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Inducted: 2013 - Player

Current Home: San Diego, CA


In 1983, as an emerging young stand-out, Jim helped lead the San Diego Spin-offs to the finals of his first National Championships. For the next decade he was widely acknowledged as one of the best all-around players on the West Coast and one of the most exciting players to watch around the Country. With superior athleticism, charismatic leadership, and exemplary sportsmanship, Jim sported a one-of-a-kind brand of greatness. Speed, jumping, precision throwing, he had it all, not to mention perfect hair and likeable swagger. As Jim matured, he played increasingly critical leadership roles, on and off the field, on three different teams that made it to National’s Finals (Spinoffs, Flying Circus, Iguana). Always the go-to guy on offense and the defender to cover the best player on the other team, Jim brought high performance and excellence to every game he ever played. When the Flying Circus learned he would be joining their team in 1985 in their quest to win the national championship, a few of them looked at each other and said: That’s it – we are going to win". And they did.

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