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USA Ultimate Approved Discs

Discs bearing the USA Ultimate Approved mark are the only discs which have been reviewed and approved by the USA Ultimate Disc Standards Committee for use at specified levels of play.

For a list of approved discs, visit the USA Ultimate disc standards page.

Preferred Providers

In addition to our Licensed Merchandise, the following products provide a percentage of their sales to USA Ultimate in support of Ultimate development and programs.

Essential Ultimate: Teaching Coaching, Playing Contains all you need to know about teaching and coaching players to learn and achieve in the sport. Written by Michael Baccarini and Tiina Booth
Ultimate Techniques and Tactics This essential handbook contains more than the mechanics of the Game. Written by Jim Parinella and Eric Zaslow.

Additional Ultimate Merchandise and Apparel

*threads Apparel
Disc Ace Ultimate, disc golf discs
Disc Golf Station Disc Golf Supplies
Flashflight Lighted Ultimate discs 
Gaia Ultimate Sports Inc. Apparel
Innova Ultimate, disc golf discs
Message Products Personal checks
Patagonia Team and event
Play Ultimate Education and Entertainment Videos
Port-a-Field Portable athletic field boundaries
Pro Disc Freestyle Freestyle instructional DVD
Ultiapps iOS/Android statistics app
Ultimate Athletic Paints Field Lining Equipment
Ultistats Palm Pilot statistics program
UltiVillage USA Ultimate Club Championships DVDs, Ultimate "Clips of the Day"
Ultimate:The First Four Decades Chronicles the history of the sport