2012 D-I College Championships: Team Info

Posted: May 23, 2012 06:37 PM

2012 D-I College Championships: Team Info


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Learn more about the teams participating at the 2012 D-I College Championships in Boulder, CO.  These bios are sorted by division and initial seeding.


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Open Division


  • Oregon      College2011 NW Icon     Oregon (1)

    • Oregon
      Eugene, OR
      Team Name: Ego
      2012CollegeLogo Oregon O
      Oregon has won one National Title, and it was 20 years ago in 1992. Last season they lost in quarterfinals at Nationals and finished tied for 5th. In 2010 they had great regular season success and won both Stanford Invite, and Centex, but underperformed at Nationals and lost in pre-quarters.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Sam Brickwedde Sr. 5'8" 22 Political Science Minnesota
      2 Charlie Wilson-Moses Jr. 5'11'' 21 African Studies Eugene, Oregon
      3 Collin Smith Sr. 5'11'' 22 Polical Science/ Biology Eugene, Oregon
      5 Dylan Freechild So. 5'10'' 20 Cinema Studies Eugene, Oregon
      6 Nam Vo Sr. 5'8'' 22 Geology Portland, Oregon
      8 John Bloch Sr. 6'3'' 23 Physics Eugene, Oregon
      11 Tyler Cable Sr. 5'10''' 22 Journalism Eugene, Oregon
      12 Drew Benditt Fr. 5'6'' 18 Dance Seattle, Washington
      17 Ian Campbell So. 5'11'' 19 Journalism Eugene, Oregon
      18 Corey Guerrant So. 5'11'' 19 Biology Portland, Oregon
      19 Reilly Gardner So. 6'0'' 21 Philosophy Santa Cruz, California
      20 Sam Campbell Jr. 6'0'' 21 Business Portland, Oregon
      21 Gabe Fruchter So. 6'5'' 20 Math Seattle, Washington
      22 Camden Allison-Hall Sr. 6'1'' 23 Sociology Eugene, Oregon
      24 Morgan Cliburn Jr. 6'3'' 21 Biology Portland, Oregon
      25 George Perez Sr. 5''9'' 22 Philosophy Roseburg, Oregon
      27 Trevor Smith So. 5'10'' 19 Music Eugene, Oregon
      28 Eric Normen Fr. 5'10'' 18 Art Boulder, Colorado
      33 Conrad Defiebre Sr. 5'10'' 22 Geology Portland, Oregon
      44 Ty Swain Fr. 5'8'' 19 Pre-med Boise, Idaho
      55 Aaron Honn Fr. 6'4'' 18 Religious Studies Eugene, Oregon
      59 Topher Davis Sr. 5'10'' 22 Linguistics Roseburg, Oregon
      66 Will Watkins Fr. 5'11'' 18 Accounting Portland, Oregon
      77 Brian Penner Jr. 5'11'' 20 Anatomy Ashland, Oregon
      88 Adam Bilbaeno Jr. 6'0'' 21 Computer Science Portland, Oregon
  • Pittsburgh      College2011 OV Icon     Pittsburgh (2)

    • Pittsburgh
      Pittsburgh, PA
      Team Name: En Sabah Nur
      2012CollegeLogo Pittsburgh O
      Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur was founded in 1998 by a group of friends playing pick-up on Pitt’s campus. The team has since grown into a group of athletes driven to compete and succeed at college nationals. Pitt has been to nationals every year since first qualifying in 2005 and is seeking its first national title in its eighth trip.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Joe Bender Fr. 6'0" 19 Information Science Pittsburgh, PA
      3 Patrick Earles Fr. 6'2" 18 Undecided Pittsburgh, PA
      4 Zach Kauffman Jr. 5'11" 20 Computer Science Yardley, PA
      5 Colin Conner Sr. 5'10" 22 Accounting and Finance Pittsburgh, PA
      6 Michael Brenner Jr. 6'0" 21 Mechanical Engineering Maplewood, NJ
      7 Julian Hausman Gr. 6'3" 22 Economics and History Pittsburgh, PA
      8 Tyler Kunsa So. 6'0" 20 Mechanical Engineering Havertown, PA
      9 Jason Kunsa Sr. 6'0" 22 Actuarial Science Havertown, PA
      10 Andrej Ababovic Gr. 6'3" 22 Mathematics and Economics Rochester, NY
      11 Pat Every Sr. 5'6" 22 Information Science King of Prussia, PA
      12 Ryan Earles Sr. 6'4" 21 Information Science Pittsburgh, PA
      13 Max Thorne Fr. 5'7" 19 Mechanical Engineering Pittsburgh, PA
      16 Trent Dillon Fr. 5'11" 19 Bioengineering Philadelphia, PA
      19 Isaac Saul Jr. 5'10" 21 Non Fiction Writing Trenton, NJ
      21 Alex Thorne Sr. 5'8" 21 Computer Engineering Pittsburgh, PA
      22 Christian Pitts Fr. 6'3" 18 Mechanical Engineering Finksburg, MD
      28 Ethan Beardsley Jr. 6'5" 20 Chemical Engineering Warren, PA
      42 Marcus Ranii-Dropcho So. 6'2" 19 English Writing Wexford, PA
      47 Michael Van Ness Jr. 6'2" 21 Philosophy and Non-Fiction Writing Arlington, VA
      51 Andy Polen Jr. 6'0" 21 General Management Detroit, MI
      59 Aaron Watson So. 6'0" 20 Political Science and Economics Pittsburgh, PA
      81 Tyler Degirolamo Sr. 6'3" 22 Computer Engineering Belleville, IL
      83 Daniel Wickens Fr. 6'0" 18 Neuroscience and Psychology Westfield, NJ
      88 Ryan Del Casino Fr. 5'9" 19 Film Studies/English Writing Nashville, TN
      91 Scott Marsh Gr. 5'7" 24 Master's of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics Bear, Delaware
  • CUT      College2011 NC Icon     Carleton College (3)

    • Carleton College
      Northfield, MN
      Team Name: CUT
      2012CollegeLogo CarletonCollege O
      Since they first qualified for the College Championships in 1990, the Carleton Ultimate Team has appeared in 13 semi-finals, advancing to the finals six times and winning three National Championships. In 2012, CUT has their sights set on a fourth straight trip to the finals, relying on their disciplined offensive philosophy and stingy defense.
      CUT returns 17 players from 2011 and their early season work at Warm Up, Stanford Invite, and Centex paid off with a win at the North Central Regional Championships. Their competition in a Conference with three Nationals qualifiers and a Region with five Nationals qualifiers gives CUT some of the best big game experience of any team in the 2012 college series. CUT looks to have the depth necessary to make a run deep in the Nationals tournament and defend their title.
      CUT enjoys the support of the Carleton ultimate community with 60+ CUT alumni returning each spring for the annual alumni game. This weekend of bonding and competition reminds CUT of the tradition and history of the Carleton program and helps the team focus on what’s important. It’s all about us.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Robert Olney Fr 5'11" 19 Undecided Portland, OR
      2 Julian Childs-Walker Jr 5'10" 21 Physics Seattle, WA
      3 Justin Norden Jr 6'0" 20 Computer Science Seattle, WA
      4 James Adams Fr 6'2" 19 Undecided St. Paul, MN
      5 Louis Cohen Fr 5'8" 19 Undecided Seattle, WA
      6 Hai Ngo Sr 5'8" 22 Philosophy St. Louis Park, MN
      7 Sam Keller Sr 5'11" 21 Physics Seattle, WA
      8 Logan Weiss Sr 6'0" 23 Studio Art Boston, MA
      9 Simon Montague Jr 6'2" 21 Computer Science Seattle, WA
      10 John Raynolds Fr 5'11" 19 Undecided Seattle, WA
      12 Jonah Herscu So 6'0" 20 Psychology Amherst, MA
      13 Simon Johansen So 6'4" 20 Economics/Studio Art Edina, MN
      15 David Long Jr 6'0" 21 Computer Science Denver, CO
      17 Duncan Sallstrom Fr 6'1" 19 Undecided Wyzata, MN
      19 MiQ Clark Sr 6'1" 22 Biology Los Altos, CA
      20 Will Herold Jr 5'10" 20 Computer Science Menlo Park, CA
      21 Tyler Mahoney So 5'11" 20 Mathematics Minneapolis, MN
      23 Peter Scheuermann Sr 6'3" 23 Geology Pittsburgh, PA
      24 Clay Dewey-Valentine Sr 5'7" 22 Political Science Seattle, WA
      25 Nick Stuart Jr 6'3" 21 Economics Gainesville, FL
      28 Jon Hahn Sr 5'8" 22 Mathematics St. Olaf, IA
      40 Galen Ryan So 6'1" 20 Psychology Riverside, IL
      48 Ben Caffrey So 6'0" 20 Mathematics Fayetteville, AR
      50 Nick Petru Fr 5'10" 19 Undecided Oakland, CA
  • Wisconsin      College2011 NC Icon     Wisconsin (4)

    • Wisconsin
      Madison, WI
      Team Name: Hodags
      2012CollegeLogo Wisconsin O
      The UW-Madison Ultimate Frisbee club was founded in 1977. Upon creation, the team immediately began to establish a great winning tradition with 9 sectional championships and 5 final four finishes at regional play. Between 1977 and 1988, the team had an overall record of 347 wins and 189 losses.
      The Dave McClain Athletic Facility, opened in 1988, offered the club an opportunity to cleat-up during the winter season. Coincidence or not, it wasn’t until after 1988 that the club first qualified for Nationals.
      In spring of 1994, the "Hodags" team name was implemented, and has been held to this date. Tryouts were conducted for the first time in the fall of 1988.
      Since 2001, Wisconsin Hodags have 3 National titles, and 6 Finals appearances.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Brian Novotony Jr 5'11" 24 Medical Microbiology Steven's Point, WI
      3 Kelsen Alexander Sr 5'10" 22 Math, Econ, Philosophy Madison, WI
      6 Jake Smart Sr 6'2" 25 Math Needham, MA
      7 Tanner Marshall Sr 6'0" 22 Bio-medical Engineering Apple Valley, MN
      8 Lucas Simon-Wambach So 6'3" 20 Spanish & International Studies Madison, WI
      9 Craig Cox Fr 6'6" 18 Biochemistry Madison, WI
      10 Jordan O'Neill Jr 5'11" 21 Chemistry Chanhassen, MN
      12 Alex Simmons Sr 5'9" 23 Psychology, Criminal Justice Inver Grove Heights, MN
      13 Zach Ehler Sr 5'11" 24 Accounting Pittsburgh, PA
      14 Jerry McGinnis Sr 5'11" 22 Bio-medical Engineering Hartland, WI
      15 Kyle Geppert Jr 6'1" 21 Italian St. Paul, MN
      16 Danny Stuligross Jr 5'7" 21 Mechanical Engineering Kenosha, WI
      17 Brian Hart Jr 5'11" 20 Biochemistry Portage, WI
      18 Zach Alter Sr 6'3" 22 Legal Studies Minnetonka, WI
      19 Sam Loveland Jr 6'2" 21 Biology Milwaukee, WI
      20 Nick Zeman So 5'10" 19 Undecided Menomonee Falls, WI
      21 Dave Wiseman Sr 6'3" 24 Chemistry Batavia, IL
      22 Aaron Speiss So 5'10" 20 Kinesiology Plateville, WI
      23 Shane Saddison-Bradford Fr 6'1" 19 Math Steven's Point, WI
      24 Dayu Liu Sr 6'0" 21 Math Madison, WI
      28 Dan Park Sr 5'11" 21 Biology Madison, WI
      32 Colin Camp Jr 6'3" 21 Economics Minnetonka, MN
      34 Matt Becker Sr 6'3" 22 Biochemistry Monona, WI
      48 Thomas Coolidge Sr 5'9" 22 Undecided Franklin, WI
      88 Peter Guerin So 6'1" 20 Biomedical Engineering Verona, WI
      93 Pat Donovan Sr 6'5" 22 Math Rochester, MN
      97 Ben Rehmann Jr 5'11" 20 Zoology Naperville, IL
  • UCF      College2011 SE Icon     Central Florida (5)

    • Central Florida
      Orlando, FL
      Team Name: Dogs of War
      2012CollegeLogo CentralFlorida O
      The Dogs of War was first founded in the early 1980’s.  After a stint of only a few years, the team disbanded.  Years later, in 2002, the team reformed, and voted to keep the name their founding fathers chose.  As with any team formed from nothing, the first years were difficult.  In the spring of 2008, the Dogs finished the year ranked 17th in the nation and advanced to the game before the game-to-go, before losing to UNC in a fiercely competitive Atlantic Coast Regional Championship Tournament.  A majority of their squad graduated that year, and this would be the last time that the Dogs of War would play in a significant game on Sunday of Regionals for several years.  In 2010, the Dogs recorded their first tournament win at College Southerns, but fell short at Regionals and failed to advance beyond Saturday.  The following year, in 2011, the Dogs began to make noise by winning Tally Classic VI, finishing second to TUFTS at College Southerns and, finally, upsetting sectional rival, Florida, on universe point in pool play on Saturday before, once again, falling short at Regionals without advancing to a game-to-go.  In 2012, things finally came together for the Dogs of War.  With an overall record of 37-5, the Dogs have been in the finals of every tournament they attended this year, excluding a semi-finals exit at the Florida Conference Championships.  The Dogs boast tournament wins at T-Town Throwdown, Trouble in Vegas and the Southeast Regional Championship.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Sean Simon Sr 6'2'' 22 Organizational Communication Coconut Creek, FL
      1 Brawley Adams Fr 6'0'' 19 Hospitality and Management Bartow, FL
      2 Eric Lee Jr 5'5'' 21 Electical Engineering Orlando, FL
      5 William Wharton Sr 6'0'' 22 Social Sciences Orlando, FL
      6 Dillon Esdale So 5'5'' 20 Mechanical Engineering Andover, MA
      7 Matt Reedy Sr 6'2'' 22 Marketing Clearwater, FL
      8 Alex Bullock Jr 5'11'' 21 aerospace Engineering Hudson, FL
      9 Kyle Bettis Sr 6'3'' 21 Biology Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
      10 Matt Capp Jr 6'3'' 22 Computer Science Chicago, IL
      11 Mike Hickson Sr 6'5'' 22 Criminal Justice Fleming Island, FL
      13 JC Feldman So 6'1'' 20 Biology Bradenton, FL
      14 Mischa Freystaetter Sr 6'6'' 21 Accounting Krasnoturyinsk, Russia
      15 Robert Ballantine Sr 6'0'' 24 Business Management Orange Park, FL
      16 Nick Brewer Fr 5'10'' 19 Marketing Wellington, FL
      17 Matt Carlson Sr 5'9'' 22 Electrical Engineering Orlando, FL
      18 Zach Hollis Gr 6'0'' 23 Physical Therapy Orlando, FL
      19 Taylor Armstrong Jr 6'2 21 Criminal Justice Sarasota, Fl
      23 Daniel Jakob Sr 6'4'' 21 Aerospace Engineering Orlando, FL
      25 Jeremy Langdon So 6'2'' 19 Business Management Coconut Creek, FL
      33 John Best Jr 6'0'' 21 Information Technology Perkasie, PA
      34 Garret Pelton So 6'0'' 20 Civil Engineering Stuart, FL
      42 Mike Ogren Jr 6'1'' 20 Mechanical Engineering Miami, FL
      43 Matt Nations Sr 5'10'' 22 Exercise Science Sarasota, FL
      99 Matt Aberman Fr 5'10'' 19 Electrical Engeineering Miami, FL
  • Tufts      College2011 NE Icon     Tufts (6)

    • Tufts
      Medford, MA
      Team Name: Elephant Men
      2012CollegeLogo Tufts O
      One of the original college Ultimate teams, the Tufts Ultimate Frisbee team was founded in 1972 with the motto Pax et Frisbus, or peace and Frisbee. The name Elephant Men (E-Men for short) was adopted in the 1980s. The E-Men established a tradition of dominance in the Northeast, winning competitions throughout the 70s and early 80s. In 1984, Tufts hosted, and qualified for, the first Collegiate Nationals. Since then, Tufts has qualified for Nationals in 1989, 2000-2002, 2004, and most recently made prequarters in both 2009 and 2011. Home to 2002 Callahan winner Mike Zalisk as well as numerous other past and present elite club players, Tufts' history portrays it for what it is: one of the most storied and successful programs in college Ultimate history.
      With an experienced coaching staff, sixteen returners from last year's  team , and a strong group of rookies, the E-Men arrive in Boulder looking to build off of last year's success and contend for the 2012 championship.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Nick Adolph Jr 6'0" 20 Economics Amherst, MA
      1 Jack Hatchett Sr 6'0" 22 Economics Derwood, MD
      2 Robby Perkins-High Jr 6'0" 21 Economics Harvard, MA
      3 Tyler Chan Fr 5'10" 19 Psychology Needham, MA
      5 Carter Thallon Fr 6'0" 18 English Eugene, OR
      7 Eric Wilburn Sr 5'6" 22 Environmental Engineering Olympia, WA
      8 Alex Cooper Sr 5'10" 22 Economics South Salem, NY
      9 Eric Shaw So 6'0" 20 English Havertown, PA
      11 Lloyd Olson Sr 6'0" 22 Mechanical Engineering Bernardsville, NJ
      12 Matt Taylor Sr 6'1" 22 Cognitive and Brain Sciences Lower Merion, PA
      13 Josh Adler Jr 6'1" 20 Economics Worcester, MA
      18 Vincenzo Vitiello Jr 5'9" 21 Computer Science Wayland, MA
      20 Gene Buonaccorsi Jr 5'9" 21 English Shutesbury, MA
      24 Dan Pavitt So 6'3" 20 Electrical Engineering Brunswick, ME
      25 William Wong So 5'10" 19 Biomedical Engineering Flushing, NY
      30 Sam Kittross-Schnell Sr 6'3" 22 Economics and Political Science Seattle, WA
      35 Piers MacNaughton Sr 5'10" 22 Environmental Engineering Andover, MA
      38 Adrian Banerji Sr 5'11" 22 Classics Lincoln, MA
      48 Sam Dushay So 5'10" 20 Computer Science Needham, MA
      51 Gavin Murphy So 5'8" 20 Mechanical Engineering Manitou Springs, CO
      52 Mike Hagenow So 6'4" 20 Mechanical Engineering Fryeburg, ME
      88 Nino Figliola Jr 5'10" 20 Mechanical Engineering Amherst, MA
  • Luther      College2011 NC Icon     Luther (7)

    • Luther
      Decorah. IA
      Team Name: LUFDA
      2012CollegeLogo Luther O
      In 2009, LUFDA made it all the way to the National Championships in Columbus, Ohio, where we finished in 11th place.
      Looking to improve upon the groundwork laid in the past, this year's LUFDA squad is again looking to make the next step toward excellence. We will be hitting the gym, the road, and the dirt harder than ever before, and will accept nothing less than our best on every point we play. Look for us to be more battle-tested and hungrier than ever before going into the postseason.
      To our alumni, friends, family, the Luther administration, and the Luther community, thank you for your continued support--we hope to see you all on the sidelines at some point this season.
      Founded in 2003 by a chipper young lad Dave Curtis, LUFDA (Luther Ultimate Flying Disc Association), has taken significant strides in the last four years. Luther first qualified for Nationals in 2009, and has established itself as a perennial contender in the North Central region. After a 12th place finish in Boulder last year, Luther is returning in 2012 to make a statement. A strong core of leaders, anchored around the infamous Eric "EJ" Johnson, has the experience and mentatily necessary to make noise in Boulder. Beware of the Johnson doppelgänger as younger brother Josh "JJ" Johnson has started to make noise after originally earning a spot on the roster as EJ’s look-a-like, inspired by Phil "BJ" Murray. Hate it or Love it...LUFDA’s on top.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Josh Johnson So 6'0" 21 International Studies St. Cloud, MN
      3 Colin Berry Fr 6'3" 19 Music Iowa City, IA
      5 Sam Hedrick So 6'1" 20 Computer Science Mahtomedi, MN
      7 Mike Redig Sr 5'4" 21 Biology Eagan, MN
      8 Collin Meyer Sr 6'3" 22 Management Apple Valley, MN
      9 Joe Simonelli So 5'11" 20 English Naperville, IL
      10 Trent Erickson So 6'4" 20 Biology Eagan, MN
      11 August Kramer Fr 6'2" 19 Undeclared Mahtomedi, MN
      12 Joe Marshall So 5'9" 19 Biology, Communication Studies Hopkins, MN
      13 Brandon Lafferty Fr 6'3" 19 Psychology Cedar Rapids, IA
      14 Matthias Broner So 6'0" 20 Anthropology, Management, French Apple Valley, MN
      17 Ben Kofoed Sr 5'9" 22 Biology Apple Valley, MN
      19 Joe Novak So 5'10" 19 Physics St. Louis Park, MN
      21 Eric Johnson Sr 6'0" 23 Psychology St. Cloud, MN
      22 Jon Lang Jr 6'0" 21 Philosophy, Nursing Hampshire, IL
      24 Ben Nordquist Fr 6'2" 18 Political Science, International Studies Minneapolis, MN
      25 Cole Puffer Fr 6'3" 18 Biology, Philosophy Byron, MN
      26 Peter Graffy Sr 6'3" 21 Women and Gender Studies, Anthropology Madison, WI
      27 Peter Storvick So 6'1" 20 Mathematics, Economics Woodbury, MN
      31 Aaron Burk Sr 6'0" 21 Computer Science Mount Prospect, IL
      33 Will Harren So 6'1" 20 Sociology St. Cloud, MN
      34 Nate Converse So 6'0" 20 Political Science, Economics Storm Lake, IA
      36 Joe Ballandby So 6'2" 20 Environmental Studies Willmar, MN
  • Minnesota      College2011 NC Icon     Minnesota (8)

    • Minnesota
      MInneapolis, MN
      Team Name: Grey Duck
      2012CollegeLogo Minnesota O
      Our reputation doesn’t precede us.  To those looking for big names to read about here or a tremendous story of tradition, we’re sorry, we don’t really have one.  The most notable name we have is that of our coach, Charlie Reznikoff (due more to personality than anything) who is the mastermind and architect behind the Grey Duck program. Four years ago, armed with a talented freshman class, experienced upperclassmen, and a name that struck fear in no one’s heart, our coach laid the foundation for a successful college ultimate program.  Four years later, the baby freshman-ducklings have become the alpha-males of the duck pond and are flanked by the strongest Flock in school history.  Our collective persona uncannily resembles our mascot; Unlike many other birds, the Grey Duck doesn’t have colorful feathers for attracting mates, melodious songs of communication, or a style of flight that can be described as anything other than "unremarkable".  But if you have ever spent time observing duck ponds then you know what happens when you ruffle a duck’s feathers.  Moral of the beak is, you may not know who we are before you play us, but you will once we’re done with you.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Aalok Sharma Gr 5'9" 27 Law Madison, AL
      1 Ryan Osgar Fr 6'1" 19 Economics Eagan, MN
      4 Luke Dwyer Gr 6'1" 23 Medicine Mendota Heights, MN
      5 Danny Miesen Sr 6' 21 Neuroscience Apple Valley, MN
      6 Greg Garrison Fr 6'2" 18 Undecided Apple Valley, MN
      7 Ben Swanson-Hysell So 6' 20 Sociology Saint Paul, MN
      8 Vince Vik So 5'7" 20 Applied Economics St. Paul, MN
      9 Greg Arenson Sr 6'1'' 22 Biomedical Engineering Minnetonka, MN
      10 Rein Boyd So 6'2" 20 Marketing Madison, WI
      11 Stephan Mance Sr 6'8" 23 Women's Studies Tuscaloosa, AL
      13 Sam Tucker Gr 5'10" 22 Computer Science and Mathematics Indianapolis, IN
      14 Alex Platt So 6' 19 Kinesiology Oak Park, IL
      15 Mike Fields So 6'4" 19 Biochemistry Minneapolis, MN
      18 Brandon Haus So 6'3" 20 Kinesiology St. Cloud, MN
      20 Kyle Husebye Sr 5'10" 22 Mechanical Engineering Stillwater, MN
      25 Reese Hornnes So 5'9" 19 Finance Eden Prairie, MN
      28 Carlos Lopez So 5'6" 20 Mechanical Engineering St. Paul, MN
      31 David Eddy Sr 6' 21 Accounting and Finance Apple Valley, MN
      35 Austin Juds Sr 6'3" 22 Sports Management Vadnais Heights, MN
      50 Joe Nelson Fr 6' 19 Undecided Apple Valley, MN
      66 Jason Tschida So 5'6 ½ " 20 Civil Engineering Woodbury, MN
      77 Soham Shah Fr 5'11" 18 Engineering Eden Prairie, MN
      88 Matt Marinello Sr 5'11" 22 Environmental Engineering Apple Valley, MN
  • Cal      College2011 SW Icon     California (9)

    • California
      Berkeley, CA
      Team Name: Ugmo
      2012CollegeLogo California O
      2nd place in 2004
      Nationals Qualifier 2004, 2009, 2010, 2012
      5th place at Nationals 2010, SW Regional Champions 2012
      The current class of graduating seniors have finished in second place at 12 tournaments (including fall) over four years.

      Possibly the teamiest team in college ultimate.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Sanjay Srivatsan Sr 6’0" 22 Bioengineering Atlanta, GA
      2 Chuck Cao So 6’0" 19 Industrial Engineering, Operations Research Lafayette, CA
      3 Bryan Pine Jr 6’0" 20 Computer Science, Business Los Angeles, CA
      4 Andrew Hagen Sr 6’0" 23 Mechanical Engineering Los Angeles, CA
      7 Zaniel Rankin So 6’4" 20 Applied Mathematics, Forestry Austin, TX
      8 James Pollard Sr 6’4" 22 Bioengineering Mountain View, CA
      9 Tommy Adams So 6’0" 20 Statistics, Economics Piedmont, CA
      10 Kohji Sugioka Fr 6’1" 18 Physics Newbury Park, CA
      11 Andrew Olson Gr 5’11" 25 Chemistry Marshfield, WI
      12 Jeff Roeder Sr 6’0" 22 Mechanical Engineering Alameda, CA
      14 Jeff Liu Sr 6’2" 21 Molecular and Cell Biology Los Altos, CA
      15 Brendan Bulik-Sullivan Sr 6’0" 22 Mathematics Chapel Hill, NC
      18 Cullen Coyne Gr 6’1" 23 Legal Studies Alameda, CA
      20 Ben Mahrer Jr 6’0" 20 Philosophy Mill Valley, CA
      23 Dalga Surofchy Sr 6’0" 21 Integrative Biology Tabriz, Iran
      24 Carson Schultz Jr 6’3" 20 Mechanical Engineering Mill Valley, CA
      33 Nick Okita Jr 5’11" 21 Mechanical Engineering Bakersfield, CA
      35 Andrew Goldstein Fr 5’9" 19 Applied Math, Economics Needham, MA
      40 Andrew Smith So 5’11" 18 Computer Science San Francisco, CA
      49 Trent Logan Jr 6’0" 20 Philosophy, English Rohnert Park, CA
      54 Andrew Van Blarigan Gr 5’7" 26 Mechanical Engineering Truckee, CA
      71 Joseph McLaughlin Gr 5’9" 23 Chemistry, Physics Thousand Oaks, CA
      80 Kenny Wong Fr 5’10" 18 Business, Applied Math San Francisco, CA
  • Colorado      College2011 SC Icon     Colorado (10)

    • Colorado
      Boulder, CO
      Team Name: Mamabird
      2012CollegeLogo Colorado O
      Mamabird has faced a lot of adversity this year after the graduation of 13 key players from the 2011 semifinalist roster. A consistently top 10 team, Mamabird has qualified for Nationals for the past 14 years, holding the USAU record. Since 2005, Mamabird has won their region every year, even after the switch from Southwest to South Central in 2011. Mamabird won the championship in 2004; made it to the finals in 2009, 2007, 2005, and 2001, and has made it to the semifinals in 2011, 2008, 2003, and 2000. This year, Bird hopes to join the 2004 team in championship history in front of their hometown crowd of Boulder, CO.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Max Schein Fr 5'10" 20 Advertising Athens, GA
      2 Chris Bubernak Sr 6'1" 22 Computer Science Superior, CO
      4 Austin Killien Jr 6'0" 21 Civil Engineering Seattle, WA
      5 Hidde Snieder Jr 6'2" 21 Evolutionary Biology Blithoven, Netherlands
      6 Stanley Barnes Jr 5'11" 22 Economics, Chinese, Asian Studies Seattle, WA
      7 Noah Baker Sr 5'7" 22 Environmental Engineering Seattle, WA
      8 Pawel Janus Fr 5'9" 18 Applied Math Zielona Gora, Poland
      9 Pete Gleason So 6'0" 21 Civil Engineering Broomfield, CO
      11 Li Quan Sr 5'5" 22 Finance Beijing, China
      12 Tim Morrissy Jr 5'11" 21 Sociology South Orange, NJ
      15 Jesse Fisher Fr 6'0" 18 Geology Long Beach, CA
      17 Tristan Voss Fr 6'0" 18 Political Science, Environmental Studies Broomfield, CO
      18 David Fridland Sr 5'10" 22 Political Science Boulder, CO
      20 Jack Barrow Jr 6'0" 22 Biology Atlanta, GA
      21 Gabe Stump Sr 6'0" 22 Anthropology Bethesda, MD
      22 Zach Zebarth Jr 6'0" 21 Integrative Physiology, Psychology Littleton, CO
      23 Jimmy Mickle Jr 6'3" 20 Chemical, Biological Engineering Golden, CO
      24 Jackson Kloor Sr 6'1" 21 Molecular Biology Boulder, CO
      26 Stanley Peterson Fr 6'1" 18 Economics Gig Harbor, WA
      27 Andrew Commander Fr 6'0" 18 Humanities Superior, CO
      29 Matt Gleason Fr 5'9" 19 Studio Art Broomfield, CO
      32 Kevin Johnson So 5'10" 20 Integrative Physiology Littleton, CO
      36 Todd Wolma Jr 6'0" 21 Civil Engineering Littleton, CO
      41 Phil Sun Jr 5'8" 21 International Affairs, Chinese Stanford, CA
      42 Matt Bubernak Fr 5'9" 19 Computer Science Superior, CO
      56 Jeffrey Grundtisch Gr 6'3" 23 Aerospace Engineering Buffalo, NY
      63 James Mitchell Sr 6'2" 21 Geography St. Paul, MN
      83 Zach Nager Jr 6'0" 20 Chemical Engineering Boulder, CO
      84 Matt Robinson Fr 5'10" 19 Economics Denver, CO
      88 Timothy Wilson St. Charles Gr 5'11" 22 Computer Science Shoreview, MN
  • Texas      College2011 SC Icon     Texas (11)

    • Texas
      Austin, TX
      Team Name: TUFF
      2012CollegeLogo Texas O
      Texas Ultimate was born back in the 80's and rose to a finals finish in '88 and semi-finals in '89 under the leadership and big throws of G.C. and huge grabs by Bagger. Texas continued to compete at Nationals through the early 90's under strong teams lead by Homey and Chris Stone. Unfortunately, Texas went missing throughout the mid to late 90's.
      The new millennium brought a new team name and the renewed goal to compete at Nationals again under the guidance of Skippy, ScottyB, and Bchill. After a loss in the finals at Regionals in 2000, in the following season (2001) the program was born when UT established their first ever B team. The focus was to grow stronger by bringing in new talent and developing returning players.
      The team agreed on TUFF (Texas Ultimate Frisbee Friends) just before the 2002 spring season. Focused training earned TUFF their bid to Nationals after a Regional Championship in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since then, the team has qualified for Nationals 9 out of the last 11 years and has become one of the premier teams in the country.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Marshall Payne Jr 5'9" 20 Mathematics Austin, TX
      1 Jivan Luu Jr 6'0" 21 Electrical Engineering Austin, TX
      2 Will Campbell Sr 5'10" 22 Computer Science Austin, TX
      3 Trey LaMastres Sr 6'1" 21 Biomedical Engineering Denton, TX
      5 Matt Heytens Fr 6'3" 19 Business Austin, TX
      6 Weston Bowden So 6'4" 19 Accounting/Music Highland Park, TX
      7 Kenton Wilson So 6'0" 20 Government/Philosophy Sugar Land, TX
      8 Danny Broberg Sr 6'0" 23 Physics/Mathematics Austin, TX
      9 Peter Clarke Gr 5'11" 23 Aerospace Engineering Stillwater, OK
      10 Aditya Yerrapragada Sr 6'1" 21 Biology/Mathematics Houston, TX
      12 Kolby Janzen Jr 5'9" 21 Nursing Aledo, TX
      14 Ryan Piersall Sr 5'11" 22 Nursing Keller, TX
      15 James May Jr 6'3" 21 Mechanical Engineering The Woodlands, TX
      16 Michael Hays Fr 5'11" 19 Mechanical Engineering Coppell, TX
      17 Alex Kykta Jr 6'1" 20 Biomedical Engineering Austin, TX
      18 Hunter Ruffin Jr 6'4" 20 Petroleum Engineering Austin, TX
      20 Travis Patrick Fr 6'4" 19 Electrical Engineering Dallas, TX
      21 Will Driscoll Jr 6'3" 21 Computer Science Keller, TX
      22 Chris Brooks Jr 6'0" 21 Undeclared Big Spring, TX
      25 Sharief Moghazy Jr 5'10" 20 Mechanical Engineering Houston, TX
      33 Andrew Klotz Gr 6'1" 22 Biomedical Engineering Austin, TX
      42 Marty Martinez Jr 6'0" 21 Geophysics Sugar Land, TX
      57 Mitchell Bennett Jr 5'10" 21 Mathematics Houston, TX
      73 Chris Reilly Gr 5'10" 24 Physics Los Angeles, CA
  • UNC      College2011 AC Icon     North Carolina (12)

    • North Carolina
      Chapel Hill, NC
      Team Name: Darkside
      2012CollegeLogo NorthCarolina O
      Darkside began in the fall of 1993, when a couple of Freshmen at UNC got together with the idea of forming an Ultimate team.  By 1995 Darkside had qualified for its first Regional tournament.  In 1999, Darkside qualified for its first ever berth to Nationals.  In 2000, the team won Sectionals and Regionals on the way to a second Nationals bid.  With growing interest in the sport of Ultimate, a B team was created on campus, (B-atCH) in 2007.
      In 2001 Darkside again qualified for Nationals and established itself as a perennial regional power.  2002 was a rebuilding year and despite the efforts of Callahan Nominee Rhett Nichols and a highly talented rookie class, Darkside failed to qualify for Nationals.
      Darkside has since been to Nationals twice before now, in 2005 and 2007.  This year we returned 22 of 27 players.
      Beyond these superficial accolades exists a collection of upstanding young gentlemen.  Darkside is best described as a group of gentlemen whose dashing good looks and unflappable southern charm are outweighed only by their razor-sharp disc skills, breathtaking athleticism and blinding, white-hot competitive fire.  More important still is their propensity for camaraderie.  Like soldiers headed to war, they must rely on each other and trust each other.  Being placed in competitive situations such as these creates an environment where a tight-knit sense of brotherhood is not jus commonplace, it is inevitable.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Matt Zeman Sr 5', 11" 21 Biology, English Chapel Hill, NC
      1 Tristan Green Jr 5', 6" 21 Environmental Studies, International Studies Chapel Hill, NC
      2 Ty Connors Sr 5', 11" 22 Statistics High Point, NC
      3 Max Shepherd Sr 6', 3" 22 Biomedical Engineering Tallahassee, FL
      5 Justin Foster Fr 5', 7" 19 Pre-Business, Economics Apex, NC
      6 Adam Carr Jr 6', 1" 20 Environmental Science Gainesville, FL
      7 Nick Deluga Jr 6', 2" 21 Biology, Portuguese Toledo, OH
      9 Jacob Mouw So 6', 3" 19 Environmental Science Raleigh, NC
      10 Thomas Sayre-McCord Sr 6', 3" 22 Physics, Math Durham, NC
      11 Justin Moore Gr 6', 1" 26 Astrophysics Franklin, TN
      12 Drew Chandler So 5', 10" 20 Nutrition, Environmental Studies Raleigh, NC
      13 Curtis Bowman Sr 5', 8" 21 Philosophy, Computer Science Concord, NC
      14 Sam Shearer Sr 6', 3" 21 History Durham, NC
      17 Schuyler Kylstra Sr 5', 10" 20 Physics, Math Chapel Hill, NC
      20 Charlie Shaffner So 6', 3" 20 Business Charlotte, NC
      21 Nathan Warden So 6', 0" 20 Peace War and Defense (PWAD) Durham, NC
      22 Jon Nethercutt So 6', 2" 20 History, Peace War and Defense (PWAD) Maury, NC
      23 Jimmy Zuraw So 6', 2" 19 Economics Wayne, PA
      32 Christian Johnson So 6', 2" 20 Physics Chapel Hill, NC
      51 Tim McAllister Fr 5', 11" 18 Nursing Franklin, NC
      73 Adam Bostian Sr 5', 9" 22 Math Charlotte, NC
      76 Marshall Ward Jr 5', 10" 21 Biology Pinehurst, NC
      77 Ben Snell So 6' 2" 20 History, Political Science Raleigh, NC
  • Ohio      College2011 OV Icon     Ohio (13)

    • Ohio
      Athens, OH
      Team Name: Ohio Ultimate
      2012CollegeLogo Ohio O
      Ohio University qualified for the first College Nationals in 1984 and spent many of the years since competing at the regional level.  After missing Regionals in 2009 ending the longest running qualifying streak in the section, the team re-committed to working hard and playing all year round.  Players joined their local club teams in addition to an OU alumni and college student club team being formed. OU saw continued improvement in the following college seasons before finishing 21st in the final College Rankings in the 2011 season.  This season, Ohio committed to taking the program to the next level and performed well enough during the Regular Season to earn the Ohio Valley a second bid to Nationals.  Ohio then proceeded to win the Ohio Conference Championship for the second year in a row and headed into Ohio Valley Regionals as the #2 seed behind Pittsburgh.  The team made it all the way to the finals before losing to Pitt but was able to beat conference foe, Ohio State, 15-8 in the backdoor game to go to Nationals. Ohio will be heading to Boulder eager to prove that they belong with the National elite. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Eric Converse Sr. 5'10" 23 Digital Media: Special Effect, Games, and Animation Lakewood, OH
      4 Andrew Baumgartner Jr. 6'0" 21 Information Telecommunication Systems Westerville, OH
      5 Andrew Ball Sr. 5'10" 23 Accounting and Management Information Systems Monroeville, OH
      6 Adam Cellar Jr. 6'2" 21 Management Information Systems and Management Powell, OH
      9 Connor Hunt So. 5'11" 20 History, Mathematical Statistics, and International Studies Shaker Heights, OH
      10 Kyle Hone Jr. 5'9" 21 Electrical Engineering Athens, OH
      11 Chris Denhart So. 5'9" 20 Economics and Statistical Mathematics Athens, OH
      12 Mitch Cihon Sr. 5'11" 22 Mechanical Engineering North Royalton, OH
      13 Jimmy Herron Sr. 5'8" 22 Music Therapy North Royalton, OH
      14 Mike Bruce Sr. 5'9" 21 Mechanical Engineering North Royalton, OH
      15 Logan Kruger So. 5'10" 20 Mechanical Engineering Cincinnati, OH
      16 Mark Hritz Sr. 5'8" 22 Mechanical Engineering North Royalton, OH
      21 Connor Haley Jr. 6'3" 21 Industrial Systems Engineering Findlay, OH
      22 Nick Wetzel Gr. 5'11" 22 Masters of Financial Economics Strongsville, OH
      24 Matt Downie Sr. 6'0" 23 Computer Engineering Chagrin Falls, OH
      26 Travis Neal So. 6'1" 20 Biological Sciences Medina, OH
      30 Chris Page Jr. 6'2" 21 Digital Media Hilliard, OH
      41 Cody Petitt So. 6'3" 20 Mechanical Engineering Circleville, OH
      44 Luke Eastman Jr. 6'3" 21 Computer Science Yellow Springs, OH
      55 Alex Doksa Sr. 5'11" 22 Civil Engineering North Royalton, OH
  • Michigan      College2011 GL Icon     Michigan (14)

    • Michigan
      Ann Arbor, MI
      Team Name: MagnUM
      2012CollegeLogo Michigan O
      University of Michigan MagnUM was founded officially in 1998 in a scrimmage in which the winning team chose the name. TUMULT lost on universe point and MagnUM was born. Since then MagnUM has been a national championship qualifier 11 times thanks in large part to our coach Richard Eikstadt and a big pool of talent in Ann Arbor. MagnUM made it to the quarterfinals in its last two visits to the championships.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Derek Moen Sr 5'10" 22 Neuroscience Chagrin Falls, OH
      2 Travis Martin Gr 5'10" 23 Computer Science New Braunfels, TX
      4 Jonathan Paruk So 5'11" 20 Political Economy Hamtramck, MI
      5 Sam Greenwood Fr 6'2'' 19 Mechanical Engineering Hanover, NH
      6 Jesse Haji-Sheikh So 5'11" 20 General Studies Bloomfield Hills, MI
      7 Jordan Macocha So 5'8" 19 Sport Management Oxford, MI
      8 Eli Leonard Fr 5'8'' 18 International Studies / Film Hopkins, MN
      9 Matt Orr So 5'8 20 Undecided Ann Arbor, MI
      11 Jon Landstra Gr 6'0" 25 Electrical Engineering O'Fallon, MO
      12 Jesse Brauner Sr 6'2" 22 Industrial and Operations Engineering Albany, NY
      13 Carson Mailler Jr 6'3" 21 Aerospace Engineering Amherst, MA
      15 Ryan Schechtman So 5'10" 21 Education Ann Arbor, MI
      17 Elijah Graves So 5'10" 19 Undecided South Orange, NJ
      18 Dan DeTone Sr 6'0" 21 Computer Engineering Rochester, MI
      21 Phil Bunge So 5'8" 20 Computer Engineering Midland, MI
      24 Zubin Shetty Sr 5'8" 21 Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science Novi, MI
      26 Brandon Beeler Sr 5'6" 21 Psychology New York, NY
      27 Jeff Pape Sr 6'0" 23 Computer Science Mount Pleasant, MI
      31 Spencer Jolly Sr 6'8" 22 Physics Yardley, PA
      32 Robbie Steinbock Gr 6'2" 22 Nuclear Engineering Louisville, KY
      34 Jesse Buchsbaum Fr 6'9" 19 Undecided Ann Arbor, MI
      35 Joe Besser Jr 5'10" 21 Mechanical Engineering Havertown, PA
      45 Seth Collins Sr 6'0" 21 English & Economics Madison, WI
      77 John Abela Gr 5'11" 22 Education Detroit, MI
      81 Yonatan Rafael Jr 5'9" 20 Industrial and Operations Engineering San Francisco, CA
  • Washington      College2011 NW Icon     Washington (15)

    • Washington
      Seattle, WA
      Team Name: Sundodgers
      2012CollegeLogo Washington O
      This Sundodgers are a hodge-podge team composed of multi-year veterans, three transfers, and a cohort of athletic rookies, who contributed more at Regionals than yours did all year. The team is looking forward to its second straight Nationals appearance.  This is the programs first time going to Nationals in back-to-back years. 
      Last year's trip to Boulder was highlighted by knocking off reigning champion Florida only to blow a hefty lead and fall to regional rival Ego in pre-quarters. That loss ended the careers of 11 seniors, including two first team all-region players. 
      This year, after a strong start at Santa Barbara and Prez Day, we struggled at Centex, ensuring that there would only be two bids for the Northwest. We played through the backdoor bracket at Regionals to upset Whitman and earn our bid. Captained by Duncan Linn, Michael ‘O-Fro’ Capeloto, and Dave Benkeser, we are looking to prove that last year's success was no fluke and that it doesn't take NexGen kids to be a successful college program. Ewing theory, anyone?
      Thanks to long-time coaches Pat McCarthy and Gabe Pedersen, the team hasn't missed a beat after replacing 11 players and is aiming to improve upon last year’s showing. Hopefully, we will establish that UW belongs among the college elite (and maybe even recruit some Seattle youth players, stupid Carleton).

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Jesse Macadangdang Gr 5'8" 23 Bioengineering Wyomissing, PA
      3 Matt Bricker-Mounts Jr 6'0" 21 Computer science Seattle, WA
      4 Nason Babbitt Fr 5'10" 18 Environmental Science and Resource Management Walla Walla, WA
      5 Kyle Steen Fr 6'2" 19 Mechanical Engineering Olympia, WA
      6 Michael Capeloto Sr 6'0'' 23 Computer science Everett, WA
      9 Jordan Listo Jr 6'0" 20 English La Canada, CA
      10 Kent Wu Sr 5'8" 22 Computer Science Beijing, China
      11 Dave Benkeser Gr 6'5" 23 Biostatistics Decatur, GA
      12 Anthony Ataee Sr 5'8" 22 Environmental Studies Seattle, WA
      15 Adam Fischette Fr 5'9" 19 Mathematics Westfield, NJ
      16 Robin Breen Fr 6'0' 18 Physiology San Diego, CA
      17 Connor Smith So   21 English Seattle, WA
      18 Fearghal Gunning Sr 6'1" 21 Biology/Biochemistry Everett, WA
      20 Julian Peterson So 6'2" 20 English Seattle, WA
      21 Ian Hash Jr 6'3" 21 Environmental Science and Resource Management Gig Harbor, WA
      22 Drew Lyons So 6'1" 20 Biology Olympia, WA
      23 Eric Wallig Sr 6'0" 23 Chemistry/Biochemistry Sammamish, WA
      24 David de Frates So 5'11" 20 Electrical Engineering Bothell, WA
      28 Duncan Linn Sr 5'9'' 22 Accounting Ferndale, WA
      84 Jonny Stacey Fr 6'0" 18 Environmental Engineering Homedale, ID
  • MSU      College2011 GL Icon     Michigan State (16)

    • Michigan State
      East Lansing, MI
      Team Name: Burning Couch
      2012CollegeLogo MichiganState O
      Founded in the early 1970’s, Michigan State Ultimate has had a series of ups and downs. In the early years, Michigan State even qualified for Worlds, but since then, they had many years of failing to qualify for nationals. Until the early 2000s, MSU hadn’t had much success until Luscious N’ Delicious and Aaron Bongaard burst onto the East Lansing campus and took the team to nationals in 2004. MSU qualified for nationals the next two years, but proceeded to fall into a slump after losing so many talented players in 2006. The Burning Couch has slowly been building itself back up to being on the national scene from leadership like Phil Sommer, Alex Edinger, Ryan Heffernan, and Jesse Ellwood. After failing to qualify for Sunday of regionals from 2007-2009, MSU found their way to three consecutive years of earning the one seed at regionals. The Burning Couch is finally back to nationals after a six year hiatus in partial thanks to some inspirational players like Aaron Ziegler, Dave Hochhalter and Jesse Ellwood. This team’s grit, athleticism and grinding defense is not only something they constantly work towards improving, but it is also something they take serious pride in. MSU is finally back at the big dance, and they are ready to burn.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Chad Homuth Jr. 5'9'' 20 Engineer Petoskey, MI
      2 Connor Thompson Fr. 5'8'' 19 Teaching Maplewood, NJ
      3 Joseph Ray Gr. 6'1'' 23 Engineer Northville, MI
      4 David Hochhalter Sr. 6'2'' 22 Engineer Grosse Point, MI
      5 John-Michael Guest Jr. 5'11'' 20 Chemistry Grosse Point, MI
      6 Aaron Ziegler Gr. 6'3'' 23 Finance Saline, MI
      7 Jesse Ellwood Gr. 5'11'' 22 Teaching Hastings, MI
      8 Jack Lyon So. 5'11' 19 Political Science Traverse City, MI
      9 Andrew Putz Sr. 5'8'' 21 Engineer Rochester Hills, MI
      10 Ryan Mariouw Gr. 5'9'' 23 Teaching Ann Arbor, MI
      12 Adam Becker So. 5'10'' 21 Fisheries and Wildlife Okemos, MI
      16 Ryan Morstadt Sr. 5'10'' 22 Supply Chain Management Grand Haven, MI
      20 Bradley Morstadt Sr. 5'10'' 22 Supply Chain Management Grand Haven, MI
      21 Zachary Albright Sr. 5'11'' 21 Engineer Grand Haven, MI
      22 Conrad Muhumuza Jr. 6'2'' 20 Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Niles, MI
      23 Taran Reynolds So. 5'11'' 20 Teaching Eaton Rapids, MI
      24 Zach Barnhart Jr. 5'11'' 20 Engineer Okemos, MI
      25 Justin Browne Gr. 5'9'' 22 Physics Philadelphia, PA
      31 Joseph Parzych So. 6'1'' 20 Fisheries and Wildlife Livonia, MI
      37 Jason Rich Jr. 5'11'' 21 Supply Chain Management Buffalo, NY
      52 Alex Jakstys Gr. 5'10'' 23 Engineer Rochester Hills, MI
      60 Ben Malburg So. 5'9'' 19 Philosophy Ludington, MI
      88 Tyler Smith Gr. 6'0'' 23 Engineer Arden Hills, MN
  • Georgia Tech      College2011 SE Icon     Georgia Tech (17)

    • Georgia Tech
      Atlanta, GA
      Team Name: Tribe
      2012CollegeLogo GeorgiaTech O
      Georgia Tech Tribe has been in existence for nearly 30 years. The team has made four previous Nationals appearances, most recently in 1992, when a third of the team hadn't even been born. 1992 saw the team go 3-2 at Nationals, losing only to champion Oregon and finalist Cornell. Since that time, the program has continued to be a regional contender and developed well over a dozen future club nationals participants for Chain Lightning, Tanasi, Machine, and Bucket. In 1998, the team was renamed "A Tribe Called Tech" (usually shortened simply to "Tribe") in homage to "A Tribe Called Quest." More recently, 2006 and 2010 were excellent seasons for the team, each time losing in the game to go to Nationals, from regions that included the eventual champion and at least one quarterfinalist. In 2012, standout Nick Lance and transfer Jay Clark helped lead Tribe to a 29-12 season, two tournament wins, and a bid to Nationals.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 JP Tiernan So 5'9" 20 Mechanical Engineering Newnan, GA
      1 Taylor Rasco Sr 5'9" 23 Biomedical Engineering Houston, TX
      2 EJ Layne Gr 6'0" 24 Computer Science Atlanta, GA
      3 Clay Williams Jr 6'0" 21 Mechanical Engineering Atlanta, GA
      5 Brian Walsh So 6'6" 20 Chemical Engineering Atlanta, GA
      7 Jay Clark Gr 6'2" 22 Music Technology Red Hook, NY
      9 Johnny Walsh Sr 5'10" 23 Environmental Engineering Macon, GA
      10 Nick Hunter Sr 6'1" 22 Mechanical Engineering Atlanta, GA
      11 Nick Lance Sr 5'10" 23 Electrical Engineering Houston, TX
      12 Siddhartha Penakalapati Sr 5'8" 21 Industrial Engineering Lilburn, GA
      13 Brian Ventura Gr 6'0" 23 Aerospace Engineering Nacogdoches, TX
      15 David Koch Gr 5'11" 23 Nuclear Engineering Mechanicsville, VA
      17 Patrick Panuski Fr 6'1" 18 Mechanical Engineering Davidson, NC
      19 Lex Overholt Sr 5'10" 22 Polymer and Fiber Engineering Atlanta, GA
      21 Bobby Ellington Jr 6'1" 20 Industrial Engineering Chattanooga, TN
      22 Austin Davis Jr 6'2" 21 Management Atlanta, GA
      23 Ramu Annamalai Sr 5'8" 23 Industrial Engineering Atlanta, GA
      24 Stephen Burkot Fr 5'9" 19 Mechanical Engineering Fort Collins, CO
      28 Tyler Plunkett Sr 5'9" 22 Electrical Engineering Atlanta, GA
      32 Karl Staber Jr 5'10" 21 Industrial and Systems Engineering Atlanta, GA
      33 Devon Rogers Fr 6'5" 18 Electrical Engineering Atlanta, GA
      41 Ryan Simmons Sr 6'2" 22 Computational Media Stone Mountain, GA
      42 Andrew Fish Gr 6'1" 23 Environmental Engineering Orlando, FL
      44 Chris Purvis Sr 6'0" 22 Aerospace Engineering Grayson, GA
      51 Adrian Clark Fr 6'4" 19 Economics Atlanta, GA
  • UC-Davis      College2011 SW Icon     California-Davis (18)

    • California-Davis
      Davis, CA
      Team Name: Davis Dogs
      2012CollegeLogo CaliforniaDavis O
      The Davis Dogs celebrated their thirtieth anniversary in 2011, and are very excited to take their first trip to Nationals. (Include notable alumni?) The 2011 season marked the first year the Dogs (and NorCal section) played in the SoCal Region. Previous Dogs squads have had more firepower and standout players, but this year’s team prides itself on unselfish play and team cohesion.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      3 Jeffro Valeros Gr 5'8" 23 Environmental Engineering Stockton, CA
      4 Greg Finkelstein Jr 6' 21 Animal Science San Mateo, CA
      6 Nathan White So 6'5" 20 Math Stanford, CA
      7 Jake Ellis Sr 5'9" 22 Political Science Orinda, CA
      11 Kevin Liantono So 5'9" 19 Economics/Communication Cupertino, CA
      12 Elijah Kerns So 5'11" 20 English/Linguistics Alameda, CA
      13 Paul Riemenschneider Sr 5'9" 22 Mechanical Engineering Ukiah, CA
      16 Mark Miller Fr 5'11" 18 Civil Engineering Santa Rosa, CA
      18 Bradley Santi Fr 5'9" 19 Civil Engineering Tuolumne, CA
      19 Sean Frawley So 5'10" 19 History/Women and Gender Studies Escondido, CA
      20 Justin Duong Fr 5'6" 19 Undeclared Orinda, CA
      22 Marcelo Sanchez Jr 6'1" 20 Psychology Castro Valley, CA
      24 Robby Merk Sr 5'10" 22 Environmental Policy and Planning Menlo Park, CA
      30 Keean Joye Fr 5'11" 18 Exercise Biology Winters, CA
      34 David Hwang So 5'9" 19 Computer Science and Linguistics Palo Alto, CA
      44 Orion Edwards So 6'1" 19 Undeclared Mendocino, CA
      52 Patrick Lahey Jr 6'1" 20 Genetics Castro Valley, CA
      55 Jonathan Sievers Fr 6'1" 19 Economics Stockton, CA
      74 Ben Hubbard Sr 6'5" 22 Clinical Nutrition Pleasanton, CA
      92 Kevin Heinrich Fr 5'10" 20 Mechanical Engineering Andover, MA
  • Cornell      College2011 ME Icon     Cornell (19)

    • Cornell
      Ithaca, NY
      Team Name: Buds
      2012CollegeLogo Cornell O
      Founded in 1973, the Cornell Buds are one of Ultimate’s oldest programs.  Making our 17th appearance at Nationals, the Buds are looking to continue our tradition of success at the national level.  Making our fourth Nationals appearance in as many years, including a 3rd place finish in 2010, we are excited to again show the nation why we are one of the top teams in the college Ultimate.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Matt Chun Jr 5'10" 21 Mechanical Engineering Ithaca, NY
      3 Jim Fuller Gr 5'8" 26 Astrophysics Boulder, CO
      5 Adam Goldberg Sr 5'11" 23 Environmental Science Medford, NJ
      10 Adam Salwen Sr 5'11" 22 Math, Econ Amherst, MA
      11 Aiden Forsi Jr 5'10" 21 Natural Resources Portland, OR
      13 Neil Butler Gr 6'4" 22 Engineering Physics Rochester, NY
      15 Adam Shih Jr 5'9" 21 Electrical Engineering West Windsor, NY
      17 Jesse Simons Gr 6'0" 28 Computer Science Allendale, NJ
      22 Ben Wie Jr 5'10" 21 Biology and Society Buffalo, NY
      23 Walter Cai So 6'1" 20 Math & Econ Madison, WI
      24 Daniel Cohen Sr 5'10" 22 Material Science Abington, PA
      27 Nick Thompson Jr 6'3" 21 Computer Science Pittsford, NY
      31 Franklin Li Fr 5'7" 18 Undecided Cranbury, NJ
      42 Daniel Goldberg So 5'8" 21 Biological Engineering Westport, CT
      46 Ryan Sturm Jr 5'11" 21 ORIE & CS Chatham, NJ
      51 August Williams-Eynon So 5'9" 19 Interdisciplinary Studies Brooklyn, NY
      52 Seung Lee Gr 5'11" 21 Financial Eng South Korea
      55 Jake Stevelman So 5'10" 19 ILR South Salem, NY
      77 Bo Li Gr 5'10" 23 Mechanical Engineering Hillsborough, NJ
      87 Daniel Wekstein Fr 6'2" 19 Economics Lewisboro, NY
  • MN-Duluth      College2011 NC Icon     Minnesota-Duluth (20)

    • Minnesota-Duluth
      Duluth, MN
      Team Name: Northern Lights
      2012CollegeLogo MinnesotaDuluth O
      The team has been around since the late 80’s but hasn’t been competitive until 2008.
      Been consistent in finishing between 7th and 5th place in the Central Region since 2008.
      Having a similar mindset as Carleton College: we focus on building as a team instead of building our top tier individuals (aka Florida). 
      Aim to peek during the series and surprise the nation.  Success. 
      We under-performed at Southerns and Chicago Invite, but took what we learned from our losses and created a stronger team for the series. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Aaron Leishman So 6'0" 20 Math Maple Groove, MN
      2 Adam Shearan Jr 5'8" 21 BSME Oakdale, MN
      6 Tristan Grovender So 5'11" 20 Comm Minneapolis
      10 Jay Drescher Gr 5'9" 23 BSME Marine on St.Croix, MN
      11 Nate Karp Fr 6'3" 18 Chem White Bear Lake, MN
      12 Ryan Pekarna Sr 6'4" 22 Comm Eden Prairie, MN
      15 Dylon Brandell So 6'1" 20 BSChE Champlin, MN
      17 Will Ellenbecker So 6'3" 20 Crim St. Cloud, MN
      23 Will Doherty So. 6'0" 19 Phych Minneapolis, MN
      24 Andrew Roberts So 5'10" 20 BSCE Savage, MN
      25 Igor Liberman Sr 6'0" 22 Finance Mendota Heights
      26 Scott Anding Sr 6'0" 22 Phych Eden Prairie, MN
      30 Curtis Cammack Fr 5'10" 19 BSCE White Bear Lake, MN
      34 James Kittlesen So 6'3" 19 MIS Faribault, MN
      42 Matt Burkhardt So 6'0" 20   Minneapolis, MN
      50 Carl Aanestad So 6'0" 20 BSChE Hopkins, MN
      54 Jordan Vlastuin Jr 5'11" 20 Finance Ellsworth, WI
      55 Carlos Wolle Jr 6'4" 20 BSChE Northfield, MN
      71 Joshua Anosike Fr 6'1" 19 BS St. Paul, MN
      84 Josh Dummer So 5'10" 20 Marketing Minnetonka, MN
      92 Marty Stecker Jr 5'11" 21 Ex Sci Maplewood, MN
      93 Sam Torgerson Gr 6'3" 22 BSChE Rochester, MN
      99 Timmy Setterberg Sr 5'9" 21 Phil Anoka, MN



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Women's Division


  • Oregon      College2011 NW Icon     Oregon (1)

    • Oregon
      Eugene, OR
      Team Name: Fugue
      2012CollegeLogo Oregon W
      Since the mid-80s the University of Oregon has been a breeding ground for Ultimate talent.  Regularly comprised of a generous mix of previous Junior Worlds team members, Callahan nominees, experienced high school players, ex-varsity superstars Fugue shines as an athletic, skill-based, hardworking team year after year.  
      In recent years, Fugue has produced national-caliber results including many annual wins at large tournaments such as the President’s Day Invite and the Stanford Invite.  Fugue has also managed two third place finishes at College Nationals (2009 and 2011) and grabbed the gold in 2010 at the same event.  
      This year’s team strays little from the typical hard-working, dedicated, love-filled image of Fugue from years past.  After winning the Pres Day Invite and the highly competitive NW Conferences (Cascade) and Regionals, the ladies of Fugue 2012 have their eyes set on that shiny bit of coveted gold in Boulder and plan to use their determined, gritty defense, precision disc skills and unexplainable love for one another to make it to the top.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Katie Weatherhead Sr 5' 3" 23 Geography Wilmette, IL
      1 Angela Tocchi So 5' 10" 20 Family and Human Services Eugene, OR
      2 Jesse Shofner Fr 5' 1 18 Undeclared Nashville, TN
      3 Rachel Karpelowitz Jr 5' 5 20 Psychology Seattle, WA
      4 Bailey Zahniser Sr 5' 4 21 Art and Anthropology Seattle, WA
      5 Kimber Coles Sr 5' 4 22 Digital Arts Eugene, OR
      6 Christina Schueler Sr 5' 7 23 Sculpture Bend, OR
      7 Alex Ode Fr 5' 8 19 Political Science Boise, ID
      9 Ashley Young So 5' 8 19 Sports Marketing Seattle, WA
      10 Sophie Darch So 5' 5 20 Business- Accounting Atlanta, GA
      11 Bethany Kaylor Fr 5' 8 19 Economics Cincinnati, OH
      12 Kasey Harris Jr 5' 6 21 Ethnic Studies Sammamish, WA
      13 Molly Lanning Fr 5' 7 18 Human Psysiology Corvallis, OR
      20 Molly Munson Jr 5' 4 21 Business- Finance Eugene, OR
      21 Anna Almy Sr 5' 9 22 Public Relations Charlottesville, VA
      22 Liz Jones So 5' 10 20 Dance and Human Psysiology Colorado Springs, CO
      24 Aubri Bishop Sr 5' 10 23 Education Eugene, OR
      25 Claire Stewart Sr 5' 6 23 Product Design Portland, OR
      28 Lily Herd Jr 5' 5 21 Psychology Eugene, OR
  • Washington      College2011 NW Icon     Washington (2)

    • Washington
      Seattle, WA
      Team Name: Element
      2012CollegeLogo Washington W
      UW Element returns in full force this year, continuing on our mission to earn it, together. We have a strong core of returning players led once again by the eloquent Danny Karlinksy. However, we’ve added some new tiger blood to the mix with cool, calm, and collected Drew Johnson and a fiery group of rookies and re-rookies. Over the course of the season these old and new elements have come together as a team, 21 strong. We’re here, we’re purple, and we’ve got bubba gumption for days – GET READY, NATIONALS 2012! UW say whaaat?!

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Gabriella Meffert Fr 5'6'' 19 Medical Anthropology/Global Health Menlo Park, CA
      3 Leah Fury Sr 5'6'' 21 American Ethnic Studies; Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Seattle, WA
      4 Alysia Letourneau Jr 5'5'' 20 Bioengineering Everett, WA
      5 Erica Petru Sr 5'3'' 22 Environmental Sciences/International Studies Oakland, CA
      6 Margo Kelly Sr 5'6'' 22 Early Childhood Education Evanston, IL
      7 Jillian Goodreau Gr 5'11'' 23 Accounting Seattle, WA
      8 Barbara Hoover So 5'7'' 20 Environmental Sciences Seattle, WA
      10 Shira Stern So 5'5'' 20 Economics Seattle, WA
      11 Marie Eberlein Jr 5'3'' 21 Bioengineering/Swedish Richland, WA
      12 Lucy Williams Jr 5'7'' 21 Applied Computational and Mathematical Sciences/Geography Seattle, WA
      13 Kirstin Gruver Sr 5'5'' 23 Environmental Sciences/German Gig Harbor, WA
      14 Ira Mavrodi Fr 5'6'' 18 Microbiology Pullman, WA
      16 Alex Mathison Sr 5'7'' 22 Business Administration Bellevue, WA
      19 Sarah Davis Jr 5'5'' 21 Physiology Golden, CO
      21 Alex Fussell Sr 5'9'' 21 Civil Engineering Issaquah, WA
      22 Sarah Edwards Fr 5'7'' 19 Undeclared Seattle, WA
      32 Sarah Benditt Sr 5'3'' 21 Psychology Seattle, WA
      37 Jenn Yeom Sr 5'3'' 21 Electrical Engineering Portland, OR
      44 Cailey Marsh Sr 5'4'' 21 Psychology Seattle, WA
      47 Amanda Kostic Jr 5'9'' 20 Bio Anthropology/German Seattle, WA
      88 Jeena Huneidi Gr 5'3'' 23 Technical Japanese Vancouver, WA
  • Michigan      College2011 GL Icon     Michigan (3)

    • Michigan
      Ann Arbor, MI
      Team Name: Flywheel
      2012CollegeLogo Michigan W
      Originally named Wanda's Binge/you may be astounded/way back in 1989/is when our team was founded
      In the season of '98/we wanted a different feel/so we opted to change our name/and are now called "Flywheel"
      To play the best competition/we travel all around/in the past several years/our programs grown leaps and bounds
      We now compete nationally/and continue to excel/and have become known/as the team who plays cowbell
      Representing Michigan/our colors are maize and blue/last season we did very well/finishing off at number two
      Now you know our story/but if you want more thrills/come watch our games at Nationals/as we show off our skills!

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      4 Becky Moore Jr 5'7.4" 20 Computer Science Engineering Allen Park, MI
      5 Radhika Bhargav Gr 5'2" 23 Mechanical Engineering Mountain View, CA
      6 Tory Fingerle Jr 5'8" 21 Environmental Science Ann Arbor, MI
      10 Lizzie Grobbel Jr 5'6" 21 Civil & Environmental Engineering Bloomfield Hills, MI
      12 Nicole Biltz So 5'8" 20 Cellular & Molecular Biology Midland, MI
      14 Theresa Zettner So 5'8" 20 History Grosse Pointe, MI
      17 Adrienne Lemberger Sr 5'7" 22 Mechanical Engineering Worthington, OH
      20 Marisa Mead Gr 5'6" 23 Public Health Burlingame, CA
      21 Meeri Chang So 5'2" 20 Business Johnson City, TN
      22 Paula Seville Sr 5'9" 22 Business Atlanta, GA
      27 Bailey Torvinen Jr 5'6" 20 Business Muskegon, MI
      28 Vicki Chang Sr 5'4" 21 Nursing Andover, MA
      34 Carolyn Vlach So 5'6" 20 Math & Spanish Traverse City, MI
      42 Kelsey DeLave Sr 5'5" 22 Movement Science Troy, MI
      72 Jacqueline Jarik So 5'7" 20 English Chicago, IL
      89 Annie Fisher Sr 5'6" 22 Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Amherst, MA
  • Cal      College2011 SW Icon     California (4)

    • California
      Berkeley, CA
      Team Name: Pie Queens
      2012CollegeLogo California W
      If you’ve ever played the Pie Queens, you may very well have seen us cheering our own rendition of the California fight song (complete with original dance moves and an air of general ridiculousness):
      "We are called the Berkeley Pie Queens.
      We go to school at UCB.
      We study people, plants, paint, the earth,
      numbers and chemistry.
      We dance like nobody is watching;
      we squat 'til our quads burn.
      And when we don our flair,
      we put the disc in air,
      cause we're an Ultimate team!"
      And ain’t it the truth... This year, the Pie Queens are a 22 woman (plus our two amazing coaches) crew of diverse, brilliant and incredibly goofy Ultimate players. We take on the game with intensity and fire, but never forget the Pie Queen spirit that has supported the program since its foundation over TWENTY years ago! Our name comes from "Lois the Pie Queen," a diner in Oakland with what one yelper called "seriously scrumptious mouthwatering pies." (Fun Fact: an empty pie tin is the oldest relative of the frisbee!) The Queens have been consistent National contenders and regularly feed players onto elite club teams in the Bay Area and beyond.
      We dance, we bake, we wear purple and giggle excessively, but when it comes down to it, we love to CRUSH. "We're gonna scar and pillage the land, just like El Nino. We'll rock this city, it's good to be a Queen, yo!"

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Gina Fischer Jr 5' 7.5'' 22 Interdisciplinary Studies Field Woodacre, CA
      1 Sharon Lin Fr 5' 1'' 18 Nutritional Science Pleasanton, CA
      3 Sarah Tanaka Sr 5' 3'' 22 Mechanical Engineering Los Altos, CA
      4 Maggie Wilson Jr 5'7" 21 English Cayucos, CA
      10 Katelyn Barrett Sr 5'10'' 21 History Newbury Park, CA
      13 Olivia Bronson Jr 5'7" 21 Interdisciplinary Studies Field San Rafael, CA
      14 Molly Barlow Fr 5'2" 18 Political Science Rochester, Minnesota
      17 Abby VanMuijen Sr 5'5" 21 Urban Design Danville, Ca
      18 Kelley O'Dell Fr 5' 7" 18 Middle Eastern Studies Walnut Creek, CA
      19 Maya Gilliss Chapman Jr 5'1 21 Legal Studies Alameda
      20 Kestrel Brogan Grad 5'5" 27 Chemistry Eagle River, WI
      21 Priscilla Menendez So 5'7" 21 Architecture Downey, CA
      22 Kate Meyer Fr 5'7'' 19 Biology, Law Williston, Vermont
      24 Marni Brown Jr 5'4" 20 Molecular Environmental Biology San Mateo
      26 Margaret "Neon" Weihs Sr 5'2" 22 Development Studies Austin, TX
      27 Erica Haggerty Sr 5'5'' 22 English and Media Studies Double Major Rowland Heights, CA
      28 Sati Houston Grad 5' 5" 22 Industrial Engineering San Francisco, CA
      33 Lucy Campbell jr 5'9" 21 History Loomis, CA
      35 Lily Lin Sr. 5'4'' 22 Microbial Biology and Sociology San Bernardino, CA
      51 Claire Desmond Sr 5'9" 21 Biology & Art History Oak Park
      53 Irina Bobarnac Dogaru Sr 5'5'' 22 Psychology Bucharest/Alameda
      77 Emily Prader Sr 5'5" 22 Political Economy Salinas, CA
  • UVA      College2011 AC Icon     Virginia (5)

    • Virginia
      Charlottesville, VA
      Team Name: Hydra
      2012CollegeLogo Virginia W
      Ever since it was started in the early 80s, Virginia Women’s Ultimate has been growing as a program, with an addition of a B team in 2009. Last year, captains Shannon McVey and Devon Ericksen with a coaching staff of James Burke and David Allison led Hydra to a 12th place finish at Centex and a 3rd place finish in the AC region, qualifying the team for the College Championships for the first time in 7 years. One Nationals was not enough for Hydra, and with the addition of Manu Argilli to the coaching staff and Gena "Sunshine" Kohler to the captain squad, Hydra was ready to do what it takes to return to Boulder. With our first goal of winning the AC region accomplished, Hydra is ready to lay down the hammer at Nationals. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Bethany Turner sr 5'4" 22 Civil Engineering Arlington, VA
      4 Amelie Bailey Sr 5'3'' 21 Economics/Politics Charlottesville, VA
      6 Kaley Bender Sr 5'3" 21 Economics Winchester, VA
      7 Gena Kohler Jr 5'7" 21 Early Childhood Special Education, Psychology Richmond, VA
      8 Theresa Hackett So 5'7" 20 Commerce Vienna, VA
      10 Nada Tramonte Fr 5'4" 19 Undeclared Arlington, VA
      12 Devon Ericksen Sr 5'6" 22 Anthropology Ashland, VA
      13 Alika Johnston Fr 5'3" 18 Philosophy Arlington, VA
      17 Shannon McVey Gr 5'2" 23 Elementary Education, Psychology Vienna, VA
      18 Melanie Chastka So 5'7" 20 Chemical Engineering Centreville, VA
      19 Rachel Schmidt Sr 5'8" 22 Civil Engineering Chicago, IL
      20 Katrien Hinderdael Jr 5'10 20 History McLean, VA
      21 Maggie John Sr 5'6" 22 Urban and Environmental Planning Fredericksburg, VA
      23 Michele DeRieux Fr 5'7 19 Biomedical Engineering Arlington, VA
      24 Mary Kelly Jr 5'7" 21 Commerce Chesapeake, VA
      25 Meghan Butt Sr 5'3" 22 Mathematics Sterling, VA
      31 Sarah Hansen Fr 5'8'' 19 Biomedical Engineering Pittsford, NY
      33 Kristen Mazur Gr 5'8" 25 Mathematics Syracuse, NY
      44 Sam Taggart So 5'5" 19 Environmental Thought and Practice Arlington, VA
      50 Kerry Mitchell So 5'2" 19 Psychology/Art History Richmond, VA
  • UNC      College2011 AC Icon     North Carolina (6)

    • North Carolina
      Chapel Hill, NC
      Team Name: Pleiades
      2012CollegeLogo NorthCarolina W
      Pleiades was founded in 1995 by Emily Larson when the female ultimate players at UNC decided to split from Darkside to form a women’s team. After several name changes, UNC Women’s Ultimate became Pleiades, or the "seven sisters" from Greek mythology. In 2001, Lindsey Hack and her colleagues formed a B team in order to give more UNC students the opportunity to learn the game of ultimate and hone their skills before trying out for the A team. Pleiades has attended nationals for the past five years and is consistently one of the top-ranked teams in the Atlantic Coast region. Our 2012 team consists of 17 baller athletes, 2 engaged to be married coaches, and 1 phenomenal dog.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      8 Lily Steponaitis Sr 5' 11" 22 Geography, Economics Chapel Hill, NC
      11 Emma Johnson So 5' 7" 21 Philosophy Durham, NC
      12 Lisa Couper So 5' 7" 19 Environmental Sciences, Mathematics Chapel Hill, NC
      13 Emily Keefer Jr 5' 9" 21 Biology, Exercise and Sport Science Stanley, NC
      14 Bridget Walsh Fr 5' 6" 18 Undecided Cincinnati, OH
      16 Hope Thomson Fr 5' 4" 19 Chemistry Durham, NC
      17 Kendall Beadleson So 5' 8" 20 Hispanic Linguistics, English Stillwater, MN
      19 Kelly Duncan Jr 5' 8" 21 Exercise and Sport Science Arlington, VA
      22 Shellie Cohen So 5' 9" 19 Exercise and Sport Science Chapel Hill, NC
      26 Amy Gilbert Sr 5' 4" 22 Mathematics Advance, NC
      37 Virginia Conover Jr 5' 4" 21 Psychology Wilson, NC
      38 Dana Harrington Sr 5' 4" 22 Communication Studies Eugene, OR
      42 Meg Duffy So 5' 3" 20 Linguistics, Anthropology Pittsburgh, PA
      51 Lindsay Lang Sr 5' 6" 21 Chemistry Chapel Hill, NC
      54 Leslie Willis Sr 5' 7" 22 Global Studies, Sociology Cary, NC
      69 Emily Gotwals Sr 5' 4" 22 Philosophy Durham, NC
      84 Diana Lam Gr 5' 6" 27 Biostatistics Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  • Iowa      College2011 NC Icon     Iowa (7)

    • Iowa
      Iowa City, IA
      Team Name: Saucy Nancy
      2012CollegeLogo Iowa W
      Iowa Women’s Ultimate started in the 90’s. Saucy Nancy attended Nationals in 2004 and 2005 and finished 5th in 2005. After 2005 we suffered from a lack of solid leadership and commitment. Iowa fell of the map until Megan Greenwood, Andrea Uhl, and Kristen Appelson saw the potential for the team to rebuild. In 2010 Saucy had an influx of talented and athletic players to add to the team from the previous year that had begun to take a more competitive attitude towards the game. Spring of 2010 Saucy placed 4th in the Central College Women’s Regionals. After that it became more realistic to many of the players that Nationals was a goal to reach for. In 2011 Saucy returned to Nationals for the first time since 2005 and went undefeated at North Central Regionals to be Regional champions for the first time in all of University of Iowa Ultimate’s history. Saucy is excited and proud to participate in 2012 Nationals.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Rachel Bradley Fr 5'6'' 19 Pre-physical therapy Downers Grove, IL
      3 Liza Minor Jr 5'6'' 21 Political Science/ International Studies Iowa City, IA
      4 Sara Timko Sr 5'8'' 22 Nursing Deerfield, IL
      5 Michelle Cartier Sr 5'6'' 22 Speech Pathology Marshalltown, IA
      6 Audrey Erickson Jr 5'8'' 21 Chemical Engineering Sioux City, IA
      10 Chelsea Twohig Gr 5'6'' 26 Dentistry Campbellsport, WI
      9 Anna Prichard So 5'5" 20 Actuarial Science Sioux City, IA
      12 Alyx Averkamp Sr 5'5'' 21 Industrial Engineering Iowa City, IA
      13 Bekah Hickernell Sr 5'6'' 22 English/Cinema Louisville, CO
      14 Carolyn Sleeth Sr 5'3'' 21 Biology Madison, WI
      18 Hannah Rohret Sr 5'8'' 22 Spanish/Education Des Moines, IA
      20 Sarah Claypool Sr 5'6'' 22 Political Science Williamsburg, IA
      25 Jenny Graham So 5'7'' 19 Elementary Education Shoreview, MN
      28 Justine Hart Sr 5'8'' 22 Geoscieince Nashville, TN
      32 JoJo Petersen So 5'3" 19 Speech pathology Foley, MN
      49 Jen Nowak Sr 5'8" 21 Biomedical Engineering Mt. Prospect, IL
      59 Dana Schrader Sr 5'6" 25 Mathematic/ Secondary Education Ankeny, IA
      97 Andrea Uhl Gr 5'6" 23 Urban & Regional Planning Sioux City, IA
      99 Dana Demmert Jr 5'8" 21 Speech Pathology/ Audiology Arlington Heights, IL
  • Wisconsin      College2011 NC Icon     Wisconsin (8)

    • Wisconsin
      Madison, WI
      Team Name: Bella Donna
      2012CollegeLogo Wisconsin W
      Wisconsin Bella Donna travels to Nationals this season for the 7th time in the program’s history. Boasting 2 Callahan winners and a large contingent of alumni that have gone on to impact the elite club scene, Bella Donna is a program that produces dedicated and quality players. The name Bella Donna means both "Beautiful woman" and "deadly poison," and Madison’s finest are willing to let our opponents choose which fits us best in Boulder. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Rachael Romaniak Fr 5'4'' 18 Engineering Monona Grove, WI
      3 Biz Cook Jr 5'9'' 21 Graphic Design Appleton, WI
      4 Lorraine Guerin Fr 5'7'' 18 Engineering Madison, WI
      8 Julie Chen Sr 5'5'' 22 Biology Appleton, WI
      9 Becca Ludford Sr 5'5'' 22 Spanish Naperville, IL
      11 Brittany Bergen Sr 5'7'' 22 Kinesology Monona Grove, WI
      12 Rebecca Enders Sr 5'1'' 21 Civil Engineering Eagan, MN
      13 Anna Shanedling Sr 5'4'' 22 Industrial Engineering Minneapolis, MN
      17 Emelie McKain Sr 4'11'' 23 Conservation Biology Andover, MA
      18 Adrienne Wells Jr 5'5'' 20 Art Madison, WI
      21 Jess Zahn Gr 5'3'' 23 Pharmacy Germantown, WI
      23 Maggie Kenny Sr 5'8'' 22 Sociology and Communication Arts Oak Brook, IL
      24 Brenna McGinley Fr 5'10'' 19 Geology, Spanish Stevens Point, WI
      26 Rachael Westgate Sr 5'5'' 22 Sociology Andover, MA
      28 Kelsey Johnson Sr 5'6'' 21 Zoology Madison, WI
      29 Haley Arenson Fr 5'6'' 19 Journalism, Communication Minnetonka, MN
      31 Sara Scott Jr 5'5'' 20 Biology, Spanish Mercer Island, WA
      33 Erin Newman Jr 5'7'' 20 Zoology Roselle, IL
      34 Marissa Paluson Fr 5'5'' 19 Pre-nursing Wausau, WI
      39 Sydney Dobkin Jr 5'5'' 21 Art History Atlanta, GA
      40 Amelia Cuarenta Jr 5'5'' 20 Psychology Hales Corners, WI
      44 Hannah Frank Fr 5'8'' 19 Engineering Milwaukee, WI
  • ISU      College2011 NC Icon     Iowa State (9)

    • Iowa State
      Ames, IA
      Team Name: Woman Scorned
      2012CollegeLogo IowaState W
      Woman Scorned was founded in 2002 by Rachel Derscheid who continued to coach the team to our first College Nationals appearance in 2009. Last season, Scorned returned to the tournament to take home a tenth place finish. This season our team returns for a 3rd time to compete for the national title.
      Throughout our history we have maintained these core beliefs:
      1: Having fun is the most important thing. Winning does not dictate fun. If we play the game right and give all we have, ultimate is fun whether we win or lose.
      2: We want to be the team that every team wants to play. We compete our hardest against every opponent but never at the sacrifice of spirit.
      3: Commit to each other as one cohesive team. Hold yourself and your teammates accountable, and value each other for everything each person contributes.
      The team’s name was derived from the quote by William Congreve "Heav'n has no rage like love to hatred turned. Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd." With the support of our friends, families, and alumni we are going to feel the love and unleash the fury on Boulder.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Lindsey Gapstur Gr 5'3" 24 Veterinary Medicine Belle Plaine, Iowa
      3 Caitlin Bosco Sr 5'4" 21 Animal Science Chicago, Illinois
      4 Daisy Velasco Sr 5'5" 22 Elementary Education Sioux City, Iowa
      7 Annihka Murray Sr 5'4" 22 Apparel Design Fort Collins, Colorado
      8 Magon Liu Sr 5'4" 21 Biology, Environmental Studies, Spanish Ames, Iowa
      13 Megan Jenkins Jr 5'8" 27 Chemistry San Diego, California
      14 Kaira Carter Jr 5'5" 21 Anthropology Clinton, Iowa
      16 Camille Nelson So 5'9" 20 Biological Systems Engineering St. Cloud, Minnesota
      17 Janani Ragothaman Fr 5'3" 19 Chemical Engineering Vermillion, South Dakota
      18 Jiear Vang Sr 5'2" 22 Graphic Design Des Moines, Iowa
      19 Alyssa Maristela Fr 5'1" 19 Pre-Architecture Eden Prairie, Minnesota
      20 Britt Schenk Sr 5'2" 21 Interior Design Woodbury, Minnesota
      22 Kate Hunter Fr 5'6" 18 Animal Ecology Golden, Colorado
      27 Sam Sauerbrei So 5'5" 19 Chemical Engineering Urbandale, Iowa
      34 Miah Blomquist Fr 5'5" 18 Genetics/Microbiology Eau Claire, Wisconsin
      35 Sarah Hoistad Sr 5'6" 22 Architecture, Environmental Studies, Spanish Edina, Minnesota
      42 Jessica Langr Sr 5'5" 22 Liberal Studies Rochester, Minnesota
      45 Anne Glasker So 5'2" 20 Aerospace Engineering Lawrence, Kansas
      47 Rebecca Miller Jr 5'4" 20 Chemistry Ames, Iowa
      75 Rebecca Weinmeister Jr 5'7" 20 Civil Engineering Altoona, Wisconsin
      97 Sarah Pesch Jr 5'10" 21 Horticulture Ames, Iowa
  • UBC      College2011 NW Icon     British Columbia (10)

    • British Columbia
      Vancouver, BC
      Team Name: Thunderbirds
      2012CollegeLogo BritishColumbia W
      The UBC Thunderbirds Women’s Ultimate Team was founded in 1997, and became the first ever Canadian team to play in a UPA National Championships. The team finished second that year at UPA College Nationals, and a decade later they claimed their first UPA College Championship Title, in 2008. There are currently few individuals remaining from that golden year, and a new generation of young women have stepped up to put the dream back into motion. In 2011, the team achieved their goal of returning to Boulder since 2008, but their shaky performance indicated the shock of finally reaching the national stage. The desire for redemption served as fuel for their next season. 
      Having lost half of their veteran players at the start of the season, the thought of securing another bid to Nationals seemed rather daunting. But the leadership refused to consider it a ‘rebuilding year’ and, early on, adapted the mentality that the team had the potential to become unstoppable. Under the sharp-eyed leadership of coach Tasia Balding, the T-Birds run a system that spreads responsibility across the entire team, rather than focusing on a couple individuals. There is a deep sense of trust in each player wearing a UBC jersey. Leading up to Nationals, the T-Birds have also had several opportunities to face top-ranked Regional rivals Oregon and Washington, contributing much to their growth and experience. With an emphasis on psychological discipline and an unwavering belief in their potential, the T-Birds are prepared to fight for the title. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Laurel Jay So 5'1" 19 Commerce Vancouver, BC
      4 Katie Berezan Sr 5'7" 24 Linguistics Edmonton, AB
      5 Mandy Wong Fr 5'2" 18 Human Kinetics Vancouver, BC
      7 Victoria Lam So 5'5" 20 Human Kinetics Vancouver, BC
      8 Gera Stancheva Jr 5'3" 21 Biology Vancouver, BC
      13 Jo-Hannah Yeo So 5'4" 19 Commerce Vancouver, BC
      14 Hannah Epperson Sr 5'9" 24 Human Geography Salt Lake City, UT
      17 Kathy Lee So 5'8" 19 Pharmacology Burnaby, BC
      18 Amira Maddison Fr 5'10 19 Human Kinetics Vancouver, BC
      19 Amy Luo So 5'1" 19 International Relations Vancouver, BC
      20 Rena Kawabata Sr 5'5" 22 Commerce Vancouver, BC
      21 Maria Chau Sr 5'4" 23 Human Kinetics Vancouver, BC
      22 Vivian Chen Sr 5'6" 21 Commerce Surrey, BC
      27 Terynn Chan Fr 5'6" 19 Human Kinetics Vancouver, BC
      31 Kristen Cheung Sr 5'0" 22 Commerce Vancouver, BC
      32 Ellen Schelew Gr 5'8" 25 Engineering Physics Halifax, NS
      48 Lisa Wong Fr 5'5" 18 Commerce Vancouver, BC
      66 Crystal Koo Sr 5'1" 21 Computer Science Richmond, BC
      72 Amanda Ho Gr 5'2" 23 Biopsychology Vancouver, BC
      77 Julie Harris Jr 5'4" 21 Chemistry Campbell River, BC
      90 Catherine Hui Sr 5'6" 21 Commerce Richmond, BC
  • Humboldt State      College2011 SW Icon     Humboldt State (11)

    • Humboldt State
      Arcata, CA
      Team Name: Hags
      2012CollegeLogo HumboldtState W
      From Humboldt State University (pop. ~8,000 students) and the misty Redwood Coast, the Hags shwoop into the College Championships for the first time since 1993. We have our wonderful community of support to thank for getting us here. 
      Not to mention a lot of hard work by some burly hags. 
      holla holla. yaoulaoullaoullaoullaou

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Clara Bolster Jr. 6'1" 23 Oceanography Guerneville, CA
      2 Caity Winterbottom So. 5'6" 19 Botany San Francisco, CA
      4 Natalie Green Sr. 5'2" 22 Economics Portland, OR
      7 Georgina Tetlow Jr. 5'5" 20 Marine Biology Santa Rosa, CA
      8 Kathleen Johnston So. 5'4" 19 Math/Music Davis, CA
      9 Aubrey Costa Sr. 5'9" 21 International Studies Grass Valley, CA
      10 Jane Kelly Sr. 5'6" 21 Wildlife Management San Clemente, CA
      13 Heidi Halverson Sr. 5'7" 22 Environmental Resource Engineering Anchorage, AK
      14 Jessica Silberman So. 5'2" 19 Wildlife Los Angeles, CA
      15 Alice Montgomery Fr. 5'5" 19 Journalism Port Townsend, WA
      18 Amanda Hesterman Fr. 5'8" 19 Social Work Vacaville, CA
      20 Kristin Eide Sr. 5'7" 24 French / Linguistics Mukilteo, WA
      23 M.C. Hannon So. 5'7" 20 Marine Biology Joliet, IL
      27 Caryn Johansen Sr. 5'4" 22 Cellular and Molecular Biology Los Alamos, NM
      44 Jackie Phipps Gr. 5'1" 23 Geography Littleton, CO
  • Sonoma State      College2011 SW Icon     Sonoma State (12)

    • Sonoma State
      Rohnert Park, CA
      Team Name: D'vine
      2012CollegeLogo SonomaState W
      This 2012 season is the 5th season in the history of D’Vine. Brinn Langdale started the team at Sonoma State in the fall of 2007. Since then, we have been growing in number, chemistry, experience, and success. We have gone from finishing 11th at Regionals, to 8th, to 6th, to 4th, and finally 3rd. For the first time ever we have finally qualified for Nationals! We are coached by James Yeager and captained by Maggie Ruden and Hannah Stueckle. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Lissa Baysinger Fr. 5'5" 18 Math Granada Hills, CA
      3 Jessica Pena So. 4'11" 20 Undeclared San Diego, CA
      4 Maggie Ruden Super Sr. 5'6" 23 Environmental Studies Oceanside, CA
      6 Cindy Cruz Jr. 5'2" 21 Kinesiology Fontana, CA
      9 Amanda Appel Fr. 5'5" 19 Undeclared San Diego, CA
      10 Kendall Almgren Fr. 5'5" 18 Biology Lexington, KY
      12 Lauren Flinn Fr. 5'9" 19 Psychology Windsor, CA
      13 Kaitlin Marin Super Sr. 5'2" 23 Math and Environmental Studies Walnut Creek, CA
      14 Emily Sanchez Fr. 5'4" 18 Communications Oceanside, CA
      15 Candice Pacheco So. 5'6" 19 Psychology Visalia, CA
      21 Rebeca Appel Fr. 5'4" 19 Undeclared San Diego, CA
      22 Ashlee DeMatteo Jr. 5'5" 21 Allied Health Roseville, CA
      23 Laurel Duncan So. 5'7" 20 Business San Diego, CA
      24 Erin Moses Jr. 5'9" 20 Human Development San Diego, CA
      32 Kara Kelly Fr. 5'11" 18 Environmental Studies Thousand Oaks, CA
      33 Dani Kleidon Fr. 5'6" 18 Business San Jose, CA
      38 Megan Lovejoy Fr. 5'3" 19 Math Marin, CA
      43 Tess McCann Jr. 5'6" 21 Geology San Diego, CA
      47 Alyssa Hall Jr. 5'11" 20 Environmental Studies Atascadero, CA
      69 Hannah Stueckle Sr. 5'8" 21 Biology Thousand Oaks, CA
      96 Jessica Circe Sr. 5'8" 22 Economics Sherbrooke, QC, CAN
  • Texas      College2011 SC Icon     Texas (13)

    • Texas
      Austin, TX
      Team Name: Melee
      2012CollegeLogo Texas W
      Texas Melee brings 12 years of competitive women’s ultimate to this year’s College
      Championships. This season, Melee is rocking a 20-player roster consisting of
      juniors, seniors, and grad students. We are fast, aggressive and extremely good-
      looking. Speaking of good-looking, our coaches this year have pushed us to be the
      best team we can be and we never could have made it this far without them. In
      addition to our wonderful coaching staff, Melee carries the support of the entire
      Austin Ultimate community and South Central Region. We are so fortunate to have
      such wonderful peers and we are looking forward to representing our city and
      region with Southern Pride!
      How did we make it this far? Melee culture is defined by two words: Melee Heart.
      Melee Heart is the work-hard, play-hard, team-first attitude that our program
      fosters. Whether it’s 6:30 am workouts, Saturday morning practice, or late-
      night study parties, Melee sticks together. We have a saying down here in Austin,
      Texas: "It’s all about Melee."
      We play every game with passion and intensity – as if it were our last game as a
      team. #YOLO.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Trisha Talamantez Jr 5'3'' 21 Management Information Systems San Antonio, TX
      3 Naomi Trang Jr 5'2? 20 Mechanical Engineering Leander, TX
      4 Sharon Tsao Jr 5'5? 20 Biology Houston, TX
      5 Shereen Rabie Jr 5'6? 20 Plan II/Rhetoric and Writing Temple, TX
      8 Diana Charrier Jr 5'8? 20 MPA (Magic Police Academy) Sunnyvale, CA
      10 Rachel Clarkson Sr 5'7? 24 Biology and Sociology Joannesburg, South Africa
      12 Hannah Calkins Gr 5'4? 25 Information Science Egderton, Wisconsin
      14 Alexe Klein Sr 5'2? 22 Anthropology Keller, TX
      15 Darbi Donaldson Sr 5'2? 22 Sociology Amarillo, TX
      16 Sarah Levinn Gr 5'10? 23 Social Work Gladstone, NJ
      17 Brady Stoll Gr 5'7? 24 Mechanical Engineering Dripping Springs, TX
      18 Libby Cravens Gr 5'5? 22 Speech Pathology Houston, TX
      27 Paulina Urbanowicz Jr 5'4? 20 Geography Houston, TX
      28 Vicky Wu Jr 5'7? 21 Environmental Science and Geology Houston, TX
      29 Heather Boyle Sr 5'4? 22 Biology Dallas, TX
      31 Julie Paik Sr 5'4? 23 Plan II Houston, TX
      33 Kayla Ramirez Jr 5'1? 21 Computational Biology Corpus Christi, TX
      65 Emily Ardolino Gr 5'6? 28 Law Florham Park, NJ
      85 Jasmine Venzant Sr 5'3? 20 Exercise Science Houston, TX
      99 Janel Venzant Jr 5'6? 21   Houston, TX
  • UCLA      College2011 SW Icon     UCLA (14)

    • UCLA
      Los Angeles, CA
      Team Name: BLU
      2012CollegeLogo UCLA W
      BLU was formed in 2004 with Alex Korb and Jamie Nuwer as coaches. In only the third year as a team, BLU made its first appearance at nationals and placed a strong 2nd. Since then, BLU has made six trips to nationals and has had several of its players place in the top 10 for Callahan—including the 2007 winner, Anna "Maddog" Nazarov. Now coached by Caitlin Rugg and Alex Korb, BLU is ready to fly high in Boulder.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Megan Beck Fr 5’3’’ 19 Undeclared Martinez, CA
      3 Jamie Lam Fr 5’4’’ 19 Chemistry Ardmore, PA
      4 Elizabeth Case Jr 5’2’’ 21 Physics Sunnyvale, CA
      6 Anjali Mehta So 5’6’’ 20 Applied Math Los Altos, CA
      7 KellyAnne Tang Fr 5’5’’ 19 Undeclared-Social Sciences Los Altos, CA
      8 Alexa Cohen Jr 5’6’’ 20 MIMG Newport Beach, CA
      9 Taylor Cook Sr 5’5’’ 21 Biology Rocklin, CA
      11 Kristi Choy Jr 5’5’’ 21 Physiological Science Walnut Creek, CA
      12 Margaret Batavia Jr 5’0’’ 21 English Piedmont, CA
      13 Alexis Whitaker Fr 5’6’’ 18 Biophysics Morgan Hill, CA
      14 Steph Eaneff Sr 5’5’’ 23 Biochemistry Cupertino, CA
      17 Kelly Wiese Sr 5’7’’ 22 Applied Math Danville, CA
      19 Ann Lee Gr 5’5’’ 26 Dentistry Sacramento, CA
      21 Ellen Smith So 5’4’’ 20 Biology Yucaipa, CA
      22 Katie Swinnerton So 5’4’’ 20 Cognitive Science Danville, CA
      23 Sabrina Fong Sr 5’6’’ 22 Physics South San Francisco, CA
      26 Katherine Johnson Sr 5’10’’ 21 Biochemistry Los Altos, CA
      28 Stephanie Pritchard Sr 5’8’’ 21 International Development Studies Prunedale, CA
      35 Alison Webster Jr 5’7’’ 22 Chemistry Yorba Linda, CA
      39 Maya Bruguera So 5’3’’ 20 Environmental Science Palo Alto, CA
      89 Elizabeth Melnikas Jr 5’5’’ 20 Music Edmonds, WA
      99 Kori Smith Jr 5’6’’ 20 Sociology Moreno Valley, CA
  • Stanford      College2011 SW Icon     Stanford (15)

    • Stanford
      Stanford, CA
      Team Name: Superfly
      2012CollegeLogo Stanford W
      Bound by a love for the game and each other, Stanford Superfly is bringing a small, dedicated team to Nationals this year who are excited to lay it out on the field. Superfly has arguably one of the most storied legacies within all of College Women’s Ultimate.  Yet while the team would be remiss if it didn’t mention how the program has been in the national championship finals eleven times since 1995, this year’s Superfly takes absolutely nothing for granted. With veteran coaches Robin Davis and Jamie Nuwer at the helm, Superfly didn’t bat an eye at losing more than half of their roster at the end of the 2011 season. The team picked up eight phenomenal rookies and showed early on in the season that they had the pure determination and heart to play with the best teams in the country. Improving with every tournament, Superfly most recently pulled out an impressive three back-to-back wins at Southwest Regionals to qualify for Nationals in the craziest and most competitive region in the country. The team continues on the tradition of 7am sprint practice and "winning the fields," but has also introduced and encouraged the use of more sparkles, rainbows, and unicorns into the program. This year’s Superfly is fast, fit, fun-loving, and incredibly excited to be back in Boulder.  

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Jennifer Lummis So 5'4" 19 Art History, International Relations Jackson, WY
      2 Hilary Vance So 5'4" 19 Biology San Leandro, CA
      4 Fannie Watkinson Sr 5'9" 22 Human Biology Lincoln, MA
      5 Allison Fink Sr 5'9" 22 Civil and Environmental Engineering Manchester, NH
      6 Michela Meister So 5'9" 19 Computer Science Cambridge, MA
      7 Stephanie Brenman Gr 5'11" 25 Medicine Newton, MA
      10 Halsey Hoster So 5'10" 20 Product Design Palo Alto, CA
      12 Jean Feng Jr 5'8" 20 Computer Science Cupertino, CA
      13 Stephanie Lim So 5'4" 19 Product Design Los Altos Hills, CA
      15 Anne Rempel So 5'9" 19 Human Biology Fresno, CA
      17 Jennifer Thompson So 5'3" 20 Electrical Engineering Richardson, TX
      22 Katie Stanley Sr 5'4" 22 Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity St. Louis, MO
      25 Audrey Wei Gr 5'4" 23 Electrical Engineering West Covina, CA
      27 Leslie Rogers Sr 5'5" 22 Symbolic Systems Los Altos, CA
      32 Constance Duong Sr 5'3" 22 Computer Science Brooklyn, NY
      43 Bettina Chen Gr 5'2" 23 Electrical Engineering Renton, WA
      55 Andrea Bowring Gr 6'0" 23 Materials Science and Engineering Merion Station, PA
  • Tufts      College2011 NE Icon     Tufts (16)

    • Tufts
      Medford, MA
      Team Name: Ewo
      2012CollegeLogo Tufts W
      The Tufts Ewo (Elephant Women) were established in 1981 and have always maintained the ability to have fun while playing at a high level Ultimate. This season, the ‘Wo played hard at Stanford Invite and won College Southerns in Georgia. In the past couple years, the Tufts Ultimate program has taken off with a combination of young talent coming in to the program and a high quality of athleticism. The Ewo hope that the strength of their program only continues to get better as they attract more attention to the Northeast and Tufts University. 

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Sara Hanneman So. 5'7" 19 Anthropology & American Studies Seattle, WA
      3 Eliza Earle Sr. 5'5" 22 Drama Concord, MA
      4 Alexandra Earle So. 5'9" 20 Child Development & Community Health Concord, MA
      7 Mia Greenwald So. 5'6" 20 International Letters and Visual Studies/ School of the Museum of Fine Arts Dual Degree Park City, UT
      8 Hannah Dorfman Fr. 5'7" 19 Political Science, Religion Columbus, OH
      10 Qxhna Titcomb Fr. 5'7" 18 Undecided Seattle, WA
      11 Michaela Fallon So. 5'11" 19 History Seattle, Wa
      12 Claudia Tajima Jr. 5'6'' 21 International Relations & Environmental Studies Amherst, MA
      18 Emily Shields So. 5'3" 19 Biology, Mathematics North Caldwell, NJ
      19 Cameron Wright Jr. 5'5" 21 French Ripton, VT
      22 Leah Staschke Sr. 5'4" 21 Chemical & Biological Engineering Guilford, CT
      23 Hailey Alm Jr. 5'9'' 20 Community Health and Economics Atlanta, GA
      24 Margot Lieblich Jr. 5'6" 21 Psychology and English Canton, CT
      29 Lily Berger So. 5'6 20 Psychology Lexington, MA
      32 Rachel Rhodes Sr. 5'7" 21 International Relations & Environmental Studies Carpinteria, CA
      48 Alex Alejos Sr. 5'8'' 22 Sociology Culver City, CA
      80 Hannah Garfield So. 5'6" 20 Civil Engineering Wynnewood, PA
      88 Olivia Rowse Sr. 5'7" 22 International Relations Falmouth, ME
  • OSU      College2011 OV Icon     Ohio State (17)

    • Ohio State
      Columbus, OH
      Team Name: Fever
      2012CollegeLogo OhioState W
      All aboard! A certain train is rolling into Boulder this weekend. That’s right, FEVER PAIN TRAIN is stopping at a station near you! Boasting a team composed of half returners and half terrifyingly wicked-awesome rookies, Fever is bringing a new, unique group to this year’s games, full of team spirit and intense play. Fever ultimate changed the course of its history last year with the team’s first appearance at the USA Ultimate College Championships since its beginnings in 2002. With an undefeated regional showing and several hard-fought tournament appearances, the Fever ladies continue to work toward their goal of a national title under captains Cassie Swafford and Paige "Diddy" Soper, as well as the tutelage of dedicated coaches Deanna Ball, Brent Reeb, and Nick "Snaps" Hamilton. An ever-growing presence in the competitive ultimate world and an unstoppable force of Fever love beyond, the Fever Pain Train is gearing up and building steam as they pull into the 2012 games…but be forewarned, our brakes are out and we’re not stopping!

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Catelen Ramsey So 5'6" 21 Dental Hygiene Findlay, OH
      4 Taylor Ey Gr 5'4" 23 Biomedical Engineering Charlotte, NC
      5 Paige Soper Jr 5'5" 20 Nursing Cincinnati, OH
      6 Alanna Dkyo Fr 5'11" 19 Biology Akron, OH
      7 Michaela McConnell So 5'8" 19 Mechanical Engineering New Albany, OH
      8 Amanda Tate Jr 5'5" 21 English, Spanish Cincinnati, OH
      9 Rachel Novak Jr 5'3" 21 City & Regional Planning Brunswick, OH
      10 Sarah Butts Gr 5'10" 25 Health Administration Dublin, OH
      11 Daniela Bova Gr 5'9" 24 Occupational Therapy Poland, OH
      12 Katie Backus So 5'7" 20 Animal Nutrition, Zoology Dublin, OH
      13 Sam Sadlier Sr 5'2" 22 Speech & Hearing Science Toledo, OH
      14 Cassie Swafford Jr 5'10" 21 Zoology, Neuroscience Powell, OH
      15 Emmy Schroder Jr 5'11" 21 Food Engineering Cincinnati, OH
      16 Sarah Craycraft Jr 5'11" 21 English, Psychology Mt. Orab, OH
      17 Lauren Franke So 5'10" 20 Human Nutrition, Business Burr Ridge, IL
      18 Caitlin Harley So 5'7" 19 City & Regional Planning Cincinnati, OH
      19 Jenna Galletta Fr 5'4" 18 Biomedical Engineering Cincinnati, OH
      20 Ivana Rosenblatt Gr 5'6" 28 History of Art Fithian, IL
      22 Kelly Wild Sr 5'2" 22 Psychology Mendota Heights, MN
      23 Leslie Vanderkolk Sr 5'5" 22 Chemical Engineering Pittsburgh, PA
      24 Liz Gates So 5'7" 20 Exercise Science Mason, OH
      27 Corinne Murphy Fr 5'4" 19 Psychology Cincinnati, OH
      28 Anna Dorfi So 5'6" 20 Chemical Engineering Akron, OH
      33 Kirsten Cadman Jr 5'3" 21 Zoology Raleigh, NC
  • Delaware      College2011 AC Icon     Delaware (18)

    • Delaware
      Newark, DE
      Team Name: Sideshow
      2012CollegeLogo Delaware W
      Sideshow was originally named Peggy Cronin's Lunar Ultimate and then we were High Piracy. We became Sideshow when a guy named Sideshow (who looked like Sideshow Bob) was hit by a bus and passed away. The women's team wasn't formed until the name Sideshow came about. This is our fourth time attending Nationals, with the past three being in 2003, 2006, and 2007. A tradition that has been with Sideshow for as long as alumni can remember is "The Bag". "The Bag" is a collection of awesome items contributed by each member of the team that are intended to inspire and fire up the team at the start of the weekend to play gutless, hard fought defense. At the end of the weekend, the team then votes on the player who they think played the best defense to win "The Bag".

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      0 Emily Cummins Fr 5' 2" 18 Art Conservation Warrenton, VA
      3 Nikki Ross Gr 5' 8" 24 Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Lancaster, PA
      4 Kelsey Devlin Fr 5' 4" 19 Mechanical Engineering Philadelphia, PA
      6 Sam Peletier Sr 5' 8" 21 Exercise Science South Brunswick, NJ
      7 Deirdre Jayko Gr 5' 2" 23 Mechanical Engineering Monroe, NY
      9 Ashli Bottino So 4' 10.5" 20 Exercise Science Basking Ridge, NJ
      11 Elise Lontos So 5' 7" 19 Civil Engineering Forest Hills, NY
      14 Natalie Zielinski Jr 5' 6" 21 Atmospheric Physics Downers Grove, Il
      17 Megan Scott Jr 5' 7" 21 Elementary Education Wilmington, DE
      19 Kalie Thompson Jr 5' 6" 21 Pre-veterinary Medicine/ Animal Bioscience Exton, PA
      22 Laura Newhard Sr 5' 2" 22 Wildlife Conservation Newark, DE
      23 Cassie Flick Fr 5' 5" 19 Criminal Justice Phoenix, MD
      24 Sara LeMar Sr 5' 7" 21 Physics Education East Norwich, NY
      25 Jasmine Caulfield Fr 5' 2" 19 Neuroscience Hockessin, DE
      26 Hannah Volpert Sr 5' 3" 22 Psychology/ Neuroscience Wayne, PA
      45 Nikki Roth Sr 5' 2" 22 Political Science Allentown, PA
      77 Alison Gutsche Sr 5' 9" 22 Environment Science Ridley, PA
      89 Grace Relf So 5' 11" 20 Energy and Environmental Policy/ French Boise, ID
  • Florida      College2011 SE Icon     Florida (19)

    • Florida
      Gainesville, FL
      Team Name: FUEL
      2012CollegeLogo Florida W
      FUEL is the University of Florida’s women’s ultimate club team and stands for "Florida Ultimate Elite Ladies." FUEL was started in 2001 and we are the longest running women’s ultimate team in Florida. This is FUEL’s fourth appearance at Nationals, and we couldn’t be more excited!

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      2 Alicia Burkhart Gr 5'4" 25 Physical Therapy Eldersburg, MD
      3 Lili Morris Gr 5'3" 23 Geography Baltimore, MD
      5 Shoshana Levi Sr 5'3" 22 Biochemistry Miami, FL
      7 Monica Hurst Jr 5'7" 21 Applied Physiology and Kinesiology Miami, FL
      9 Lyndsey Hearn-Hoover Sr 5'6" 23 Telecommunications Orlando, FL
      10 Morgan Hartmann Jr 5'3" 20 Applied Physiology and Kinesiology College Station, TX
      11 Sarah Gardiner So 5'6" 20 Aerospace Engineering St. Petersburg, FL
      14 Emily Roberts Jr 5'10" 21 Chemical Engineering Lakeland, FL
      15 Alana Hardeman So 5'7" 20 Pre-Nursing Orlando, FL
      19 Jenna Dahl Sr 5'3" 21 Materials Science Engineering Sarasota, FL
      20 Sam Dame Jr 5'5" 21 Microbiology Palm Bay, FL
      21 Kyra Catabay Sr 5'3" 22 Nutrition Coral Springs, FL
      22 Jen Higgins So 5'5" 20 Education Royal Palm Beach, FL
      28 Michelle Kraslow So 5'8" 20 Biology Miami, FL
      29 Jackie Fane Sr 5'6" 22 Biology Miami, FL
      30 Kelly Prete Sr 5'5" 22 Applied Physiology and Kinesiology Palm Bay, FL
      39 Diana Elsner Fr 5'4" 19 Environmental Science and Geography Tallahassee, FL
      77 Kelsey Viars Jr 5'5" 21 Criminology Tarpon Springs, FL
  • Ottawa      College2011 ME Icon     Ottawa (20)

    • Ottawa
      Ottawa, ON
      Team Name: Lady Gee Gees
      2012CollegeLogo Ottawa W
      The uOttawa Lady Gee-Gees have been working hard to build a name for themselves in the ultimate community since their inception in 2004. On the field, the Lady Gee-Gees have claimed titles at multiple tournaments, including Canadian Easterns ('07-'11), Canadian Nationals ('06, '09 and '10), Vegas ('07) Centex ('08), and Keystone Classic ('10). The team continues to work hard, play hard, and have fun along the way. Off the field, the Gee-Gees contribute to Ottawa's local ultimate community by coaching leagues and running an annual high school tournament.  This year, after playing in two pre-series tournaments and winning the WNY Conference Championships and Metro-East Regionals, the Lady Gee-Gees are eager to return to Boulder, CO.

      # First Last Yr Height Age Major Hometown
      1 Leigh Stewart Fr 5'10" 20 Anthropology Aylmer, QC
      3 Aline Pfefferle Sr 5'7" 23 B.Sc. Honours in Biopharmaceutical Sciences/Genomics Option Besigheim, Germany
      4 Steph Mandal Sr 5'0" 22 B. Sc. Nursing Toronto, ON
      5 Pascale Robineau-Charette Jr 5'5" 22 B. Sc. Biomedical science, specialization in Cellular and Molecular Medecine Aylmer, QC
      6 Kristina Cowan So 5'4" 20 B. Sc. Biochemistry Russell, ON
      7 Isabelle Gilbert Sr 5'7" 21 B. Sc. Engineering Sudbury, ON
      8 Hannah Dawson Fr 5'4" 19 B. Sc. Nursing Brantford, ON
      9 Romy Proulx Fr 5'10" 19 Civil Law Montreal, QC
      10 Kathryn Pohran Gr 5'7" 24 Masters in Human Kinetics, Specialization in Sport Management Greely, ON
      11 Aleks Ostojic Sr 5'8" 22 B.Sc. Honours in Biochemistry with minor in Business Administration Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
      16 Laura Evgin Gr 5'7" 25 PhD Biochemistry Ottawa, ON
      17 Sarah Innes Fr 5'4" 19 B.A. Geography Hamilton, ON
      19 Kaylee Sparks Jr 5'2" 20 B.A. Translation Ottawa, ON
      21 Tessa Van Leeuwen Sr 6'1" 21 B. Sc. Human Kinetics Simcoe, ON
      23 Marie-Christine Jacques Gr 5'5" 24 Public and International Affairs, Minor in Finance Aylmer, QC
      24 Eloise Clement Sr 5'6" 24 B. Education Ottawa, ON
      26 Heather Smith Sr 5'4" 22 B.Sc. Nursing French Immersion North Bay, ON
      27 Erika Warren So 5'5" 19 B. Sc. Engineering Ottawa, ON
      29 Vivianne Fortin So 5'7" 20 B. Sc. Human Kinetics Ottawa, ON
      57 Jenna Atchison Gr 5'11" 29 Masters of Education, Concentration in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Ottawa, ON
      89 Brianna Jaffray Gr 5'1" 22 Masters in Human Kinetics, Specialization in Sport Management Kimmirut, NU



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