2014 D-I College Championships - Women's Division Day 3 Recap

Posted: May 26, 2014 12:28 AM


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Day three of the Division I College Championship n Mason, Ohio, is in the books. The quarterfinal and semifinal rounds are over, and the championship final match ups are set.

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Only the championship games remain; 18 teams that came into the weekend with high hopes have seen their seasons conclude over the past three days in Mason, Ohio.


The final eight teams left in the championship bracket faced off to begin the third day of the tournament. The Central Florida Sirens played with a vengeance after they were upset by Northeastern on Saturday. Nothing seemed able to stop the Sirens. Their excellent defensive awareness helped the Sirens create turns, and their quick-paced offense helped them get scores to take half 8-1. In the second half, the Siren zone defense still preformed well but was not as effective as it had been in the first half. Flywheel tried to climb back into the game, but it was too little too late, and Central Florida advanced to the semifinals 15-7.

Ohio State and Carleton also met in the Quarterfinal round in a rematch from the 2013 College Championship semifinals. Carleton came out on top in 2013, but in 2014, Fever sang a different tune.  They were up two breaks at halftime, thanks to their smooth offense. In the second half, Fever took off on a 5-0 run and continued that momentum throughout the remainder of the game. Ohio State wore down Carleton who looked defeated at the end of the game. The depth of Ohio State helped them stay fresh and crisp on both offense and defense, and they took the game 15-9.

Oregon Fugue and the Cinderella Virginia Hydra met in arguably the best game of the round.  Fugue used their deep cuts to perfection and took half 8-6. Their crisp handler movement led to well-place hucks in the end zone. Hydra did not count themselves out, even after falling down 9-6, and pulled within one at 14-13. Oregon used tight marks on Hydra's handlers to make any and all points scored by Virginia tough. With long points towards the end of the game, Oregon's depth took over when Virginia looked tired. Oregon scored their last point on a deep huck to win 15-13.British Columbia attempted to pull off an upset against Washington, and it looked like they could do it in the first half. With a clean offense, the Thunderbirds worked the disc right down the field for seemingly easy scores and took half 8-5. Washington rallied and showed why they were the higher seed in the second half. With hucks falling their way, Washington pulled out to their first lead of the game at 12-11. Element took a 14-12 lead and after the Thunderbirds held, Element scored on a huck to take the game 15-13.

Despite all of the upsets in the first two days of action, seeding reigned supreme in the Quarterfinal round as the top four seeds in the tournament advanced to the Semifinals.  Fourth-seeded Washington advanced to take on top-seeded Ohio State, and second-seeded Fugue earned the right to play third-seeded Sirens for a chance to make it to the championship game.


Ohio State and Washington met in the one v. four game. Washington won the first point on a break, but it seemed to be all downhill after that score. Fever played to their strengths, using their hucks and height to tally scores throughout the game. Element tried to switch things up by throwing a zone at Fever, but Ohio State always seemed to find an outlet pass to keep the cup on their heels. Feeding off of the almost-home crowd, Fever seemed to always be a step ahead of Element. Element fell down by four scores multiple times in the first half, and Fever ended up taking half 8-4.

In the second half, Washington pulled within three at 11-8, but that’s as close as it got. Element looked defeated toward the end of the game, and it showed with their seemingly lackluster cuts which did not help create opportunities. Fever looked dominant, scoring on hucks but also showing their ability to slowly work the disc down the field with quick under throws and crisp handler work. Ohio State ran away with the game at the end to win 15-9 and advance to the championship game.

Oregon and Central Florida faced off in one of the best games of the tournament. Neither team led by more than two at any point. Central Florida played a hard zone defense at the beginning of the game, but it didn’t contain Fugue's firepower on the offensive end, and Oregon jumped out to a 2-0 lead. The Siren cup tied up their loose ends, and the offensive attack responded in kind, tying the game at 4-4.  Each team was content with throwing hucks before patiently working the disc in the red zone. Oregon used a men defense most of the game, but the Sirens always seemed to find the open woman on their way down the field. Central Florida hit a deep cutter to take half 8-7. 

The second half proved to be more of the same. With the momentum seemingly behind them, the Sirens tried to pull away from Fugue, going up 10-8, but Fugue reeled them back in. The second half was full of tight defense, turns and overthrown hucks. The Siren offense powered through Fugue’s man defense, but every time they got into scoring position, it seemed like a miscommunication or overthrow would stop them in their tracks.

The team traded points throughout the second half to keep everyone on their toes. Soft cap went on with the game tied at 13s, so the game was set to 15. Oregon was first to strike after the soft cap on a long point that included many turns. Fugue finally took advantage of one of those turns at midfield, using one pitch and catch for a score. But the Sirens weren’t done. They marched right back down the field and scored just past a layout D attempt. Double-game point was a nerve-wracking affair beginning with turns and over throws by each team. The Sirens dropped the disc a few yards out of the end zone, and Fugue took advantage of the opportunity to work the disc down the field to win the game 15-14. 

Looking Ahead

Ohio State Fever and Oregon Fugue are set to meet in the finals in a one- vs. two-seed match up. Both teams are still undefeated on the weekend, but only one will leave the tournament with their clean record intact. Oregon won the 2013 College Championships and are looking for a repeat, but the number one team in the country has other plans. The championship game will be played at 12 p.m. on Monday, May 26, at Mason High School.

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