2012 D-III College Championships Statistics - Open Division

Posted: May 21, 2012 04:04 PM

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Announcing the Open Division Stat leaders from the 2012 D-III College Championships in Appleton, WI.

The following tables of data are initially sorted by Team and Jersey #.  To see leaders by each category, click on the table column header.  To sort by more than one column at once, hold the Shift key while selecting the columns.

Note: In the cases where the jersey number was unknown or written incorrectly, the statistic was attributed to unknown. A few of the games had some incomplete tracking of the TO statistic and others, so the actual values may vary slightly from what is listed.


Open Division Statistics 

Michael Ben-Zvi
Team # Player Goals Assists Ds TOs
Bentley5Peter Login3111
Bentley6Dan Bourdeau8666
Bentley7Maxwell Rick1100
Bentley9Lucas Ruffel6113
Bentley11Mark Bokuniewicz4432
Bentley12Stephen Perkins0000
Bentley14Noah Comen4000
Bentley15Seth Jackson0116
Bentley16Matt Keegan4201
Bentley19Alec Parzych1001
Bentley20Scott Seifert3135
Bentley22Scott Roy2021
Bentley23Kevin Sparacino313214
Bentley25Mark Adamiak6049
Bentley27Justin Ondrof1216
Bentley31Jacob van Berkum0142
Bentley34Matt Burton0536
Bentley36Dan Touger0001
Bentley47Sly Lamaruggine0000
Bentley77Alex Foo617226
Bentley82Chris Saroka42211
Bowdoin2Zachary Morrison3241
Bowdoin5Daniel Peckham6252
Bowdoin9Jake Shorty2023
Bowdoin10Dylan Kane26313
Bowdoin11Craig Hardt1041
Bowdoin12Samuel Shapiro2005
Bowdoin13William Page113222
Bowdoin14Nick Riker5288
Bowdoin16Taylor Tremble139619
Bowdoin17Adam Louis Mortimer18418
Bowdoin18Salem Harry0012
Bowdoin20William Alexander04218
Bowdoin22Evan Hoyt4142
Bowdoin23Eduardo van Rhede van der Kloot79210
Bowdoin29Tim Farley0000
Bowdoin31Sam Fichtner114614
Bowdoin33Nick Benfey0337
Bowdoin34Curtis Morrill3237
Bowdoin37Denis Maguire5212
Carleton College1Sam Feigenbaum3101
Carleton College2Mike Alexander11410
Carleton College3Reed Jordan0107
Carleton College6Scott Graber56718
Carleton College7Rhys Lindmark221288
Carleton College8Daniel Barter0113
Carleton College9Brandon Taitt0000
Carleton College10Mike Chappell0002
Carleton College11Alex Walker4376
Carleton College12Kyle Markwalter0315
Carleton College13Rob Yeagle1000
Carleton College14Drew Holmen2001
Carleton College15Peter Rogers8344
Carleton College20Charlie Cross0000
Carleton College21Ian Fischer5301
Carleton College22Niko Duffy0000
Carleton College24Devon Manber0205
Carleton College25Matt Godfrey05610
Carleton College26Michael Groeneman0010
Carleton College27Cory Fauver16829
Carleton College28Jon Isaac223517
Carleton College37Will Gagne-Maynard55712
Carleton College42Max Willard0415
Carleton College67Anders Berglund7021
Carleton College77Alex Waltz1112
Carleton College90Sam Rosenberg0103
Carleton College?unknown0000
Claremont0Jeremy Brecher-Haimson0024
Claremont1Alex Cloud0011
Claremont3Ben Huppe0223
Claremont5Chris Brown1405
Claremont7Zack Purdy3017
Claremont8Sam Trachtman45411
Claremont9Michael Weil7216
Claremont10Joel Fagliano0000
Claremont12Daniel Geller7805
Claremont14Patrick Pelegri-O'Day1001
Claremont15Devin Drewry5153
Claremont16Tommy Li618716
Claremont17Taylor Brent0001
Claremont24Ian Brown2010
Claremont29Nathan Hall2104
Claremont34Alex Gruver5016
Claremont35Dylan Horowitz0011
Claremont37Kevin Black3325
Claremont63Jon Witte0000
Claremont80Sam Asin0202
Georgia College1Charles Morris15432
Georgia College2Taylor Minch513317
Georgia College5Joseph Hanson12611
Georgia College7David Anderson4118
Georgia College11Ryan Prisco0000
Georgia College12Taylor Lamb48419
Georgia College13John Manget1219
Georgia College16Nolan Klinke34618
Georgia College20Alex Damerow2004
Georgia College21Christopher Hannah822542
Georgia College22Trever Alexander1000
Georgia College23Connor Chesser9243
Georgia College27Patrick Davidson0010
Georgia College42Sean Morris3001
Georgia College47Gunnar Mendiola0000
Georgia College?unknown0023
Kenyon2Danny Rosenberg6676
Kenyon3Adrian Galvin9635
Kenyon4Daniel Druffel1000
Kenyon5Sam Ross2226
Kenyon7Will Bowman0000
Kenyon9Rehan Bhatti3113
Kenyon10Corey Barber-Bockelman4144
Kenyon11Adrian Galbraith-Paul31358
Kenyon17Brendan O'Connor4022
Kenyon18Mitch Schwarz1521
Kenyon19Sam Kaplan0002
Kenyon22Jordan Rhyne316918
Kenyon25Ian Kenison12806
Kenyon29Rob Heavner1101
Kenyon33Dan Kipp0024
Kenyon37Walker Hudobenko0001
Kenyon77Kenny Polyak3110
Kenyon88Harry Hanson5001
Lewis and Clark2Harrison Chase30110
Lewis and Clark4Kyle Barton24124
Lewis and Clark10Sam Franer6134
Lewis and Clark12Sam Cooper0111
Lewis and Clark13Kotaro Maki33716
Lewis and Clark14Tiemo Landes5032
Lewis and Clark17Tanner Hebert0010
Lewis and Clark20Ethan Bruno1104
Lewis and Clark21Andrew Stern0002
Lewis and Clark25Ryan Kaszynski0012
Lewis and Clark34Nao Ohdera1036
Lewis and Clark40Will Shaw32516
Lewis and Clark42Ben Lohre221630
Lewis and Clark68Marty Shanahan0001
Lewis and Clark82Miles Hume0001
Lewis and Clark88Ian Mass3123
Lewis and Clark99 Kelly Van Arsdale126812
Lewis and Clark?unknown0100
North Park0Cooper Lane0003
North Park4Eric Ek0555
North Park5Christian Gieseke0224
North Park6Brent Gustafson0116
North Park11Timothy Krumland0003
North Park12Sean Burke68424
North Park13Tom Williams0013
North Park15Tyler Nelson15555
North Park19Dan Raymond0000
North Park22W. Connaught Donnelly5318
North Park33Carl Gieseke3316
North Park44Grant Blankenship113614
North Park45Reese Samin0111
North Park49Joel Stenberg1010
North Park56Nathan Hutchins-Peterson3010
North Park58Joe Gaylord0001
North Park62J. Peter Fredrickson1826
North Park76Andrew Fredrickson3244
North Park80Tanner Mayo11004
North Park?unknown0004
Puget Sound1Jonas Cole222534
Puget Sound4Daniel Mozell9132
Puget Sound7Elliott Cohen4222
Puget Sound9Taylor Smith1010
Puget Sound10C.B. Wolf0001
Puget Sound11Nitai Deitel6217
Puget Sound14Peter Geertz-Larson142103
Puget Sound18Ryan Baatz0002
Puget Sound20Luke Jesperson10101411
Puget Sound22Alan Henzy2110
Puget Sound23Eric Hopfenbeck16151719
Puget Sound25Brahm Heyman06320
Puget Sound29Peter Cellier1234
Puget Sound31Spencer Sheridan1115529
Puget Sound32Travis Shetter0012
Puget Sound33Henry Funk3014
Puget Sound34Garrett Stanford0123
Puget Sound40Ky Lewis111228
Puget Sound43Andrew Mark0000
Puget Sound44Sam Berkelhammer13355
Puget Sound47Walker Bohannan0101
Puget Sound99Jack Derham1011
Puget Sound?unknown0000
Reed0Alec Jackson0004
Reed4Andrew Lynch98821
Reed10Tevon Edwards422733
Reed12Will Eichelberger21214
Reed13Kai Nalipinski3136
Reed14Devon Kesseli0010
Reed15Xander Harris0013
Reed17Grayson Curtis3132
Reed19Daniel Dashevsky1001
Reed21Michael Badr1112
Reed22Sam May4345
Reed23Julius Monello9476
Reed29Peter Beach6216
Reed34Lucas Howard0000
Reed48Ari Fischer0016
Reed54Alex Eveleth0000
Reed69Joel Hawkins0001
Reed85Miguel Conner3000
Reed88Francis Dieterle1327
Rensselaer Polytech0John Hosmer214814
Rensselaer Polytech2Tim Langr0011
Rensselaer Polytech4Jon Soucy0000
Rensselaer Polytech5Andrew Janucik35110
Rensselaer Polytech7Mickey Hyland1032
Rensselaer Polytech8Dan Donovan4141024
Rensselaer Polytech10Ryosuke Tashiro0000
Rensselaer Polytech11Stefan Dicker2111
Rensselaer Polytech15Arun Fricker0001
Rensselaer Polytech17Charles Mehrotra0000
Rensselaer Polytech18Chris Blum1258
Rensselaer Polytech22Christopher Persichilli1259
Rensselaer Polytech23Sean Murphy0000
Rensselaer Polytech24Matt Lustbader0014
Rensselaer Polytech28Matt Williamson1225
Rensselaer Polytech33John Grover32110
Rensselaer Polytech34Nolan Ryan0012
Rensselaer Polytech35Russell Katz16035
Rensselaer Polytech36Rohit Chandra2141
Rensselaer Polytech47Max Dyer5039
Rensselaer Polytech52Andrew Sklar0000
Rensselaer Polytech80Jay Walker3020
Rensselaer Polytech?unknown0100
Rice1Matt Liu4479
Rice4Wally Lang19153
Rice9Ben Lynch1001
Rice10Amod Desai4101
Rice11Michael Drewry211185
Rice13Stephen Haff581015
Rice20Sam Dubinski1012
Rice26Nick Tiee6033
Rice27Sean Murphy429538
Rice38Frasier Liljestrand0102
Rice45Ray Verm1116
Rice48Evan Ross0000
Rice49Kevin Shen212319
Rice69Alex Hilser0026
St John's0Ryan Mord5123
St John's2Nick Archbold2516
St John's4Matthew Archbold3234
St John's5Mark Heinen1002
St John's7Paul DeWenter10814
St John's8Matthew Kortz415517
St John's9Kody Williams7068
St John's10Chuck Dudek0110
St John's14Luke Wald1101
St John's15Max Rotert0001
St John's16Tyler Torborg0001
St John's17Tyler Anderson1211
St John's19Michael Ruble18217
St John's21Patrick Kunkel117218
St John's22Ben Brummer1001
St John's23David Stemper47357
St John's26Andy Schupp1336
St John's27Joe Woken0003
St John's31Dan Cahill14314
St John's33Nihal Bhakta42711
St John's42Lars Benson0000
St John's44Alex Sell1003
St John's47Ben Berthiaume8125
St John's52Matt Berthiaume2022
St John's55Sam Raths03210
St John's73Charlie Enders0000
St John's88Andrew Kiminski4215
St John's90Dan Anfinson0001
St John's?unknown1003
St Olaf2Richard Coffin1007
St Olaf3Mark Emmons1766
St Olaf4Matt Metcalf0001
St Olaf9Tommy Cullen1100
St Olaf10Evan Doucett81557
St Olaf11Ben Liska8568
St Olaf12Weston Birnbaum1115
St Olaf13Doug Binder1355
St Olaf14Andrew Little04015
St Olaf15Vinh Bui3002
St Olaf16Tyler Nielsen0000
St Olaf17Donny Harder6113
St Olaf18Jeffrey Hudson0001
St Olaf19Cole Stiegler1316528
St Olaf21Eric Larsen2213
St Olaf22Ben Marolf5041
St Olaf23Kurt Schroeter1011
St Olaf25Eric Emmons1518
St Olaf27David Anderson0003
St Olaf28Charlie Whitmore2748
St Olaf34Luke Riley1100
St Olaf48John Knapp2407
St Olaf91Clay Horsfall15032
St Olaf?unknown1100
Stevens Tech0Seung-Kook Burns3256
Stevens Tech3Zack Zaorski510117
Stevens Tech4Toshi Suzuki0003
Stevens Tech5Andrew Misthos0147
Stevens Tech8Austin Chung0310
Stevens Tech11Mason Compton3161729
Stevens Tech12Dale Dombrowski0011
Stevens Tech13David Johnston5002
Stevens Tech14Charlie Cannon1014
Stevens Tech15Mohd Syafiq Addi Saiful Rizai Voon1403
Stevens Tech16Christopher Fairfield13448
Stevens Tech18Muhammad Khalifi Abdull Rahman8122
Stevens Tech22Jonathan Lee8615
Stevens Tech27Daniel Richards1010
Stevens Tech28Jinmyon Coyne0001
Stevens Tech29Zachary Smith0000
Stevens Tech42Matthew Linden0000
Stevens Tech69Ed Hofmann0000
Stevens Tech82Marques Brownlee55514
Stevens Tech93Nick Raguseo2133
Stevens Tech99Vasili Pantazis0111
Stevens Tech?unknown0000
Wake Forest1Luke Fallon0011
Wake Forest2John Aguilar1117
Wake Forest3Aleksa Trifunovic0013
Wake Forest4Corey Casarella1611118
Wake Forest6Patrick McKendry0001
Wake Forest7Stephen Turner2006
Wake Forest8Cory Ryan2114
Wake Forest10Taylor Peretz2225
Wake Forest11Walker MacKenzie1100
Wake Forest12Tony Bleyer0001
Wake Forest13Jay Sehgal415020
Wake Forest14Matt Pierce2021
Wake Forest15David Crespi1001
Wake Forest16Brett Kaiser51038
Wake Forest17Sean Gannon0177
Wake Forest19Greyson McConnell0105
Wake Forest20Lee Begelman0001
Wake Forest21David Banerjea0012
Wake Forest22Ryan Koski-Vacirca2101
Wake Forest23John Zmuda0000
Wake Forest26Tim Kreutzfeldt121219
Wake Forest33Jesse Hynes3025
Wake Forest35Jake Klein0001
Wake Forest37Aaron Lazarus1000
Wake Forest38Ben Adams1012
Wake Forest59Zach Anderson0000
Wake Forest66Peter Ellis0010
Wake Forest?unknown1101