2013 National Championships Statistics

Posted: October 18, 2013 12:49 PM

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Announcing the stat leaders from the 2013 National Championships

The following tables of data are initially sorted by Team and Jersey #.  To see leaders by each category, click on the table column header.  To sort by more than one column at once, hold the Shift key while selecting the columns.

Note: In the cases where the jersey number was unknown or written incorrectly, the statistic was attributed to unknown. A few of the games had some incomplete tracking of the TO statistic and others, so the actual values may vary slightly from what is listed.


Men's Division Statistics 

Team # Player Goals Assists Ds TOs
Chain Lightning1Jack Krieger1100
Chain Lightning2Matt Bailey1100
Chain Lightning3Andrew Hollingworth5024
Chain Lightning5Elliott Erickson1020
Chain Lightning6Max Leonard6010
Chain Lightning7Jay Clark11422
Chain Lightning8Byron Liu2143
Chain Lightning9Will Lokke0100
Chain Lightning10Tyler Conger1102
Chain Lightning11Joel Wooten1200
Chain Lightning12Frank Wooten1110
Chain Lightning13Jared Inselmann51047
Chain Lightning14John Stubbs2213
Chain Lightning15Michael Spear1114
Chain Lightning16Russell Snow1012
Chain Lightning18Greg Swanson11406
Chain Lightning19Mark Poole9302
Chain Lightning24Christian Olsen6010
Chain Lightning32Andy Stringer3102
Chain Lightning36Nicky Spiva91017
Chain Lightning47Asa Wilson7031
Chain Lightning55Blake Hannah0001
Chain Lightning60Jolian Dahl0000
Chain Lightning62Michael Arenson0402
Chain Lightning78Dylan Tunnell72133
Chain Lightning87Trenton Spinks0001
Chain Lightning98Jonathan Monforti0302
Chain Lightning?unknown 0001
Condors1Michael Kiyoi5418
Condors2Dan Bellinger1201
Condors3Blake Robillard2000
Condors4Mark Elbogen91234
Condors6Ian Meyer2303
Condors7Eric Brach1101
Condors8Peter Raines2211
Condors9Jeff Silverman3435
Condors10Scott Perry0120
Condors11John Gallo1041
Condors12Keith Reschke3211
Condors13Andrew Pebley0203
Condors14Will Turner3000
Condors15Nate Young5404
Condors17Hunter Corbett1004
Condors21Maxwell Shteir-Dunn1504
Condors22Ian Chiles6210
Condors23Paul Van Bloemen Waanders0000
Condors25Nick Larusso0001
Condors27Collin Gall2002
Condors33Noah Hopton1011
Condors42Johnny Walker1010
Condors55Tyler Bacon0106
Condors80Adam Bolenbaugh1000
Condors83Greg Husak4607
Condors87Aaron Weaver3512
Condors91Grant Boyd2301
Condors?unknown 5501
Doublewide2Alex Thorne7907
Doublewide4Max Cook8826
Doublewide5Jeff Loskorn41429
Doublewide6Michael Matthis3120
Doublewide7Kurt Gibson81109
Doublewide9Ethan Pollack13103
Doublewide10Steven Darroh0000
Doublewide11Trey Lamastres0401
Doublewide12Andrew Walch0100
Doublewide13Dalton Smith8224
Doublewide14Michael Cramer2020
Doublewide15Daniel Poindexter1011
Doublewide16Kiran Thomas5603
Doublewide17Jacob Anderson2132
Doublewide18Michael Natenberg2013
Doublewide19Kevin Richardson1131
Doublewide20Jerrod Wolfe2202
Doublewide21Will Driscoll4800
Doublewide22Jason Schafer0110
Doublewide24Rory Orloff3110
Doublewide25Kevin Christian0000
Doublewide28Dan Emmons3141
Doublewide42Ryan Bigley0113
Doublewide49Caleb Denecour0010
Doublewide81Tyler Degirolamo6745
Doublewide85Valley Renshaw0200
Doublewide?unknown 0000
Florida United2Jeremy Langdon13324
Florida United3James Dahl8304
Florida United4Joe Crinkley7103
Florida United5Brandon Perales0311
Florida United7Danny Bumgarner2010
Florida United8Bennett Wachob2002
Florida United9Bobby Ley5406
Florida United10Paul Rabaut0001
Florida United12Travis Catron4436
Florida United13Alton Gaines2113
Florida United14Cole Sullivan0000
Florida United15Dustin Travaglini0010
Florida United18Chris Larocque0211
Florida United22Cyle Van Auken0804
Florida United23Rob Kern0000
Florida United24Stephen Ierardi0001
Florida United30Chris Gibson0427
Florida United32Andrew Roca21008
Florida United33John Best3609
Florida United39Jordan Huston3001
Florida United41Will Moore0412
Florida United45Daniel Petronio5425
Florida United54Nick Fletcher0011
Florida United55Quint Wharton1000
Florida United57Jimmy Price2212
Florida United75Ryan Chard0001
Florida United80Phil Stokes0011
Florida United?unknown 0000
Furious George1William Vu0000
Furious George2Seb Toth1421
Furious George6Andre Gailits5403
Furious George7Bobo Eyrich3102
Furious George8Morgan Hibbert5725
Furious George10Gagan Chatha5001
Furious George11Kevin Greer1121
Furious George17Max Hunter0100
Furious George18Nick Menzies0000
Furious George20Nathan Dandurand2000
Furious George21Aaron Loach3405
Furious George22Matthew Berezan6113
Furious George23Fred Lam1000
Furious George24Peter Yu4000
Furious George25Oscar Pottinger210010
Furious George27Alex Davis0100
Furious George28Keane Knapp3212
Furious George37Myles Sinclair2213
Furious George43Kevin Tian0000
Furious George45Allan Cowan3705
Furious George47Ryan Kremsater1101
Furious George66Gyorgy Aponte0010
Furious George69Francisco Mogollon0001
Furious George75Joel Bellavance0000
Furious George89Kevin Underhill2404
Furious George91Jon Hayduk0101
Furious George98Brendan Wong7413
Furious George?unknown 3301
GOAT2Mike Jones1210
GOAT3Andrew Carroll6414
GOAT4Derek Alexander18112
GOAT7Karl Loiseau74110
GOAT8David Janssen2002
GOAT9Scotty Nicholls0201
GOAT12Remi Ojo0021
GOAT13Jonathan Martin6443
GOAT14Calum Mackenzie0221
GOAT16Phil Watanabe0010
GOAT17Isaiah Masek-Kelly3223
GOAT18Anatoly Vasilyev4534
GOAT19Thomson Mcknight2524
GOAT20Jeff Lindquist5605
GOAT21Geoff Powell3353
GOAT23Trevor Henry1000
GOAT28Justin Foord0000
GOAT41Gord Harrison4011
GOAT43Andrew Ouchterlony5100
GOAT45David Hochhalter2112
GOAT55Aaron Neal3002
GOAT61Sachin Raina0000
GOAT66Luca Miglioretto0000
GOAT74Ricky Szeto0000
GOAT81Adrian Yearwood31003
GOAT89Mark Lloyd78210
GOAT91Cam Harris6717
GOAT?unknown 0000
GOAT10unknown 1001
Ironside0Jacob Taylor01203
Ironside1Teddy Browar-Jarus1203
Ironside2Seth Reinhardt4100
Ironside3George Stubbs121123
Ironside4Matt Rebholz1813
Ironside5Josh Markette71504
Ironside7Will Neff3645
Ironside8Peter Prial171304
Ironside9Misha Sidorsky1001
Ironside6Rusty Ingold-Smith2225
Ironside11Christian Foster2233
Ironside12Alex Simmons2534
Ironside13Brandon Malecek2321
Ironside14Miles Montgomery-Butler2010
Ironside16Jamie Quella2030
Ironside17Alex Cooper3111
Ironside18Jim Foster7411
Ironside21Misha Herscu2001
Ironside23Ryan Holmes0100
Ironside25Matthew Mcdonnell1000
Ironside27Jack Hatchett3163
Ironside33Russell Wallack3142
Ironside35Piers Macnaughton0122
Ironside38Adrian Banerji0101
Ironside77Danny Clark11303
Ironside84Alex Kapinos11435
Ironside88Robin Meyers0300
Ironside?unknown 0011
Johnny Bravo0Joe Durst1100
Johnny Bravo2Eric Johnson3603
Johnny Bravo3Jesse Roehm6413
Johnny Bravo4Andrew Mangan0000
Johnny Bravo5Jack Mcshane1512
Johnny Bravo6Bart Watson61129
Johnny Bravo7Hidde Snieder11103
Johnny Bravo8Austin Gregersen0301
Johnny Bravo11Nick Lance11265
Johnny Bravo12Tim Morrissy1112
Johnny Bravo13Matty Zemel1302
Johnny Bravo14Craig Forshee4523
Johnny Bravo15Dennison Bechis1250
Johnny Bravo16Ryan Farrell4225
Johnny Bravo18Phil Sun1100
Johnny Bravo20Josh Ackley58012
Johnny Bravo21Evan Padget2113
Johnny Bravo22Stanley Peterson3110
Johnny Bravo23Jimmy Mickle1616311
Johnny Bravo24Jackson Kloor6103
Johnny Bravo26Owen Westbrook5613
Johnny Bravo28Hylke Snieder10231
Johnny Bravo30Clark Bishop5100
Johnny Bravo34Henry Konker1331
Johnny Bravo38Matt Farrell2011
Johnny Bravo56Jake Juszak1110
Johnny Bravo63James Mitchell0000
Johnny Bravo?unknown 0000
Machine0Jonathan Helton61338
Machine1Craig Poeppelman0000
Machine2Mike Shiel3304
Machine4Bob Liu1516
Machine6Bill Finn0120
Machine7unknown 0604
Machine8Stephan Mance1400
Machine9Charlie Hubbard0001
Machine10Brett Kolinek0000
Machine11Geoff Serednesky7134
Machine13Dane Olsen1307
Machine15Andrew Sheehan1422
Machine18Cullen Geppert2716
Machine19Michael Schwenk3015
Machine20Greg Slover3221
Machine21John Kolb0110
Machine26Kevin Kelly2442
Machine28Andy Neilsen0000
Machine29Taylor Kraemer10225
Machine31Walden Nelson7011
Machine37Dan Williams2113
Machine47Jon Hatcher1100
Machine51A.J. Nelson15646
Machine64Neal Phelps2210
Machine79Ben Rehmann0002
Machine85Mike Stephen0201
Machine99George Hughes-Strange3123
Machine?unknown 0000
Madcow1Danny Olson1000
Madcow2Joe Taris2313
Madcow3Justin Baumann4133
Madcow4Nick Hamilton4004
Madcow5Kieran Kelly3112
Madcow6Kevin Hanzel1614
Madcow7Mark Fedorenko0001
Madcow8Jesse Wohl7333
Madcow9Michael Meilstrup2212
Madcow10David Bentrovato2003
Madcow12Mitch Cihon9203
Madcow14Hamza Dodo1011
Madcow15Logan Kruger0010
Madcow16Mark Hritz1012
Madcow17Nate Botti315111
Madcow20Eliot Alexander1212
Madcow21Dan Latz0102
Madcow22Jordan Rhyne4205
Madcow24John Wilder0100
Madcow27Brandon Thomas0123
Madcow30Josh Swanson0001
Madcow33Matt Olson1000
Madcow37Rodger Oakes1001
Madcow45Kevin Baumann6223
Madcow47Phil Cherosky410114
Madcow66Zach Ford0010
Madcow99Kevin Ryan2708
Madcow?unknown 0006
PoNY0Austin Raymond1012
PoNY1Markian Kuzmowycz8302
PoNY3Jon Cox5212
PoNY4Michael Hennessy6803
PoNY5Mike Sender0311
PoNY6Christopher Mazur714010
PoNY7Kevin Riley1726
PoNY8Chris Neitzey1104
PoNY9Andrew Wilkes1000
PoNY10Ryan Morgan7302
PoNY12Jesse Brauner0011
PoNY13Albert Alarcon2201
PoNY14David Vuckovich6426
PoNY16Sam Taylor0001
PoNY17Luke Wolckenhauer1213
PoNY20Isaiah Bryant2000
PoNY21David Ferraro1110
PoNY22Jack Marsh111114
PoNY24Dan Glatt1125
PoNY26Andrew Bosco1203
PoNY28Robert Baker1000
PoNY33Jake Herman3010
PoNY34Nick Judson0000
PoNY43Josue Alorro0001
PoNY44Robbie Gillies6501
PoNY50Milo Snyder0311
PoNY83Tim Macgougan1111
PoNY?unknown 0001
Revolver0Devon Anderson2100
Revolver2Taylor Lahey2201
Revolver3Tom James0012
Revolver4Jon Levy4113
Revolver5Martin Cochran2112
Revolver6Josh Wiseman13724
Revolver7Russell Wynne4152
Revolver8Patrick Baylis2133
Revolver9Cassidy Rasmussen2404
Revolver11Zach Travis1000
Revolver12Sam Kanner5342
Revolver14Alexander Brammer0100
Revolver15Joel Schlachet9411
Revolver18Eric Greenwood5010
Revolver19Ryo Kawaoka0103
Revolver20Nick Schlag1301
Revolver21Andrew Hagen0583
Revolver22Marcelo Sanchez4402
Revolver23Jordan Jeffery6832
Revolver27Ashlin Joye51946
Revolver28Nathan White2211
Revolver32Jordan Marcy1303
Revolver34Evan Boucher9312
Revolver35Lucas Dallman3213
Revolver40Mac Taylor1503
Revolver48unknown 1212
Revolver50Beau Kittredge1110311
Revolver99Tim Gilligan3628
Revolver?unknown 0000
Ring of Fire0Ken Porter3234
Ring of Fire1Justin Allen0132
Ring of Fire2Tuba Benson-Jaja2521
Ring of Fire3Josh Mullen0010
Ring of Fire5Taylor Pope2415
Ring of Fire6Tommy Lamar6613
Ring of Fire7Thomas Ward2021
Ring of Fire8Michael Gastaldo1000
Ring of Fire9Ian Toner0102
Ring of Fire10Jarrett Bowen1122
Ring of Fire11Dennis Tarasi1000
Ring of Fire13Bryan Conklin6022
Ring of Fire15Matt King0224
Ring of Fire17Josh Torell4301
Ring of Fire21Jon Nethercutt0000
Ring of Fire22Brian Casey71318
Ring of Fire24Noah Saul68412
Ring of Fire29Christian Johnson11632
Ring of Fire32Josh Berkowitz8423
Ring of Fire33Roy Matthews1011
Ring of Fire34Tristan Green0202
Ring of Fire44Eric Olivier1203
Ring of Fire45Brett Matzuka2635
Ring of Fire47Andrew Ryan4031
Ring of Fire50Josh Norris1304
Ring of Fire54Stephen Bender3100
Ring of Fire99Paul Weeks1214
Ring of Fire?unknown 0001
Sockeye1Donnie Clark2130
Sockeye2Tyler Kinley3342
Sockeye3Jacob Speidel2001
Sockeye4Aly Lenon1523
Sockeye5Vehro Titcomb2000
Sockeye6Phil Murray9524
Sockeye7Mario O’Brien0000
Sockeye8Xtehn Titcomb0000
Sockeye9Sam Harkness3312
Sockeye10Adam Simon24213
Sockeye11Reid Koss2757
Sockeye27Tim Gehret2722
Sockeye13Matt Sewell3011
Sockeye14Matt Rehder14436
Sockeye15Nate Castine81117
Sockeye16Mark Burton6201
Sockeye19Chris Kosednar21118
Sockeye20Michael Caldwell2423
Sockeye22Spencer Wallis1402
Sockeye23Danny Karlinsky5500
Sockeye24Joe Sefton13843
Sockeye25Frank Devin Barich2321
Sockeye28Duncan Linn2110
Sockeye35Erik Doesburg2212
Sockeye40Adam Holt6805
Sockeye70Julian Hausman2001
Sockeye?unknown 0001
Sub Zero0Drew Mahowald2130
Sub Zero1Trent Cooper0000
Sub Zero2Ben Feldman2313
Sub Zero3James Adams0000
Sub Zero4Jon Gaynor1638
Sub Zero5Danny Miesen3506
Sub Zero6Grayson Pangburn0010
Sub Zero8Thomas Murray3445
Sub Zero9Simon Montague31914
Sub Zero10Julian Childs-Walker2215
Sub Zero11Dan Mcadam1001
Sub Zero12Harper Garvey1101
Sub Zero13Alex Evangelides6337
Sub Zero14Justin Lim7325
Sub Zero17Logan Weiss2231
Sub Zero20Matt Young3141
Sub Zero22Sam O’Brien0000
Sub Zero24Charles Reznikoff2100
Sub Zero25Grant Lindsley1014313
Sub Zero27Ben Kofoed2111
Sub Zero29Nick Stuart5623
Sub Zero55Josh Klane46011
Sub Zero66Jason Tschida0000
Sub Zero71Nick Simonelli0100
Sub Zero88Pat Jensen12030
Sub Zero93Kyle Gill3000
Sub Zero99Andrew Moore2012
Sub Zero?unknown 0001
Truck Stop1Daniel Kantor4221
Truck Stop2Sean Keegan2517
Truck Stop3Keven Moldenhauer1407
Truck Stop4David Boylan-Kolchin0200
Truck Stop5David Cranston7112
Truck Stop6Bobby Gordon5112
Truck Stop7Ben Feng2101
Truck Stop8Philipp Haas4314
Truck Stop9Tom Doi9323
Truck Stop11Jonathan Neeley0200
Truck Stop12Brent Bellinger0000
Truck Stop14Ryan Thompson0400
Truck Stop17Eric Miner0100
Truck Stop21Rob Dulabon2122
Truck Stop22Brian Marshall2412
Truck Stop24Ben Fleming4031
Truck Stop25Matt Gordon2113
Truck Stop27Chip Cobb3010
Truck Stop33Mark Lin1201
Truck Stop38Cody Johnston1000
Truck Stop45Jeff Wodatch6013
Truck Stop55Trey Katzenbach1111
Truck Stop61Erik Salmi0123
Truck Stop77Ben Snell1404
Truck Stop90Markham Shofner4909
Truck Stop99Alan Kolick81649
Truck Stop?unknown 1102

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Mixed Division Statistics 

Team # Player Goals Assists Ds TOs
7 Figures0Orin Moore6203
7 Figures2Dan Oettinger0200
7 Figures3Erika Swanson2101
7 Figures4Matt Hennessy4444
7 Figures5Joe Forbes1516
7 Figures6Travis Ladd2603
7 Figures7Arianne Johnson1000
7 Figures8Gary Molano5312
7 Figures9Lisa Kanner4011
7 Figures10Emma Frankel0113
7 Figures11Aaron Jacobs0915
7 Figures12Scott Mahr51015
7 Figures14Nils Clauson2002
7 Figures15Wendy Copeland0000
7 Figures16Michael Tucker2110
7 Figures18Caitlin Rugg2212
7 Figures21Sophie Hines6514
7 Figures22Chris Feeney3100
7 Figures23Connie Wang4527
7 Figures25Radka Dancikova1100
7 Figures30Russell Gaskamp1012
7 Figures32Daniel Walton1545
7 Figures35Alison Webster1002
7 Figures60Sam Regnier1011
7 Figures77Kaily Smitson3102
7 Figures84Matt Welsh6126
7 Figures88Josh Wiensch6413
7 Figures?unknown 0000
7Express1Naomi Brender1234
7Express3Travis Richards0000
7Express4Shaun Krieger5327
7Express5Joe Santosus56111
7Express6Jake Cook0336
7Express7Andy Fine0023
7Express9Samantha Peletier3114
7Express11Alison Main1103
7Express12Joseph Babbino1203
7Express13Erin Ivers0010
7Express14Gina Stees1002
7Express15Mike Drost2033
7Express16Ashley Snyder0011
7Express17Matthew Auletta516421
7Express19Ben Ivers1130
7Express20Laura Markham0202
7Express22Ruozhou Ye31312
7Express26Dennis Murphy14110
7Express27Lizzy Cook0011
7Express33Elly Sullivan0000
7Express45Brenton Hard1139
7Express46Jesse Moskowitz1112
7Express50Amelia Ni0000
7Express77Joe Ouellette1213
7Express80Ryan Drost185911
7Express81Ryan Delaney0011
7Express99Kara Neaton1000
7Express?unknown 0000
Ambiguous Grey1Jordan Kwok3202
Ambiguous Grey2Karin Rafaels0000
Ambiguous Grey3Alanna Tievsky0000
Ambiguous Grey4Alice Hwang2101
Ambiguous Grey5Rachel Thaw1325
Ambiguous Grey7Peter Macarthur2211
Ambiguous Grey9Jarnail Bajwa218010
Ambiguous Grey11Jackson Schreiber1215
Ambiguous Grey12Andrew Allen2134
Ambiguous Grey13Mallory Meiser1000
Ambiguous Grey14Michael Chirlin4215
Ambiguous Grey16Bernadette Hsu0001
Ambiguous Grey17Charles Scott3131
Ambiguous Grey18Riki Cullingford0013
Ambiguous Grey22Jason Fortner0021
Ambiguous Grey23Knute Svenson0011
Ambiguous Grey24John Agan3633
Ambiguous Grey25Daniel Yi2153
Ambiguous Grey26Matt Greytak9312
Ambiguous Grey27Katharine Sullivan2241
Ambiguous Grey28Paul Winkler2110
Ambiguous Grey29Zack Thompson1204
Ambiguous Grey37Jessica Grabowski4107
Ambiguous Grey40Adam Sigelman1427
Ambiguous Grey42Ellen Mcrae0002
Ambiguous Grey80Paul Grabowski17757
Ambiguous Grey88Calvin Oung69518
Ambiguous Grey?unknown 0000
AMP0Melissa Devlin3002
AMP1Alex Peters1828
AMP2Matt Zumbrum3141
AMP3Nicholas Michael Purifico3052
AMP4Raha Mozaffari121416
AMP5Patrick Sherlock0000
AMP6Jill Furfari1020
AMP7Nick Hirannet312211
AMP8Dan Furfari3102
AMP9Andrea Desabato1002
AMP10Kelly Nye0001
AMP11Diana Cornell1133
AMP12Melanie Berlin22011
AMP13Stacy Huffstetler4112
AMP15Ben Johnson0111
AMP16Madeline Kreider Carlson2112
AMP17Justin Illuzzi0104
AMP18Matt Satell2112
AMP20Ben Pelleg2115
AMP21Kevin Mccormick3613
AMP22Michael Panna0946
AMP26Katie Erikson0615
AMP28Bill Schrecker1110
AMP40Jessie Morris0000
AMP44Andrew Baill3533
AMP55Matthew Paparone8121
AMP81Alex Grintsvayg3302
AMP?unknown 0002
Cahoots0Kennedy Wolfe1100
Cahoots1Jason Rector0012
Cahoots2Timmy Murray22117
Cahoots3Lucia Derks3427
Cahoots4Juliette Mcnamara1305
Cahoots5Chris Cosgrove0266
Cahoots6Pete Wentz1012
Cahoots7Nell Mccallum0000
Cahoots8Matt Glenn0010
Cahoots9Ryan Sitler24411
Cahoots10Ann Araps14328
Cahoots11Matt Bergin1000
Cahoots12Mark Strazzer0102
Cahoots13Bud Yackey2205
Cahoots16Ryan Bell0100
Cahoots17Cate Yackey7537
Cahoots20Jill Simmerman1003
Cahoots21Steph Soule0000
Cahoots22Harris Woody0125
Cahoots23Amy Allen0003
Cahoots25Kyle Silva7012
Cahoots31Josh Lowell2314
Cahoots42Britta Jones0020
Cahoots59Ethan Burns2001
Cahoots74Melissa Gannon3012
Cahoots77Beth Harrington0115
Cahoots88Sam Fontaine5201
Cahoots?unknown 0001
Chad Larson Experience1Kevin Seiler31144
Chad Larson Experience4Kate Lyons2103
Chad Larson Experience7John Misra0112
Chad Larson Experience8Magon Liu26212
Chad Larson Experience9Rachel Derscheid1102
Chad Larson Experience11Joe Nickels3111
Chad Larson Experience12Rachel Goldbach1000
Chad Larson Experience13Dan Kresowik1100
Chad Larson Experience16Cami Nelson7403
Chad Larson Experience19Jasmine Draper1121
Chad Larson Experience20Neal Hanke3016
Chad Larson Experience21Amy Sheldahl2010
Chad Larson Experience22Dan Brennan1511
Chad Larson Experience23Melissa Gibbs6324
Chad Larson Experience25Joe Brisbois3256
Chad Larson Experience28Jessy Erickson2112
Chad Larson Experience31Doug Jacobs3620
Chad Larson Experience32Barrett Davis0000
Chad Larson Experience45Jon Staron3701
Chad Larson Experience47Rebecca Miller6033
Chad Larson Experience49Steph Jacobs0001
Chad Larson Experience50Blake Larson10111
Chad Larson Experience54Chris Mayne0212
Chad Larson Experience70Andrew Wimer3804
Chad Larson Experience75Nick Turco1628
Chad Larson Experience77Kurt Brorsen14525
Chad Larson Experience97Sarah Pesch1405
Chad Larson Experience?unknown 0011
Cosa Nostra1Casey Hogg7723
Cosa Nostra4Stephanie Redfern2205
Cosa Nostra5Matthew Bierschenk911118
Cosa Nostra8Elizabeth Cassel1010
Cosa Nostra9Rebecca Smith0010
Cosa Nostra10David Reinhardt31028
Cosa Nostra12Charlie Stavlo5713
Cosa Nostra13John Grzywinski3903
Cosa Nostra14Alexe Klein6001
Cosa Nostra15Emily Scholten2000
Cosa Nostra16Sharon Tsao3011
Cosa Nostra17Brady Stoll1105
Cosa Nostra20Kimberly Hyde9202
Cosa Nostra21Chase Cunningham0736
Cosa Nostra22Ben Hamilton3834
Cosa Nostra23Ryan Pickens3935
Cosa Nostra24Matt Khosh2000
Cosa Nostra25Dave Street1000
Cosa Nostra26Joe Iannacone0001
Cosa Nostra27Aaron Saylor1000
Cosa Nostra29Michelle Arceneaux2001
Cosa Nostra33Erin Schran2001
Cosa Nostra34Ryan Piersall2113
Cosa Nostra40Alan Janzen1001
Cosa Nostra42Amy Kendziorski1000
Cosa Nostra60Erec Hillis7249
Cosa Nostra64Ben Garrett0000
Cosa Nostra?unknown 0000
Drag ‘n Thrust0Alicia Carr1133
Drag ‘n Thrust1Jeff Trosvig116213
Drag ‘n Thrust2Tom Bomberg2252
Drag ‘n Thrust3Pat Niles8646
Drag ‘n Thrust4Erica Baken1115
Drag ‘n Thrust6Jake Mckean1213
Drag ‘n Thrust7David Shirley1132
Drag ‘n Thrust8Claire Oakley2112
Drag ‘n Thrust9Jay Drescher8947
Drag ‘n Thrust10Martha Harris0103
Drag ‘n Thrust11Andrea Crumrine0012
Drag ‘n Thrust12Eric Olson0000
Drag ‘n Thrust13Anna Hettler3103
Drag ‘n Thrust14Austin Lien710011
Drag ‘n Thrust15Patty King3015
Drag ‘n Thrust16Brian Schoenrock5384
Drag ‘n Thrust17James Hron11434
Drag ‘n Thrust19Pete Carr0101
Drag ‘n Thrust21Dave Klink2855
Drag ‘n Thrust23Mike Petersen3426
Drag ‘n Thrust24Jess Haller1100
Drag ‘n Thrust31Josh Hemmesch4623
Drag ‘n Thrust33Jaime Glader5426
Drag ‘n Thrust39Tallis Boyd11017
Drag ‘n Thrust40Jordan Hupp18313
Drag ‘n Thrust44Sarah Meckstroth10447
Drag ‘n Thrust53Jane Lucas0010
Drag ‘n Thrust?unknown 0000
Mischief0Matt West01227
Mischief1Warren Schechter0000
Mischief2Adam Brown3000
Mischief3Chris Doyle1101
Mischief4Ethan Brown4426
Mischief5Matt Crawford5246
Mischief6Lori Eich14422
Mischief7Chuck Cao1947
Mischief8Jess Madding2000
Mischief9Preeti Nalavade1411
Mischief10Brett Petersen2012
Mischief11Deanna Bjorkquist0001
Mischief12Candice Tse1001
Mischief13Tyler Grant4048
Mischief14Kirk Willmarth1111
Mischief15Sean Ham2001
Mischief19Shirley Wu1010
Mischief20Jenny Wang8113
Mischief23Kate Pearson6003
Mischief24Adam Leventhal0214
Mischief29Eric Shaw0002
Mischief32Astrid Manning0000
Mischief36Matt Heffernan1724
Mischief77Beth Liebert6410
Mischief80Kevin Smith51607
Mischief88Linh Hoang1011
Mischief99Andrew Berry6811
Mischief?unknown 0000
Odyssée0Julie Tremblay412010
Odyssée1Gustavo Castano0101
Odyssée3Raynald Nemours5311
Odyssée4Julie Beaulac4022
Odyssée6Philippe Camiré6608
Odyssée11Yoland Cabot4454
Odyssée12Philippe Thivierge4241
Odyssée13Claudie Turcotte3241
Odyssée14Isabelle Ascah-Coallier5403
Odyssée19Pierpaul Maillé5243
Odyssée20Nicolas Brochu1102
Odyssée21Gabriel Monfette1612
Odyssée23Hugo Lefrancois5112
Odyssée26Caroline Cadotte61138
Odyssée28Janique Arsenault0000
Odyssée49Felix-Antoine Daigle88110
Odyssée50Jean-Lévy Champagne3550
Odyssée80Kevin Groulx2607
Odyssée82Anne-Marie Jubinville2001
Odyssée86Jean-Philippe Riopel4102
Odyssée88Christian Mathieu7414
Odyssée93Yan Bouchard2202
Odyssée?unknown 0001
Polar Bears1Scott Roeder0000
Polar Bears2Kevin Cocks8935
Polar Bears3Alex Nord5634
Polar Bears6Meeri Chang0010
Polar Bears8Rebekah Sexton0011
Polar Bears9Greg Marliave7942
Polar Bears10Sonny Zaccaro2524
Polar Bears11Clay Miller2636
Polar Bears12Casey Ikeda2904
Polar Bears16Aj Shankar11304
Polar Bears17Natasha Won9925
Polar Bears18Thomas Li4618
Polar Bears20Alexa Kirkland0003
Polar Bears21Dulcy Docken2010
Polar Bears22Matty Sung1112
Polar Bears25Daniel Naruo8577
Polar Bears27Morgan Paulson8315
Polar Bears29Tamiko Younge2001
Polar Bears40Simon Higgins1012213
Polar Bears50Josh Wardle0203
Polar Bears58Paige Kercher3200
Polar Bears71Palak Shah2102
Polar Bears74Ben Hubbard2112
Polar Bears76Adam Raty4235
Polar Bears82An-Chi Tsou7633
Polar Bears97Bianca Sievers0002
Polar Bears99Kevin Liantono0000
Polar Bears?unknown 0003
Slow White2Cassidy Edwards1100
Slow White3Chuck Mcbride0433
Slow White4Dave Truesdale1230
Slow White5Meriden D’Arcy0002
Slow White6Jasper Hoitsma2201
Slow White7Rosie Ano1001
Slow White8Ryan Richardson2031
Slow White9Jeff Smith2917
Slow White10Michael Miller31004
Slow White11Evan Patisteas2131
Slow White12Chris Waite2621
Slow White13Dan Patisteas7534
Slow White14Rachel Poore1001
Slow White15Kim Sabo2215
Slow White17Kirsten Lundquist3001
Slow White20India Stubbs2400
Slow White23Eddie Peters8514
Slow White24Andy Schachter1402
Slow White25Alex Trahey3413
Slow White28Vicki Chang4203
Slow White36Lindsay Neubecker2010
Slow White37Nick Poore1200
Slow White42Mary Glickman2100
Slow White55Todd Herman10240
Slow White69Adrienne Altobelli2011
Slow White71Julie Sussman6330
Slow White84Shaun Doherty3432
Slow White?unknown 1100
Steamboat1Ashley Messina 0000
Steamboat3Edward Mack 8304
Steamboat4Nicholas Wetzel 1214
Steamboat5Ryan Gorman 0000
Steamboat6Steph Mack 2115
Steamboat8Aaron Schwartz 1021
Steamboat10Jennifer Golan 1010
Steamboat11John Siemer 1007
Steamboat12Kendalyn Paulin 0011
Steamboat13Kate Mcinerney 0211
Steamboat14William Huffer 0114
Steamboat15Aaron Bacon 1203
Steamboat17Chris Clements 1011
Steamboat18Kelsey Gibboney 1002
Steamboat22Brittany Winner 18116
Steamboat28Jeff Haney 61104
Steamboat29Jason Conrad 01418
Steamboat33Aaron Armbruster 1102
Steamboat38Joe Mozloom, Jr. 2314
Steamboat40John Richey 2003
Steamboat41Michael Lyrenmann 0011
Steamboat44Jason Mickey 0114
Steamboat46Isaac Jeffries 6729
Steamboat54Lindsey Cencula 1000
Steamboat55Emily Wallace 1002
Steamboat99Kristi Schmeling 0603
Steamboat?unknown 0000
The D’oh Abides2Cassy Fok1000
The D’oh Abides3Anthony Cacallori3534
The D’oh Abides4Drew Siler7412
The D’oh Abides5Doug Kawasaki0103
The D’oh Abides6Allan Laviolette1935
The D’oh Abides7Kerry Chang3727
The D’oh Abides8Barbara Hoover16354
The D’oh Abides9Claire Horan3011
The D’oh Abides10Joshua Lang2324
The D’oh Abides11Rory Gallagher7446
The D’oh Abides12Erica Petru0110
The D’oh Abides16Dean Stevens4221
The D’oh Abides17Chrissie Seilie0001
The D’oh Abides18Ray Illian4423
The D’oh Abides19Mark Slivka2332
The D’oh Abides20Gabriel Pedersen1512
The D’oh Abides21Kim Morgan1012
The D’oh Abides22Sean Sears3021
The D’oh Abides23Hall Walker0300
The D’oh Abides26unknown 0000
The D’oh Abides29Jimmy Hooper21106
The D’oh Abides31Linc Verlander9222
The D’oh Abides36Scott Causey0406
The D’oh Abides37Jackie Williams4021
The D’oh Abides48Erin Gallagher4624
The D’oh Abides53Roberta Abbott2100
The D’oh Abides?unknown 0002
The Ghosts1Mat Packard1222
The Ghosts2Seth Crockford0914
The Ghosts5Courtney Moores3200
The Ghosts6Eric Dion0504
The Ghosts7Mike Wiseman0102
The Ghosts8Casey Terp2054
The Ghosts9Chelsey Burrows11200
The Ghosts10Ben Faust92006
The Ghosts11Mathieu Bordeleau5241
The Ghosts12Ben Kleaveland1114
The Ghosts14Mei Bruist0020
The Ghosts17Marika Austin6125
The Ghosts19Chrissy Dobson0001
The Ghosts20Kate Flood2001
The Ghosts21Jeff Graham161116
The Ghosts22Rana Kannan0216
The Ghosts24Misha Horowitz51314
The Ghosts25Amelia Murphy1011
The Ghosts29Eric Stevens3722
The Ghosts31Beth Nakamura1101
The Ghosts32Anne Lightbody3010
The Ghosts34Brian Stout16037
The Ghosts43Jon Hirschberger4120
The Ghosts51Ryan Scribner1702
The Ghosts55Tim Cobbett2811
The Ghosts62Jess Blanton2013
The Ghosts75Paul Batten4400
The Ghosts?unknown 1000
Wild Card2Hannah Baranes0101
Wild Card3Ian Engler8805
Wild Card4Dan Rosengard2110
Wild Card5Lee-Or Ankori-Karlinsky1111
Wild Card7Aly Heath4363
Wild Card8Laura Mcfeely0000
Wild Card10Lauren Mcnamara0504
Wild Card11Lloyd Olson11424
Wild Card12Denis Agniel101134
Wild Card13Matt Mackey1234
Wild Card14Eliza Chang2101
Wild Card15Sam Dinning2111
Wild Card16Vincenzo Vitiello0002
Wild Card17Thomas Sayre-Mccord318210
Wild Card18Anna Chute0000
Wild Card19Lily Steponaitis5014
Wild Card21Lee Farnsworth7845
Wild Card22Gabe Colton1313
Wild Card23Katie Meehan5007
Wild Card26Amy Broome1000
Wild Card27Peter Schmidt3010
Wild Card33Scott Gatto4112
Wild Card34Luke Diorio0000
Wild Card35Cody Mcinnis2545
Wild Card42Eva Petzinger12112
Wild Card44Kara Hammer6608
Wild Card76Dang Khoa Dang0011
Wild Card?unknown 0001

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Women's Division Statistics 

Team # Player Goals Assists Ds TOs
Bent0Brittany Kaplan 0325
Bent1Lexi Zalk 4140
Bent2Karen Chalif 3106
Bent3Judy Jarvis 37211
Bent5Katherine Cole 1112
Bent6Ashley Daly 19333
Bent7Elizabeth Middleton 2125
Bent8Marisa Wilson 2002
Bent12Rebekah Souder-Russo 62110
Bent13Rebecca Tucker 514116
Bent14Kerry Beyrer 2204
Bent15Diana Deleo 4001
Bent16Emily Cho 0212
Bent17Angel Li 0101
Bent18Kendra Frederick 3340
Bent19Megan Randall 4022
Bent21Cara Brown 0214
Bent22Anna Membrino 0706
Bent25Emma Kahle 0200
Bent27Akina Younge 0423
Bent41Katie Talay 1001
Bent47Anne Silver 1012
Bent71Cassandra Wong 0034
Bent77Minerva Muzquiz 0204
Bent88Kelly Hyland 2785
Bent?unknown 1101
Brute Squad1Kelly Tidwell7328
Brute Squad2Courtney Kiesow2112
Brute Squad3Sara Jacobi3033
Brute Squad4Betsy Calkins0002
Brute Squad5Blake Spitz0010
Brute Squad6Claudia Tajima1728
Brute Squad7Lauren Nelson3302
Brute Squad9Julie Malecek6105
Brute Squad10Amber Sinicrope49210
Brute Squad11Christie Kim1121
Brute Squad12Dory Ziperstein0100
Brute Squad13Becky Malinowski15934
Brute Squad16Shelly Peyton1502
Brute Squad18Leila Tunnell2908
Brute Squad19Hailey Alm1208
Brute Squad20Sarah Cook0001
Brute Squad22Vicky Negus1022
Brute Squad23Emily Baecher1418
Brute Squad25Shira Klane0100
Brute Squad26Elana Schwam5100
Brute Squad27Lauren Baecher0200
Brute Squad29V.Y. Chow6905
Brute Squad32Michaela Fallon0000
Brute Squad33Laura Bitterman8037
Brute Squad44Jackie Booth0002
Brute Squad77Mia Greenwald0010
Brute Squad?unknown 0000
Capitals4Sarah Kidd10227
Capitals5Sonia Komenda56413
Capitals10Kathryn Pohran3423
Capitals12Darcy Drummond616128
Capitals13Melissa Dunbar5015
Capitals15Jessie Wu1112
Capitals16Martha Paterson6245
Capitals17Alex Benedict21036
Capitals22Sarah Bobak4527
Capitals23Marie-Christine Jacques0100
Capitals24Michelle Chandler0101
Capitals25Emma Seaborn2405
Capitals27Stina Thim2000
Capitals28Jenn Le Roux0100
Capitals29Kirsten Niles1211
Capitals31Catherine Pak1010
Capitals33Laura Main1001
Capitals44Stephanie Mandal0001
Capitals55Malissa Lundgren914316
Capitals56Carla Di Filippo0103
Capitals74Megan Thomas5002
Capitals77Hadiya Roderique11153
Capitals90Jordan Meron0000
Capitals92Janelle Giehl1413
Capitals?unknown 0001
Fury3Castle Sinicrope3123
Fury4Alex Snyder21179
Fury5Kaela Jorgenson4766
Fury6Alicia Dantzker4103
Fury7Claire Sharman4175
Fury8Nancy Sun1905
Fury9Loryn Kanemaru1644
Fury10Genevieve Laroche4014
Fury11Lauren Casey25012
Fury12Kristie Bowen6515
Fury13Cree Howard5134
Fury14Liz Penny9553
Fury15Alden Fletcher4123
Fury16Michela Meister0000
Fury18Julia Sherwood1946
Fury22Arlie Tsang1101
Fury26Lisa Pitcaithley7522
Fury27Ness Fajardo2348
Fury33Anna Nazarov7477
Fury42Darragh Clancy5002
Fury44Maggie Ruden7525
Fury51Claire Desmond5332
Fury66Lakshmi Narayan4425
Fury71Manisha Daryani6919
Fury77Carolyn Finney2026
Fury?unknown 0001
Heist2Maria Mahowald3034
Heist3Biz Cook8215
Heist4Jenny Gaynor46010
Heist5Rose Glinka4200
Heist8Julie Chen0002
Heist12Rebecca Enders4235
Heist13Erin Newman0013
Heist14Robyn Wiseman220939
Heist17Kelly Wiese3482
Heist18Kayla Emrick1423
Heist19Georgia Bosscher44615
Heist20Lauren Perucco0123
Heist22Arthi Padmanabhan1210
Heist26Rachael Westgate10103
Heist31Sara Scott2314
Heist35Sarah Hoistad1204
Heist39Sydney Dobkin0006
Heist40Amelia Cuarenta2131
Heist44Corinne Mckittrick0005
Heist45Becky Ledonne8513
Heist77Laurel Schmidt0124
Heist80Emily Jenkins3102
Heist87Emily Langland1103
Heist88Maria Signore0010
Heist?unknown 0000
Molly Brown2Emily Hanson1101
Molly Brown3Maggie Chen0322
Molly Brown5Nhi Nguyen1322
Molly Brown7Paige Applegate11104
Molly Brown8Lisa Doan5322
Molly Brown10Lindsey Cross9819
Molly Brown11Dena Slattery61448
Molly Brown12Claire Henly1506
Molly Brown15Dori Franklin0102
Molly Brown16Megan Cousins0000
Molly Brown17Sophia Herscu1308
Molly Brown19Amanda Good4512
Molly Brown20Emily Stege2102
Molly Brown21Nat Plaza0001
Molly Brown22Kelley Kneib0216
Molly Brown23Lauren Boyle0343
Molly Brown24Tina Snodgrass12023
Molly Brown28Sally Lambert6277
Molly Brown29Anna Updyke4012
Molly Brown39Tina Mcdowell41423
Molly Brown42Carolyn Matthews23210
Molly Brown49Kaci Cessna4000
Molly Brown55Leah Borsheim3645
Molly Brown88Brenna Hokanson4128
Molly Brown?unknown 0001
Nemesis0Laura Moore5625
Nemesis2Lizzy Shiel3216
Nemesis3Lien Hoffmann15989
Nemesis4Sam Cain1001
Nemesis5Kami Groom12864
Nemesis6Lindsey Hack0614
Nemesis7Christine Dube9737
Nemesis8Becky Moore0000
Nemesis10Katie Dolara Olsen2125
Nemesis13Phoebe Shambaugh0110
Nemesis15Margalit Gould1102
Nemesis18Marisa Mead26117
Nemesis20Emilia Garcia1215
Nemesis21Kelly Johnson28610
Nemesis22Paula Seville71428
Nemesis23Emily Hadel2003
Nemesis24Julia Weinert0011
Nemesis26Becca Ludford8110
Nemesis32Carol Li1110
Nemesis37Servia Rindfleish1001
Nemesis43Kelly Bolt1010
Nemesis72Jacqueline Jarik0000
Nemesis77Sara Miller2514
Nemesis99Katie Dyer1111
Nemesis?unknown 0000
Nightlock1Sharon Tseng2013
Nightlock2Marisa Rafter0002
Nightlock3Michaela Lee3010
Nightlock7Lyudmila Grigorieva3007
Nightlock8Rachel Habbert2707
Nightlock11Kate Schlag4005
Nightlock12Heather Waugh5315
Nightlock13Marie Laurenza85316
Nightlock14Emmy Kolanz0100
Nightlock15Katie Barry22111
Nightlock16Jenny Founds0124
Nightlock17Abby Vanmuijen1233
Nightlock18Shannon Bubb7526
Nightlock20Briana Cahn67610
Nightlock22Ashley Black0213
Nightlock23Lauren Carden1000
Nightlock24Andrea Romano010417
Nightlock25Audrey Wei1010
Nightlock27Lil Berla3437
Nightlock31Steph Lim0104
Nightlock33Gabrielle Reedy0036
Nightlock35Lily Lin0000
Nightlock77Emily Prader0115
Nightlock88Alina Kagan1314
Nightlock99Grace Laidlaw5012
Nightlock?unknown 0001
Nova4Suzanne Wavroch3313
Nova5Alexa Lavergne3203
Nova7Alison Fischer0001
Nova9Corine Massé7026
Nova10Jessie Tomas-Grignon0010
Nova11Véronique Riopel1614
Nova12Courtney White1207
Nova14Marie Genest18319
Nova16Marie-Eve Beauchemin24110
Nova20Catherine Crête-D'Avignon0014
Nova22Audrey St-Arnaud21713
Nova28Isabelle Lemay54210
Nova31Catherine Viau0215
Nova32Marie-Eve Robert3204
Nova44Gabrielle Tremblay6222
Nova66Mélissa Barclay6325
Nova72Andréane Bourgeois0226
Nova75Marie-Pier Brousseau3126
Nova82Cathy Janvier12110
Nova?unknown 0002
Ozone2Emily Lloyd6021
Ozone3Celine Sledge0010
Ozone4Alison Stargel5132
Ozone5Meredith Leahy4114
Ozone7Lane Siedor8122
Ozone8Anna Hare71016
Ozone9Jinny Eun0203
Ozone11Kirsten Shell4002
Ozone12Annie Newton6607
Ozone14Allison Snow1420
Ozone16Maddy Frey13216
Ozone17Anna Bucher1214
Ozone18Hannah Leathers1110
Ozone24Katherine Wooten0637
Ozone25Kate Wilson5648
Ozone27Maureen Mccamley2827
Ozone28Meg Harris1000
Ozone31Sam Stovall0210
Ozone32Haley Reese1123
Ozone33Miranda Knowles11306
Ozone44Mira Walker3210
Ozone57Liz Willetts1022
Ozone71Angela Lin0204
Ozone80Alison Douglas0013
Ozone?unknown 0012
Phoenix0Sharon Tucker311010
Phoenix1Kate Morrison3234
Phoenix2Shellie Cohen78516
Phoenix5Jessi Jones013412
Phoenix7Elizabeth Longmire0115
Phoenix8Megan Tarasi1106
Phoenix10Michelle Ng2002
Phoenix11Lisa Couper8224
Phoenix12Erin Wiltgen1113
Phoenix19Rachel Johnson5103
Phoenix20Shannon Matzinger2111
Phoenix22Heather Zimmerman2346
Phoenix24Judy Winglee10347
Phoenix26Johannah Sanchez-Adams11302
Phoenix29Erin Mordecai1013
Phoenix34Frannie Goodrich3110
Phoenix37Virginia Conover1002
Phoenix42Meg Duffy1000
Phoenix44Katy Harris0000
Phoenix50Heather Ann Brauer2013
Phoenix52Claire Chastain115519
Phoenix84Diana Lam1012
Phoenix?unknown 1101
Riot1Alyssa Weatherford0000
Riot2Elle Burstein1215
Riot3Gwen Ambler3629
Riot4Rohre Titcomb0000
Riot5Kate Kingery6307
Riot6Sarah Griffith81744
Riot7Calise Cardenas15353
Riot8Rachel Bradshaw4321
Riot9Shannon Mcdowell2669
Riot10Hannah Kreilkamp0000
Riot11Shannon O’Malley32414
Riot12Callie Mah3403
Riot13Heidi-Marie Wiggins2216
Riot14Hana Kawai136916
Riot15Drew Johnson2659
Riot16Shira Stern1203
Riot17Dominique Fontenette6604
Riot19Fiona Mckibben2103
Riot20Katy Craley5386
Riot21Molly Mckeon1123
Riot23Sabrina Fong4445
Riot34Angelica Boyden51328
Riot38Kathryn Lawson4101
Riot55Nora Carr0224
Riot77Jillian Goodreau2000
Riot81Charlie Mercer2131
Riot91Sarah Davis0000
Riot?unknown 1002
Scandal1Christie Lawry2503
Scandal3Amy Wickner1132
Scandal4Sarah Itoh6346
Scandal5Allison Maddux56814
Scandal7Kimberly Beach7030
Scandal8Kristin Franke2201
Scandal9Octavia Payne614817
Scandal10Jenny Fey3624
Scandal11Kirsten Unfried8414
Scandal13Kath Ratcliff41128
Scandal14Samantha Mcclellan7302
Scandal16Leah Tsinajinnie0211
Scandal17Shino Yoshen0100
Scandal18Crystal Davis1000
Scandal19Alicia White9955
Scandal20Alika Johnston8422
Scandal23Lauren Sadler4011
Scandal24Amy Hudson3231
Scandal37Sandy Jorgensen129155
Scandal42Alisha Kramer1022
Scandal55Molly Roy4031
Scandal71Sasha Bugler0413
Scandal77Quinne Farenwald2000
Scandal89Anne Mercier61359
Scandal91Jessie O’Connor2346
Scandal?unknown 0000
Schwa0Kathryn Weatherhead2016
Schwa1Shahnnen Knox1003
Schwa2Kimber Coles3720
Schwa3Bre Austin2125
Schwa4Tiffany Henderson6127
Schwa5Sara York0132
Schwa6Chloe Mandell1112
Schwa7Beckie Zipp2504
Schwa9Emelie Mckain1527
Schwa10Malina Wiebe10675
Schwa11Emily Flanders3027
Schwa13Kelly Hansen3204
Schwa14Jenny Tibbals4227
Schwa15Sarah Read-Brown0147
Schwa16Adrienne Bovee0000
Schwa17Delia Chiu1428
Schwa19Kelsey Colpitts0308
Schwa20Alex Ode2116
Schwa24Aubri Bishop0000
Schwa26Alexa Dix0006
Schwa28Meghan Miller4245
Schwa29Lora Liegel0001
Schwa33Cate Roscoe0417
Schwa77Jen Sanderson2132
Schwa87Jenica Villamor1205
Schwa?unknown 0003
Showdown2Lisa Etchison0001
Showdown3Becca Shelton2001
Showdown5Cara Crouch52058
Showdown6Sheila Ogden3006
Showdown7Frances Tsukano5012
Showdown8Shereen Rabie76317
Showdown11Katey Forth716515
Showdown12Diana Charrier5424
Showdown13Sarah Blyth214811
Showdown14Edith Teng0003
Showdown15Marjo Poindexter2021
Showdown16Sarah Levinn12020
Showdown17Enessa Janes7053
Showdown18Hannah Murray1011
Showdown23Lilly White2012
Showdown24Holly Greunke1555
Showdown25Tina Woodings1346
Showdown27Christina Contreras10214
Showdown31Shelby Kuni4363
Showdown32Bex Forth4643
Showdown34Jess Huynh2203
Showdown71Anna Schott1300
Showdown75Austine Lin0112
Showdown77Rachel Massey3204
Showdown99Janel Venzant3209
Showdown?unknown 0003
Traffic0Terri Whitehead11052
Traffic2Danielle Fortin312316
Traffic3Michelle Ning0312
Traffic4Katie Berezan1211
Traffic5Ashlee Davison7663
Traffic6Betsy Chan1011
Traffic7Allie Short2101
Traffic9Jessica Rockliff1122
Traffic11Eva Cham0211
Traffic12Maria Chau2608
Traffic13Mira Donaldson410110
Traffic17Candice Chan8216
Traffic18Kira Frew21036
Traffic20Kat Neal1113
Traffic21Rena Kawabata3301
Traffic23Julie Daviau0122
Traffic26Beverley Porter2422
Traffic27Sanya Pleshakov4113
Traffic33Laura Mason2232
Traffic37Tasia Balding0401
Traffic42Rachel Moens7766
Traffic61Amy Hodgins0100
Traffic66Crystal Koo0002
Traffic77Jennifer Kwok10433
Traffic89Carolyn Churchland2021
Traffic90Catherine Hui15647
Traffic91Anne-Marie Carey2102
Traffic?unknown 0002

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