Strategic Planning (2008-2012)

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Ultimate Revolution

The year 2008 marked the 40th Anniversary of the birth of Ultimate, making it a fitting year for the USA Ultimate to adopt its first Five Year Strategic Plan. After more than a year and a half of listening to Ultimate players throughout the country, we have come up with a plan that provides a thoughtful foundation for the next forty years -- and for the continued growth and evolution of the sport -- based on the needs and interests of those who know it best, the athletes who love the game.


Our Mission

To advance the sport of Ultimate in the United States by
enhancing and promoting Character, Community and Competition.




In order to execute this role, the USA Ultimate Board of Directors has adopted the following Strategic Priorities for implementation in 2008-2012:

Strategy: Solidify of USA Ultimate as the Leader in Youth Ultimate through Creative Outreach, Standard Setting, Diversifying Participation and Enhanced Competitive Opportunities

· Tactic: Create and distribute USA Ultimate Youth promotional package.

· Tactic: Review/rewrite High School/Middle School curriculum.

· Tactic: Explore the need and structure for non-school-based youth play, and the role of the USA Ultimate Youth Club Championships in that structure.

· Tactic: Expand and develop the role of State Youth Coordinators; provide guidelines for best practices for state level youth competition.  

· Tactic: Develop model for U14/Middle School play.

· Tactic: Revamp coaching educational offerings to be better targeted and accessible to participants and to ensure coaches are educated on USA Ultimate policies.

· Tactic: Create plan, develop materials and identify leaders to promote girls Ultimate.

· Tactic: Stimulate a pilot for a local Ultimate program for underserved and underrepresented youth.

Strategy: Make Significant Changes to the Championship Series that Provide Increased Playing Opportunities and Exciting Events to Showcase the Sport

· Tactic: Plan and implement Division II College Series.

· Tactic: Explore implementation of USA Ultimate College Pre-Series (Regular Season) Competition program.

· Tactic: Create USA Ultimate Grand Masters (40 and over) and Women’s Masters (30 and over) Experimental Championship Event.

· Tactic: Redraw Sectional/Regional Boundary and adjust Bid Allocation system to support competition and organizational goals.

· Tactic: Support Growth and Expansion of Masters Division of Club Series.

· Tactic: Implement Roster Limits in the Club Series.

· Tactic: Plan and pilot UPA Club Pre-Series (Regular Season) Competition Program.

· Tactic: Create detailed plan to implement Division II Club Series.

Strategy: Expand and Improve the Observer System so that High-Level Competition is Experienced as Fair, Spectator-Friendly and Supported by Well-Trained, Highly Regarded Observers

· Tactic: Increase the number and quality of Observers across the country. More training clinics will be held.

· Tactic: Expand and experiment with the Observer’s role in competitive play.

· Tactic: Expand and experiment with the scope of the Observer program.

Strategy: Support and Strengthen Leagues with a Central Hub of Tools, Training and Networking

· Tactic: Increase level of awareness about what the USA Ultimate currently offers to leagues.

· Tactic: Become the hub for league best practices, peer-to-peer exchange of ideas, and disseminating valued resources.

· Tactic: Provide support to local organizers through national advocacy and research of the sport in general.

· Tactic: Facilitate ongoing structured interaction between USA Ultimate and league leaders.

· Tactic: Research and develop a league affiliate model.

Strategy: Put Spirit of the Game Front and Center by Applying a Clear Definition, Building a Greater Awareness of its Importance and Use, and Changing Policies to Maximize Adherence

· Tactic: Prepare written document that clarifies and defines the concept of Spirit of the Game so that the Ultimate community shares a common understanding and language of SOTG.

· Tactic: Implement spirit rating system based on Observer, coach, spectator input.

· Tactic: Promote use of USA Ultimate established principles and awards system at non-USA Ultimate events.

Strategy: Encourage and Expand Participation of Women in Ultimate at All Levels of Play

· Tactic: Increase the number and quality of female leaders in Ultimate.

· Tactic: Increase opportunities for women to learn the sport.

· Tactic: Market Ultimate through external sources geared toward girls/women.

· Tactic: Enhance Women's coverage in USA Ultimate media.

· Tactic: USA Ultimate Board of Directors will draft and adopt a gender equity policy.

Strategy: Create New Membership Opportunities and Ways to Interact with the USA Ultimate

· Tactic: Create new membership levels and identify ways to engage parents and former members.

· Tactic: Modify membership terms to serve a broader constituency and improve current membership services.

· Tactic: Advertise offerings and aggressively pursue potential and former members.

· Tactic: Explore non-member donor relationships.

Strategy: Advocate and Provide Tools to Improve Field Access Around the Country

· Tactic: Create online field catalog.

· Tactic: Create series of documents designed to assist UPA members in finding, securing and retaining fields.

Strategy: Develop Tools and Deepen Relationships with College Teams and College Administrators in order to Build the Ultimate Program at Each School

· Tactic: Strengthen and expand relationships between USA Ultimate and college team captains and organizational leaders.

· Tactic: Develop relationships with club sports administrators (CSAs).

· Tactic: Cultivate 'institutional advocates" for college Ultimate teams.

· Tactic: Become the hub for tools and information on all college Ultimate issues, for college teams, club sports administrators, and team advisors.

Strategy: Improve Player Knowledge of the Rules of Ultimate so that SOTG and Self-officiated Play can Thrive at all Levels

· Tactic:  Expand variety and quality of rules accessibility resources.

· Tactic: Implement rules knowledge requirement for certain teams and individuals.

· Tactic: Investigate feasibility of instituting incentive system for players to learn the rules.

Strategy: Align with and Support Other Organizing Bodies (e.g. WFDF) in order to Facilitate International Growth  

· Tactic: Partner with WFDF in order to implement a strategic thinking process for international growth.

· Tactic: If warranted and requested make targeted investments to build the organizational capacity of a select number of international governing bodies to support growing the sport of Ultimate internationally.


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