2011 D-I College Championships - Saturday Women's Actions and Reactions

Posted: May 29, 2011 07:51 AM

 2011 College Championships
Women's Division - Saturday

Saturday games saw a general increase in wind and with it an increase in zone.



Washington vs Stanford.

UW Element took on Stanford Superfly and was able to draw first blood before letting Stanford go on a four point run. Up 11-10 when the cap on, Stanford had a quick turnover which lead to UW’s Leah Fury (#3) completing an upwind goal to Kirstin Gruver (#13).

Getting down quickly on the long downwind pull UW was able to generate a Stanford turn and looked to have a tie game in the bag. Instead, a miscue led to Superfly getting the disc. Stanford’s handlers patiently worked the zone and put in the upwinder to make it 12-10. Though UW was able to put in the last point, the cap proved to hurt. Element

Coach Karlinsky was impressed with pulls on both sides. "Deep pulls basically can win you games."


The Berkeley Pie Queens found their rhythm on day 2. Though they lost in pre-quarters, they were easily able to win against Virginia and UBC early on in the day, sending both teams out of the championship bracket. "We just turned it up," said PQ sophomore Lily Lin (#35).


Oregon Fugue showcased their run and gun style in the game against Ottawa. Regardless of whether the closest player to the disc is a handler, Oregon sprints to pick it up and starts 
the offense flowing with a short dish pass.
Sportsmanship is alive and well: Sonia Komenda (#15) of Ottawa received a high five
from Bailey Zahniser (#4) of Oregon after she had a huge handblock on Bailey’s huck

There’s something to be said about all games being important. Northwestern Gung Ho upset the overall top seeded UCSB Burning Skirts in a game they’ll remember for years.

Lien Hoffman (#4) and Sara Miller (#77) were instrumental in this win. Unfortunately for Gung Ho, Iowa State Woman Scorned came out fired up in the round following and took not only the W, but the coveted spot in pre-quarters. Northwestern will play for 13th place on Sunday.


Stanford remains the only top seed without a loss, while Colorado College continues their run to the top of their pool with an upset over UNC-Wilmington in a nail-biter of a game. The teams traded points until Colorado College finally scored an upwind point, taking a joyous half at 8-6. The team went on to win the game, getting more breaks as UNC-W couldn't manage to. Lysistrata's Hannah Sohl (#22) received all but three points in the endzone, proving to be the most valuable player of the game and the most celebrated.


In a Conference and Regionals rematch, Iowa State took on Iowa, but was unable to repeat their Conference win. Iowa takes on Oregon in quarters. Michigan left everything on field in their win over Washington, rising above UW's deep game with their smooth, controlled offense. Can Flywheel fend off hungry Colorado College in their quarters match up? UNC-W set a trap zone which rattled Carleton; Syzygy clawed their way back, but with time running out couldn’t pull out the win. UNC-W will see Stanford Superfly in the morning. In the last pre-quarter, UNC-Chapel Hill took on Cal. Though the game was closely contested most of the way, UNC was able to outscore the Pie Queens in the second half. They take on the overall top seed Santa Barbara. 




Iowa State coach Memo Hinckley on Oregon Fugue:
"They have a ton of really great throwers. The whole field is open for them."
Stanford’s Kara Scheu (#9) on their win against Wash U:
"They came out strong and we went point for point. Kami [Groom] was really effective
and got a bunch of d’s on us. She was a big target for them. Zone seemed to work a little
bit better for shutting down their movement, but overall they played really great.
Northwestern coach Ron Kubalanza on inviting UCSB into their trap zone:
"We’re like ‘okay, okay, okay… BAM!’"
Washington coach Danny Karlinsky on mental toughness:
"When we get a point, we gain confidence. We realize that we can be in this game if we
just played with a little bit of swagger."
Carleton teammates completing each others’ sentences with regards to the Oregon
Linnea Carlson (#22): "We play a fast break game [like Fugue]."
Lilly Betky-Brunswick (#5): "So from practices, we’re used to being right there when it
Linnea: "This game was definitely won by 22 players."
Lilly: "It came down to everybody on the field and the sideline."
Cal’s Abby VanMuijen (#17) on their second day of play:
"Compared to yesterday, our whole team was a lot more mentally focused on and off the
field. It probably took us too long, but we finally realized that at Natties every point is
important. You can’t just wait for the next one."
Michigan coach Naomi Warren on Flywheel's mental approach in their upcoming quarters game against Colorado College:
"Tomorrow we have to focus on our game. At Nationals, every game is a hard game. It doesn't matter who Colorado College is, or who they've beaten so far. What matters is how we play against them, and how we can find a way to succeed on our own terms."