2014 Triple Crown Tour Pro Flight Finale Broadast Schedule

Posted: August 13, 2014 09:56 AM

World Champions Seattle Riot, San Francisco Revolver Highlight Opening Day of Stream

Boulder, Colo. (August 12, 2014)--USA Ultimate and NexGen announced today the broadcast schedule for the Emerald City Classic. Scheduled for Aug. 30-31 in Burlington, Wash., the tournament serves as the 2014 Pro Flight Finale and final major regular season tournament of the Triple Crown Tour.

NexGen’s eight-game broadcast schedule features four pool play games on Saturday, followed by a pair of semifinal matchups and two championship games on Sunday. 

The Pro Flight Finale hosts the top eight ultimate teams in the nation in three different divisions (men’s, women’s, mixed) and serves as an indicator of who North America’s top teams are heading into the postseason and the National Championships later this fall.

Saturday’s broadcast schedule opens with the Pro-Elite Challenge winner and U.S. Open runner-up, Boston Brute Squad (18-4) squaring off against perennial powerhouse Austin Showdown (8-8), who most recently played in the bronze medal game at the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships. 

The second game on Saturday features recently crowned world champion, reigning national champion and U.S. Open winner San Francisco Revolver (16-2) vs. Pro-Elite Challenge winner Chicago Machine (6-1).

Game three on Saturday pits world championship silver medalist, Seattle Sockeye (12-4) against bronze medalist Denver Johnny Bravo (15-4).

The nightcap highlights another world champion and U.S Open winner, Seattle Riot (24-1) as they take on regional rival and Canadian national champion Vancouver Traffic (13-4).

And while the teams playing on Sunday are yet to be determined, the streaming schedule is guaranteed to feature more exciting matchups consisting of any of the aforementioned teams, plus any of the other Pro Flight Finale competitors – Washington D.C. Scandal (28-6) San Francisco Fury (19-5), Chicago Nemesis (2-4) and Toronto Capitals (8-5) in the women’s division, and Boston Ironside (13-4), Toronto GOAT (3-4), Austin Doublewide (5-2), and Atlanta Chain Lightning (5-2) in the men’s division.

For access to these games and more, visit www.ngnultimate.com and purchase your Emerald City Classic tournament package that features eight games live and on-demand for just $15! 


2014 Pro Flight Finale (Emerald City Classic)
NexGen Broadcast Schedule

*All times EDT

Saturday, August 30

12:00pm: Brute Squad (Boston, Mass.) vs. Showdown (Austin, Texas)
2:00pm: Revolver (San Francisco, Calif.) vs. Machine (Chicago, Ill.)
6:00pm: Sockeye (Seattle, Wash.) vs. Johnny Bravo (Denver, Colo.)
8:00pm: Riot (Seattle, Wash) vs. Traffic (Vancouver, B.C.)

Sunday, August 31

2:00pm: Women’s Semifinal
4:00pm: Men’s Semifinal
6:00pm: Women’s Championship Game
8:00pm: Men’s Championship Game