2011 Virginia HS States Awards

Posted: July 6, 2011 12:36 PM

Below are the 2011 All-States teams for the state of Virginia.  The names are sorted alphabetically by school name, and these players were voted on by the teams.


1st Team All-States:

  • Gladys Balcarcel (L.C. Bird)
  • Haley Hammond (Woodside)
  • Jamie Hoover (Woodson)
  • Michele Derieux (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Claudia Dimick (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Alika Johnston (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Clara Nice (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)


Coach of the Year:

  • David Soles (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)


1st Team All-States:

  • Dominique Gibson (L. C. Bird)
  • Schafer Wymond (Rockbridge County)
  • Robin Lashof-Regas (Thomas Jefferson)
  • John Kennedy (Woodside)
  • Chase Snead (Woodside)
  • Antoine Davis (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Xavier Maxstadt (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)


2nd Team All-States:

  • Will Hayes (L. C. Bird)
  • Ben Houchins (L. C. Bird)
  • Jay Boyle (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Jack Crawford-Brown (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Matt Cheng (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Isaac Macdonald (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)
  • Emerson Sieverts (Yorktown/HB Woodlawn)


Coach of the Year:

  • Richard Rudnicki (Woodside)


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