2014 Youth Club Championships: Day One Recap - Mixed Division

Posted: August 9, 2014 10:21 PM

Blaine, Minn. (Aug. 9, 2014) - The mixed division at the 2014 Youth Club Championships was very exciting on Saturday, starting in the first round. Because the teams change radically year by year, the seeding is not based on a large amount of current season information. There were a lot of upsets, universe-point games and high levels of competition all day.

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Vermont Green Mountain Mixed vs. Minnesota Superior

The first-year Vermont team started down 0-2, but soon found their rhythm and had a very competitive game against Minnesota. Both teams utilized horizontal and vertical stacks. Turnovers plagued both teams; many were caused by aggressive Ds and floaty throws, so the points were very long.

Minnesota played clean offense where they often looked to their female in-cutters and slowly worked the disc down the field. Vermont used a more aggressive style and relied on their athleticism and height to move the disc quickly; many of their scores were off of hucks. 

Top-seeded Minnesota took half 7-5, but Vermont came out strong in the second half to win it 9-8 on double-game point.

Players of the Game:
Rocco Linehan (Vermont)
Noah Robinson (Vermont)
Emma Jaschke (Minnesota)

Bay Area Happy Cows vs. Oregon Flood

Throughout this game, no team was ahead by more than two points. The quick speed of play by both teams and the very aggressive defense led to long points. Bay Area took half 7-6, and the teams traded points until hard cap was on. Bay Area claimed a hard-fought double-game point victory 8-7 in a game that included two timeouts and lots of turnovers for both teams.

Players of the Game:
Nicholas Hartwig (Oregon)
Molly Buermeyer (Oregon)
Caleb Ferguson (Bay Area)
Robin Anthony-Petersen (Bay Area)


Boston BUDA vs Colorado Cutthroat

BUDA came off of a hard loss to Washington, D.C. straight into a dominant showing against Colorado. Even though BUDA had a lot of errant passes, they were eventually able to capitalize on every point, taking half 7-0. BUDA played at a very fast speed and converted on Colorado turns; they struggled to complete passes, especially against BUDA’s four-man trap cup.

Colorado, coming off of a first-round bye, could not match BUDA’s athleticism and were often beaten to the force side on defense. In the second half, Colorado could not make the changes they needed, and BUDA won 13-0.

Players of the Game:
Cody Kershner (Colorado)
Emma Gann (Colorado)
Valerie Willcoq (Boston)
Connor Whiffen (Boston)

D.C. Swing Vote vs Oregon Flood

This was a very competitive game with D.C. coming off an upset over BUDA and Oregon having lost on double-game point. Both teams battled in the first half, trading points before D.C. took it 7-6. The game was full of huge skies and full-extension layouts by both teams, but there was also poor conservation of possession because both teams rushed their plays.

Because of the number of turnovers, the points were very long, and the game was capped at 9 with D.C. receiving. D.C. played their cleanest point of the game and were able to move the disc up the field in just four throws to win the game on double-game point.

Players of the Game:
Ellie Vandevelder (Oregon)
Colton Clark (Oregon)
Kristin Herbert (Washington, D.C.)
Nick Som (Washington, D.C.)


Madison vs. New York Sky Scrapers

Both teams were excellent at threading the disc through the center of the field. New York had impressive break throws, but they were unable to time continuations off those throws. Both teams ran vertical stacks and relied on 30-yard throws to score.

Madison’s women had excellent hucks, leading them into half 7-2 and to a final score of 13-8.

Players of the Game:
Brittney Kokinos (Madison)
Bryn Huxley-Reicher (New York)
Justin Tran (New York)

Bay Area Happy Cows vs. D.C. Swing Vote

The Bay Area was coming off a two and a half hour bye and was rocky out of the gates, helping D.C. take an early three-point lead. D.C. played a clean vertical stack and took advantage of the Bay Area’s errant throws. D.C. took half 7-3 and won the game 11-7.

Players of the Game:
Joe Freund (Washington, D.C.)
Christian Gilbertson (Washington, D.C.)
Jasper Tom (Bay Area)
Isaac Mort (Bay Area)


Madison vs. Seattle Skyfall

The only two undefeated teams in the pool battled each other in this long game. The wind picked up and caused many unforced turns while also creating many huck opportunities for both teams. Madison took an early 3-0 lead, but Seattle fought back and scored two consecutive points. Seattle played four women and three men on offense and a trap cup on defense and took half 7-5 before winning 9-5.

Players of the Game:
Alex Cotter (Madison)
Abby Kauff (Seattle)
Mahki Sanders (Seattle)


Bay Area Happy Cows vs. Boston BUDA

The Bay Area took a 5-1 lead to start the game because BUDA had a difficult time defending their deep game. BUDA made some early attempts to throw off the Happy Cows, including a zone and playing four women, but the Bay Area was not fazed and took half 7-1.

After half, BUDA continued their zone defense, and it was much more effective. In the second half, BUDA outscored the Bay Area 2-6, but hard cap ended the game before they could complete a comeback, and the Bay Area came away with the 9-7 victory.

Players of the Game:
Michelle Slaughter (Bay Area)
Ian Sweeney (Bay Area)
Justinne Guarin (Boston)
Jeff Dreyfus (Boston)


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2014 YCC - Day 1 Highlights

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