WUCC 2018

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2018 World Ultimate Club Championships

2014 WUCC

Cincinnati, OH FlagIcon us

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  Icon Gold
  • Revolver (M)
  • BFG (X)
  • Riot (W)
Icon Silver
  • Slow White (X)
Icon Bronze
  • Doublewide (M)
  • Brute Squad (W)
  • Molly Brown (W)
  • Wild Card (X)
  • AMP (X)


The 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships took place July 14-21 in Cincinnati, Ohio. This WFDF event allocates a number of bids to each country. The U.S. sent 13 teams in the men's, mixed and women's divisions.


  Division Team Finish
  Men's Revolver (San Francisco, CA) 1st
  Men's Doublewide (Austin, TX) Tied for 3rd
  Men's Ring of Fire (Raleigh, NC) 5th
  Women's Riot (Seattle, WA) 1st
  Women's Brute Squad (Boston, MA) Tied for 3rd
  Women's Molly Brown Tied for 3rd
  Women's Fury (San Francisco, CA) Tied for 5th
  Women's Ozone (Atlanta, GA) Tied for 7th
  Mixed BFG (Seattle, WA) 1st
  Mixed Slow White (Boston, MA) 2nd
  Mixed Wild Card (Boston, MA) Tied for 3rd
  Mixed AMP (Philadelphia, PA) Tied for 3rd
  Mixed Mixtape (Seattle, WA) Tied for 5th



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