2014 U.S. Open - Mixed Day 1 Recap

Posted: July 3, 2014 11:04 PM

As predicted, Drag’n Thrust defeated all of their competitors on day one, but it certainly wasn’t easy. Here’s the round-by-round.

Round One

Although the weather was a tad chilly to start the day, Drag’n Thrust was anything but. They trounced Colombia’s One 2 One, led by cutters Jay Drescher and Sarah Anciaux. Anciaux, a rookie, is already making her presence felt, using her Minnesota Ninjas’ experience to great effect. Final score, 15-6. Elsewhere, Polar Bears defeated AMP with relative ease 15-9, while Wild Card made apparitions of their cross-town rivals (The Ghosts). In the only close game of the round, CLX used their undeniable experience to eke out a win over upstart Union.

Round Two

Round two featured perhaps the game of the day, when Drag’n Thrust matched up against Wild Card. Drag’n maintained a comfortable cushion throughout most of the game, even pushing the score to 11-6 at one point. But led by outstanding play from captain Ian Engler, Wild Card slowly narrowed the gap, eventually bringing the score to 11-14. Although Drag’n needed only a single point to pull out the victory, Wild Card held and then broke on the consecutive points, pushing the score to 13-14. But time, fickle as it is, was not on the Bostonians’ side. The ever-pesky hard cap sullied what could have been a dramatic finish, and Drag’n won 14-13. In the other games, Polar Bears took care of business against CLX 15-10, Union beat One 2 One 15-12, and AMP defeated the undermanned (/womaned) Ghosts 14-10.

Round Three

Thursday’s final round featured the much-hyped match up between last year’s national finalists, Drag’n Thrust and Polar Bears. Yet this game failed to live up to the hype. Boosted by the stellar play of Pat Niles and James Hron, Drag’n turned on the jets after half and never looked back, only allowing PBR to score two  more times. What their game lacked for in competition, however, the Union v. AMP and Ghosts v. CLX games more than made up for. Both games went to double-game point, and although The Ghosts received the disc to start the point, they simply could not find the end zone. CLX took the disc away and punched in the score to win 16-15 and finish with a 2-1 record on the day. In an eerily similar situation, Union received on double-game point but also couldn’t close out a great game. AMP took advantage and won 13-12. Finally, Wild Card kicked One 2 One to the curb, 15-5.

Who else is excited for day two?!


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