2013 D-III College Championships - Schedule and Seeding

Posted: May 13, 2013 02:52 PM
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Announcing the schedule and seeding for the 2013 D-III College Championships, May 18-19 in Milwaukee, WI.  We'd like to thank the Milwaukee Ultimate Club for being the local organizing committee on the ground working hard to make this event a success.

The overall #1 seeds this year are Puget Sound in the Open Division and Valparaiso in the Women's Division.  The 2012 champions for both the Open division (Carleton College-GOP) and Women's division (Claremont) come in seeded 6th this year.

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Open Division
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Women's Division
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Seed School Reg Pool
1 Puget Sound NW A1
2 Harding SC B1
3 Stevens Tech ME C1
4 Wake Forest AC D1
5 Claremont SW D2
6 Carleton College-GOP NC C2
7 Amherst NE B2
8 Bentley NE A2
9 John Brown SC D3
10 Middlebury NE C3
11 Brandeis NE B3
12 Lehigh OV A3
13 Rice SC A4
14 North Park GL B4
15 Georgia College SE C4
16 Wesleyan ME D4
Seed School Reg Pool
1 Valparaiso GL A1
2 Bowdoin NE B1
3 Carleton College-Eclipse NC C1
4 Williams NE D1
5 Georgia College SE D2
6 Claremont SW C2
7 Oberlin OV B2
8 Truman State SC A2
9 Elon AC D3
10 Bentley NE C3
11 St Benedict NC B3
12 Mary Washington AC A3
13 Philadelphia OV A4
14 SUNY-Oneonta ME B4
15 Swarthmore OV C4
16 Grinnell NC D4

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