2013 Texas High School State Championship Preview

Posted: May 10, 2013 10:48 AM

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2013 Texas HS Championship preview is written by Highland Park co-coach Darius Tse.  If you are interesting in helping write a preview or a recap of your state's HS championship, contact stacey@hq.usaultimate.org.

With Club Nationals coming to Texas in the fall, there has been a rise in high school ultimate across the state. This year’s State Championship is sure to display some of the state’s best high school talent.

Due to scheduling conflicts, last year’s champion James Bowie will not be able to attend, as well as long time staple LBJ-LASA.


The team to beat is Coppell H.S., the top seed going into the weekend. They’ve got a deep roster with great chemistry that allows them to move the disc with ease. They also have a creative zone that relies on communication and switches to confuse teams and cause quick turnovers. Coach Jared Stansel has worked hard to keep the team focused on winning the state championship.

Belton H.S. lost to Coppell in the finals of the Lone Star State tournament back in late March, but they are a well-coached team that can quickly make adjustments. Their O-line is efficient, filled with capable handlers and athletic cutters which make them a threat to anyone they face.

Flower Mound H.S. is a new team that has surprised many people with their unconventional approach to the game. They attack the end zone no matter where they are on the field. What this team lacks in experience and knowledge of the game, they make up for with their athleticism and quick throws. This team took second in the Dallas-Ft. Worth H.S. League, losing to Coppell in the finals 13-8.

Marcus H.S. has always brought a strong team to the state championships, and this year is no different. Their athleticism may be down compared to recent years, but their team chemistry and overall knowledge of the game allows them to keep the disc moving quickly causing defenders to trail. Led by last year’s coach of the year, Robert Doyle, Marcus has been able to make adjustments when needed to continue playing at a top level.


There’s a cluster of teams in the middle of the pack, most of them with a good chance of upsetting one of the top teams.

A & M Consolidated (Consolimate) has a plethora of athletes and will be looking to stretch the field with their huck game.

Highland Park H.S. (HPUF) has an experienced top line that can move the disc in multiple offensive stacks. They also utilize many zones on defense to force opposing offenses to make questionable decisions.

Langham Creek H.S. is a solid team with notable handlers. They have a good offensive flow that allows them to break many zones.

J.J. Pearce H.S. has a young team that doesn’t quit. They may not have height, but they are smart players that have overcome adversity all year.

Hillcrest is tenacious on defense and will not back down from any team. They are scrappy and very athletic.

St. Thomas H.S. is very organized and knowledgeable. Their spacing on offense allows their cutters to get into open spots on the field with ease.

Memorial H.S. is bringing a small team but will definitely put up a fight on Saturday.

Anderson H.S. is a quality team that has been competitive at the state level over the past few years. They regularly participate in the Austin High School League.


The rest of the field is filled with new and upcoming teams that haven’t participated in many tournaments but have players that have played in city leagues. Those new teams include Katy H.S, Cinco Ranch H.S., Kingwood H.S., Bellaire H.S., Chinquapin H.S. and Astascocita.



  • Ragho Chamkura - Intelligent player with good throws and great hands. I consider him the best player in the state.
  • Josh Brunelli - Smart team leader with excellent throws and good field awareness.
  • Alex Garcia - Excellent defensive player that can go up with anyone.



  • Jeffry Granados and Conner Carter - Both are good handlers with consistently smart throws.



  • Tyler Niskanen - Top five player in the state. He is a threat in any position on the field.
  • Trevor Davis - Good handler and cutter with an eye for the disc. Makes great bids.
  • Jake Niskanen - Great handler, sets the offensive tone.


Highland Park

  • James Condon - Team leader with great throws and awareness.
  • Joe Slagel - Awesome hucks and very athletic; he can do anything on the field.
  • Patrick Shay - Great flick hucks in the wind and is very athletic.
  • Reese Walters - Only a freshman, but is extremely athletic and can sky anyone.


J.J. Pierce

  • Luke Refuss - Most exciting player to watch. Don’t let his small frame fool you; he has a huge vertical as well as good hands and good throws.


The stage is set, and the teams are dying to get on the field. There’s plenty of rain in the forecast for the weekend which may even up the playing field for those mid-level teams. The backup fields are ready to go, if necessary, and the TD has already arranged a rainout playing schedule. Hopefully the teams come prepared to throw and catch a wet disc all weekend. I’m excited to see what the Great State of Texas has to offer.

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