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Beach Division

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   East Coast Regional Director Kimberly Beach
  Great Lakes Regional Director Becky LeDonne
  Gulf Coast Regional Director Sean McCall
  West Coast Regional Director Keegan Uhl


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About Beach Ultimate 

Beach Ultimate is a popular and fast-growing spin-off of the grass-based game. Well-established Beach Ultimate events date back to the early 1990’s, with some events hosting as many as 100 teams, making them some of the largest tournaments in Ultimate. Beach Ultimate leagues and casual pickup games are sprinkled across the country, even on lakeside beaches.

Beach Ultimate is played as 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 and is played by men, mixed, women, masters, college, and youth-level teams. Windy beach conditions and a smaller field demand a more precision-oriented set of throwing skills, while the sandy field requires even greater endurance.

The natural environment of Beach Ultimate inspires a festive atmosphere where Spirit of the Game thrives alongside highly athletic play. The tradition of teams exchanging cheers or playing a whimsical game together after a match still runs strong in Beach Ultimate across the U.S.A. and internationally.

This focus on fun, coupled with a beautiful natural setting, also makes Beach Ultimate a great conduit for new players to encounter the sport in a pleasing environment and with no need for special equipment.  


2018 Beach Division

In the fourth year of Beach Division competition, we are excited to be returning to Virginia Beach for the Beach Championships once again, as well as hosting Beach Westerns for a second year as another competitive beach opportunity. 

Beach Westerns was held April 7-8, in Santa Monica, Calif. The fourth annual Beach Championships took place May 19-20 in Virginia Beach, Va.



left arrows  Beach Championships   


Beach Championships 2018 logo f full color



 left arrows  Beach Championships: Men's Division  

Standing Team Spirit Scores
 1  Humiliswag  13.17
 2  AMPersand  16.17
 3T  And the Warhawks  13.80
 3T  MidRift  11.80
 5  Bayonet  13.6
 6  Paranoia  14.67
 7  FludWhale  14.17
 8  Bern'd Out  13.2
 9  Tusken Raiders  18.17
 10  Aggressively Mediocre  13.50
 11  BLUD  15.00
Tusken Raiders won the Team Spirit Award.



2018 Men's Division Final:
Humiliswag vs AMPersand

 left arrows  Beach Championships: Mixed Division  

Standing Team Spirit Scores
 1  Long Beach Legacy  12.80
 2  En Fuego  14.00
 3  No Tsu Oh  12.80
 4  Point Break  13.20
 5  Beachboat  13.40
 6  90s Babies  13.83
 7  Carolina Cottonmouth  12.83
 8  Squirtle Squad  14.50
 9  Hucking Believe It  14.60
 10  Fog City  14.83
 11  Big Fish  16.00
 12  ZOMG Zerg Rush  14.17
 13  The Bandits  14.50
 14  Erie Brig  16.60
 15T  Locals  13.40
 15T  Tyrannis  15.17
Erie Brig won the Team Spirit Award.



2018 Mixed Division Final:
Long Beach Legacy vs En Fuego


 left arrows  Beach Championships: Women's Division  

Standing Team Spirit Scores
 1  Rockford Beaches  17.00
 2  Sand Cats  12.00
 3  LAMP  10.25
 4  Throwtorious RBG  11.50
 5  Filthy Rich  14.00
 6  Porcupineapples  13.60
 7  Foxx  13.60
 8  Jefe?  14.75
 9  Playa Fiasco  13.50
Rockford Beaches won the Team Spirit Award.



2018 Women's Division Final:
Rockford Beaches vs Sand Cats


 left arrows  Beach Championships: Mixed Masters Division  

Standing Team Spirit Scores
 1  Swamp Rats   13.20
 2  Loose Seal  12.00
 3  Shostakovich and the Angry Buddah  14.33
 4  Beaches & Cream  15.29
 5  Over the Hill  14.60
 6  Overrated  13.20
 7  Max Power  15.50
 8  Ye Olde Boxcar  13.20
 9  Big Fish  14.20
 10  Aged and Confused  13.80
 11  Charge!  14.20
 12  Old Money  16.00
 13  SHAM  17.00
 14  Fuster  15.40
SHAM won the Team Spirit Award.



2018 Mixed Masters Division Final:
 Swamp Rats vs Loose Seal


 left arrows  Beach Championships: Men's Grand Masters Division  

Standing Team Spirit Scores
 1  Sandblast  16.20
 2  Eldors  16.00
 3  No Country  14.83
 4  Scrapheap  17.20
 5  Reckon  17.17
 6  Borderline  17.29
 7  Scrapple  15.33
 8  Grave Error  15.57 
 8  Sol Draft  18.20
 8  OId Line  17.00
 8  Blazing Sandals  17.00
Sol Draft won the Team Spirit Award.



2018 Grand Masters Division Final:
 Sandblast vs Eldors





left arrows  Beach Westerns


left arrows  Beach Westerns: Men's Division  

Standing Team Spirit Scores
 1  Johnny Walker  
 2  Santa Gnarbrah  
 3T  Endless Sunset  
3T  Beachondors  




2018 Men's Division Final:
Johnny Walker vs Santa Gnarbrah


left arrows  Beach Westerns: Mixed Division  

Standing Team Spirit Scores
 1  Long Beach Legacy  
 2  Point Break  
 3  Sportscenter  
 4  Seattle Spring  
 5T  Fog City  
 5T  BabeBrah  
 7T  Los Angeles Croix  
 7T  We Love Shenanigans  




2018 Mixed Division Final:
Long Beach Legacy vs Point Break







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What are the rules of beach ultimate?

USA Beach Ultimate recognizes the rules of BULA. There are rule sets for 5 on 5 as well as 4 on 4.

What are the goals of the beach division? 

Goals of the beach division include: 1) Promoting the sport, fostering its growth and recognition; 2) Assisting organizers of beach ultimate events; 3) Providing players with information about upcoming events; 4) Working towards establishment of a national playoff series; 5) Acting as formal representative of the U.S. Beach Ultimate community at national and international events

Is there a competitive U.S. beach series?

2015 marked the start of USA Ultimate's inaugural Beach Championships, with the event returning to Virginia Beach for 2016.

What about U.S National teams at WFDF beach events?

At the last WFDF beach competition (2015 World Championships of Beach Ultimate), the U.S. had a selection process and sent teams. At that event, the U.S won 6 golds and 1 silver out of 7 divisions of play. 

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