2013 U-23 National Teams Named

Posted: March 8, 2013 01:36 PM
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USA Ultimate is pleased to announce the rosters for the U-23 national teams (Mixed, Open, Women's) who will compete at the 2013 U-23 World Ultimate Championship in Toronto Canada July 22-28, 2013.  
Over 500 players from across the United States applied and from those applications 96 men and 88 women were chosen by the selection committee to attend one of two tryout camps.  

Selecting players for these camps was incredibly difficult given the incredible amount of talent across our championship divisions. USA Ultimate is looking forward to our first time competing at WFDF's U-23 championships.

U-23 National Team (Mixed)

Player Current / Most Recent Team Gender
Aaron Adamson Oregon State M
Adrian Banerji Tufts M
Tyler Boyd-Meredith Stanford M
Topher Davis Oregon M
Khalif El-Salaam Washington M
Ian Engler Dartmouth M
Elliott Erickson Georgia M
Lee Farnsworth Wildcard M
Jack Hatchett Ironside M
Will Herold Carleton College M
Simon Higgins Las Positas M
Elijah Kerns California-Davis M
Thomas Li Claremont M
Mike Ogren Central Florida M
Sophie Darch Oregon F
Julie Eagle Phoenix F
Sabrina Fong UCLA F
Bethany Kaylor Oregon F
Sarah Meckstroth Minnesota F
Rebecca Miller Iowa State F
Cami Nelson Iowa State F
Lisa Pitcaithley Polar Bears F
Claudia Tajima Brute Squad F
Natasha Won Polar Bears F

U-23 Mixed Team Alternates:

  • Jesse Cohen (California-San Diego)
  • Justin Norden (Carleton College)
  • Hailey Alm (Tufts)
  • Lisi Lohre (Colorado College)


U-23 National Team (Open)

Player Current / Most Recent Team
Kelsen Alexander Wisconsin
Justin Allen Ring of Fire
Tom Allen Lions
Matthew Thomas Bode Ring of Fire
Kevin Brown Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Colin Camp Wisconsin
Dylan Freechild Oregon
Mischa Freystaetter Central Florida
Jay Froude Missouri
Brian Hart Wisconsin
Christian Johnson Ring of Fire
Josh Klane Minnesota
Byron Liu Chain Lightning
Ben Lohre Rhino
Ben McGinn Rhino
Jimmy Mickle Colorado
Simon Montague Carleton College
Timothy Morrissy Colorado
Christian Olsen Emory
Logan Pruess Wisconsin-Milwaukee
John Stubbs Bucket
Dalton Smith Doublewide
Ian Toner Ring of Fire
Dylan Wolff Boston College

U-23 National Team (Women's)

Player Current / Most Recent Team
Diana Charrier Texas
Claire Chastain North Carolina-Wilmington
Shellie Cohen North Carolina
Lisa Couper North Carolina
Megan Cousins Colorado
Sarah Davis Washington
Claire Desmond Fury
Amanda Good Colorado
Kami Groom Washington University
Jessi Jones Phoenix
Amanda Kostic Washington
Alysia Letourneau Washington
Magon Liu Iowa State
Michela Meister Stanford
Sarah Pesch Iowa State
Lauren Sadler Scandal
Julia Snyder Carleton College
Paige Soper Ohio State
Shira Stern Bigfoot
Cassie Swafford Ohio State
Sharon Tsao Texas
Abby VanMujien Nightlock