2014 U.S. Open - Mixed Division Preview

Posted: July 2, 2014 12:52 PM

Although parity has been rampant throughout the mixed division the past few seasons, the 2014 U.S. Open Championship is headlined by a clear-cut favorite: Minnesota’s very own Drag‘n Thrust. The 2013 National Champions return most of their roster and will have the benefit of a rabid Minnesota fan base making noise at their behest. But the seven other teams at this year’s tournament aren’t going to simply fall over and let Drag’n Thrust stomp them into the pristinely manicured National Sports Center fields; they will be fighting tooth and nail to show the mixed world that parity remains the name of the game.

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The Favorites:

2014TCTLogos DragNThrust
Minneapolis, MN

Drag'n Thrust

This weekend, Drag’n makes their first big tournament appearance since earning their 2013 national title. Although mainstay Jeff Trosvig is gone, Drag’n returns almost all other essential pieces from last year’s team. James Hron is a highly mobile tank and provides a huge target downfield for the Drag’n handlers, while U-23 National Team member Sarah Meckstroth consistently beats her girl under. If you’re at the fields and want to see one game, check out their 2013 championship final rematch against Polar Bears at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday.

2013TCT PolarBears
San Francisco, CA

Polar Bears

After winning a national championship back in 2010, the Polar Bears have claimed three consecutive silver medals. Veteran cutter An-Chi Tsou and silky smooth handler Sonny Zaccaro hope this year’s iteration will return the team to the Promised Land. Although they have lost big names like Eli Kearns, Alex Nord and Simon Higgins, PBR has access to the seemingly depthless Bay Area ultimate community. Again, watch for their matchup against Drag’n Thrust on Thursday to see how the team and their new roster adjusts.

2014TCT WildCard
Boston, MA


Wild Card

Perhaps more than any other team, Boston’s Wild Card has brought the big names. Acquiring dominant Ironside cutters Seth Reinhardt and Adrian Banerji, along with U-23 National Teamers Callahan finalist Shellie Cohen and Tufts mainstay Hailey Alm makes for a terrifying roster on paper. Add all that to a list of returners that includes Ian Engler and Lee Farnsworth and you get a team that has the talent to compete with anyone else in the country. Yet how will all of these diverse talents mesh? The U.S. Open will be a great first test.


The Contenders

Ames, IA

Chad Larson Experience

The fact the CLX is a powerhouse year in and year out is undeniably impressive. In a division often known for team turnover, they’ve been around nearly every club season since 2003! This year, they boast some of the best women in the mixed division and will certainly look to run things through them. Iowa State’s Magon Liu, Cami Nelson, Jasmine Draper and Rebecca Miller are all former Worlds players, and all present inhospitable match ups for opposing teams’ women.

2014TCTLogos AMP
Philadephia, PA


While AMP may not have the big names of some other teams, a sixth-place finish at Nationals last year shows that it certainly doesn’t make a difference. Cutter Nick Hirannet and handler Raha Mozaffari may control the touches, but if AMP is going to have success at this year’s U.S. Open, they will need contributions from up and down their roster.



The Dark Horses

2014TCTLogos TheGhosts
Boston, MA

The Ghosts

The Ghosts of the 2014 U.S. Open are an anomaly. Much of their actual roster could not make the trip from Boston to Minnesota, and the holes have been filled by a few outstanding Minnesota players. Division III YouTube sensation Nihal Bhakta, CUT’s Tyler Mahoney and Minnesota institution John Sandahl will all be playing for The Ghosts. This reporter has absolutely no idea what to make of the situation, so we will simply have to sit back and watch.

2013TCT ColombiaCO
Bucaramanga, Col.
2013TCT ColombiaCO

One 2 One; Union

Both teams are unknowns. One 2 One is a Colombian team that could very well surprise others with the famous Colombian style of play (i.e., rapid-fire disc movement, layouts everywhere), while Union are the sole representatives from our Neighbor to the North in the mixed division. While Union failed to qualify for Nationals last year, Canadian teams have been known to surprise at the U.S. Open. Who could forget Odyssée’s coming from relatively nowhere to win the 2013 U.S. Open?

2014TCT Union
Toronto, ON

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