2012 D-III College Championships: Team Info

Posted: May 17, 2012 07:05 PM

2012 D-III College Championships: Team Info


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Learn more about the teams participating at the 2012 D-III College Championships in Appleton, WI.  These bios are sorted by division and initial seeding.


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Open Division


  • St Johns      College2011 NC Icon     St Johns (1)

    • St Johns
      Collegeville, MN
      Team Name: Bad Ass Monks
      2012CollegeLogo StJohns O
      Started in 1994, the name changed from BAM to Friar Huck in 2002, then to simply St. John's Ultimate in 2004 and back again to BAM in 2005.
      The team qualified for D-III Nationals from 2006-2009 finishing 8th, T-3rd, turning down the bid in 2008 and another 8th place finish in 2009.
      Most recently, BAM finished second at D-III's in 2011.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0RyanMordSo6’1”19Computer ScienceSt. Paul, MN
      2NickArchboldJr5’10”21AccountingArden Hills, MN
      4MatthewArchboldSr5’11”22MathArden Hills, MN
      5MarkHeinenSo5’9”20AccountingSt. Paul, MN
      7PaulDeWenterSr6’0”22BiologySt. Cloud, MN
      8MatthewKortzJr6’2”21Social ScienceWoodbury, MN
      9KodyWilliamsJr6’0”21BiologySt. Paul, MN
      10ChuckDudekSo5’11”19ChemistryOmaha, NE
      14LukeWaldSo5’10”19BiologyShoreview, MN
      15MaxRotertFr5’10”18ArtSt. Louis Park, MN
      16TylerTorborgFr6’1”19ArtGolden Valley, MN
      17TylerAndersonSo5’11”20BiologyLakeville, MN
      19MichaelRubleSo5’8”20ManagementGolden Valley, MN
      21PatrickKunkelSo6’0”20EconomicsMendota Heights, MN
      22BenBrummerJr5’11”21AccountingWoodbury, MN
      23DavidStemperSo6’2”20Leisure StudiesSt. Cloud, MN
      26AndySchuppFr5’9”19MusicDetroit Lakes, MN
      27JoeWokenFr5’10”19BiologySt. Cloud, MN
      31DanCahillSo5’9”20EnglishGolden Valley, MN
      33NihalBhaktaSo6’3”19PsychologyMinneapolis, MN
      42LarsBensonFr6’1”19PsychologyDultuth, MN
      44AlexSellSr5’11”22Psychology/PhilosophyEagan, MN
      47BenBerthiaumeSo5’7”20Environmental StudiesSt. Paul, MN
      52MattBerthiaumeFr5’6”19UndecidedSt. Paul, MN
      55SamRathsSo5’10”20HistoryMinneapolis, MN
      73CharlieEndersSo6’0”20EnglishMendota Heights, MN
      88AndrewKiminskiSr5’11”22Environmental StudiesFarmington, MN
      90DanAnfinsonSo5’9”19EconomicsSt. Paul, MN
  • Kenyon      College2011 OV Icon     Kenyon (2)

    • Kenyon
      Gambier, OH
      Team Name:  SERF
      Coach: Matthew Meisenhelder
      2012CollegeLogo Kenyon O
      Kenyon Men’s ultimate was founded in 1976. In recent years the team has returned to national prominence, qualifying for its first ever Regionals event in 2007. SERF returns to the DIII scene after finishing 6th at the Ohio Valley DI Regionals last year. In 2010, SERF finished 3rd at DIII nationals and looks to improve on that performance in 2012.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2DannyRosenbergJr6’2”20Psychology and Spanish Area StudiesWellesly, MA
      3AdrianGalvinSr5’6”22SynopticSouth Salem, NY
      4DanielDruffelSo6’020ChemistryCincinnati, OH
      5SamRossSo5’1019Political ScienceBrooklyn, NY
      9RehanBhattiSo6’220HistoryChapel Hill, NC
      10CoreyBarber-BockelmanSo6’520PsychologySomerville, MA
      11AdrianGalbraith-PaulSr5’10”21Political Science and Environmental StudiesPhilladelphia, PA
      17BrendanO’ConnorSr6’0”23EnglishRed Bank, NJ
      18MitchSchwarzJr5’10”20Political ScienceScarsdale, NY
      19SamKaplanSo5’919Milton, MA
      22JordanRhyneJr6’1”21SociologyColumbus, OH
      25IanKenisonSo6’119Political Science and Legal StudiesConcord, NH
      29RobHeavnerFr5’1118UndecidedSimsbury, CT
      33DanKippSo6’020Women’s & Gender StudiesNew Bedford, MA
      37WalkerHudobenkoSo5’919Biology and Political ScienceBrooklyn, NY
      77KennyPolyakSr5’7”22Russian and FrenchSan Francisco, CA
      88HarryHansonJr5’10”20DramaToronto, Canada
  • Bentley      College2011 NE Icon     Bentley (3)

    • Bentley
      Waltham, MA
      Team Name:  Icehouse
      Coaches: Ben Davis, Henry Brecher
      2012CollegeLogo Bentley O
      Bentley Ultimate Society (BUS) formed as a club on campus in the spring of 2003. BUS first participated in the College Series in 2004. The team, nicknamed Icehouse, is a tight-knit group on and off the field. We have won the past two D-3 New England Regional tournaments on universe point. BUS has qualified for the past three Division III National championships, finishing 5th in 2010 and 11th in 2011. Our goal since the end of last season was to get back to D-3 Nationals and become a championship contender. We have been known to give lots of airplanes. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      5 Peter Login Sr 5’7" 22 Corporate Finance and Accounting Longmeadow, MA
      6 Dan Bourdeau Sr 6’1" 22 Economics Longmeadow, MA
      7 Maxwell Rick Jr 6’0" 21 Accounting Rochester, NY
      9 Lucas Ruffel Jr 5’11" 21 Finance Wilton, CT
      11 Mark Bokuniewicz Sr 5’10" 22 Corporate Finance and Accounting North Reading, MA
      12 Stephen Perkins Jr 6’0" 21 Corporate Finance and Accounting Topsfield, MA
      14 Noah Comen So 5’7" 19 Finance Middlesex, VT
      15 Seth Jackson Sr 6’3" 22 Math Granby, CT
      16 Matt Keegan Fr 5’11" 19 Management Stormville, NY
      19 Alec Parzych So 6’1" 19 Accounting North Syracuse, NY
      20 Scott Seifert So 5’6" 20 Accounting Downington, PA
      22 Scott Roy So 6’2" 20 Finance Shrewsbury, MA
      23 Kevin Sparacino Jr 5’6" 21 Accounting Ridgefield, CT
      25 Mark Adamiak So 6’2" 20 Marketing Middletown, CT
      27 Justin Ondrof So 6’2" 20 Corporate Finance and Accounting Pompton Plains, NJ
      31 Jacob van Berkum So 6’3" 21 Finance Deerfield, NH
      34 Matt Burton Sr 5’10" 21 Accounting Pownal, ME
      36 Dan Touger Sr 6’1" 22 Corporate Finance and Accounting Cheshire, CT
      47 Sly Lamaruggine Fr 6’2" 19 Accounting Somers, NY
      77 Alex Foo So 5’6" 20 Economics and Finance Plainsboro, NJ
      82 Chris Saroka Sr 5’10" 21 Corporate Finance and Accounting Northford, CT
  • Bowdoin      College2011 NE Icon     Bowdoin (4)

    • Bowdoin
      Brunswick, ME
      Team Name:  Stoned Clown
      2012CollegeLogo Bowdoin O
      The Stoned Clown is the Ultimate Frisbee team at Bowdoin College.  The team is entirely self-governed, with Captains serving as coaches, teammates, mentors, and life coaches.  Rookie members are named in the Fall, and from that point on divorce themselves entirely from their old identity.  Most members are unaware of the old, useless, birth-certificate names of their fellow teammates.  Members of the Clown can often be seen either throwing discs at various buildings on campus, or putting their faces in discs for anywhere from 29 seconds to 45 minutes.  Though the Clown is a relatively new organization on campus, they have developed a strong tradition of principles that members carry with them their entire lives.  The Clown teaches you that Fire is more important than Water, you are nothing if you don’t Hammer, shaving your legs doesn’t always secure victory (but it certainly helps), and the most important thing in this life is finishing. Finishing and Winning.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Michael Ben-Zvi Jr 6’2" 21 Mathematics Santa Monica, CA
      5 Daniel Peckham Sr 6’0" 21 Environmental Studies/Economics New Haven, CT
      9 Jake Shorty Sr 5’10" 22 Biology Gorham, ME
      10 Dylan Kane Sr 6’0" 22 Mathematics Devon, PA
      11 Craig Hardt Sr 6’2" 21 History Harpswell, ME
      12 Samuel Shapiro So 6’1" 20 Gender & Women’s Studies New York, NY
      13 William Page Jr 6’1" 21 Physics Princeton, NJ
      14 Nick Riker Sr 6’0" 21 Visual Arts Piedmont, CA
      17 Adam Louis Mortimer Sr 5’9" 22 Neuroscience Briarcliff Manor, NY
      18 Salem Harry So 5’10" 20 Chemistry SPI, TX
      20 William Alexander Sr 6’4" 22 Religion Chester, NJ
      22 Evan Hoyt Fr 6’2" 18 Russian Andover, MA
      23 Eduardo van Rhede van der Kloot Sr 5’11" 22 Computer Science Old Greenwich, CT
      29 Tim Farley Sr 5’11" 22 Economics Montclair, NJ
      31 Sam Fichtner So 5’10" 20 English & Film New York, NY
      33 Nick Benfey Fr 5’10" 19 Philosophy Amherst, MA
      34 Curtis Morrill Sr 5’7" 22 Economics Concord, MA
      37 Denis Maguire Fr 6’2" 18 Mathematics Duxbury, MA
      ? Zachary Morrison So 6’1" 20 American Government Sarasota, FL
  • Claremont      College2011 SW Icon     Claremont (5)

    • Claremont
      Claremont, CA
      Team Name: Braineaters
      2012CollegeLogo Claremont O
      Located in sunny Southern California, just east of LA, the Claremont Brains represent not one, but four different schools united by the Claremont consortium: Harvey Mudd College, Pomona College, Pitzer College, and Claremont McKenna College.
      The Braineaters have a proud and noble history, steeped in lore and tradition.  Created in 1979, the team is currently celebrating its glorious 30th anniversary.  In the team’s early days, it represented only Pitzer College, the alma mater of the Braineater’s founding father Jeff Landesman.  Legend has it, the 1979 team was one day away from their first tournament and needed a name to call themselves.  A teammate heard about a low-budget B movie on TV that night called "The Braineaters," and they decided it would suffice.  Ironically, the whole team had other plans for the night and missed the movie.  To this day, no member of the Braineaters has ever seen the movie.  
      The Brains swiftly developed a reputation at tournaments for being a fun, if not particularly talented team.  The most famous Braineater tradition was the ritual offering of the pre-game "Mystery Box."  If the opponents accepted, the Braineaters would receive all of the pre-game decisions.  If the opposing team declined the box, they would receive the pregame decisions.  Not surprisingly, nearly all teams accepted the contents of the mystery box, which has been known to include everything from a functional wetsuit to a naked team captain. 
      We’ve come a long way from our fun-filled beginnings. Last year, for the first time, the Brains competed in Division-III, and won the championship. We’re back again this year to defend the title in a significantly improved decisions. Game on. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Jeremy Brecher-Haimson So 6’0" 19 Undecided Highland Park, NJ
      1 Alex Cloud Fr 5' 9" 18 Mathematics Pleasanton, CA
      3 Ben Huppe So 5'8" 20 Engineering Seattle, WA
      5 Chris Brown Fr 5'11" 18 Computer Science Federal Way, WA
      7 Zack Purdy Jr 5’10" 20 Computer Science Bernardsville, NJ
      9 Michael Weil So 5’10" 20 History San Diego, CA
      10 Joel Fagliano So 5' 8'' 19 Cognitive Science Philadelphia, PA
      12 Daniel Geller Jr 5’6" 21 Economics Atlanta GA
      14 Patrick Pelegri-O'Day Fr 5'11 19 PPA-EA Menlo Park, CA
      15 Devin Drewry Jr 5'10" 21 Mathematics Durham, NC
      16 Tommy Li Sr 5'11" 22 Mathematics Longmeadow, MA
      17 Taylor Brent So 5'8" 19 Physics Bethesda, MD
      23 Sam Trachtman Sr 5'8" 22 Economics Boston, MA
      24 Ian Brown So 6'4" 20 Mathematics Federal Way, WA
      29 Nathan Hall Fr 5'11" 18 Math-Computer Science Reisterstown, MD
      34 Alex Gruver Fr 6'4" 19 Undecided Boston, MA
      35 Dylan Horowitz So 6’0" 19 Public Policy Analysis New York, New York
      37 Kevin Black Sr 5'11" 21 Computer Science and Math Denver, CO
      63 Jon Witte Sr 6'4" 22 Chemistry Austin, TX
      80 Sam Asin Sr 5'11" 22 PPE & Math Bethesda, MD
  • Puget Sound      College2011 NW Icon     Puget Sound (6)

    • Puget Sound
      Tacoma, WA
      Team Name: Postmen
      Coach: Adam Lerman
      2012CollegeLogo PugetSound O
      Our team started from humble beginnings in the year 2004 when a little boy with a dream wanted him and his friends to start a local micro financing bank in their beloved town of Tacoma, Washington.  They soon realized this would be way to much work and quickly opted to just throw around a small piece of plastic instead.  After what the Postmen refer to as the dark ages (when Bruce Hart and Eli Ritchie led the team) the Postmen finally earned their chance to travel to the Mecca of the West, Appleton, Wisconsin; where the team tied for third place. The Postmen have worked hard for this opportunity to return to Appleton to once again tour the Hearthstone House of lovely downtown Appleton.  

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1JonasColeJr5’9’’22Science, Technology, and SocietyThetford, VT
      4DanielMozellSo5’10’’20BiochemistrySalem, OR
      7ElliottCohenJr6’0’’21Biology & BusinessPortland, OR
      9TaylorSmithFr6’2’’18UndecidedAshland, OR
      10C.B.WolfFr6’2’’19BiochemistryNapa, CA
      11NitaiDeitelSr6’3’’21International RelationsDenver, CO
      14PeterGeertz-LarsonJr5’8’’21MathematicsBloomington, MN
      18Ryan BaatzSr5’11’’22International Political EconomyArlington, MA
      20LukeJespersonSr6’2’’22Comparative PoliticsBismark, ND
      22AlanHenzyFr5’9’’20International Political EconomyEast Hampton, CT
      23EricHopfenbeckSo6’3’’20EconomicsLakewood, CO
      25BrahmHeymanSr5’7’’22International Political EconomySan Francisco, CA
      29PeterCellierSr6’2’’22SociologyHilo, HI
      31SpencerSheridanJr5’9’’20International Political EconomyCardiff, CA
      32TravisShetterFr6’2’’18International Political EconomyBoulder, CO
      33HenryFunkSr5’9’’22BusinessOrono, MN
      34GarrettStanfordSo6’0’’20Russian AnthropologyPortland, OR
      40KyLewisSr5’5’’21EconomicsSan Diego, CA
      43Andrew MarkSr6’0’’21BiologySalt Lake City, UT
      44Sam BerkelhammerJr6’3’’20GeologyLouisville, CO
      47WalkerBohannanSo6’1’’20Computer Science & French literary studiesCarefree, AZ
      99JackDerhamFr5’8’’18International Political EconomySan Anselmo, CA
  • Carleton College-GOP      College2011 NC Icon     Carleton College-GOP (7)

    • Carleton College-GOP
      City, ST
      Team Name: 
      2012CollegeLogo CarletonGOP O
      GoP began in 1995 when some Carleton frisbee players became disillusioned with CUT’s win-at-all-costs mentality. They formed a splinter team, dubbed the Gods of Plastic, and the rest is history. We are now in our 18th season and have enjoyed incredible successes, including placing 5th at North Central Regionals in 2010 and winning the 2009 Division III National Championship and the 2010 UPA Division III National Championship.
      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Sam Feigenbaum So 6’1" 21 International Relations Cambridge, MA
      2 Mike Alexander Sr 5’10" 22 Math Arlington, VA
      3 Reed Jordan Sr 5’8" 22 Political Science Roseville, MN
      6 Scott Graber Jr 5’10" 20 Linguistics Tenafly, NJ
      7 Rhys Lindmark Jr 6’0" 20 Computer Science Denver, CO
      8 Daniel Barter So 5’11" 20 Computer Science/Math Newton, MA
      9 Brandon Taitt So 6’0" 20 Chemistry New Hope, MN
      10 Mike Chappell So 5’11" 20 Economics Olympia, WA
      11 Alex Walker Sr 5’11" 22 Geology Edmonds, WA
      12 Kyle Markwalter Jr 5’10" 21 Cinema and Media Studies Vienna, VA
      13 Rob Yeagle Fr 6’0" 19   Fresno, CA
      14 Drew Holmen So 5’11" 20 Biology Grand Marais, MN
      15 Peter Rogers Jr 6’3" 21 Cinema and Media Studies Lincoln, MA
      20 Charlie Cross So 6’0" 20 Religion San Antonio, TX
      21 Ian Fischer Fr 6’1" 19   Cedar Rapids, IA
      22 Niko Duffy Jr 6’0" 21 History Chevy Chase, MD
      24 Devon Manber Fr 6’1" 18   Seattle, WA
      25 Matt Godfrey Fr 5’5" 19   St Paul, MN
      26 Michael Groeneman Sr 5’10" 22 Computer Science Bethesda, MD
      27 Cory Fauver Sr 5’10" 22 Math Chatham, NJ
      28 Jon Isaac Sr 5’9" 22 English Libertyville, IL
      37 Will Gagne-Maynard Jr 5’11" 21 Chemistry Longmeadow, MA
      42 Max Willard Fr 5’9" 19   Iowa City, IA
      67 Anders Berglund Fr 5’11" 19   Minneapolis, MN
      77 Alex Waltz Jr 5’10" 21 Environmental Studies Waban, MA
      90 Sam Rosenberg Jr 5’11" 20 Biology Chapel Hill, NC
  • Rice      College2011 SC Icon     Rice (8)

    • Rice
      Houston, TX
      Team Name: Cloud 9
      2012CollegeLogo Rice O
      Begun in 1992, Cloud 9 Ultimate Frisbee has had a storied tradition of winning, winning and... you guessed it... winning.  It has been only until recently, however, that we have stopped only winning at life, and have begun to also win on the ultimate frisbee field.  Over the past four years our team has taken a turn for the better behind the previous leadership of captains Steven Loh, Sev Travis and Travis Martin, to the point where it is today as we take a shot at winning DIII Nationals.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      4WallyLangJunior6’0”20Earth ScienceNYC, NY
      9BenLynchSophmore6’2”19Political Science
      10AmodDesaiSophmore6’2”19Mathematical Economic AnalysisSugarland, TX
      11MichaelDrewryFreshman5’9”18Mechanical EngineeringDurham, North Carolina
      13StephenHaffSenior6’2”22BiochemistryMadison, CT
      20SamDubinskiJunior5’7”21Chemical EngineeringGreenwood Village, CO
      26NickTieeSenior5’9”22BiochemistryLos Alamos, New Mexico
      27SeanMurphyGraduate Student5’10”23GeoscienceStoughton, MA
      38FrasierLiljestrandJunior6’1”20Earth ScienceAustin, TX
      45RayVermSenior5’10”22History and ChemistryHouston, TX
      48EvanRossJunior5’8”20Chemical EngineeringSan Francisco, CA
      49KevinShenJunior5’9”20KinesiologyHouston, TX
      69AlexHilserSophmore5’9“19KinesiologyNYC, NY
      ?MattLiuSophmore5’7”19StatisticsAustin TX
  • St Olaf      College2011 NC Icon     St Olaf (9)

    • St Olaf
      Northfield, MN
      Team Name: Berzerkers
      2012CollegeLogo StOlaf O
      This is the Zerks first trip to D-III Nationals.  Founded back before anyone can remember, the Zerks have always been a presence in the highly competitive North Central Region, often placing in the top ten in D-I Regionals.  Coming from the North Central has given them lots of experience playing against the best teams in the country.  Every year they host the Exit 69 Fall Classic in Northfield, MN which often draws over 30 Open teams and 12+ Women’s teams. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2RichardCoffinSr5’6”21ChemistryDuluth, MN
      3MarkEmmonsSo6’1”20Env. StudiesNorthfield, MN
      4MattMetcalfJr6’1”21BiologyKansas City, KS
      9Tommy CullenJr6’2”21PsychologyPittsburgh, PA
      10EvanDoucettSr6’2”21MathematicsAndover, MA
      11BenLiskaFr6’1”19UndeclaredSt. Paul, MN
      12WestonBirnbaumSo5’9”21MathematicsPlymouth, MN
      13DougBinderSo6’2”19Computer ScienceShelter Island, NY
      14AndrewLittleJr6’2”21PhysicsChaska, MN
      15VinhBuiSo5’3”20UndeclaredSan Antonio, TX
      16Tyler NielsenJr6’2”21PsychologyEden Prairie, MN
      17DonnyHarderSo6’1”20EconomicsChicago, IL
      18JeffreyHudsonSo5’9”20BiologyDenver, CO
      19ColeStieglerSr6’0”22PhysicsPlymouth, MN
      21EricLarsenSr5’7”22PsychologySioux Falls, SD
      22BenMarolfFr6’0”19Env. StudiesSt. Cloud, MN
      23KurtSchroeterSo6’5’19Studio ArtChicago, IL
      25Eric EmmonsSr6’2”22BiologyNorthfield, MN
      27DavidAndersonFr6’0”19PhysicsOak Park, IL
      28CharlieWhitmoreJr5’9”21PhysicsVadnais Heights, MN
      34LukeRileyJr6’1”21Political ScienceLa Crosse, WI
      48JohnKnappSo6’3”20TheaterSt. Paul, MN
      91ClayHorsfallJr6’0”21MathematicsChanhassen, MN
  • North Park      College2011 GL Icon     North Park (10)

    • North Park
      Chicago, IL
      Team Name: Lost Boys
      2012CollegeLogo NorthPark O
      Ultimate at North Park is different, mainly because we are a faith-based institution and try to implement our faith in our game and the way we play.  The team was started in 2001 by a group of friends who decided to call the team Extend, with the main purpose being the extension of Jesus Christ’s love to the Ultimate community, hence the name.  Over the years, as the team has gotten better, it is more difficult to keep this the main purpose, but we try our best to show other teams and players what it means to be a follower.  Another word to describe our team is "brotherhood."  We consider our teams a family, and we all have each other’s backs and try our best to make everyone feel welcome.  Many players that join have no intention of playing because they love the game of Frisbee, but playing because they love the community that the team offers. However, we are constantly working towards improving our game and our ability to challenge higher level teams. This has begun to show, especially last season when we went to D-III College Championships and tied for 5th.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0CooperLaneFr.6'3”19AccountingOlympia, WA
      4EricEkGr.6'2”28Masters of DivinityGalesburg, IL
      5ChristianGiesekeSr.6'0”22NursingGuatemala City, Guatemala
      6BrentGustafsonFr.6'2”19BiologyGreen Bay, WI
      11TimothyKrumlandFr.5'8”19HistoryOlympia, WA
      12SeanBurkeGr.6'0”25Business ManagementGolgotha, IL
      13TomWilliamsFr.6'0”19EducationMinneapolis, MN
      15TylerNelsonSr.6'4”21BiologyWinnetka, IL
      19DanRaymondFr.6'6”19Music EducationStillman Valley, IL
      22W. ConnaughtDonnellyGr.5'11”24Masters of TeachingInverness, IL
      33CarlGiesekeSr.6'0”22NursingGuatemala City, Guatemala
      44GrantBlankenshipSr.5'10”22English/ EducationMonrovia, CA
      45ReeseSaminSo.5'10”19Exercise ScienceLake in the Hills, IL
      49JoelStenbergFr.6'0”20Computer ScienceStockholm, Sweden
      56NathanHutchins-PetersonFr.5'10”19Business ManagmentMaple Grove, MN
      58JoeGaylordFr.5'3”19Yourth MinistrySt. Paul, MN
      62J. PeterFredricksonSr.5’11”22PhilosophyWauwatosa, WI
      76AndrewFredricksonSo.5'11”20Environmental ScienceWauwatosa, WI
      80TannerMayoSo.6'2”20Environmental ScienceIron River, MI
  • Wake Forest      College2011 AC Icon     Wake Forest (11)

    • Wake Forest
      Winston-Salem, NC
      Team Name: Well Oiled Machine, Baby! (WOMB)
      2012CollegeLogo WakeForest O
      Wake Forest's Men’s Ultimate team (WOMB) was founded in 1999. WOMB had qualified for D-I Regionals numerous times through the 2007 college season.  WOMB leadership has always been strong and its alumni have left to play for a number of competitive club teams that include Truck Stop, Space City, D'Oh, TAU, L.A. Metro, and others.  In 2011, WOMB elected to compete in the D-III College Championship Series, finishing tied for 9th at the USAU D-III College Championships in Buffalo, NY.
      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1LukeFallonFr5’8’’20PsychologyFort Wayne, IN
      2JohnAguilarSr6’0’’22TheatreAtlanta, GA
      3AleksaTrifunovicFr5’11’’19FinanceWinston-Salem, NC
      4CoreyCasarellaJr5’11’’21Economics & MathematicsSeekonk, MA
      6PatrickMcKendrySo5’10’’20Bus & Enterprise MgmtMechanicsburg, PA
      7StephenTurnerJr5’6’’21FinanceNashville, TN
      10TaylorPeretzFr5’10’’19FinancePound Ridge, NY
      11WalkerMacKenzieJr6’1’’21HistoryRidgefield, CT
      12TonyBleyerFr5’7’’19EconomicsWinston-Salem, NC
      13JaySehgalSo5’10’’19PsychologyPittsburgh, PA
      14MattPierceFr6’1’’19Bus & Enterprise MgmtBlairstown, NJ
      15DavidCrespiSo5’10’’19Mathematics & Comp SciWinston-Salem, NC
      16BrettKaiserSr5’10’’22Philosophy & Political ScienceSugar Land, TX
      17SeanGannonSo6’0’’20MathematicsAtlanta, GA
      20LeeBegelmanFr5’11’’18Economics & EnglishVoorhees, NJ
      21DavidBanerjeaJr6’1’’21Political Science & EconomicsSudbury, MA
      22RyanKoski-VacircaSo5’11’’19BiologyMiddletown, DE
      23JohnZmudaFr5’11’’19EconomicsGreat Falls, VA
      24GreysonMcConnellJr6’5’’21Health and Exercise ScienceBernardsville, NJ
      26TimKreutzfeldtSo6’1’’20Physics & PsychologyGlenview, IL
      33JesseHynesGr5’10’’23LawCranford, NJ
      35JakeKleinSo5’10’’20Finance & AccountingRedmond, WA
      37AaronLazarusSo6’0’’20BiologyMoorestown, NJ
      38BenAdamsFr6’1’’18FinanceMidlothian, VA
      59ZachAndersonFr6’4’’19AccountingBurlington, NC
      66PeterEllisSo5’10’’20AnthropologyPittsburgh, PA
      82CoryRyanJr5’8’’20ReligionLong Island, NY
  • Georgia College & State      College2011 SE Icon     Georgia College (12)

    • Georgia College
      Milledgeville, GA
      Team Name: Disconnected
      2012CollegeLogo GeorgiaCollegeState O
      The Georgia College Men’s Ultimate Club, also known as Disconnected, was founded in 2003 by student Bennett Williams and faculty advisor Doug Oetter. The team’s name was inspired by the feeling of connection and community created among the members of the team due to the love for the game. 
      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2TaylorMinchSr.5'1124Enviro Science
      5JosephHansonJr.6'221Bus. MGMT
      7DavidAndersonSo.6'120Mid. Grade Edu.
      12TaylorLambSr.5'1122Mass Comm
      13JohnMangetSr.5'1122Mass Comm
      16NolanKlinkeSo.5'1020Exercise Science
      20AlexDamerowJr.5'820Bus. MGMT
      21ChristopherHannahSr.6'223Bus. MKTG
      22TreverAlexanderFr.5'919Enviro Science
      23ConnorChesserSo.6'121Bus. MGMT
      27PatrickDavidsonJr.5'1020Bus. MGMT
      42SeanMorrisSr.6'022Bus. MGMT
      47GunnarMendiolaSo.5'820Exercise Science
  • Reed      College2011 NW Icon     Reed (13)

    • Reed
      Portland, OR
      Team Name: Berserk
      Coach: Shane Rubenfeld 
      2012CollegeLogo Reed O
      Know, oh prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Willamette and the gleaming cities, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Simeon, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. Hither came Conan, the Berserker, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandaled feet. Through many hardships, Conan’s teachings have guided his people—the Berserk—to the ultimate championships, our fourth showing in the last six years. Conan taught the Berserk why we play Ultimate: to crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentations of their women.
      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0AlecJacksonJr6’3”21PhysicsJackson, WY
      4AndrewLynchSr.6’0”22PsychologySeattle, WA
      12WillEichelbergerJr.6’3”21PhysicsKuna, ID
      13KaiNalipinskiFr.6’1”19PhysicsBoston, MA
      14DevonKesseliFr.5’10”19PhysicsMilton, MA
      15XanderHarrisFr.6’7”19Political ScienceSilverton, OR
      17GraysonCurtisJr.6’5”21HistoryNevada City, CA
      19DanielDashevskySo.5’8”19BiologyFairbanks, AK
      21MichaelBadrSr.5’7”22BiologyNashville, TN
      22SamMaySo.5’7”19HistorySpringfield, MO
      23JuliusMonelloJr.5’10”21PhysicsLake Oswego, OR
      29PeterBeachFr.6’0”19SociologyAtlanta, GA
      34LucasHowardJr.5’7”21PhysicsBrooklyn, NY
      48AriFischerJr.5’11”21PhilosophyRiverside, CA
      54AlexEvelethJr.5’7”21Political ScienceSan Diego, CA
      69JoelHawkinsFr.5’9”19MusicBoise, ID
      85MiguelConnerFr.6’1”19PhysicsHouston, TX
      88FrancisDieterleSr.5’8”23HistoryMadison, WI
  • RPI      College2011 ME Icon     Rensselaer Polytech (14)

    • Rensselaer Polytech
      Troy, NY
      Team Name: Trudge
      2012CollegeLogo RPI O
      RPI was one of the first college to field a team back in the mid 70s. They attended the first intercollegiate tournament touted as the College Championship and were a surprise finalist, ultimately losing to Rutgers.  RPI has gone through a few different names but for the past decade RPI has gone by the name TRUDGE (Ten Really Ugly Dudes Getting Even).  TRUDGE has been a consistent competitor in the D-III division with 2012 being their 5th appearance in the past 6 years at the D-III National Championships.  
      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0JohnHosmerSr6’2’’22PhysicsWinchester, MA
      2TimLangrSr5’10’’22Cognitive ScienceColorado Springs, CO
      4JonSoucyFr5’8’’19Chemical EngineeringLewiston, ME
      5AndrewJanucikJr6’0’’21Electrical EngineeringClifton Park, NY
      7MickeyHylandSr5’11’’22Mechanical EngineeringFox Point, WI
      8DanDonovanSr6’1’’21Mechanical EngineeringStratham, NH
      10RyosukeTashiroSo5’6’’19Nuclear EngineeringPort Jervis, NY
      11StefanDickerSr6’2’’21Mechanical EngineeringNew York, NY
      15ArunFrickerSo5’11’’19Biomedical EngineeringNew Rochelle, NY
      17CharlesMehrotraFr5’11’19Electrical EngineeringFort Collins, CO
      18ChrisBlumSr5’10’’21BiologyLindenhurst, NY
      22ChristopherPersichilliGr5’10’’23PhysicsCarmel, NY
      23SeanMurphySo5’7’’19Chemical EngineeringCanton, CT
      24MattLustbaderSo6’1’’19Mechanical EngineeringNewburgh, NY
      28MattWilliamsonSr5’9’’21Computer & Systems EngineeringGuilderland, NY
      33JohnGroverJr5’8’’20Electronic Media & ArtsParsippany, NJ
      34NolanRyanSo5’9’’20Biomedical EngineeringBarnstable, MA
      35RussellKatzSo5’11’’20Chemical EngineeringStoughton, MA
      36RohitChandraSr5’10’’21Chemical EngineeringMechanicsburg, PA
      47MaxDyerSr5’10’’22Industrial EngineeringEssex, MA
      52AndrewSklarFr5’9’’18Aeronautical EngineeringNew York, NY
      80JayWalkerSr5’10’’21BiologyNew York, NY
  • Stevens Tech      College2011 ME Icon     Stevens Tech (15)

    • Stevens Tech
      Hoboken, NJ
      Team Name: Stevens Tech
      2012CollegeLogo StevensTech O
      In 2009, the Stevens Ultimate team was a shell of what it could be; with very few practices and a tiny roster, there was a distinct lack of organization to the team. To say the least, it barely existed.  Just before Sectionals 2010, the old captains handed the team over to the new bunch, who completely rejuvenated the ailing team. The new captains, Freshmen Andrew Misthos and Chris Fairfield and Sophomores Zack Zaorski and Mason Compton, employed a completely revamped system, with regularly scheduled, intense practices, and a focus on recruiting athletic players and building a deep roster. The team grew from 15 members during Spring 2010 to more than 40 for this season.
      Another focus of the team has been to set reasonable performance goals for every season to measure growth. During the 2010 College series, Stevens was excited simply to attend Sectionals. During the 2011 College Series, the goal was simply to qualify for Regionals, a goal that the team met and then exceeded with a third place finish. For this season, the goal was no less than to qualify for Division III Nationals, which the team has now fulfilled.
      For a team that was on the brink of non-existence just two years ago, Stevens has come a long way to qualify for Nationals. This just goes to show that strong leadership and dedication to the sport will lead to great results.
      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0Seung-KookBurnsSr.5’8”21 Mechanical Engineering Moonachie, NJ
      3Zack ZaorskiSr.6’3” 21Business and Technology Mountain View, CA
      4Toshi SuzukiSo.5’8” 21Mechanical Engineering Clifton, NJ
      5Andrew MisthosJr.6’2” 20Mechanical Engineering Bernardsville, NJ
      8Austin ChungSo.5’9” 19Quantitative Finance Princeton, NJ
      11MasonComptonSr.6’2” 22 Mechanical Engineering Langhorne, PA
      12Dale DombrowskiSr.5’10” 21Computer Engineering Columbus, NJ
      13David JohnstonJr.5’7” 21 Quantitative Finance and Math Chester, NJ
      14Charlie CannonFr.6’1” 19 EngineeringCherry Hill, NJ
      15Mohd Syafiq Addi Saiful Rizai VoonSo. 5’7”21 Mechanical EngineeringMiri, Sarawak, Malaysia
      16ChristopherFairfield Jr. 5’10”21 Civil Engineering Randolph, NJ
      18Muhammad Khalifi Abdull Rahman Jr. 5’9”21Mechanical Engineering Malaysia
      22JonathanLeeSo.6’0” 20Mechanical Engineering Portland, OR
      27DanielRichardsSr.6’2” 22Mechanical Engineering Stamford, CT
      28JinmyonCoyneSr.6’3” 21Quantitative Finance Dumont, NJ
      29Zachary SmithFr.6’1” 19Computer Science Hewitt, NJ
      42MatthewLindenSo.6’0” 19Mechanical Engineering Staten Island, NY
      69EdHofmannSr.5’8” 22Mechanical Engineering West Milford, NJ
      82Marques BrownleeFr.6’2” 18Business and Technology Maplewood, NJ
      93NickRaguseoFr.5’4” 19Quantitative Finance Middletown, NJ
      99Vasili PantazisFr.5’11”18Civil Engineering Queens, NY
  • Lewis & Clark      College2011 NW Icon     Lewis & Clark (16)

    • Lewis & Clark
      Portland, OR
      Team Name: Bacchus
      Coach: Aaron Di Silvestro
      2012CollegeLogo LewisClark O
      In 1999 the team was called Chicken Skin and was not very competitive, no one wore cleats.  After the freshmen challenged the seniors to a winner takes all game the team was renamed Bacchus and became more serious.  At this time there weren’t enough people to have an all guys team so Bacchus in the early years was coed. After four years the team had enough people to be only men and has continued to get better each year.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2HarrisonChaseSo5’11”19EconomicsChester, Vermont
      4KyleBarton So5’9”20MathematicsSan Jose, CA
      10SamFraner So 5’10”19 History and PhilosophyCincinnati,Ohio
      12SamCooper So 5/1020 Political Science Portland, Oregon
      13KotaroMaki Fr 5’4’’20 International Affairs Tokyo,Japan
      14TiemoLandes So5’10”20PhysicsNorman, OK
      17TannerHebert Fr6’1”18Political Science Ashland, OR
      20EthanBruno So 6’320 History Washington, D.C
      21AndrewSternFr 5’9”19Language/International Affairs Tokyo,Japan
      25RyanKaszynski Sr. 5’1125 Sociology/ Anthropology Atlanta, GA
      34NaoOhdera Sr.5’ 11”22 BiologyTokyo, Japan
      40WillShaw Fr.5’ 11”19Biology Nashville, TN
      42BenLohre Sr 6’22Computer Science and Mathematics Golden, CO
      68MartyShanahan So 5’8’’20 Psychology Farmington, CT
      82MilesHume Fr6’2’’18Art History Shaftsbury, VT
      88IanMass Sr6’2’’21International AffairsMill Valley, CA
      99 Kelly Van Arsdale Sr 6’5”22Economics Seattle, WA



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Women's Division


  • Claremont      College2011 SW Icon     Claremont (1)

    • Claremont
      Claremont, CA
      Team Name: Greenshirts
      2012CollegeLogo Claremont W
      Approximately 68 million years ago, a lonely pachycephalosaurus was roaming around, reflecting upon what she wouldn’t do just to have a few friends (she liked the idea of having 6 friends, a solid crew of 7). The more she considered her loneliness, the more upset she became, until she couldn’t help but ram her head against a big, fat rock. When she stepped back, a bit dizzy, she discovered she had knocked a slab of the rock clean off: an indented, round slab. She picked it up and flung it with all her lonely might! Meanwhile, a velociraptor nearby saw this spinning rock fly through the air and couldn’t help but chase it down and catch it. She promptly threw the rock back to the pachycephalosaurus. It became a game of catch as both dinos squealed with glee. One by one, dinosaurs and pteorsaurs came from far and near, following the sounds of excitement and happiness that was a result of a few friends tossing this odd shaped rock.  After a while, this motley crew decided to take their awesomeness to the next level and become a team. They called themselves the Greenshirts, as dinosaur vocabulary is quite limited, and colors and items of clothing are some of the first English words they had learned.  The Greenshirts soon became a feared name in the Cretaceous Ultimate Frisbee league, and the once lonely pachycephalosaurus had found happiness with her new friends and a Frisbee.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Nicole Yu So 5’1" 20   Washington DC
      3 Alison Marks So 5’6" 20   Poulsbo, WA
      5 Jennifer Schmidt So 5’6" 20   Seattle, WA
      8 Julia Raney Jr 5’6" 21 PPE Mill Valley, CA
      9 Clara Amarosi So 5’7" 20   Seattle, WA
      11 Alicia Hendrix Sr 5’7" 22 Art/Biology Seattle, WA
      12 Eliza Longnecker So 5’5" 20 PPA Chapel Hill, NC
      13 Kate Speck Jr 5’1" 21 IR Seattle, WA
      15 Laurel Estes Fr 5’4" 19   San Francisco, CA
      16 Catherine Raney Jr 5’6" 21   Mill Valley, CA
      17 Elizabeth Duda Jr 5’1" 22 Biology Pelham, MD
      21 Rose Comaduran Sr 5’7" 23 Art Eugene, OR
      22 Marlene Haggblade So 5’4" 20 Biology Poolesville, MD
      23 Jenya Kahn-Lang Sr 5’2" 21 EA Boston, MA
      25 Paloma Garcia Sr 5’10" 22 Molecular Biology Northfield, MN
      26 Claire Tietelbaum So 5’7" 20 Biology Washington DC
      27 Erin Childs Sr 5’7" 22 EA/Math Mountain View, CA
      31 Erica Baken Sr 5’7" 21 Biology Golden Valley, MN
      38 McKenzie Floyd Sr 5’5" 22 Chem Eugene, OR
      71 Tasha Arvanitis Fr 5’6" 18   Hinsdale, IL
      93 Tessa Bertozzi Fr 5’7" 18   Seattle, WA
  • Bowdoin      College2011 NE Icon     Bowdoin (2)

    • Bowdoin
      Brunswick, ME
      Team Name: Chaos Theory
      2012CollegeLogo Bowdoin W
      Chaos Theory is Bowdoin’s only women’s ultimate Frisbee team, started in the early 2000s once the open team already existed. Traditionally, Chaos Theory has been a very fun group of girls to be a part of, and, more recently, has turned into a highly competitive team. We have kept our identity as a cheerful, spirited, and close-knit team that has a lot of fun and wears a lot of flare during regular competition.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Sadie Nott Sr 5’8" 22 Visual Arts Bronxville, NY
      2 Julie Bender Jr 5’5" 20 Neuroscience Hamburg, NY
      4 Elizabeth (Liz) Leon Sr 5’9" 22 Government & Legal Studies/ Environmental Studies Atlanta, GA
      5 Sivana Barron Fr 5’4" 19 Undeclared Weston, MA
      9 Zoe Karp So 5’5" 19 Neuroscience and Mathematics Old Greenwich, CT
      10 Mikala Cooper So 5’7" 20 Visual Arts New York, NY
      11 Phoebe Aron Jr 5’5" 20 Chemistry/Environmental Studies Takoma Park, MD
      12 Katherine Stewart Sr 5’4" 22 Art History Atlanta, GA
      13 Hannah Young Jr 5’2" 21 Government & Legal Studies Cumberland, ME
      16 Rachel Herter Sr 5’5" 22 Psychology and Gender and Womens Studies Amherst, MA
      21 Laura Till Sr 5’8" 22 Latin American Studies Jericho, VT
      23 Erica Swan Jr 5’7" 21 Sociology Rydal, PA
      24 Elizabeth Carew Fr 5’2" 19 Undeclared Falmouth, ME
      31 Leah Wang Sr 5’6" 21 Economics/Environmental Studies Newton, MA
      36 Tess Chardiet Jr 5’4" 20 English/Theatre New Haven, CT
      37 Christina Pindar Sr 5’8" 21 Biochemistry and Latin American Studies Mountainside, NJ
  • Valparaiso      College2011 GL Icon     Valparaiso (3)

    • Valparaiso
      Valparaiso, IN
      Team Name: Chicks Hucking Discs
      2012CollegeLogo Valpariaso W
      The Valparaiso University Ultimate team has been around for a while, but the women's team became a separate entity from the men's in 2007. The first two years of this team's existence were rough with recruiting numbers as well as finding committed players to grow and lead the team. In 2010 the team took third at the first-ever DIII nationals. The year after, the team was concerned about having a "rebuilding year" with more freshmen than returning players, but again had an impressive performance at DIII nationals and again took third despite all the young talent. This year, after a very satisfying season so far, we look forward to the tough competition at another DIII championship.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Katelyn Niemeyer Sophomore 5’ 9" 19 Civil Engineering  
      6 Stephanie Volz Junior 5’ 6" 21 Math and Political Science  
      7 Erin Watkins Freshman 5’ 3" 19 Nursing  
      10 Claire Simonpietri Junior 5’ 6" 21 Nursing and International Service  
      11 Dannie Dolan Senior 5’ 8" 22 Exercise Science  
      12 Kate Guidera Junior 5’ 7" 20 English and Classic Civilizations  
      13 Miranda Sprenger-Mahal Freshman 5’ 6" 19 Nursing  
      14 Kelly Perfect Sophomore 5’ 9" 20 Psychology  
      17 Ned King Sophomore 5’ 3" 19 Sociology and Criminology  
      18 Erika Wagner Junior 5’ 7" 20 Communications and Humanities  
      20 Mandi Lazzaro Senior 5’ 1" 22 Electrical Engineering  
      22 Ariel Jamison Senior 5’ 7" 22 Creative Writing and Spanish  
      27 Teryn Gehred Sophomore 5’ 4" 19 Biology and Environmental Science  
      32 Abby Matter Sophomore 5’ 9" 20 Social Work  
      38 Ellen Guisfredi Sophomore 5’ 8" 20 Civil Engineering  
      87 Rachel Okerstrom Junior 5’ 10" 20 Social Work  
  • PLU      College2011 NW Icon     Pacific Lutheran (4)

    • Pacific Lutheran
      Tacoma, Wa
      Team Name: Reign
      Coaches: Katie Silveria, Marissa Lyons
      2012CollegeLogo PLU W
      PLU Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, also known as Reign, started about twelve years ago with a few women who could throw a disc and wanted to compete. Since then, the team has become a competitive and nationally recognized team. We are a club sport and we take any woman who wants to play. Most of the women on our team started playing Ultimate for the first time at PLU. Some players had never thrown a Frisbee before joining the team, and for others, this is their first sport. We combine our dedication, teamwork, and a lot of spirit as we continue to grow and become more competitive each year. Two years ago we won the D-III National title in Appleton, WI and this year it is our goal to reclaim that title. Above all, our team strives for a fun season, full of costumes, giggles, and good competition.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Flannery Spinhirne Sr 5’2" 21 English Lake Oswego, OR
      2 Cassady Coulter So 5’4" 19 Communications Seattle, WA
      4 Anna McCracken So 5’9" 20 Global Studies/Poli Sci Spanaway, WA
      5 Kristin Hayes Fr 5’5" 18 Psychology Edmonds, WA
      6 Jessica Wilson Sr 5’4" 22 Biology Seabeck, WA
      7 Teresa Brna Sr 5’3" 21 German Bend, OR
      8 Jihan Grettenberger Sr 5’9" 22 Environmental Studies Olympia, WA
      9 Darrien Dorr So 5’4" 20 Pre-Physical Therapy Port Orchard, WA
      14 Nicoe Bayard Sr 5’10" 22 Nursing Bloomington, MN
      15 Ashley Marcy Fr 5’8" 19 Nursing Portland, OR
      16 Breanna Nelson Sr 5’7" 21 Psych/Anthro Pasco, WA
      18 Maggie Mickelson Jr 5’6" 21 Sociology Butte, MT
      21 Melanie Venhaus Jr 5’6" 21 English Chugiak, AK
      22 Kiersten Dahms Jr 5’4" 21 Nursing Palmer, AK
      23 Susan Keyl So 5’6" 19 Jazz Studies Tucson, AZ
      27 Chelsea Paulsen Jr 4’11" 21 Communications Tumwater, WA
      31 Aliie Jo Koester Jr 5’2" 21 Geo/Enviro Puyallup, WA
      47 Elizabeth Herzfledt-Kamprath Sr 5’8" 22 English Klamath Falls, OR
  • Carleton College-Eclipse      College2011 NC Icon     Carleton College-Eclipse (5)

    • Carleton College-Eclipse
      Northfield, MN
      Team Name: Eclipse
      Coach: Ryan Oto
      2012CollegeLogo CarletonEclipse W
      Eclipse formed roughly nine years ago as a team devoted to having fun and learning frisbee. Within the past few years, however, the team has grown from just a group of girls who like to dance, have fun, and play Frisbee, to a group of girls who like to dance, have fun, play Frisbee and WIN! Breaking out of their B-team label, Eclipse started to make cuts just three years ago, and in 2011 went to DIII nationals for the first time, only to come away victorious with a national champion title. While this success was both amazing and novel for the girls, the team has not lost sight of its founding priorities: growth and spirit. Eclipse continues to be an environment where girls can develop their skills, play competitively, and enjoy Frisbee. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Mia Borden Jr 5’8’’ 21 Chemistry Sudbury, MA
      2 Kristine Nachbor Sr 5’4’’ 22 Biology Plymouth, MN
      3 Molly Burness Fr 5’3’’ 18 Undeclared Chevy Chase, MD
      4 Laura Hockenbury Sr 5’7’’ 21 Geology Lafayette, CO
      5 Colette Meller Sr 5’8’’ 22 History Golden Valley, MN
      6 Casey Markenson Sr 5’3’’ 21 English Longmeadow, MA
      7 Kalli Perano So 5’2’’ 20 International Relations Atlanta, GA
      8 Lilly Pearson Jr 5’6’’ 21 Geology Madison, WI
      9 Mary Van Dyke Jr 5’7’’ 20 Biology Washington, DC
      10 Niki Tomita Sr 5’8’’ 20 International Relations Redwood City, CA
      11 Julia Reich Fr 5’6’’ 19 Undeclared Mahtomedi, MN
      12 Elizabeth Kimberly So 5’8’’ 19 Geology Mahtomedi, MN
      15 Katie Claiborne Jr 5’4’’ 20 Economics Louisville, KY
      17 Lucinda Robinson So 5’4’’ 20 Mathematics Durham, NC
      18 Katharine Noakes So 5’10’’ 20 English San Francisco, CA
      19 Rebecca Plotnick So 5’5’’ 20 Psychology Wynnewood, PA
      20 Jill Merkle Sr 5’9’’ 22 History Hopkins, MN
      21 Katie Blise Fr 5’8’’ 19 Undeclared Appleton, WI
      22 Claire Leichter So 5’2’’ 20 Environmental Studies Wayland, MA
      23 Marina Watowhich Fr 5’0’’ 19 Undeclared Houston, TX
      27 Becky Riss Sr 5’3’’ 22 Physics and Studio Art White Plains, NY
      34 Zoe Suche Jr 5’8’’ 20 Philosophy Calgary, AB, CAN
      36 Lydia English Jr 5’1’’ 21 Biology Providence, RI
  • Stonehill      College2011 NE Icon     Stonehill (6)

    • Stonehill
      Easton, MA
      Team Name: Turtledoves
      Coach: Craig Bunce 
      2012CollegeLogo Stonehill W
      The Stonehill Turtledoves is four years old. In its first year there were ten players on the team, two of whom had played ultimate before. Our team’s growth has paralleled the development of D-III Nationals, we were one of four teams to compete at D-III Nationals in 2009. When we returned to Nationals in 2010, it was a more competitive tournament and now that there are sixteen teams competing this year at Nationals, we are excited for the opportunity to compete with some of the best D-III teams across the Nation. Similar to the nature of the D-III College Championship Series’ progress, we have also grown in strength and numbers as well; with our team count totaling twenty players. Last year we gained a talented and athletic group who were new to the sport. This year everyone returned, and worked on their individual skill set, which increased the overall performance of our team. Hard work, dedication, and outstanding spirit contributed to our success throughout the season and our current USA Ultimate Ranking. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Kate Twombly Sr 5’5" 22 Sociology Groton, MA
      2 Abby Barnicle Fr 5’5" 19 Undeclared Newington, CT
      3 Maggie Carmona Sr 5’5" 22 Psychology Lubbock, TX
      5 Jane Dudley Sr 5’6" 21 Psychology Weston, CT
      7 Maddie McGohey Sr 5’5" 22 Biochemistry Ridgewood, NJ
      8 Kristen Kennedy So 5’4" 20 Elementary Education and American Studies Hanover, MA
      9 Linds Bouzan Jr 5’3" 21 International Studies and Political Science Hanson, MA
      10 Rachel Dauer So 5’8" 20 Education and Psychology Plymouth, NH
      11 Emily Nicotera Sr 5’3" 21 Chemistry Monroe, CT
      12 Grace Walkowicz Sr 5’10" 21 Psychology Amherst, MA
      13 Sara Burnheimer Jr 5’6" 20 International Business and Communication Gorham, ME
      14 Jane Farrell So 5’9" 20 Psychology and Spanish Portland, ME
      17 Lauren Melaugh Jr 5’8" 20 Art History and International Studies Medfield, MA
      19 Kelsey Hoffman Jr 5’2" 21 Biology Greenville, RI
      24 Tate Molaghan So 5’6" 20 Environmental Studies and Business Management Mont Vernon, NH
      33 Kristen Turpin Jr 5’2" 20 Health Science Winchester, MA
      67 Megan Granahan Jr 5’4" 21 Biology Oxford, MA
      69 Meghan McDonough Fr 5’5" 18 Biochemistry Brunswick, ME
      80 Kayla Delle Chiaie So 5’3" 20 Chemistry Thornton, NH
      99 Melissa DiBerardino So 5’4" 20 Art Administration and English Wantage, NJ
  • Elon      College2011	AC Icon     Elon (7)

    • Elon
      Elon, NC
      Team Name: Free to Lay
      Coach: Emily Kamischke
      2012CollegeLogo Elon W
      In 2009, Elon’s Free to Lay earned a spot at D1 Regionals playing well, breaking seed and ending their season graduating over half the team. Since then, Free to Lay, has rebuilt from the ground up. The past three years have taught Free to Lay the importance of commitment, diligent practice and a cohesive team dynamic. They have worked hard to develop a style of play that increasingly develops their strengths and improves their weaknesses. This team has enjoyed continuously learning about the game and consistently improving every season. Since 2011, Free to Lay is proud to be the host of their annual USA Ultimate sanctioned Spring tournament, the Nutty Huck. We look forward to encouraging competitive sanctioned play and hosting this tournament every year. With the helpful addition of an alumni coach, they feel this season has helped them get close to realizing their full potential. Though once again, they will be graduating a majority of their current leadership after the Spring 2012 season, Free to Lay is excited and confident in their team’s ability to showcase their skills at 2012 DIII Nationals.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Anne Lukens Sr 5’3" 22 Strategic Communications Alexandria, VA
      6 Helen Peplowski Fr 5’4" 19 Environmental Studies Winston-Salem, NC
      8 Caroline Walker Sr 5’4" 22 Art-Photography Greenville, SC
      9 Alex Cerussi Jr 5’7" 20 Political Science Northport, NY
      11 Sarah Gerald Sr 5’4" 22 Environmental Science Pelham, NY
      12 Jenna Ambrosi Jr 5’5" 21 Psychology Middletown, NJ
      13 Maureen Dougherty So 5’10" 19 Sociology Fairfield, CT
      14 Libby Gormley Fr 5’2" 19 Undecided Dartmouth, MA
      16 Julie Rodriguez Fr 5’4" 19 Business- Marketing and Management Tinton Fall, NJ
      18 Kelsey Aikens Jr 5’9" 21 Exercise Science Devon, PA
      19 Rachel Johnson Gr 5’7" 22 Interactive Media Fort Collins, CO
      23 Morgan Cannino Sr 5’6" 22 Human Service Studies Winson-Salem, NC
      24 Heather Olin Jr 5’8" 21 Strategic Communicaions and Media Arts and Entertainment Woodstock, NY
      25 Hannah Matthews So 5’3" 20 Undecided Wayland, MA
      26 Millie Rosen Jr 5’5" 20 Education Chapel Hill, NC
      33 Lauren Krizay Sr 6’0" 22 Strategic Communications and Sociology Centreville, VA
      35 Rachel Shippee Fr 5’5" 19 English-Creative Writing North Kingstown, RI
      67 Emily Wappes Sr 5’9" 22 English Education Philadelphia, PA
      88 Jill Padfield Jr 5’4" 20 Math Education Marvin, NC
  • Haverford      College2011 OV Icon     Haverford (8)

    • Haverford
      Haverford, PA
      Team Name: Sneetches
      2012CollegeLogo Haverford W
      The Sneetches are a fun-loving group of talented women.  Since the team was founded in 1994, the Sneetches have always embodied passion and love for Ultimate.  Sneetches pride themselves in their ability to play high-spirited and competitive games, while never losing sight of the joy of Ultimate.  The Sneetches have a unique tradition of passing down "flair" from senior Sneetches to younger Sneetches as a way of building legacies and celebrating future Sneetch greats (flair includes clothing, accessories, decorative lamps, and even stuffed sneetches that Sneetches from the past have gifted to the team).  The Sneetch Ultimate program has blossomed over the last year, allowing the Sneetches to field 2 squads for the first time this Spring.  The diverse individuals that make up this year’s team have inspired personal growth on and off the field, and they have developed incredible flow and team cohesion.  The Sneetches play fast-paced Ultimate and are extremely proud of their suffocating defense.  After winning Ohio Valley Regionals two years in a row, they look forward to being a competitive contender at this year’s National Championships.  

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Fern Beetle-Moorcroft So 5’6’’ 20 Geology Albany, NY
      3 Wynne Lewis Sr 5’8" 22 History West Chester, PA
      4 Maya Barlev Sr 5’1" 22 Astrophysics Silver Spring, MD
      5 Sara Taggart Jr 5’8" 20 Psychology New Haven, VT
      7 Meg Bishop Sr 5’2" 22 Psychology New York, NY
      8 Siena Mann So 5’1" 20 Anthropology Boulder, CO
      9 Jacquelyn LaBua Jr 5’4" 20 Political Science/Russian Baltimore, MD
      10 Kelsey Bilek Jr 5’9" 21 Anthropology Mount Horeb, WI
      11 Ilja Hermans Sr 5’6" 22 Anthropology Breda, Netherlands
      12 Iris Lippert So 5’10" 19 Spanish Seattle, WA
      13 Amy Greulich Jr 5’8" 21 Religion Northbrook, IL
      15 Emma Sawin Jr 5’7" 19 Math Fairfield, CT
      21 Julie Singer Sr 5’8" 22 Philosophy New York, NY
      23 Elinor Hickey Sr 5’10" 22 Anthropology Baltimore, MD
      24 Aly Lieberman Sr 5’7" 22 Philosophy Providence, RI
      29 Madeline Smith-Gibbs Jr 5’6" 21 Political Science Chapel Hill, NC
      30 Maisy Hughes Jr 5’5" 20 Sociology New York, NY
      49 Christine Long Sr 5’9" 22 French Lancaster, PA
  • Mary Washington      College2011 AC Icon     Mary Washington (9)

    • Mary Washington
      Fredericksburg, VA
      Team Name: Mary Massacre
      2012CollegeLogo MaryWashington W
      Mary Massacre is proud to be attending D3 Nationals for the second year in a row. After a taste of Nationals last year, we were determined to work hard, have fun and get back there this year. We are proud of our season and excited to be joining some of the best D3 teams in the country on the big stage in Appleton this year. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      3 Alex Carpenter Jr 5’4" 20 Chemistry  
      5 Krystal Hawkins Sr 5’4" 22 Geography  
      7 Kyle Lefler Sr 6’0" 21 English  
      10 Erica Bressler Fr 5’6" 20 Neuroscience  
      11 Chelsea Lewis Sr 5’8" 21 Computer Information Systems/Business  
      12 Mary Beth Moody Jr 5’8" 20 History/Education  
      13 Marjorie Blanton Jr 5’4" 21 Psychology  
      15 Emily Goldhammer Jr 5’6" 21 Business/Spanish  
      16 Christine Nolan Jr 5’5" 21 Studio Art/French  
      19 Kelsey Witt Jr 5’6" 21 Studio Art/Creative Writing  
      22 Devon Davis Jr 5’5" 20 International Affairs  
      32 Gina Ayers Sr 5’4" 20 Biology  
      42 Laura Pape So 5’7" 20 Biology  
  • Lehigh      College2011 SC Icon     Truman State (10)

    • Truman State
      Kirksville, MO
      Team Name: TSUnami Women’s Ultimate
      Truman State Women’s Ultimate was founded in 2004. Prior to an actual women’s team, a number of notable females played on JujiTSU. Christina Wirkus and Maya Suffern are credited with having founded the actual women’s team in the fall of 2004. In 2007, TSUnami went to D-I Nationals and this year is our second trip to D-III Nationals. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Lynn Koch So 5’9" 20 Art History Des Moines, IA
      2 Brooke Giddens So 5’5.5" 20 Communications Rolla, MO
      4 Emily Firsching So 5’4" 20 Communication Disorders Edwardsville, IL
      6 Betsey York Sr 5’8" 22 Biology Geneva, IL
      7 Carissa Rethemeyer Sr 5’8" 22 Health Science Hermann, MO
      8 Lauren Kells Fr 5’6" 19 Exercise Science Germantown Hills, IL
      11 Priya Maillacheruvu So 5’3" 19 Biology Peoria, IL
      13 Brittany Thompson So 5’5" 19 Nursing Lakeville, MN
      14 Stephanie Sherman Fr 5’5" 19 English/Special Education Washington, MO
      16 Ashley Maricic Sr 5’6" 22 Business Administration-Management St. Louis, MO
      17 Sarah Warner Sr 5’10" 21 Justice Systems Wildwood, MO
      19 Lisa Dworak Sr 5’8" 21 Health Science Omaha, NE
      23 Maddy Niehaus Fr 5’6" 19 Nursing St. Louis, MO
      24 Jessica Derry Fr 5’6" 19 Mathematics Des Moines, IA
      25 Kerry Linhares So 5’9.5" 20 Biology St. Louis, MO
      26 Jennifer (Jen) May So 5’7" 20 Psychology/Music St. Louis, MO
      28 Julianna (Juli) Dworak Fr 5’5.5" 19 Spanish/English Omaha, NE
      33 Erica Sumner Jr 5’7" 21 Exercise Science Washington, MO
      44 Rebecca (Becca) Rockamann Fr 5’5" 20 Exercise Science St. Louis, MO
      74 Stephanie Elsea Fr 5’2" 19 Business Brashear, MO
      79 Callie Federer Fr 5’7" 19 Computer Science Chesterfield, MO
  • Lehigh      College2011 NW Icon     Willamette (11)

    • Willamette
      Salem, OR
      Team Name: Hysteria
      Our team was formally established last spring, making this our first full season.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      3 Samia Munayirji Sr 5’5" 22 History Eagle, ID
      4 Susa Lynne Sr 5’ 21 History Eagle Creek, OR
      10 Eve Wiggins Fr 5’4" 18 Neuroscience Bainbridge Island, WA
      12 Kara Faciszewski Sr 5’4" 20 Env. Science Marshfield, WI
      18 Christin Licata Sr 5’4" 22 Biology Beaverton, OR
      23 Lauren Henken Jr 5’10" 21 Env. Science Boise, ID
      25 Emily Brown Sr 5’6" 22 Env. Science Walla Walla, WA
      30 Emily Brixey Fr 5’3" 19 Economics Eugene, OR
      36 Josie Passantino So 5’4" 20 Rhetoric Salem, OR
      48 Catie Plourde Sr 5’9" 21 Int’l Studies Edmonds, WA
  • Princeton      College2011 ME Icon     Princeton (12)

    • Princeton
      Princeton, NJ
      Team Name: Clockwork
      Coach: Andrew Bergman
      2012CollegeLogo Princeton W
      Clockwork Orange’s extended history has unfortunately vanished into the same area of cyberspace that hosts our former website. Recent years have hopefully been a continuation of greatness rather than a decline from glory, but we couldn’t say for sure. When we write the history books, we will say that we always had sweet deep looks and sick breaks and that our D was so intimidating we made a team forfeit to us, two games in advances (#truestory). Our team philosophy includes being as swift as a panda master, as dangerous as a dictator, and as hashtaggy as the average tweet by a giggly teenage girl. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      6 Jen Kim So 5’2 21 Civil and Environmental Engineering Havertown, PA
      9 Sherry Li Fr 5’5 18 Undecided East Brunswick, NJ
      13 Kaitlyn Yin Fr 5’4 19 Undecided Belle Mead, NJ
      16 Rachel Chen Jr 5’1 21 Economics Warren, NJ
      17 Hannah Sosebee Fr 5’5 20 Mathematics Oakland, CA
      18 Laura Bock Sr 5’8 22 Molecular biology Medfield, MA
      21 Ming Lu Sr 5’11 21 Operations Research and Financial Engineering Fanwood, NJ
      22 Evaline Cheng So 5’4 20 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Sunnyvale, CA
      23 Julia Yue Jr 5’4 20 Molecular Biology Waterford, CT
      24 Hannah Vasquez Jr 5’9 21 Comparative Literature Brewster, NY
      25 Madison Bush So 5’7 19 History Richmond, VA
      26 Min Yi Fr 5’3 18 Molecular Biology Bellevue, WA
      28 Lucy Lee So 5’6 19 Comparative Literature Brisbane, Australia
      44 Sarah Plummer Sr 5’5 21 Chemical Engineering Voorhees, NJ
      81 Sara Nason Sr 5’4 22 Geosciences Syracuse, NJ
      87 Angela Liu Fr 5’4 19 Electrical Engineering Sacramento, CA
      99 Kelly Weeks Sr 5’6 21 Computer Science Chapel Hill, NC
  • Grinnell      College2011 NC Icon     Grinnell (13)

    • Grinnell
      Grinnell, IA
      Team Name: Sticky Tongue Frogs
      2012CollegeLogo Grinnell W
      For a small town in the middle of Iowa, Grinnell has a high thrift-store-to-resident ratio. Sometime in the early 2000s, a young college student came across an old jersey in one of the four thrift stores in downtown Grinnell. The jersey bore the logo of a frog and the words "Sticky Tongue Frogs Grinnell Ultimate." This was fortuitous, as the young woman happened to have been thinking about re-forming the women’s ultimate team at Grinnell, which had disintegrated in the years before. She bought the old jersey and the mascot was reborn.  The Sticky Tongue Frogs once again took to playing ultimate all across the Midwest, and have been going strong ever since.  With their three-peat appearance at D-III Nationals on the line, the team trained harder than ever through the long Iowa winter and ventured out as far as Georgia to test their mettle against other teams.  After graduating a large, talented senior class, the Stickies are showing what it means to come together against the odds and fight their way to the top.  As scrappy as ever, they are ready to show off their jam hands, sticky tongues, and great spirit at the National level once again.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      4 Sam Rosen Fr 5’4" 19 Undeclared Philadelphia, PA
      6 Eden Marek Fr 5’6" 19 Undeclared Ames, IA
      9 Mia Ritter Fr 5’6" 19 Undeclared New York, NY
      10 Carla Eckland Jr 5’5" 20 Biology Bishop, CA
      12 Julia Daniels So 5’2" 20 Biological Chemistry Belle Mead, NJ
      13 Cory Keeler Sr 5"6’ 22 Geography Manteo, NC
      18 Julia Sauerhaft Fr 5’6" 18 Undeclared Los Altos, CA
      19 Kelly Helbach Jr 5’4" 21 Spanish Green Lake, WI
      21 Carissa Shoemaker So 5’8" 20 Anthropology Des Moines, IA
      23 Alexa Stevens Fr 5’4" 18 Undeclared Bloomfield, NJ
      24 Ellie Honan So 5’5" 21 Economics St. Paul, MN
      27 Eva Metz So 5’5" 20 Anthropology Towson, MD
      28 Remy Ferber So 5’8" 19 Art History/Political Science Concord, MA
      29 Hannah Bauman Jr 5’7" 21 History/French Arlington, VA
      32 Misha Ghadiri Sr 5’8" 21 Psychology/Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies Long Grove, IL
      34 Sarah Farbman Fr 5’2" 19 Undeclared Arlington Heights, IL
      36 Talora Martin Fr 5’1" 18 Undeclared Pittsburgh, PA
      40 Nikki Pyle So 5’7" 20 Spanish Durham, CA
      47 Paige Hill Sr 5’4" 22 Sociology Acton, MA
      48 Linnea Van Pilsum-Bloom So 5’6" 20 Political Science St. Louis Park, MN
      57 Kirsten Nelson Fr 5’6" 19 Undeclared St. Paul, MN
      80 Bethany Clarke Fr 5’11" 19 History Appleton, WI
  • Franklin & Marshall      College2011 OV Icon     Lehigh (14)

    • Lehigh
      Bethlehem, PA
      Team Name: Lehigh Gravity 
      Coach: Daniel Clark 
      Franklin & Marshall
      Lehigh Gravity split from the men’s team two years ago. We have a strong core of seniors who are responsible for the successful launch of the team. Our improbable success is due to our dedication to each other as teammates and our desire to have fun playing the game. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Andy Bonarrigo Sr 5’0’’ 22 Materials Science and Engineering West Hartford, CT
      6 Sarah Solberg Fr 5’0’’ 19 Undeclared Lino Lakes, MN
      7 Sarah Johnson Gr 5’7’’ 23 Secondary Education Hampton, MI
      11 Danica Palacio So 5’5’’ 20 Biological Chemistry Whippany, NJ
      12 Julia Pieper Sr 5’8’’ 22 Environmental Engineering Ithaca, NY
      15 Nora Stack So 5’4’’ 20 Materials Science and Engineering Chestertown, MD
      16 Aditi Varma Jr 5’3’’ 21 IBE; Industrial Engineering; Finance Princeton Junction, NJ
      17 Mara Ringer So 5’6’’ 20 Industrial Engineering Schnecksville, PA
      18 Stephanie Hartson Fr 5’3’’ 19 Civil Engineering Pennsauken, NJ
      21 Amanda Walker Sr 5’7’’ 22 Biological Engineering Wolfeboro, NH
      28 Courtney Their Fr 5’4’’ 19 Environmental Engineering Pittsburgh, PA
      36 Stacy Sawin So 5’8’’ 20 IBE; Chemical Engineering Lake Oswego, OR
      41 Kellen Lowrie Fr 5’9’’ 19 Biological Engineering Cleveland, OH
      44 Hana Harrison Sr 5’2’’ 21 Graphic Design El Paso, TX
      54 Rachael Freedman So 5’1’’ 20 IBE; Mechanical Engineering Newton, PA
      55 Lindsay Frazier So 5’3’’ 20 Environmental Engineering Rehoboth, MA
  • St Olaf      College2011 NC Icon     St Olaf (15)

    • St Olaf
      Northfield, MN
      Team Name: Durga
      2012CollegeLogo StOlaf W
      In Hinduism, "Durga" (the Sanskrit word for "the invincible") is a "supremely radiant" goddess, and is known to have several arms, ride a tiger, and carry weapons for battle. Established in the early 90’s, St. Olaf Durga is not far from that. Having several arms in the form of layouts and skys, riding the tiger that is our speed, and carrying discs for highly spirited yet competitive battle, we seek to embody our inner goddesses each and every time we play Ultimate. This is the second time in team history that Durga will play at Nationals. We are a supremely radiant group of women who take pride in our spirit, in our commitment, in our silliness, and in our skill. We are beautiful animals, we are destroyers of worlds, we are Durga!

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Meredith Mount Jr 5’6’’ 21 Psychology/ Family Studies Madison, WI
      2 Lauren Hagen So 5’2’’ 20 Political Science/ Spanish Madison, WI
      3 Harriet Pedersen Fr 5’6’’ 18 Math/Physics Saranac Lake, NY
      4 Tanya Bovitz So 5’4’’ 20 Chemistry/Math Brooklyn Park, MN
      7 Audrey Phillips Jr 5’7’’ 21 Economics/Spanish Eden Prairie, MN
      10 Beret Amundson Fr 5’8’’ 19 Biology/Chemistry Northfield, MN
      13 Emily Peterson Jr 5’2’’ 20 Biology Apply Valley, MN
      14 Steph Vandyke So 5’9’’ 20 Economics/ Management Edina, MN
      19 Aubrey Tyler So 5’9’’ 20 Environmental Studies/Studio Art Sanbornton, NH
      22 Emilia Lewis So 5’7’’ 20 Biology/Spanish Rochester, MN
      23 Sarah Mitchell Sr 5’7’’ 21 Biology Scandia, MN
      24 Erin Curme Sr 5’4’’ 22 Social Work Minnetonka, MN
      25 Brynn Rathjen Jr 5’7’’ 21 Psychology Waupaca, WI
      47 Laurel Oswald Fr 5’2’’ 20 Political Science Golden Valley, MN
      55 Britt Letcher So 5’5’’ 20 Music/American Racial and Multicultural Studies West Lafayette, IN
      69 Leah Svingen Jr 5’7’’ 20 Biology Omaha, NE
      88 Taylor Bridges Jr 5’3’’ 20 Psychology/ Environmental Studies Omaha, NE
  • Hendrix      College2011 SSC Icon     Hendrix (16)

    • Hendrix
      Conway, AR
      Team Name: Sugar Gliders
      2012CollegeLogo Hendrix W
      The women’s Ultimate team at Hendrix College (located in the Natural State of Arkansas) began in the spring of 2005, and grew out of an Ultimate team, the Flying Squirrels, who had been playing both open and mixed since 2002. Because the men’s and the women’s teams were still very close, we wanted our team name to remain in the squirrel family; thus we became the Sugar Gliders. We have never had a coach, so we depend on every player to be a leader on the field. Over the years we have struggled to maintain committed numbers or win games, but we have always prided ourselves on upholding spirit of the game, throwing excellent parties, and wearing bedazzled trucker hats. Meowadays, we are able to have two women’s practices a week and travel to tournaments throughout our region. Along with the Flying Squirrels, we host the Hendrix Ultimate Experience (HUX) tournament every February--this year was our tenth anniversary. This is the first time that the Sugar Gliders have ever qualified for DIII Nationals, and we couldn’t be more excited to play in the big leagues. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      11 Anna Broadwell-Gulde Jr 5’9" 21 English Memphis, TN
      12 Emily Maverick So 5’10" 20 Chemisty Baton Rouge, LA
      21 Rose Thomson Sr 5’7" 22 International Relations St. Louis, MO
      22 Abby Sapien Fr 5’4" 19 Art Sante Fe, NM
      26 Annemarie Beck So 5’2" 20 Allied Health Fayetteville, AR
      50 Hannah McWilliams Jr 5’7" 21 Physics Russelville, AR
      54 Leah Harkey Fr 4’11" 19 Undecided Jackson, MS
      55 Michaelene Miller Jr 5’4" 21 Psychology Little Rock, AR
      58 Olivia Harrington Sr 5’8" 22 Religious Studies New Orleans, LA
      82 Jenny Shostrand Jr 5’9" 21 Physics St. Louis, MO
      87 Sara Slimp Sr 5’6" 22 Religious Studies Tyler, TX
      99 Sophie Houin Sr 5’8" 22 Religious Studies Tupelo, MS



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