WUCC 1989


1989 World Ultimate Club Championships

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  Koln, West Germany FlagIcon de 1991 WUCC

  Icon Gold
  • Philmore (O)
  • Lady Condors (W)
Icon Silver
  • Elvis (O)
  • Smithereens (W)
Icon Bronze
  • Looney Tunes (O)


The inaugural 1989 World Ultimate Club Championships took place in Koln, West Germany.  This WFDF event allocates a number of bids to each country.  U.S. teams in the Open, Women's divisions are invited based on their order of finish at the previous year's USA Ultimate Club Championships.


Open  U.S. Teams


  1. FlagIcon us Philmore (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Elvis (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon us Looney Tunes (USA) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon us Yo Mama (USA)
  5. FlagIcon us Miami Refugees (USA)
  6. FlagIcon se SFMSC/Orebro (Sweden)
  7. FlagIcon fi Atletico Helsinki (Finland)
  8. FlagIcon us Boston Massacre (USA)
  9. FlagIcon de Karlsruhe (Germany)
  10. FlagIcon se Skogshyddans IS (Sweden)
  11. FlagIcon se Stenungsunds FC (Sweden)
  12. FlagIcon de Kangaroos (Germany)
  13. FlagIcon gb Horizontal Hombres (GB)
  14. FlagIcon jp Freaks (Japan)
  15. FlagIcon se Carnegie USC (Sweden)
  16. FlagIcon nl Red Lights (The Netherlands)
  17. FlagIcon at Groove Connection (Austria)
  18. FlagIcon de Tourists (Germany)
  19. FlagIcon se Wexi FK/Vaxo (Sweden)
  20. FlagIcon dk Team Denwark (Denmark)
  21. FlagIcon se Brunna FK (Sweden)
  22. FlagIcon ch FSL Luzern (Switzerland)
  23. FlagIcon be Brussels Branleurs (Belgium)
  24. FlagIcon de Funkers (Germany)
  25. FlagIcon ch Zuf (Switzerland)
  26. FlagIcon it Cota Rica Rimini (Italy)
  27. FlagIcon ca North Bay (Canada)
  28. FlagIcon de Rotenburg (Germany)
  29. FlagIcon fi Luto Otavat (Finland) 



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Women's  U.S. Teams


  1. FlagIcon us Lady Condors (USA) Icon Gold
  2. FlagIcon us Smithereens (USA) Icon Silver
  3. FlagIcon se Stenungsunds FC (Sweden) Icon Bronze
  4. FlagIcon nl Red Lights (The Netherlands)
  5. FlagIcon us Kamikaze (USA)
  6. FlagIcon se Carnegie USC (Sweden)
  7. FlagIcon jp Seagulls (Japan)
  8. FlagIcon at Renning Gags (Austria)
  9. FlagIcon de Lady Kangaroos (Germany)



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