2011 Oregon HS States Awards

Posted: July 6, 2011 12:36 PM

Below are the 2011 All-States teams for the state of Oregon.  The names are sorted alphabetically by school name, and these players were voted on by the teams.


1st Team All-States:

  • Gina Bauer (Churchill)
  • Molly Buermeyer (Crescent Valley)
  • Haley Jones (Sheldon)
  • Kaya Trepp (South Eugene)
  • Morgan Caldwell (Summit)
  • Foley Galvin (Summit)
  • Sammi Jones (Summit)

Coach of the Year

  • Luke Smith (Summit)


1st Team All-States:

  • Evan Andreason (Churchill)
  • Nat Brew (Crescent Valley)
  • Kevin Bendt (Sheldon)
  • Chris Strub (Sheldon)
  • Russell Arkin (South Eugene)
  • Spencer Latarski (South Eugene)
  • Mario Bundy (Summit)


2nd Team All-States:

  • Jack Brainard (Churchill)
  • Kevin Plissner (Crescent Valley)
  • Tim McGinn (Portland)
  • Vinh Bui (South Eugene)
  • Jason Simms (South Eugene)
  • Jordan Trepp (South Eugene)
  • Andy Archer (Summit)


Coach of the Year

  • Andrew Buermeyer (Crescent Valley)


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