WUCC 2010

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2010 World Ultimate Club Championships

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2006 WUCC Prague, Czech Republic FlagIcon cz
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2014 WUCC

  Icon Gold
  • Troubled Past (MM
  • Chad Larson Experience (X)
  • Revolver (O)
  • Fury (W)
Icon Silver
  • Surly (MM)
  • Sockeye (O)
Icon Bronze
  • Mental Toss Flycoons (X)
  • Riot (W)


The 2010 World Ultimate Club Championships took place July 3-10 in Prague Czech Republic.  This WFDF event allocates a number of bids to each country.  U.S. teams in the Open, Women's, Mixed, and Masters divisions are invited based on their order of finish at the previous year's USA Ultimate Club Championships.


Masters (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Troubled Past (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Surly (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon au Eastern Greys (Australia) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon fi Helsinki Ultimate (Finland)
  5. FlagIcon us O.L.D. S.A.G. (USA)
  6. FlagIcon de Wolpertinger (Germany)
  7. FlagIcon nl Red Lights (The Netherlands)
  8. FlagIcon de Wall City (Germany)
  9. FlagIcon jp Vigi (Japan)
  10. FlagIcon ca Gauntlet (Canada)
  11. FlagIcon fr OUF (France)
  12. FlagIcon ca GLUM (Canada)
  13. FlagIcon ca Figjam (Canada)
  14. FlagIcon gb Age Against the Machine (UK)
  15. FlagIcon ve Caobos Ultimate Club (Venezuela)
  16. FlagIcon jp BIG BOMBERS (Japan)



  • Troubled Past (Arcata, CA)
    2009 Club Championships - 1st

  • Surly (Minneapolis, MN)
    2009 Club Championships - 2nd

  • O.L.D. S.A.G. (Philadelphia, PA)
    2009 Club Championships - 6th




Mixed (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Chad Larson Experience (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon ca ONYX (Canada) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Mental Toss Flycoons(USAIcon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Quiet Coyote (USA)
  5. FlagIcon au Newcastle Pie Wagon (Australia)
  6. FlagIcon au Smurf (Australia)
  7. FlagIcon us AMP (USA)
  8. FlagIcon at upsadaisy (Austria)
  9. FlagIcon us Axis of C'Ville (USA)
  10. FlagIcon ca RIP (Canada)
  11. FlagIcon au Kaboom (Australia)
  12. FlagIcon ca Choas (Canada)
  13. FlagIcon gb Jeremy Codhand (UK)
  14. FlagIcon de Frizzly Bears (Germany)
  15. FlagIcon de Sugar-Mix (Germany)
  16. FlagIcon jp Iku! (Japan)
  17. FlagIcon nz Duke (New Zealand)
  18. FlagIcon sg Sin City (Singapore)
  19. FlagIcon gb Brighton Ultimate (UK)
  20. FlagIcon jp SQOAL (Japan)
  21. FlagIcon nz Credo (New Zealand)
  22. FlagIcon it CUS BOLOGNA (Italy)
  23. FlagIcon nl Gronical Dizziness (The Netherlands)
  24. FlagIcon co 2600mixedColombia (Columbia)
  25. FlagIcon fr Ah Ouh Puc (France)
  26. FlagIcon es guayota ull (Spain)
  27. FlagIcon gb Thundering Herd (UK)
  28. FlagIcon ee Sexy legs (Estonia)
  29. FlagIcon si Frizmi (Slovenia)
  30. FlagIcon br Brazzinga (Brazil)
  31. FlagIcon gb Blue Arse Flies (UK)
  32. FlagIcon pl GrandMaster Flash (Poland)
  33. FlagIcon ch Freespeed Coed (Switzerland)
  34. FlagIcon cz Velka Morava (Czech Republic)
  35. FlagIcon be XLR8RS (Belgium)
  36. FlagIcon mx Ahau Ik (Mexico)
  37. FlagIcon de Heidees (Germany)
  38. FlagIcon by G.H.D. (Belarus)
  39. FlagIcon lu Ultimate deLux (Luxembourg)
  40. FlagIcon hr FDK Zegreb (Croatia)



  • Axis of C'Ville (Charlottesville, VA)
    2009 Club Championships - 1st

  • Chad Larson Experience (Ames, IA)
    2009 Club Championships - 2nd

  • Mental Toss Flycoons (Missoula, MT)
    2009 Club Championships - 3T

  • Quiet Coyote (Boston, MA)
    2009 Club Championships - 3T

  • AMP (Philadelphia, PA)
    2009 Club Championships - 5th



Open (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Revolver (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Sockeye (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon jp Buzz Bullets (Japan) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Chain Lightning (USA)
  5. FlagIcon us Ironside (USA)
  6. FlagIcon au Colony (Australia)
  7. FlagIcon ca Invictus (Canada)
  8. FlagIcon se Viksjöfors IF Ultimate (Sweden)
  9. FlagIcon us Doublewide (USA)
  10. FlagIcon gb Clapham Ultimate (UK)
  11. FlagIcon fi Karhukopla (Finland)
  12. FlagIcon dk Ragnarok (Denmark)
  13. FlagIcon gb Chevron Action Flash (UK)
  14. FlagIcon ch Flying Angels Bern (Switzerland)
  15. FlagIcon ca Mephisto (Canada)
  16. FlagIcon nz Magon (New Zealand)
  17. FlagIcon se Skogs Ultimate (Sweden)
  18. FlagIcon co Euforia (Colombia)
  19. FlagIcon ca Phoenix (Canada)
  20. FlagIcon au Heads of State (Australia)
  21. FlagIcon de M.U.C. (Germany)
  22. FlagIcon de Feldrenner Mainz (Germany)
  23. FlagIcon ch Freespeed (Switzerland)
  24. FlagIcon jp Nomadic Tribe (Japan)
  25. FlagIcon it Bischi (Italy)
  26. FlagIcon cz Silence (Czech Republic)
  27. FlagIcon gb Fire of London (UK)
  28. FlagIcon fr Ultimate Vibration (France)
  29. FlagIcon jp LOQUITOS (Japan)
  30. FlagIcon sk Mor ho! (Slovakia)
  31. FlagIcon fr Jack'Suns (France)
  32. FlagIcon co Absolut (Colombia)
  33. FlagIcon it Cotarica Grandes (Italy)
  34. FlagIcon ru Stoly Ultimate (Russia)
  35. FlagIcon at theBigEz - Vienna (Austria)
  36. FlagIcon cn CUUP (China)
  37. FlagIcon nl CamboCakes (The Netherlands)
  38. FlagIcon ie Dublin Ultimate (Ireland)
  39. FlagIcon fi UFO (Finland)
  40. FlagIcon be Mooncatchers (Belgium)
  41. FlagIcon gb EMO (UK)
  42. FlagIcon do DominO (Dominican Republic)
  43. FlagIcon es Mubidisk (Spain)
  44. FlagIcon mx Fénix U.N.A.M. (Mexico)
  45. FlagIcon hu LOL (Hungary)
  46. FlagIcon au Redbacks (Australia)
  47. FlagIcon jp Gigolo (Ukraine)
  48. FlagIcon lv Ultimate Decision (Latvia)


  • Chain Lightning (Atlanta, GA)
    2009 Club Championships - 1st

  • Revolver (San Francisco, CA)
    2009 Club Championships - 2nd

  • Ironside (Boston, MA)
    2009 Club Championships - 3T

  • Sockeye (Seattle, WA)
    2009 Club Championships - 3T

  • Doublewide (Austin, TX)
    2009 Club Championships - 5th



Women's (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Fury (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon jp UNO (Japan) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Riot (USAIcon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Brute Squad (USA)
  5. FlagIcon jp MUD (Japan)
  6. FlagIcon jp HUCK (Japan)
  7. FlagIcon ca Lotus Canada (Canada)
  8. FlagIcon de Woodchicas (Germany)
  9. FlagIcon us Backhoe (USA)
  10. FlagIcon jp Chukyo University Naughty Kids (Japan)
  11. FlagIcon us Zeitgeist (USA)
  12. FlagIcon cz Hot Beaches (Czech Republic)
  13. FlagIcon ca Storm (Canada)
  14. FlagIcon gb Leeds Leeds Leeds Women (UK)
  15. FlagIcon us Showdown (USA)
  16. FlagIcon ca Zepher (Canada)
  17. FlagIcon gb Iceni (UK)
  18. FlagIcon se E6 (Sweden)
  19. FlagIcon au Wildcard (Australia)
  20. FlagIcon ch Lotus Switzerland (Switzerland)
  21. FlagIcon fi Atletico (Finland)
  22. FlagIcon fr YAKA (France)
  23. FlagIcon de JinX (Germany)
  24. FlagIcon ru Cosmic Girls (Russia)
  25. FlagIcon dk Copenhagen (Denmark)
  26. FlagIcon it Tequila Boom Boom (Italy)
  27. FlagIcon au Honey (Australia)
  28. FlagIcon fi Viima (Finland)
  29. FlagIcon ie Little Miss Sunshine (Ireland)
  30. FlagIcon ca QUB (Canada)
  31. FlagIcon cn D-CUUP (China)
  32. FlagIcon ru Brilliance (Russia)



  • Fury (San Francisco, CA)
    2009 Club Championships - 1st

  • Brute Squad (Boston, MA)
    2009 Club Championships - 2nd

  • Riot (Seattle, WA)
    2009 Club Championships - 3T

  • Showdown (Austin, TX)
    2009 Club Championships - 5

  • Zeigeist (Bay Area, CA)
    2009 Club Championships - 6

  • Backhoe (Raleigh, NC)
    2009 Club Championships - 7





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