Insurance Details

USA Ultimate approved sanctioned events are protected through the USA Ultimate liability policy, if coverage is elected. You must be an event manager or a rostered participant to be eligible for insurance coverage. Having only a USA Ultimate membership does not insure a participant. We can provide insurance certificates for those that need to be listed as Additional Insured.


Summary of the USA Ultimate general liability insurance policy

Claim Form

Use this form to report an accident and/or file a claim

Claim Form Instructions

Instructions on completing the claim form and filing a claim

Additional Insurance Coverage for USA Ultimate Affiliates


Learn more about the excellent insurance coverage extended to USA Ultimate affiliates:

  • General liability outlined above
  • Participant accident coverage outlined above
  • Directors and Officers coverage for all affiliate board of directors
  *Our coverage is intended to supplement existing coverage and act as secondary coverage. We expect all members to carry their own coverage and not utilize USAU coverage as a primary insurance. We do the best we can to update the policy summary on our site to reflect annual changes, but only the policy itself should be used to determine actual coverage.


USA Ultimate Insurance Certificates

If you are an event manager of an existing USA Ultimate championship, sanctioned or insured event that has already been set up then you may use the following forms to request additional/appropriate insurance certificates.  (To get a new event set up & insured, contact the appropriate competition division coordinatoror see the event sanctioning details & application links for sanctioning any Affiliate event, a non-affiliate tournament, league, or other program.)


Review tips for completing the Insurance Request Forms.