WUGC 1988

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1988 World Ultimate Championships and Guts Championships

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1986 WUGC Leuven, Belgium FlagIcon be 1990 WUGC

Icon Gold
  • New York (O)
  • Lady Condors (W)
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  • n/a
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  • n/a


The United States participated in the following divisions:

Open Division (source) Women's Division (source)
  1. FlagIcon us United States (New York) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon fi Finland Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon se Sweden Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon gb Great Britain
  5. FlagIcon de West Germany
  6. FlagIcon nl The Netherlands
  7. FlagIcon ca Canada
  8. FlagIcon at Austria
  9. FlagIcon jp Japan
  10. FlagIcon ch Switzerland
  11. FlagIcon no Norway
  12. FlagIcon it Italy
  13. FlagIcon dk Denmark
  14. FlagIcon be Belgium
  15. FlagIcon fr France
  16. FlagIcon au Australia
  1. FlagIcon us United States (Lady Condors) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon nl The Netherlands Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon se Sweden Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon fi Finland
  5. FlagIcon de West Germany
  6. FlagIcon ca Canada
  7. FlagIcon gb Great Britain
  8. FlagIcon it Italy
  9. FlagIcon no Norway
  10. FlagIcon jp Japan
  11. FlagIcon fr France
  12. FlagIcon be Belgium
  13. FlagIcon ch Switzerland
  14. FlagIcon at Austria

The United States also competed in the Junior's Division at this event.  That information is contained on the WJUC 1988 page.


Open Division: New York

Women's Division: Lady Condors

News Items

  • "1988 World Ultimate & Guts Championship" (Robert L. Rauch)
    Oct. 1988 Ultimate Players Association Newsletter, pgs 1, 11



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