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Team Registration


Once you have registered your team directly with the event director you can register your team's roster with USA Ultimate.  Rosters can be submitted and processed electronically or manually. Separate rosters must be submitted for each event. If you would like to use the same roster for multiple events you should make copies, complete the correct event information at the top of the roster and submit them to USA Ultimate. 

Online Rostering

The online rostering system will allow you to create your team’s roster online by selecting players from USA Ultimate database (using name and USA Ultimate ID) and submit it electronically to USA Ultimate.  The system will allow you to immediately see which team members are current USA Ultimate members and which have waivers on file, and will alert you of potential conflicts, like players on multiple rosters.  USA Ultimate staff will be able to easily access rosters for administrative purposes prior to and during the event. Player names and USA Ultimate ID#'s are required to use the online rostering system.  If players do not know their USA Ultimate ID# they can find it on their membership card or look it up online by logging in to their account.  Members who have trouble logging in should contact USA Ultimate at membership@usaultimate.org.  Team captains should not contact USA Ultimate for players' ID#'s.

To use the online rostering system, login and follow the link at the bottom of the member status page.  Detailed "how to" instructions are included in the system.

Review the details on team registration for information on roster deadlines.

Manual Rostering

  • Download and print enough copies of the sanctioning roster.  Complete the roster fully including team and player information.
  • Current members are eligible to participate in any USA Ultimate event.  Membership or event fees must be included for non-members.  One check can be submitted for the entire team or team members can submit individual checks made out to USA Ultimate.  Include a notes regarding who the check is for in the memo section of the check.  Individuals can also pay online with a credit card (for membership fees only- event fee is not available online).
  • Each player must sign a new liability waiver each calendar year, which can be done online or printed and mailed to USA Ultimate.
  • Email your completed roster to sanctioning@usaultimate.org or print it out and mail it to USA Ultimate along with any waivers, forms and fees.

Attn: Event Sanctioning
USA Ultimate
4730 Table Mesa Dr., Ste I-200C
Boulder, CO 80305