Ultimate Coaches make an enormous difference in the development of Ultimate at any level.  Experienced players, new players, and parents all have the opportunity to utilize their talents and experiences in many different ways  to help new teams get started and elevate existing programs to the next level. The coaches that give their days, evenings and weekends to support and develop players, teams and the game do so for the love of the sport, the community and the thrill of competition. If you are already coaching, we salute you. If you have a coach, make sure to thank that person often for their time and dedication. If you’d like to learn more about coaching in the sport of Ultimate, you’ve come to the right place.

Coaching in USA Ultimate:


Coaching Programs & Resources


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  • Become a Coach

  • USAU Coaching Levels

  • Coaches' Playbook

  • Become an Ultimate Coach

    STEP 1: Become a USA Ultimate Coach Member

    A. Register for a USA Ultimate account if you don't already have one. You'll purchase your Coach Membership after your background check and educational requirements are complete, but it is important we have an account to track and verify those requirements.

    B. Obtain an NCSI Background check: Completed right in your member account, all USA Ultimate coaches must obtain a Green Light from NCSI to be included on the team roster. Background checks take an average of 10 business days. 

    C. Coach level membership educational requirements.  The link for these requirements can be found on the homepage of your USA Ultimate Account:

    - Agreement to adhere to the Coaching Code of Ethics
    - Certification showing completetion of the CDC's concussion training (or other USA Ultimate approved training).
    - Certification showing competition of the SafeSport training.
    - Passing a quiz passed on four online training videos produced by USA Ultimate.

    D. You must have graduated from high school.

    E. Pay for your USA Ultimate Coach or Coach/Player Membership by logging in at after the check is complete.


    STEP 2: Find a coaching opportunity

    A. Contact your local local league or State Youth Coordinator. They may know of nearby opportunities, league requirements, and have advice. If you are in a state without a USA Ultimate HS State Championship or Tournament and would like information about organizing one, contact

    B. Reach out to local schools & PE teachers with information about Ultimate in schools.

    STEP 3: Get Educated

    CDPUSAUltimate logo 4color webA. Attend a USA Ultimate Coaching Development Workshop presented by Five Ultimate to become a certified coach.

    B. Contact to your State Youth Coordinator (youth), Conference Coordinator (college), or Sectional Coordintor (club) & let them know your team exists, they can provide you with Championship series information & playing opportunities

    C. Visit the USA Ultimate Organizer Resources for articles on working with schools, starting clubs, starting leagues, building a program & more.

    D. Learn about Ultimate Skills and Drills & Ultimate Strategy with the Five Ultimate Coaches' Playbook



    Levels of USA Ultimate Coaching

    • Coach or Coach/Player Member
        Requirements Benefits
        • Available to ages 18 or older
        • Green-Light NCSI Background Check
        • Coach level membership educational requirements:
          • Agree to adhere to the Coaching Code of Ethics
          • Certificate of completetion of CDC concussion training.
          • Certificate of competition of the SafeSport training.
          • Passing online quiz from four coach training videos.
        • Coach Membership
        • Player packs at USAU Championships
        • The ability to roster as a coach
        • Covered as a Coach at USAU Events under the USAU Insurance program*
        • Coaching E-Newsletter
        • Coaching Ethics Code
        • Eligible for Coach of the Year Awards
        *when correctly included on the official team roster
    • Ethics Level
        Requirements Benefits
    • Level I Certified
        Requirements Benefits
        • Current Coach Membership
        • Complete the Ethics & Performance Workshop
        • Pass the Level I Certification Test
        • Certification and recognition of knowledge and ability in coaching Ultimate
        • Instruction from and opportunity to network with experienced coaches & players
        • Level I Coaching Workshop Materials & Gear
        • Face book coaching community access
        • Eligibility to coach or assist a US national team
    • Level II Certification
        Requirements Benefits
        • Available to ages 21 or older
        • Current Coach Membership
        • Current Level I Certification
        • Attend both days of the Level II Workshop
        • Pass the Level II Certification Test 




  • Five Ultimate Coaches' Playbook

    The following are excerpts from the USA Ultimate magazine of the Coaches' Playbook. Check back quarterly for updates.