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Tournament Sanctioning

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Welcome to the home of USA Ultimate Tournament Sanctioning. The goal for tournament sanctioning is to provide resources for tournament directors, provide reliable standards for participants, and organize the network of tournaments across the country as they relate to our competition divisions (Youth, College, Club, Masters, Beach). Ultimately we want to assist organizers with running safe, high quality, and well-organized events. Tournament Sanctioning can apply to any type of tournament from a local hat tournament to the College and Club Regular Season tournaments and everything in between. Benefits to sanctioning include insurance coverage, promotion on the USA Ultimate Tournament Calendar, discounted merchandise orders, and so much more. These pages have great information about our sanctioning program, and you can always contact us at sanctioning@usaultimate.org.

What is Tournament Sanctioning?

For a full list of benefits and requirements associated with Tournament Sanctioning, go to this page.

How do I apply for Tournament Sanctioning?

Once you have reviewed and fully understand the Tournament Sanctioning Benefits and Requirements, the first step is to complete the sanctioning application. Send your completed application to sanctioning@usaultimate.org. The sanctioning director will then send you further information related to your sanctioned event.

Any other questions?

If there is anything else that you need help with related to Tournament Sanctioning, please contact the sanctioning director at sanctioning@usaultimate.org. We're happy to help with the process and ensure that you receive the sanctioning benefits for your event!