2013 Hall of Fame Slate of 8 Selected - Your Feedback Requested

Posted: September 17, 2013 10:16 AM

The Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce the Slate of 8 candidates selected for consideration for the 2013 Hall of Fame.

This year, five Open, two Women, and one Contributor candidate will be considered for up to five spots in the Ultimate Hall of Fame.  

The 2013 slate cohort includes players and a contributor from the early '80's through the early '90's.  When we initiate the 2014 Hall of Fame process, we will transition to the next era by focusing on candidates from the late '80's into the mid to late '90's.

The eight candidates for 2013, along with a brief bio, includes: 




  • Cindy Fisher (UPA Managing Director, Executive Board member, Women's National Director and competitor on Satori)


Congratulations to these Hall of Fame finalists.  It's a high honor to be selected for this list. From this list, up to 5 individuals will be selected for induction into the Hall of Fame by the Voting Committee.  All those in the Ultimate community who are familiar with these candidates are encouraged to provide any review and comment that they would like to have considered by the voters. This feedback, both laudatory and critical, is an important part of the committee's consideration and we encourage the candid participation of all those who have had personal experience with the candidates. All feedback will be kept strictly confidential and will be available only to the committee members as part of their deliberations. 

Please complete a Google Docs survey (responses will be anonymous unless otherwise designated).  This survey will close Monday, September 23, 2013.

Thank You,

Hall of Fame Vetting Subcommittee

  • Suzanne Fields (Chair)
  • Robert "Nob" Rauch (Contributor Coordinator)
  • David Barkan (Open Coordinator)
  • Gloria Lust-Phillips (Women's Coordinator)
  • Gwen Ambler (USA Ultimate Board Liason)
  • Henry Thorne


Chris O'Cleary

Chris was Atlanta-based Ozone's team's founder, leader and star player beginning in 1983 and continuing through the 90's.  Chris helped set the tone for the team; heart, grit, determination, spirit, love of the game, intelligence and fair play.  During her time as captain, Ozone finished pre-quarters or better 15 times at the Club Championships, including 2 finals and multiple semi-finals appearances.  In addition to fostering women's ultimate through her leadership on Ozone, Chris was highly involved with the local Atlanta Flying Disc Club, holding President, Field commissioner, and tournament director positions.  She is a co-founder of Terminus, Atlanta's most prestigious tournament.  Chris helped to create a women's league, which combined experienced and novice players to help foster ultimate in Atlanta.  In addition to playing ultimate competitively, she also won the Professional Disc Golf World Championships twice and set 2 long standing world records, in both distance and accuracy.  Chris played in and won her first "Frisbee" tournament in a neighborhood park at the age of 8,  in 1971 and she continues to play, most recently at the 2013 Master's Championship in Denver, and earning Sprit of the Game award from her peers.

Lori Van Holmes

Lori started her competitive ultimate career on Open teams in the early ‘80’s and continued her winning ways with Chicago’s Nemesis, Seattle’s Women on the Verge (WOTV), founded and captained women’s ultimate in Minnesota’ with Repo Women, played a season with Lady Godiva and two seasons in the Mixed division with Shazam. Lori has been a key team member with nine appearances at Club Championships and three WFDF/Club competitions, including winning in Vancouver with WOTV in 1997.   Lori was a driving force in the growth of ultimate in the Northwest and captained WOTV through their glory days.  A tremendous athlete, Lori was a defensive standout and prolific receiver; one of the strongest runners in the sport with equally great leadership and spirit.  In addition to her ultimate play, Lori displayed a true commitment to giving back by running tournaments, coaching high school and college, Western Regional Coordinator, mentor and inspiration to many.  

Kevin Cande

Kevin was a defensive and offensive workhorse who rose to notoriety while leading his DC-based team, Static, to multiple national appearances in the mid 80’s. He subsequently moved slightly north and became an integral part of the NY, NY dynasty from 1988 to 1992. During that time, Kevin won 3 National Championships and one world title, earning a reputation around the country as a rock-solid defensive stud and offensive shredder. He was known as a true sportsman and model ambassador of Spirit of the Game. Regardless the stakes Kevin was the rare player who was both feared as a player and completely respected by his opponents.

Joey Giampino

Joey was one of the greatest receivers ever to play the game of Ultimate. His grace, power, determination and timing were breathtaking. Joey was an unstoppable force, who at 6’1’’ out-jumped and out-dove the taller opponents he faced. He helped lead Windy City to two national championships (1983 &1986) and one world title (1984). Joey’s fiery showmanship was legendary; fellow competitors and spectators gathered on the sidelines in anticipation of spectacular display of athleticism. And he usually delivered. Joey finished his career in the early 90’s in Boston, playing for Big Ego Ultimate. Sadly, Joey passed away in 2011, leaving a rich legacy and countless memories of greatness.

Jim Ingebritsen

In 1983, Jim led the San Diego Spinoffs to the finals of his first National Championships. For the next decade he was widely acknowledged as one of the best all-around players on the West Coast and one of the most exciting players to watch around the Country. With superior athleticism, charismatic leadership, and exemplary sportsmanship, Jim sported a one-of-a-kind brand of greatness. Speed, jumping, precision throwing, he had it all, not to mention perfect hair and likeable swagger. Jim is one of the few players that has led three different teams to National’s Finals (Spinoffs, Flying Circus, Iguana). Always the go-to guy on offense and the defender to cover the best player on the other team, Jim brought high performance and excellence to every game he ever played. When the Flying Circus learned he would be joining their team in 1985 in their quest to win the national championship, a few of them looked at each other and said: That’s it – we are going to win". And they did. 

Chris Van Holmes

A tenacious defender, versatile thrower and aggressive cutter; CVH has dominated on the Ultimate field for 5 decades. Playing his first Nationals finals with Cornell in 1978, Chris recently competed in the USAU 2012 Grandmasters Championships this past summer. In his prime, CVH played for Windy City in the 80’s and Seattle Sockeye in the 90’s, winning the National Championship in 1983 and 1986 with Chicago and a world championship in 1997 with Seattle. He earned 3 more rings with the Kegworkers in the Masters division, 2 at Club championships and one at Worlds. CVH was a go-to handler who loved to cover the opponent’s toughest athletes. CVH’s longevity, titles, and multiple contributions as a youth coach, rules developer, observer, and organizer uniquely distinguish him.

Finlay Waugh

A 6'5" sprinter with hops and fire in his eyes, Finlay was known around the country in the early eighties for his stifling, physical, relentless defense. He prided himself on being able to shut down the best teams’ toughest players, yet a block was never enough. His signature move was to catch what would be diving blocks for other players, but Fin wanted to add emphasis. His team, The Rude Boys, named it "the craw;" it usually led to roars of sideline approval and a quick goal. Beginning his career at Stanford University, where he founded the team in 1978, Finlay played briefly after graduation in 1979 for the San Jose Clingons and Jam. He then joined the Berkeley Flying Circus in 1981 and made a name for himself on the West Coast as a defensive star and prolific goal scorer. Moving to Boston in mid-1982, Finlay joined the Rude Boys and instantly became a leader of conditioning and team psyche. Nicknamed the "Franchise," he played a major role in the Rude Boys winning the National Championship in 1982 and the first World Ultimate Championships in 1983.

Cindy Fisher

Cindy played a crucial role during a key growth period for the UPA in the 1990s through 2002.  As the first full-time UPA staff person, she served as Managing Director and board Executive Committee member from late-1991 to mid-1996 and established the first UPA Headquarters in Colorado Springs in mid-1992. Cindy often singlehandedly ran the UPA in the mid-1990s since there was often no active Executive Director (equivalent of present day Board President) during her tenure.  Besides taking care of the membership and working with (and as a part of) the board of directors, she also oversaw numerous club and college championships series, ran all the internal UPA programs, streamlined and documented many of these programs and processes, and, as editor, vastly improved the UPA Newsletter.  Toward the end of her tenure as Managing Director, Cindy trained the incoming Executive Director and drafted the Restructuring Plan that would be accepted by the board in 1996 to better define the governance structure. She later served as National Women’s Director from mid-July 1998 to the end of 2002, creating the Women’s Ultimate Teaching Kit and a Women’s Ultimate web site in 1999 which was turned over to the UPA in 2002.  Cindy’s playing career extended over 20 years, with her peak years with Satori in Washington, DC, where the team was a semifinalist at US Nationals from 1989-1991 and at the World Ultimate Club Championships in 1991 and 1993.  Cindy is married and currently works as a software developer in Austin, TX. 

The Ultimate Hall of Fame voting will take place the last week of September and the Inductees will be announced in early October.  Inductees will be honored during the Alumni Reunion/Hall of Fame Ceremony weekend on October 18-20 in Frisco, TX.