WUCC 2006

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2006 World Ultimate Club Championships

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2002 WUCC Perth, Australia FlagIcon au 2010 WUCC 

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  • O.L.D. S.A.G. (MM)
  • Brass Monkey (X)
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The 2006 World Ultimate Club Championships took place Nov. 11-18 in Perth, Australia.  This WFDF event allocates a number of bids to each country.  U.S. teams in the Open, Women's, Mixed, and Masters divisions are invited based on their order of finish at the previous year's USA Ultimate Club Championships.


Masters (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon jp  Vigi (Japan) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us O.L.D. S.A.G. (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon au Eastern Greys (Australia) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon ca GRIND (Canada)
  5. FlagIcon nz Tuatara (New Zealand)
  6. FlagIcon us Faded (USA)
  7. FlagIcon ca Relic (Canada)
  8. FlagIcon de Frisbee Family Pempelfort (Germany)
  9. FlagIcon au 74 Flood (Australia)
  10. FlagIcon jp BIG BOMBERS (Japan)
  11. FlagIcon au Fear Discinsonia (Australia)



  • O.L.D. S.A.G. (Philadelphia, PA)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 5
  • Faded (, )
    2005 UPA Club Championships - n/a




Mixed (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon ca Team Fisher Price (Canada) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Brass Monkey (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Slow White (USAIcon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Red Fish Blue Fish (USA)
  5. FlagIcon us Bad Larry (USA)
  6. FlagIcon nl Red Lights (The Netherlands)
  7. FlagIcon us Whor$hack (USA)
  8. FlagIcon ca Bombing Madd Fatties (Canada)
  9. FlagIcon au Bootius Maximus (Australia)
  10. FlagIcon us Chad Larson Experience (USA)
  11. FlagIcon de Woodies (Germany)
  12. FlagIcon au Sublime (Australia)
  13. FlagIcon us Mischief (USA)
  14. FlagIcon ca Dischords (Canada)
  15. FlagIcon gb LeedsLeedsLeeds (GBR)
  16. FlagIcon ca Joyride (Canada)
  17. FlagIcon ca Camelot (Canada)
  18. FlagIcon jp Osaka Natto (Japan)
  19. FlagIcon jp EBISU (Japan)
  20. FlagIcon au Blokes & Sheilas (Australia)
  21. FlagIcon gb Bristol Plastic Factory (GBR)
  22. FlagIcon de Endzonis (Germany)
  23. FlagIcon jp Drunk Dogs (Japan)
  24. FlagIcon fi UFO (Finland)
  25. FlagIcon it Gert Jonnys Band (Italy)
  26. FlagIcon au Restless Flycatchers (Australia)
  27. FlagIcon gb LTD Release (GBR)
  28. FlagIcon th Force Durian Gamelan Orchestra (Thailand)
  29. FlagIcon sg Freakshow (Singapore)
  30. FlagIcon ph PULA (Philippines)
  31. FlagIcon au Eureka Goldigaz (Australia)
  32. FlagIcon au Perth Renegades (Australia)
  33. FlagIcon gb Discuits (GBR)
  34. FlagIcon kr Zhong (South Korea)
  35. FlagIcon us 7 Express (USA)
  36. FlagIcon gb Sheffield Steal (GBR)
  37. FlagIcon au Honey Badgers (Australia)
  38. FlagIcon gb Thundering Herd (GBR)
  39. FlagIcon nz Zeal (New Zealand)
  40. FlagIcon sg Shiok (Singapore)



  • Brass Monkey (Bay Area, CA)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 1st

  • Whor$hack (Portland, OR)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 2nd

  • Bad Larry (Denver, CO)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 3T

  • Chad Larson Experince (Ames, IA)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 3T

  • Slow White (Boston, MA)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 6

  • Mischief (Bay Area, CA)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 13

  • Red Fish Blue Fish ( ,)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - n/a

  • 7 Express ( ,)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - n/a


Open (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon jp Buzz Bullets (Japan) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon au Thong (Australia)  Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon au Chilly (Australia)  Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Sub Zero (USA)
  5. FlagIcon gb Clapham Ultimate (Great Britain)
  6. FlagIcon au Fakulti (Australia)
  7. FlagIcon us Doublewide (USA)
  8. FlagIcon ca Mephisto (Canada)
  9. FlagIcon gb Fire of London (Great Britain)
  10. FlagIcon jp Nomadic Tribe (Japan)
  11. FlagIcon nz Magon (New Zealand)
  12. FlagIcon au Deathstar (Australia)
  13. FlagIcon fr Ultimate Vibration (France)
  14. FlagIcon jp Flippers (Japan)
  15. FlagIcon jp Bouhsears (Japan)
  16. FlagIcon jp Tibets (Japan)
  17. FlagIcon gb Emo (Great Britain)
  18. FlagIcon au Hot Chilly (Australia)
  19. FlagIcon co Colombia National Team - Santa Fe (Colombia)
  20. FlagIcon ca Too Bad (Canada)
  21. FlagIcon au Redbacks (Australia) 



  • SubZero (Minneapolis, MA)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 6

  • Doublewide (Austin, TX)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 8



Women's (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon jp MUD (Japan) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon jp UNO (Japan) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon jp Huck (Japan) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Ozone (USA)
  5. FlagIcon ca Rough Riders (Canada)
  6. FlagIcon jp Naughty Kids (Japan)
  7. FlagIcon nz Wahine Toa (New Zealand)
  8. FlagIcon gb Iceni (Great Britain)
  9. FlagIcon jp Wildcard (Australia)
  10. FlagIcon jp Southside (Australia)
  11. FlagIcon fi Konserni (Finland)
  12. FlagIcon jp Ishtar (Australia)
  13. FlagIcon gb Bliss (Great Britain)
  14. FlagIcon jp CUJC (Japan)
  15. FlagIcon jp Barbarians (Japan)
  16. FlagIcon au Phoenix (Australia)
  17. FlagIcon ca Edmonton Womens Ultimate (Canada)
  18. FlagIcon nz Raging Wahine (New Zealand)


  • Ozone (Atlanta, GA)
    2005 UPA Club Championships - 3T





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