WUCC 2002

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2002 World Ultimate Club Championships

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1999 WUCC Honolulu, HI USA FlagIcon us
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2006 WUCC 

  Icon Gold
  • Keg Workers of America (MM)
  • Donner Party (X)
  • Condors (O)
  • Riot (W)
Icon Silver
  • Skeleton Crew (MM)
  • Hang Time (X)
  • DoG (O)
  • Ozone (W)
Icon Bronze
  • Old and in the Way (MM)
  • Trigger Hippy (X)
  • Sockeye (O)
  • Lady Godiva (W)


The 2002 World Ultimate Club Championships took place August 4-10 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This WFDF event allocates a number of bids to each country.  U.S. teams in the Open, Women's, Mixed, and Masters divisions are invited based on their order of finish at the previous year's USA Ultimate Club Championships.


Masters (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Keg Workers Of America (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Skeleton Crew (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Old and in the Way (USAIcon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Chronic (USA)
  5. FlagIcon jp Vigi (Japan)
  6. FlagIcon ca Farm Accidents (Canada)
  7. FlagIcon ca Relics (Canada)
  8. FlagIcon us Herniated Disc (USA)
  9. FlagIcon us NY Masters (USA)
  10. FlagIcon us Cranky (USA)
  11. FlagIcon us Alzhammers (USA)
  12. FlagIcon ch Radical (Switzerland)
  13. FlagIcon us Old Sag (USA)
  14. FlagIcon jp Big Bombers (Japan)
  15. FlagIcon ca Aged to Perfection (Canada)
  16. FlagIcon ca Pagans (Canada)


  • Team details coming soon




Mixed (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Donner Party (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Hang Time (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Trigger Hippy (USAIcon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Blue Ridge Ultimate (USA)
  5. FlagIcon us Red Fish Blue Fish (USA)
  6. FlagIcon us High Plains Drifters (USA)
  7. FlagIcon nz Sweet As (New Zealand)
  8. FlagIcon nz Pukana (New Zealand)
  9. FlagIcon se Carnegie USC (Sweden)
  10. FlagIcon us Hana Hou (USA)
  11. FlagIcon jp Inochi (Japan)
  12. FlagIcon ch Fingers (Switzerland)
  13. FlagIcon ca Chaos (Canada)
  14. FlagIcon ca Sumo (Canada)
  15. FlagIcon gb Chevron Action Flash (UK)
  16. FlagIcon fr Clac-clac (France)
  17. FlagIcon us Persuader (USA)
  18. FlagIcon ca Idle Hands (Canada)
  19. FlagIcon us Otis (USA)
  20. FlagIcon gb Blue Arse Flies (UK)
  21. FlagIcon de Endzonis (Germany)
  22. FlagIcon us Holes and Poles (USA)
  23. FlagIcon ca Ro-Sham-Bo (Canada)
  24. FlagIcon se Stenungsund (Sweden)
  25. FlagIcon id Force Durian Gamelon Orchestra (Indonesia)
  26. FlagIcon jp Kyatoon (Japan)
  27. FlagIcon dk Flying Circus (Denmark)
  28. FlagIcon ca Grin (Canada)
  29. FlagIcon jp On Air (Japan)
  30. FlagIcon ca K'Lo (Canada)
  31. FlagIcon au Wanderlust (Australia)
  32. FlagIcon hk Blue Lotus Sect (Hong Kong)
  33. FlagIcon au Down Underpants (Australia)
  34. FlagIcon nl Circus On the Run (The Netherlands)
  35. FlagIcon sg Freak Show (Singapore)
  36. FlagIcon ru Glasnost (Russia)
  37. FlagIcon ca Mo (Canada)
  38. FlagIcon ca Flamingoes (Canada)
  39. FlagIcon br SPG - Brazil (Brazil)
  40. FlagIcon ca Flap (Canada)


  • Team details coming soon


Open (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Condors (USA)Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us DoG (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Sockeye (USA) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon ca Furious George (Canada)
  5. FlagIcon us Sub Zero (USA)
  6. FlagIcon us Electric Pig (USA)
  7. FlagIcon us Johnny Bravo (USA)
  8. FlagIcon us Bonzi (USA)
  9. FlagIcon us Jam (USA)
  10. FlagIcon jp Buzz Bullets (Japan)
  11. FlagIcon gb Clapham Ultimate (UK)
  12. FlagIcon ca Invictus (Canada)
  13. FlagIcon us New York (USA)
  14. FlagIcon au Feral (Australia)
  15. FlagIcon ca Mephisto (Canada)
  16. FlagIcon gb Chevron Action Flash (UK)
  17. FlagIcon de Feldrenner (Germany)
  18. FlagIcon fi Liquidisc (Finland)
  19. FlagIcon se Skogshyddan (Sweden)
  20. FlagIcon au King Brown (Australia)
  21. FlagIcon us Flying Angels Bern (Switzerland)
  22. FlagIcon dk Ragnarok (Denmark)
  23. FlagIcon jp Bombers (Japan)
  24. FlagIcon fi Sipoo Odd Stars (Finland)
  25. FlagIcon jp Pelpiew (Japan)
  26. FlagIcon ve Yanomami (Venezuela)
  27. FlagIcon de Woodpeckers (Germany)
  28. FlagIcon fi HUT (Finland)
  29. FlagIcon gb Team Shark (UK)
  30. FlagIcon ca GLU (Canada)
  31. FlagIcon nl Red Lights (The Netherlands)
  32. FlagIcon gb Fluid Druids (UK)
  33. FlagIcon ca Too Bad (Canada)
  34. FlagIcon us Shaka (USA)
  35. FlagIcon de Fruhsport 0,2 (Germany)
  36. FlagIcon za Tsetse Fly (South Africa)
  37. FlagIcon sg Caned Butt Able (Singapore)
  38. FlagIcon au Action Men (Australia)
  39. FlagIcon us Disco Azteca (Mexico)


  • Team details coming soon


Women's (source) U.S. Teams
  1. FlagIcon us Riot (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Ozone (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Lady Godiva (USAIcon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Schwa (USA)
  5. FlagIcon us Safari (USA)
  6. FlagIcon us Fury (USA)
  7. FlagIcon au Freya (Australia)
  8. FlagIcon jp MUD (Japan)
  9. FlagIcon us Backhoe (USA)
  10. FlagIcon au Seven Green Bottles (Australia)
  11. FlagIcon us Lady Condors (USA)
  12. FlagIcon gb Bliss (UK)
  13. FlagIcon jp Spirals (Japan)
  14. FlagIcon ca Fuse (Canada)
  15. FlagIcon jp Barbarians (Japan)
  16. FlagIcon jp Naughty Kids (Japan)
  17. FlagIcon ca Prime (Canada)
  18. FlagIcon us Ambush (USA)
  19. FlagIcon ca Flo (Canada)
  20. FlagIcon fi Espoo (Finland)
  21. FlagIcon fi Discus (Finland)
  22. FlagIcon ca Urge (Canada)
  23. FlagIcon jp Liberos (Japan)
  24. FlagIcon ve Las Yanomami (Venezuela)



  • Team details coming soon





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