2011 Wisconsin HS States Awards

Posted: July 6, 2011 12:36 PM

Below are the 2011 All-States teams for the state of Wisconsin.  The names are sorted alphabetically by school name, and these players were voted on by the teams.


1st Team All-States:

  • Eileen McMahon (Memorial)
  • Rebecca Taylor (Memorial)
  • Chloe Theissen (Memorial)
  • Katie Tredinnick (Memorial)
  • Shawn Tredinnick (Memorial)
  • Monica Trevino (Memorial)
  • Dana Williams (Memorial)

Coach of the Year:

  • Jen Buchholz (Memorial)



1st Team All-States:

  • Charles Dieterle (Madison West)
  • Arthur Herlitzka (Madison West)
  • Avery Johnson (Madison West)
  • Sterling Knoche (Madison West)
  • Felix Braun (Memorial)
  • Logan Pruess (Memorial)
  • Colin Sunde (Memorial)

Coach of the Year:

  • Dan Raabe (Memorial)


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