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League Sanctioning

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Apply for USAU League Sanctioning

Hundreds of nationally recognized events are sanctioned each year.  Follow these steps if you would like to apply for USAU league sanctioning.  As the Event Manager, you must readunderstand and agree to comply with the following:

Step 1


Requirements and Benefits


Guidelines and procedures for event competition, provisions,  organization, and registration required for all events.  Also included are the benefits of being sanctioned.






Step 2


Health & Safety Requirements


Event health and safety standards - required for all events






Step 3


Youth Requirements


Mandatory for any event in which minors (under 18) are permitted to participate.






Step 4


Application and Contract


To apply for USAU sanctioning, complete the application and contract and submit it to USAU along with your deposit.  Applicants must be 18 or older and a current member of USAU. Leagues should always obtain sanctioning approval before starting league registration.

 **If you are interested in having league games included in the USAU Club or College Regular Seasons, please contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org

Sanctioned League Management

Checklist for Sanctioned League Organizers

Registration Management for Event Organizers

Team/Player Event Registration - For teams and individuals registering for sanctioned events

Questions?  Contact leagues@usaultimate.org