Grant Opportunities for Affiliates


Play It Forward (PIF) covers the membership costs of underserved youth

Financial support is available for youth players who can't otherwise pay for a USA Ultimate membership.  Players apply through the Affiliate organization and demonstrate need with the letter from their school showing qualification for the national Free & Reduced Price School Meals program.  The Affiliate representative reviews and approves appropriate applications before transmitting appropriate details to USA Ultimate headquarters staff to apply membership based remaining available funding.
*Not currently restricted only to Affiliates.
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Girls' Ultimate Movement (GUM) Girls' Team Startup Project (GTSP)

The goal of the Girls’ Team Startup Project (GTSP) is to give new or developing high school girls’ teams the resources and support they need to succeed as a team in order to ultimately help grow the girls’ division. Modeled after the College Women’s Startup Project, the GTSP will provide support for participating schools for up to three years to help them develop into competitive and self-sustaining teams. After the overwhelming success of our first year, we’re excited to continue this project and spread ultimate to more and more schools across the nation!
*Not currently restricted only to Affiliates.
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New Start Grant Program (NSGP) - Equipment kits to help start brand new programs: discs, cones, and other materials


Affiliates receive priority consideration for these quarterly awarded non-monetary equipment kit grants to assist with starting new youth or team programs.

*Not currently restricted only to Affiliates.

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Affiliate Start-up Grant

Official Affiliates, those who have completed an end-of-year review and met all requirements, as well as "Provisional" Affiliates, those who recently joined and are working towards an end-of-year determination to gain "official" status, are eligible to receive this grant one time. 

Assistance with establishing the organization in a foundational way, perhaps progressing the organization from "Provisional Affiliate" status towards more challenging requirements associated with end-of-year determination as "Official Affiliate" status.  Examples may include help with filing for incorporation or non-profit status, establishing bylaws and best business practices, developing or enhancing a board of directors structure, brand development, etc.  Other ideas could be transformational programs to engage new groups in participating in the organization's revenue-generating programs in a way that significantly enhances their reach and size in the local area.

Up to $2,000 based on membership size.

*Restricted only to Affiliates.


Advanced Program Development Grants

Returning Official Affiliates who have completed at least one full year in the affiliate program are eligible to apply for the following grants.  In support of outstanding efforts and achievement in growth, organizations are eligible to apply for one grant during each calendar year in which they demonstrate growth in their total number of members per USA Ultimate Member Services tracking and reporting.  Priority will be given to Affiliate organizations that:

a. Set up matching donation programs (i.e., solicit donations from local entities to match USAU's grant funding),

b. Demonstrate larger membership sizes,

c. Apply earlier in the fiscal budget year (starts January 1), and

d. Have not received grant funding previously.  

However, all Affiliate organizations regardless of size, timing or prior grant fund receipt will be considered.


Up to $1,500 based on membership size.

USA Ultimate encourages local organizations to partner with other local entities in the development and provision of ultimate programs, sharing of resources and promotion of the sport.  This program offers an opportunity to receive a matching grant for organizations that partner with local teams, organizations, or groups.

*Restricted only to Affiliates.



Up to $1,500 based on membership size.

1. Assist organizers in developing youth programs that engage boys and girls in the sport of Ultimate at the youth, high school, or younger level in their communities.  Programs could include school-based teams, youth leagues, and youth tournaments for new/developing young players.
2. Reduce barriers to participation by providing free and/or discounted resources or event participation to new/developing youth players.
3. Focus on fun, learning, building friendships, sportsmanship, and Spirit of the Game in order to get more youth playing!

*Restricted only to Affiliates.



Up to $1,500 based on membership size.

This grant supports the development of sustainable programs intended to reach new communities. Starting a brand new corporate league, indoor league, or military league? Developing plans to expand the reach of your local organization to engage new groups? Tell us how we can help!

*Restricted only to Affiliates.



1. Application for any of the grants does not guarantee selection.

2. All applications will be reviewed based on demonstrated financial need, the organization's likelihood to succeed, documentation of program, sustainability plans for the programs and overall quality of leadership.

3. USA Ultimate reserves the right to select applicants based on the above criteria as well as other contributing factors including timing in the fiscal year and remaining budget availability.   The USA Ultimate fiscal year matches the calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31).

4. Affiliates are encouraged to apply early in the calendar year, whenever possible, and to inquire about remaining grant funds after August, even if they have already taken advantage of an annual grant opportunity in the same year.

5. Priority will be given to Affiliate organizations who set up matching donation programs (i.e., solicit donations from local entities to match USAU's grant funding), with larger membership sizes, earlier application timing in the fiscal budget year (starts January 1), and lack of prior grant funding receipt.  However, all Affiliate organizations regardless of size, timing or prior grant fund receipt will be considered.