College Season Training and Recruitment (STAR) Program

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Women's Startup Project

 The College STAR (Season Training and Recruitment) Program offers year-round learning opportunities designed for college teams.  Programs include online webinars with leaders in the ultimate community and skills clinics at our national-level events.  

2017 STAR Events

February           March         May      
     Webinar: Registration - 2/6            Webinar: Dev Teams

     Webinar: D-III Teams

     Webinar: Women's Teams
           Webinar: The Offseason

     Skills Clinic: College Championships
      Skills Clinic: National Championships





  • 2016 College STAR Webinars:

    STAR Webinar (Developmental teams) - March 21, 2016

    Host Jim Aspholm is the long-time coach of Wisconsin B, perennially one of the most successful and competitive developmental programs in the country, a member of the Minneapolis mixed team the Millers, and North Central Developmental Conference Coordinator.


    STAR Webinar (D-III teams) - March 22, 2016

    Host Erynn Schroeder is a former captain of St. Benedict's women's team, where she was voted as the 2015 Player of the Year in the D-III North Central; a member of the 2015 U-23 women's national team, a member of the 2015 All-Star Ultimate Tour, and a member of the Minneapolis mixed team the Millers.


    STAR Webinar (Women's teams) - March 23, 2016

    Hosted by Claire Chastain, Qxhna Titcomb and Zara Cadoux.

    Claire is a former captain of UNC-Wilimington, the 2013 Callahan Award winner, a member of the 2013 U-23 Women's National Team, a member of the 2016 WUGC Women's National Team, and a captain of the Colorado-based women's team Molly Brown. 

    Qxhna is a former captain of Tufts, where she was voted as the 2015 Player of the Year in D-I New England Region, a member of the 2015 U-23 Mixed National Team and the 2015 WCBU Women's National Team, the founder and a member of the 2015 All-Star Ultimate Tour, and a member of the Seatle-based women's team Riot. 

    Zara is the co-founder of the Girls' Ultimate Movement, a former DIII college player at Vassar, the coach of Towson University's women's team, the VP of the Central Maryland Disc Association, and a founding member of the Baltimore/DC women's development program, Backhanded.


    STAR Webinar (Offseason) - May 17, 2016

    Guests Alyssa Weatherford and Jonathan Nethercutt talk about the college offseason in this STAR Program webinar.



  • College Team Development Manual
  • College Women's Ultimate Resource Manual

  • Five Ultimate Captain's Blog

  • Ultiworld Tuesday Tips




College Women's Startup Project


 2017 was the innaugural year for the newest STAR offering, the College Women's Startup Project. The College Women's Startup Project is designed to help foster the growth of college women's ultimate by incentivizing new teams and facilitating the development of new women's programs. We are opening applications for new 2018 women's teams in early November. 

Who can apply?

  • Brand new college women’s programs or teams who have not participated in the college series in the past two years.



Free USA Ultimate college memberships


Free USA Ultimate college memberships for a period of three years, allocated in the following manner: 

  • year 1 – 10 free memberships ($565.00 value)
  • year 2 – 7 free memberships ($395.50 value)
  • year 3 – 5 free memberships ($282.50 value)

Free team startup kit


Free team kit in year one. Kit includes discs, cones, skills & drills manuals, stickers and handouts. ($120 value)


Support network


Connection to women’s team alumni network - a network of ultimate players with experience founding and/or developing college women's programs, who will serve as sources of information and support.


Coaching help


Free membership for your team's coach, contingent upon Level-I Certification Clinic. ($39.50 value)

Proactive coach networking resources from USA Ultimate to help you find a coach in your area.



  • Periodic communication with and updates sent to USA Ultimate staff.
  • Compliance with administrative requirements of the program.
  • Participation in the 2017 college series.


To Apply: 

  • Applications will open in early November for the 2018 college season. 
  • Please note, space in the College Women's Startup Project is limited to 10 new teams in each year of the program. 

2018 grants recipients will be determined at the beginning of December, 2017. 




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