2014 Nationals Schedule and Seeding Announced

Posted: October 7, 2014 10:43 AM

Boulder, Colo. (Oct. 7, 2014) – USA Ultimate, the national governing body for the sport of ultimate in the United States, has posted the schedule and seeding for the 2014 National Championships, October 16-19, in Frisco, Texas.  Again hosted by the Dallas Ultimate Association, in conjunction with USA Ultimate, the National Championships will return for a second year to Frisco and the FC Dallas Toyota Soccer Center.

2014 National Championships Schedules:

Men's Division Seeding

Seed Team City, ST Pool
1 Revolver San Francisco, CA A1
2 Machine Chicago, IL B1
3 Sockeye Seattle, WA C1
4 Ironside Boston, MA D1
5 Johnny Bravo Denver, CO D2
6 Ring of Fire Raleigh, NC C2
7 Rhino Portland, OR B2
8 Doublewide Austin, TX A2
9 Chain Lightning Atlanta, GA D3
10 GOAT Toronto, ON C3
11 Sub Zero Minneapolis, MN B3
12 PoNY New York, NY A3
13 Prairie Fire Kansas City, KS A4
14 Truck Stop Washington, DC B4
15 Temper Pittsburgh, PA C4
16 Furious George Vancouver, BC D4


Mixed Division Seeding

Seed Team City, ST Pool
1 Polar Bears San Francisco, CA A1
2 Drag'n Thrust Minneapolis, MN B1
3 Chad Larson Experience Ames, IA C1
4 Blackbird San Francisco, CA D1
5 Mischief San Francisco, CA D2
6 7 Figures Los Angeles, CA C2
7 Slow White Boston, MA B2
8 Bucket Atlanta, GA A2
9 Wild Card Boston, MA D3
10 AMP Philadelphia, PA C3
11 D'oh! Abides Seattle, WA B3
12 Seattle Mixed Seattle, WA A3
13 American BBQ San Francisco, CA A4
14 Santa Maria Columbus, OH B4
15 Cosa Nostra Austin, TX C4
16 The Administrators Portland, OR D4


Women's Division Seeding

Seed Team City, ST Pool
1 Brute Squad Boston, MA A1
2 Riot Seattle, WA B1
3 Fury San Francisco, CA C1
4 Scandal Washington, DC D1
5 Molly Brown Denver, CO D2
6 Traffic Vancouver, BC C2
7 Nightlock San Francisco, CA B2
8 Ozone Atlanta, GA A2
9 Nemesis Chicago, IL D3
10 Showdown Austin, TX C3
11 Heist Madison, WI B3
12 Schwa Portland, OR A3
13 Capitals Toronto, ON A4
14 Green Means Go Philadelphia, PA B4
15 Underground Seattle, WA C4
16 Tabby Rosa Gainesville, FL D4

For regular updates during the event, follow @TripleCrownTour, the event hashtag (#NationalsTX), as well as our live blog on the event page.

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