from Ian Browning to Noah Robinson and tied the game at ones.
The third point took five minutes, and Oregon took a 2-1 lead when Nicholas Hartwig jumped up and then laid out to catch a floaty huck. The teams traded points, but Oregon stayed ahead by a break and led at 3-2. With the disc on the end-zone line, Vermont called a time out and was able convert to tie the game at threes.

Rocco Linehan showed his athleticism with a textbook, SportsCenter Top 10 worthy Greatest when he saved the disc from going out of bounds by diving and throwing it back in bounds and half the width of the field to Noah Robinson who was then able to throw it to Linehan for a score.

Vermont and Oregon then traded points again, tying the game at fours and fives. Oregon then scored two points in a row and took half, 7-5.

Vermont looked clean out of half and scored, causing Oregon to take a timeout. Vermont was able to tie it up at eights, but Oregon responded. As hard cap went on, Oregon set up what ended up being an effective zone, when Vermont turned it near the end zone. Oregon scored and won the game 10-8.

Players of the Game:
Ian Browning (Vermont)
Alexandra Setter (Vermont)
Cody Milstein (Oregon)
Taya Noris (Oregon)

Bay Area Happy Cows v. Madison

The game was close at the beginning as the second-seeded Bay Area took on third seed Madison. The game was tied at twos after Brittney Kokinos made a diving catch for Madison. But the Bay Area soon pulled away and took half 7-3. Out of half, the Bay Area looked strong, scoring in two throws with a quick, deep high release by Joe Paulukonis. Madison answered with a quick score, but Paulukonis threw another huck to make the score 9-4.  The Bay Area squad took a timeout 20 yards from the end zone and converted for the score. The hard cap went on, and the Bay Area scored again to win the game 11-4.

Players of the Game:

Noa Chun-Moy (Madison)
Zoe Kaplan (Madison)
Joseph Paulukonis  (Bay Area)
Robin Anthony-Petersen (Bay Area)


D.C. Swing Vote v. Oregon Flood

Washington, D.C., started on offense, but coming off a first-round bye, they were not used to the windy conditions. A floaty, overthrown swing resulted in a turnover, and Oregon scored a break off a hammer. D.C. quickly answered, finding Allison Hanh in the end zone, to tie the game at ones. Oregon got stalled out, and D.C. took advantage, gaining the 2-1 lead. D.C. then scored a break, and Oregon took a timeout between points to regroup. Excellent deep defense led to a turn, and D.C. made it 4-1. D.C. did a great job running through the disc and poaching, which allowed them to keep possession and get crucial Ds near the end zone. Oregon called a timeout on the end-zone line and converted for the score, but D.C. still led 5-2. Oregon then forced a D and brought the score within two. Some long points brought the game to half with D.C. leading 7-4. After half, D.C. took a 10-8 lead, but Oregon came roaring back and tied the game at 10s. Oregon then scored twice and took a 12-10 lead. Hard cap went on, and D.C. scored, but Oregon still came away with the 12-11 victory.  

Players of the Game:
Christian Gilbertson (Washington, D.C.)
Nick Som (Washington, D.C.)
Kristin Herbert (Washington, D.C.)
Colton Clark (Oregon)
Ellie Vandevelder (Oregon)
Molly Buermeyer (Oregon)

Bay Area Happy Cows v. Seattle Skyfall

Seattle took an early 3-1 lead, but the Bay Area came fighting back to make the score 4-3 in their favor. Seattle decided to play four women, and both teams battled in a long point with Seattle taking a timeout near the end zone. They converted on an up-line handler cut and tied the game at fours. The Bay Area went back to four men, and Ian Sweeney threw a huge huck to Caleb Ferguson and to regain a one-point lead for his team. Seattle soon answered and tied the game at fives. Some miscommunication for the Bay Area led to a lot of unforced turns, but they were able to fight hard on defense to get the disc back. Another score off a huck followed by a very effective zone defense allowed the Bay Area to take half, 7-5. Out of half, Seattle set a zone, but the Bay Area easily beat it. After another timeout, the Happy Cows scored to make it 8-5. Hard cap went on and the Bay Area won it 8-6.

Players of the Game:
Abbey Kauff (Seattle)
Carly Campana (Seattle)
Liam Bateman (Seattle)
Isaac Mort (Bay Area)
Ben Chiu (Bay Area)
Lauren Carothers-Liske (Bay Area)

Third-Place Game

D.C. Swing Vote v. Seattle Skyfall

Both teams had byes before the semifinals and were coming off hard losses in the quarterfinals. The points were long early on, and the teams were all knotted up at threes. Both teams looked for women streaking deep, with mixed success. D.C. called a timeout near the end zone and converted to take the 4-3 lead. But Seattle responded with a huck to Derek Mourad to tie the game at fours. Seattle set an effective zone, got the D, and Robyn Gamboa laid out for the score. D.C. then patiently worked the disc up field and tied the game once again, at fives. Seattle set a zone which D.C. easily broke, but they turned it over in the end zone, and Seattle got the point. Both teams agreed on playing through half, and D.C. scored twice in a row, tying the game at sevens.  Seattle then began to pull away, and with eight minutes to hard cap, took a 9-7 lead. D.C. answered with a huge layout by Chance Cochran assisted by Grayson Sanner and brought the score within one. Two minutes from hard cap, Derek Mourad had a giant huck to Justin Ting to bring Seattle’s lead to three, enough of a lead to solidify the win. Seattle went on to win the third-place game 11-9.

Players of the Game:  
Derek Mourad (Seattle)
Justin Ting (Seattle)
Carly Campana (Seattle)
Nariah Belle-Sims (Seattle)
Hannah Hauptman (Washington, D.C.)
Maddy Boyle (Washington, D.C.)
Grayson Sanner (Washington, D.C.)
Ted Sither (Washington, D.C.)


Bay Area Happy Cows v. Oregon Flood

The Bay Area and Oregon played a highly contested game on Saturday which the Bay Area won 8-7 on double-game point. Both teams defeated the top seeds in the semifinals, and they had two hours to rest before the game began. The Bay Area started on offense and immediately looked deep, but Oregon got the D and converted for a break to take a 1-0 lead. The Bay Area soon tied it up at ones with clean movement up the field. Oregon scored off a huck from Colton Clark to Jayda Rotolante and took a 2-1 lead. The Bay Area took a timeout on the end-zone line, scored and tied the game at twos. Oregon called a timeout but was unable to score, and the Bay Area took the 4-3 lead. The Bay Area had some unforced errors that Oregon converted on to take a 6-4 lead, but Isaac Mort found Ben Chiu in the end zone to bring the Bay Area within one. Colton Clark had a break-side flick huck to Nicholas Hartwig, and Oregon took half 7-5. They scored another quick point out of half and increased their lead to three with just 12 minutes until cap. After the hard cap went on, Oregon won 11-7, wrapping up a championship.

Players of the Game:

Leif Schwartzwald (Oregon)
Austin Hamilton (Oregon)
Ellie Vandevelder (Oregon)
Nicholas Hartwig (Oregon)
Aaron Hom (Bay Area)
Hannah Wells (Bay Area)
Caleb Ferguson (Bay Area)
Isaac Mort (Bay Area) 


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2014 YCC - Day 2 Highlights

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