2011 Pennsylvania HS States Awards

Posted: July 6, 2011 12:36 PM

Below are the 2011 All-States teams for the state of Pennsylvania.  The names are sorted alphabetically by school name, and these players were voted on by the teams.


1st Team All-States:*

  • Eva Petzinger (Allderdice)
  • Eliza Pugh (Allderdice)
  • Hannah Walter (Allderdice)
  • Heather Weisberg (Allderdice)
  • Beah Jacobson (Lower Merion)
  • Hannah Henkin (Radnor)
  • Vivian Chan (Radnor)
  • Margie Guy (Radnor)


2nd Team All-States:*

  • Aileen Lerch (Allderdice)
  • Vaughan Skinker (Allderdice)
  • Emily Wolfson (Allderdice)
  • Julien Denny (Haverford)
  • Alicia Hosan (Haverford)
  • Steph Hosan (Haverford)
  • Chloe Bollentin (Lower Merion)
  • Jenna Perne-Ellis (Lower Merion)
  • Jillian Virgi (Mt. Lebanon)

Coach of the Year:

  • Molly Moore (Allderdice)


* denotes tie for final spot(s)


1st Team All-States:

  • Connor Lynch (Haverford)
  • Tim Gilboy (Lower Merion)
  • Nico Lake (Lower Merion)
  • Joe Bender (Mt. Lebanon)
  • Max Thorne (North Hills)
  • Paul Klimkowski (Pennsbury)
  • Trent Dillon (Radnor)


2nd Team All-States:

  • Adam Callaghan (Haverford)
  • Leo Galbraith-Paul (Lower Merion)
  • Neil Zhang (Lower Merion)
  • Benjamin Dumas (North Hills)
  • Pat Earles (North Hills)
  • Adam Shrager (Radnor)
  • Jacob Newton-Tanzer (Radnor)

Coach of the Year:

  • Christina Minecci (Lower Merion)


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