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Inducted: 2012 - Player

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA


A lightning quick all-around player, Keay was one of the few true stars who could be distinguished from the highly athletic and talented players on the Santa Barbara Condors. Feared first as a top notch defender and later as an unstoppable handler, Keay was a master practitioner of his defensive craft. Often referred to as the top defender of the mid-‘80s, Keay was one of those rare players who could dominate a game with his defense, and led the Condors to many victories with countless layout blocks in countless critical situations, and unshakable transition offense.

From the Hot Sox in the late ‘70s to the Condors in the ‘80s (with a National Championship in 1981) to the Iguanas in the early ‘90s, he was respected and beloved by his opponents, despite the fact that he shut most of them down. Although he was as tough a competitor as they come, Keay was always a champion of Spirit of the Game. He believed that for Spirit of the Game to be relevant, it was the responsibility of the high profile teams and high profile players to exemplify the best of behaviors, which is what he always strived to do.

Keay lives in Mill Valley, CA with his wife Nancy and their two daughters.

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