2014 College Championships - Broadcast Schedule

Posted: May 14, 2014 09:58 AM
The top 20 college men's and women's division teams have battled through a regular season, conference championships, and regional championships and have earned their chance for glory in Mason, OH.  
If you can't watch in person, be sure to tune into these great broadcasts of the 2014 College Championships from NGN and ESPN3/ESPNU (all times EDT):
Friday, May 23
ngn-logo   Round 3 12:30-2:15p Oregon (2) v. Stanford (7) Women's Division
ngn-logo   Round 4 2:30-4:15p Texas (3) v. North Carolina (6) Men's Division
ngn-logo   Round 5 4:30-6:15p Washington (4) v. UCSB (5) Women's Division
Saturday, May 24
ngn-logo   Round 1 8:30-10:15a Colorado (1) v. Wisconsin (12) Men's Division
ngn-logo   Round 3 12:30-2:15p Oregon (4) v. Carleton College (16) Men's Division
ngn-logo   Round 4 2:30-4:15p Carleton College (6) v. British Columbia (10) Women's Division
ngn-logo   PQ 5:00-6:45p Women’s Prequarterfinal Women's Division
Sunday, May 25
ngn-logo   Quarters 8:30-10:15a Men’s Quarterfinal Men's Division
Espn3   Semi 12:00-1:45p Women's Semifinal Women's Division
Espn3   Semi 2:30-4:15p Women's Semifinal Women's Division
Espn3   Semi 5:30-7:15p Men's Semifinal Men's Division
Espn3   Semi 8:00-9:45p  Men's Semifinal Men's Division
Monday, May 26
Espn3   Final 12:00-1:45p Women's Final Women's Division
Espn3   Final 2:30p-4:15p Men's Final Men's Division
Wednesday, May 28
ESPNU   Highlights 8:00-9:00p Semifinals Highlights Show  
ESPNU   Final 9:00-10:00p Men's Final Men's Division
ESPNU   Final 10:00-11:00p Women's Final Women's Division


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