2010 Ultimate Hall of Fame "Slate of Eight" candidates announced

Posted: November 17, 2010 10:24 AM


The Ultimate Hall of Fame Announces the “Slate of Eight” Candidates for 2010

The Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce the eight candidates selected for consideration for the 2010 Hall of Fame (HOF).  This year, five Open and three Women candidates will be considered for up to five spots in the Hall of Fame.  The eight candidates, along with a partial listing of the teams on which they played, includes:

David Barkan - San Jose Clingons + San Jose Jam + Hostages + Double Happiness
Ken Dobyns - KABOOM! + New York + Cojones + Raleigh Lama
Mike Glass - Windy City + Double Happiness + Kegworkers
Cliff Marhoefer - Santa Barbara Condors
Jeremy Seeger - UMass + Titanic + DOG

Peggy Hollinger - Pleiades + Maineiacs + Godiva
Lori VanHolmes - Nemesis + Women on the Verge
Amy Wilbur - Survival + Godiva

Since the HOF was created in 2004, the process of selecting the candidates has been to obtain input from divisional peer groups, validate the selections via a working group known as the Vetting Subcommittee, and then identify a final 'Slate of Eight' to get voted on by the current members of the HOF for final selection.

One of the major improvements initiated in 2009 was the introduction of the "Call to the Community", a forum for anyone in the greater Ultimate community to voice their opinions about the eight candidates listed above. To share your thoughts on any or all of this year's Hall of Fame candidates, go to the Googledocs link below. Please review the instructions on the document.   Your comments will be shared with the Hall of Fame voters as additional input to aid in the voters' decisions.

        2010 Ultimate Hall of Fame – Call to the Community

All comments are due no later than Wednesday, December 1, 2010.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how best to improve the Ultimate Hall of Fame process, please reach out to Suzanne Fields at alumni@usaultimate.org.