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All registered events that are owned and operated by USA Ultimate Affiliate organizations will be sanctioned, insured and managed by the same guidelines, requirements and standards as all USA Ultimate sanctioned events (with several benefit exceptions as noted below).*

Affiliate events are pre-approved without need to submit an application or a fee to set up sanctioning.  However, an event registration form is required (see Step 2 just below) in order to inform USAU HQ staff how to set up, track, insure and report the event to credit the Affiliate (annual rebates & recognition).

Download or print this Checklist for Affiliate Event Organizers (CLICK HERE).

STEP 1The primary organizer for each event should read through the sanctioning requirements for the appropriate event type.  The requirements can be found on the following pages:

  • League Competition (Teams play only a few games per week over multiple weeks.)
    See steps 1-3 for key details for Affiliate organizers

  • Tournament Competition (Teams play multiple games over a few days.)
    See sections titled "Benefits" and also "Requirements" for key details for Affiliate organizers.

  • Development Insurance (includes training & development non-competition activities/events like practices/training/tryouts, pickups/scrimmages, clinics/camps, seminars/conferences/meetings, etc. as well as very casual competition like recreational 1-day hat tournaments)
    See sections titled "Benefits" and also "Requirements" for key details for Affiliate organizers.

STEP 2: Complete the appropriate online application, linked below, AT LEAST 15 business days (typically, 3 weeks) in ADVANCE of the event so that USAU staff can set it up appropriately to ensure adequate insurance, tracking, reporting, and participant/team/organizer communication & support.

Affiliate Event Application

(apply for all events in one application)

You will receive an email confirmation from a USAU staff program manager when your event is set up for insurance and registration in the online event management system as well as on the public event calendar.

See TIPS for completing the insurance certificate request section.

STEP 3Helpful links to review or share with other organizers:

Registration Management

Registration information for organizers

Participant Registration

Send this link to participants.  Includes links and forms necessary for registration in affiliate events.

Discounted Disc/Kit Orders

Free shipping for affiliates!  Deep discounts on discs ($6 ea), rulebooks, kits & spectator guides.  Order Form


*Exceptions to standard non-affiliate sanctioning requirements:

a. Sanctioning application fees (from $50-$200 per event) that non-affiliate organizers pay are waived for affiliates! 

b. All participants in non-regular season affiliate-owned events must be annual player-level members of USA Ultimate at the Affiliate level or higher (valid levels include Affiliate, Youth, College, Adult, Lifetime, and Coach & Player).  Event memberships (similar cost but only covering a single event) are not available for affiliate event participants, in order to incentivize more participation (one annual membership covers all annual affiliate events).