WUCC 1995

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1995 World Ultimate Club Championships

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1993 WUCC Millfield, England UK FlagIcon gb 1997 WUCC

  Icon Gold
  • Seven Sages (MM)
  • Double Happiness (O)
  • Women on the Verge (W)
Icon Silver
  • Death or Glory (O)
  • Ozone (W)
Icon Bronze
  • Princeton Alumni (M)
  • New York Cojones (O)


The 1995 World Ultimate Club Championships took place July 22-30th in Millfield, England UK.  This WFDF event allocates a number of bids to each country.  U.S. teams in the Open, Women's, and Masters divisions are invited based on their order of finish at the previous year's USA Ultimate Club Championships.


Masters (source: Sep. 1995 UPA Newsletter) U.S. Teams


  1. FlagIcon us Seven Sages (USAIcon Gold
  2. FlagIcon de Gummibears (Germany)  Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Princeton Alumni (USAIcon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon ca Passing Wind (Canada)
  5.  Where's Bob? (International)
  6. FlagIcon ca Old Growth (Canada)



  • Team details coming soon
Open (source: Sep. 1995 UPA Newsletter) U.S. Teams


  1. FlagIcon us Double Happiness (USAIcon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Death or Glory (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us New York Cojones (USA) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Ring of Fire (USA)
  5. FlagIcon us Miami Refugees (USA)
  6. FlagIcon se Gothenburg Disciples (Sweden)
  7. FlagIcon us Chain Lightning (USA)
  8. FlagIcon fi Helsinki Team (Finland)
  9. FlagIcon us Dallas (USA)
  10. FlagIcon nl Red Lights (The Netherlands)
  11. FlagIcon us Philly Rage (USA)
  12. FlagIcon fi Liquidisc (Finland)
  13. FlagIcon se Orebro (Sweden)
  14. FlagIcon de Mir san Mir (Germany)
  15. FlagIcon us Chesapeake (USA)
  16. FlagIcon de Team 42 (Germany)
  17. FlagIcon jp Crews (Japan)
  18. FlagIcon gb Shotgun (UK)
  19. FlagIcon jp Barbarians (Japan)
  20. FlagIcon fi Flying Disc Cowboys (Finland)
  21. FlagIcon de Searching Woodpeckers (Germany)
  22. FlagIcon gb STAN (UK)
  23. FlagIcon us G Men (USA)
  24. FlagIcon au Gone Bush (Australia)
  25. FlagIcon dk Fenris (Denmark)
  26. FlagIcon gb Violently Happy (UK)
  27. FlagIcon ch Geneva Wizards (Switzerland)
  28. FlagIcon se Enskede (Sweden)
  29. FlagIcon gb Fluid Druids (UK)
  30. FlagIcon jp Huskys (Japan)
  31. FlagIcon de Feldrenner (Germany)
  32. FlagIcon us Moscow State (USA)
  33. FlagIcon jp Freaks (Japan)
  34. FlagIcon ca Frog Canada (Canada)
  35. FlagIcon gb Funky Monks (UK)
  36. FlagIcon ve Yanomamis (Venezuela)
  37. FlagIcon gb Sharks (UK)
  38. FlagIcon gb Headrush (UK)
  39. FlagIcon gb Sneeekys (UK)
  40. FlagIcon be Funkadelic (Belgium)



  • Team details coming soon


Women's (source: Sep. 1995 UPA Newsletter) U.S. Teams


  1. FlagIcon us Women on the Verge (USAIcon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Ozone (USAIcon Silver
  3. FlagIcon nl Red Lights (The Netherlands)  Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Lucy (USA)
  5. FlagIcon jp Barbarians (Japan)
  6. FlagIcon fi Atletico (Finland)
  7. FlagIcon jp CUJC (Japan)
  8. FlagIcon gb Bliss (UK)
  9. FlagIcon us Philly Peppers (USA)
  10. FlagIcon de Milder Nordern (Germany)
  11. FlagIcon se Orebro (Sweden)
  12. FlagIcon us Carnegie (USA)
  13. FlagIcon gb Twin Peaks (UK)
  14. FlagIcon us Weird Alice (USA)
  15. FlagIcon jp Freaks (Japan)
  16. FlagIcon dk Mess About (Denmark)



  • Team details coming soon




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