NorCal Women's Club Sectionals

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Sept 18, 2011

Harvest Park Middle School

4900 Valley Avenue
Pleasanton, CA 94566



Club Sectionals Competition                                   8am-2pm

                        (*Final "showcase game")                                (last round of play)            

College Clinic                                                          2:30pm-4pm

                        Station 1                                                        2:30pm-2:55pm

                        Station 2                                                        3:00pm-3:25pm

                        Station 3                                                        3:30pm-3:55pm

Mixer/Dinner/BBQ                                                  4pm-whenever!

Location: At the fields

                        Food will be provided/delivered/donated by Ruggie’s Restaurant

Other Info:

-   Combination of Fury, Zeitgeist, and Slackjaw players have signed up to lead stations

-  College players are invited to come watch Club Competition games before clinic, with special emphasis on the final round "showcase game"

-  Signups for the clinic will be closed by the day before the event (September 16th)


Station Info:

Box Out: Winning Defensive Matchups
Maggie Ruden (Zeitgeist)
Alicia Dantzker (Fury)

Wide Open: Be That Girl Downfield
Ashley Black (Zeitgeist)
Mimi Olsen (Slackjaw)
Emma Dobbins (Zeitgeist)

Getting Ho: The Art of Falling
Manisha "Slap" Daryani (Fury)
Abby VanMuijen (Zeitgeist)

Shut It Down: Tips to a Killer Mark
Heather Waugh (Zeitgeist)
Shmi Narayan (Fury)

Getting Vert: The Art of Skying
Yvette "Powski" Fisher (Slackjaw)
Yelena Gorlin (Fury)

Smooth Like Butter: All About Throwing
Susan Batchelder (Zeitgeist)
Abby Christopher (Fury)
Lily "Thud" Lin (Slackjaw)
Gabrielle Reedy (Slackjaw)


Contact Info

            Fury Coordinator: Manisha Daryani (

            Zeitgeist Coordinator: Abby VanMuijen (

            Slackjaw Coordinator: Lily Lin (

            Sectionals Coordinator: Kelly Baptiste (

            College Teams Coordinator: Maggie Ruden (