How to Submit a Proposal


The USA Ultimate proposal process is an important part of your membership. Through this process, any member can communicate with USA Ultimate, and voice his/her opinion. Any group or individual may introduce a proposal to USA Ultimate.


Information to Include in a Proposal

The following information provides guidelines for writing and submitting proposals. Its goal is to assist USA Ultimate members in preparing proposals that are brief, but thorough. It is recommended that proposals be no longer than one to one and a half pages in length. All proposals should be presented in electronic format.

The essential components in the proposal are as follows:

·         Background: Provide a brief situational background, particularly as it relates to ultimate, as well as information on why the proposal is being submitted.  Outline the problem/opportunity that is being presented.

·         Proposal Wording: This is the actual text of the proposal, what the board is being asked to vote on.  For lack of a better way of saying it, this is the "legalese". Be very careful in this wording to ensure that the intent is well captured and understood by those who will read and review the proposal.

·         Pros/Cons: Outline the reasons why the proposal is beneficial to USA Ultimate and some of the reasons why it might not be beneficial. This should be kept to two short lists of bullet points of about three to five items.  Each bullet point should be no more than a couple sentences in length.

·         Financial Implications: Many proposals require a level of financial commitment from USA Ultimate. Provide a best estimate on how much implementing the proposal would cost USA Ultimate. On the other hand, what are the potential benefits to USA Ultimate?  Is there a potential revenue stream?

·         Conclusion: A simple summary paragraph tying the entire presentation together and supporting the proposal.

Once a proposal is complete, it should be submitted to the USA Ultimate CEO at