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Organizer Resources


As a part of our mission to advance the sport of Ultimate, USA Ultimate has developed a variety of resources to help Ultimate grow all across the country.  

Program Resources

Resources Home

Ultimate in Schools  

College Development

Ultimate in Your Community


Event Resources

Resources for USA Ultimate sanctioned, championship and insured events.

Event Sanctioning Program

Apply to have your event sanctioned by USA Ultimate.  Benefits include insurance and much more.

USA Ultimate Championship Events

Guidelines for organizing and bidding to host USA Ultimate championship and qualifying events.

Tournament Formats Manual

Designed for adult tournament play


Read about insurance coverage which members receive when participating at USA Ultimate events and USA Ultimate sanctioned events.  Members are eligible for coverage at team practices, too. Read more!

Health, Safety & Liability Requirements

Health, safety and liability requirements for USAU championship, sanctioned and insured events.

Additional Resources

USA Ultimate has put together a number of useful tools to assist organizers with communication and program development.

Online Resource Center

A series of articles aimed to help teams, players and organizers develop the sport of Ultimate in their community

Women's Ultimate

Resources and programs geared towards increasing the number of women who play Ultimate!

USA Ultimate New Start Grant Program

USA Ultimate encourages new programs that are in need of materials and resources to apply for our New Start Grant Program!

Royalty & Cost Free Images

Free images for use in promoting Ultimate

Injury Timeout

Learn about common Ultimate injuries and how to prevent them

Organizers' Forum

Yahoo group for local Ultimate organizers

Related Research

Ultimate Class Syllabus
University of Minnesota
Greg Williams
First credited course for Ultimate Disc at the University of Minnesota.

The "Ultimate" Experience:  Participation in Club Sports as a Source of Women’s Development in College
Deb Weis, M.A., M.Ed.
Scorch Alumnus (University of Arizona)
Associate Director, Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, University of Redlands
Thanks to the 2007 Western Washington University Women's Ultimate team, Chaos, for their participation in this study.

The Ultimate Frisbee Injury Study: The 2007 Ultimate Players Association College Championships
Yen, Leslianne E MD; Gregory, Andrew MD; Kuhn, John E MD; Markle, Ross MA
Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine:
July 2010 - Volume 20 - Issue 4 - pp 300-305

Develpment of a League Membership Model
William Bartram (Contact William with questions or for access to the complete paper)
Seattle University

Questions or to post information about your Ultimate-related research on our site, please contact sportdevelopment@usaultimate.org