WUCC 2014

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2014 World Ultimate Club Championships

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2010 WUCC Lecco, Italy FlagIcon it
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2018 WUCC

  Icon Gold
  • Boneyard (MM)
  • Drag'n Thrust (X)
  • Revolver (O)
  • Riot (W)
Icon Silver
  • Godiva (WM)
  • Polar Bears (X)
  • Sockeye (O)
  • Fury (W)
Icon Bronze
  • Johnny Encore (MM)
  • The Ghosts (X)
  • Johnny Bravo (O)
  • Scandal (W)


The 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships took place August 2-9 in Lecco, Italy.  This WFDF event allocates a number of bids to each country.  U.S. teams in the Open, Women's, Mixed, Masters Open and Masters Women's divisions.


  Division Team Finish
  Masters Open Boneyard (Raleigh, NC) 1st
  Masters Open Johnny Encore (Denver, CO) 3rd
  Masters Open Surly (Minneapolis, MN) 5th
  Masters Women Godiva (Boston, MA) 2nd
  Mixed Drag'n Thrust (Minneanpolis, MN) 1st
  Mixed Polar Bears (San Francisco, CA) 2nd
  Mixed The Ghosts (Boston, MA) 3rd
  Mixed Wild Card (Boston, MA) 4th
  Open Revolver (San Francisco, CA) 1st
  Open Sockeye (Seattle, WA) 2nd
  Open Johnny Bravo (Denver, CO) 3rd 
  Open Ironside (Boston, MA) 9th
  Women's Riot (Seattle, WA) 1st
  Women's Fury (San Francisco, CA) 2nd
  Women's Scandal (Washington, DC) 3rd
  Women's Showdown (Austin, TX) 4th


Note: Mixed/Open/Women's 4th place bids were earned from the WUCC waitlist.  Kelt declined their bid, which Johnny Encore accepted.



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